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Afterdark Lounge

Afterdark Online's Ray Sostre Interviews Breanne Erickson

Actress, Jamie Luner quoted: You can sleep with a blond, you can sleep with a brunette, but you’ll never get any sleep with a redhead!

She was right and I don’t regret losing sleep from a talented redhead like Breanne Erickson.  AfterDark Online is happy to interview, not just only an exciting redhead, but a very talented author of BDSM erotic stories. Breanne Erickson, where others may have known her as a confessed NHPS, will be sharing a bit about herself.
Tinaslut's Blog

Tinaslut's Blog Author Tina Larsson Interviews Breanne Erickson

Ever heard about NHPS before? No? Well, it stands for Nympho Humiliation Pain Sluts and believe me, this sweet Texan redhead surely fits the description extremely well. If you check out her daily assignments posts at you will understand why.

Character Profiles

Top Character Profiles

Explore Michael Alexander's in-depth thoughts and see his notes to get a better understanding of some of the most popular Michael Alexander characters!

Top Ten

Breanne's Top Ten - A Wish List

Breanne takes a moment to detail her top ten most desired TORMENTS. Ah... don't you just love nympho humiliation pain sluts?


Breanne's Toybox

Some people collect shot glasses. Some people collect stamps. Breanne collects sex toys and she knows how to use them. This is a must read for would be doms wanting to suggest assignments!

Art Gallery

Michael Alexander's Art Gallery

Michael Alexander Stories uses a wide variety of artwork, knowing quite well that a picture is frequently worth a thousand words. Browse below to view the art that brings Michael Alexander and Breanne Erickson's stories to life! Warning: Explicit Images

Getting Started

Getting Started - A BDSM Primer by Breanne Erickson

Breanne answers some basic questions from men interested in the lifestyle and provides some pertinent sexual advice on how to find your very own NHPS!

Interview with William Price of the Silver Locke

Interview with William Price - Entertainment Manager of the Silver Locke

John Chaplan interviews William Price and gets an insiders view of the Silver Locke, the worlds most exclusive and reclusive BDSM Brothel/Club. But as enlightening as the interview is, the tour makes it all worth while!

What Its Like

What It's Like...

Breanne waxes philosophic in this dark but compelling look into what following Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut Rule #1 does to her.

Voldemort's Wand

Voldemort's Wand (Fan Fiction) -

Michael Alexander writing under the name Kestrel penned a hilarious but sexually inappropriate fan fiction short story based in J.K.Rowlings world (with much apology to JKR). Be ready to laugh your ass off.


A Party Plus A Vampire

A Party Plus A Vampire (Fan Fiction)

Michael Alexander takes on the popular Japanese Manga and Anime series "Rosario Vampire" with his fan fiction exploration into Tsukune's dilemma - pursued sexually by four girls, almost all of which dating will eventually mean his death.


Afterdark Lounge

AfterDark World's Ray Sostre Interviews Michael Alexander

Michael Alexander reveals some of the thoughts behind his masterful storytelling and what it's like to be a man writing in a women's genre.


Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut Rules

What are these famous rules that Breanne and other nympho humiliation pain sluts are required to follow? Find out here!