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Breanne Erickson

Breanne Erikson is a Houston, Texas native who has been a friend of Michael Alexander since late 2003. A self proclaimed "Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut", Breanne dabbled in a little bit of fiction writing prior to her joining Michael Alexander Stories, working for Lady Ann's Role Play Brothel as well as posting "The Computer" under the name Amanda Erikson. In January of 2010, Breanne was asked to assist with Michael's BDSM Blog, adding short "daily assignments" designed to attract interest and keep the blog fresh. What started out as a daily amusement eventually turned into a monster, changing from daily into weekly, but broadening in depth and scope. She is a talented author with a penchant for bringing the realism of her experience to the page.

Breanne is the author of "Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut", a series of novels highlighting her sexual experiences and sex-capades. She is also a fiction author, with several short stories to her credit.

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Breanne is a bit willowy, and approximately five foot two (and a quarter as she likes to remind everyone). Her hair is naturally brunette, but she has a tendency to dye it auburn. At 36-30-34, she is naturally curvy and has a body that both men and women love to touch, spank, and screw. She has either tried or is fond of practically every kink in the book, with her proscribed limits only being sex with kids, blood, scat, disfigurement, and being arrested.

She currently lives with her parents, helping out at the family farm between sexual escapades.


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