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The Chapel In The Woods

#1 The Chapel In The Woods 2003

In an abandoned chapel a Master offers a beautiful sacrifice and finds glory not in forgotten gods, but in the girl he has brought with him.

M/f, Toys, Bondage, Consensual, Serious.

The Classroom Ordeal

#2 The Classroom Ordeal 2003

A young student named Rebecca is caught passing notes and receives her punishment from Ms Temis.

F/f, Exhibition, Spanking, Teen, BDSM, High School, Non-Consensual, Humiliation, Serious

The Phone Call

#3 The Phone Call 2003

A college coed named Amanda gets caught up in a telephone domination that leads her to slavery.

F-self, Exhibition, BDSM, College, Consensual, Humiliation, Light

The Phone Call In the Park

#4 The Phone Call at the Park 2003

Amanda's master calls while she's out early in the morning at the park.

f-self, Exhibition, BDSM, College, Consensual, Humiliation, Serious

The Sorceress' Garden

#5 The Sorceress' Garden 2003

Two of the Sorceress' guards are ordered to feed a disobedient slave girl to a magical construct.

F+/f, BDSM, Fantasy, Serious

Angie's Humiliation

#6 Angie's Humiliation 2003

Angie submits to a semi public punishment and endures a night of discomfort.

MF/f, Exhibition, Spanking, Teen, BDSM, Humiliation, Light


#7 The Arcade Series: Dance Dance Revolution 2004

An arcade manager deals with an errant employee in an unusual and embarrassing manner.

M/f, Teen, Job, Reluctant, Humiliation, Light

Tower of Terror

#8 The Arcade Series: The Tower of Terror 2004

An arcade manager is coerced into helping one of his employees play a game...in an unexpected way.

M/f, Teen, Toys, Job, Consensual, Light

In Their Hands

#9 In Their Hands 2004

A mentally deficient girl and three boys hike up into the mountains. One of the boys has made an awful promise...that one of them won't go home.

M+/f, Teen, BDSM, Serious

The Dinner

#10 The Dinner 2004

Melanie Cook decides to try the new French cafe, discovering that the restaurant caters to very specialized desires.

M+/f, Spanking, Toys, BDSM, Humiliation, Serious

The Museum of Inquisition

#11 The Museum of Inquisition 2004

An American professor of history takes his students to a Museum of Medieval Torture. One young lady named Breanne decides to sit out the tour, but finds herself embroiled in the darkness of the inquisition.

MF/f, BDSM, College, Non-Consensual, Serious

The Waxers

#12 The Waxers 2004 (A ΣΕΧ prequel)

The campus is humming about the attacks, four in two weeks. Samantha scoffs at the possibilities of an encounter, but learns intimately why the school paper has dubbed them "THE WAXERS".

M+/f, BDSM, College, Non-Consensual, Light

The StairCase

Michael Alexander

#13 The Staircase 2004

She wonders just what is down the forbidden staircase, imagining the worst before he comes home.

M/f, BDSM, Consensual, Serious

The Painter

#14 The Painter 2004

Her works are acclaimed masterpieces, despite the dark and sexual nature of her art, but now she requires a new model for her latest triumph.

MF/f, Teen, BDSM, Consensual, Light

Corporal Punishment

#15 Corporal Punishment 2004

The school faculty has decided that they have had it with Tami's antics. each of her teachers takes revenge for the girl's disobedience and disrespect...each in their own special way.

MF/f+, Spanking, Teen, Toys, BDSM, High School, Humiliation, Non-Consensual, Serious





#16 The Wedding 2005

Bethany Steinman and her three friends, all deeply in the lifestyle, celebrate Bethany's wedding to her master Alan.

M+F+/f+, Spanking, BDSM, Slavery, Consensual, Serious

The Spa

#17 The Spa 2005

Richard Nicholson hears of every man's dream...a special spa that caters to erotic desires. Richard finds his way into the capable hands of Ahn, a special masseuse, who gives him that "special" massage. This is EVERY man's dream...

M/f, Vanilla

He Soon To Thee Shall Sacrifice

#18 He Soon To Thee Shall Sacrifice (A ΣΕΧstory) 2005

A college professor finds himself face to face with three students who want perfect grades. When he refuses they bring him to his knees, tormenting him for their own pleasure, before creating the blackmail they need.

F+/m, BDSM, College, Non-Consensual, CBT, Light

Sigma Epsilon Xi

#19 Sigma Epsilon Xi (Novel) 2006

After her bout with the Waxers, Samantha has felt sexual stirrings. When she is invited to join a special sorority, she discovers what pledge week can really mean...

M+F+/m+f+, Exhibition, Spanking, BDSM, College, Consensual, Reluctant, Humiliation, Serious

Angie's Experiment

#20 Angie's Experiment 2006

Angie agrees to submit to a sexual experiment, one lasting days.

MF/f, Toys, BDSM, College, Consensual, Reluctant, Light

Boonga Boonga

#21 The Arcade Series: Boonga Boonga 2007

A thieving employee is punished for her pilfering ways, but decides that the "Japanese" version is better than the "American" one...

M/f, Spanking, Teen, BDSM, Job, Reluctant, Light

The Silver Locke

#22 The Silver Locke (Novel) 2008

Breanne, a new employee at the Silver Locke, experiences the wide variety of activities at this upscale elite BDSM Strip club.

MF/f+, Interracial, Spanking, BDSM, Job, Consensual, Humiliation, Serious

Heart of Ice

#23 Heart of Ice 2008

Breanne, an entertainer of the Silver Locke, gets hired for a private party, only to find it will be a chilling sexual experience.

F+/f+, Toys, BDSM, Consensual, Serious

Three Sets

#24 Three Sets 2009

Erika reveals a naughty secret to her best friend Megan: how a paddle, a whip, and a sap are used to give her "Three Sets".

M/f, Spanking, Teen, BDSM, Consensual, Light

Under Construction

#25 Under Construction 2010

Breanne Erikson and the rest of the crew of Michael Alexander Productions try to get the new office set up before the boss arrives. Unfortunately the majority of the crew have different ideas, resulting in Breanne's punishment!

MF/f, Spanking, Teen, BDSM, Consensual, Light


Breaking My Record

Breaking My Record By Breanne Erikson

Breanne Erikson has another daily assignment due: this time to break her record of orgasms achieved in one day. She asks her former mistress to help and finds herself tormented to the edge of physical capacity.

Riding The Wooden Horse

Riding The Horse By Breanne Erikson

Required to complete her anniversary assignments, Breanne submits to an extended ride on a wooden horse, coupled with "breaks" that are almost as bad as riding the fiendish device in the first place.