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Breanne Erickson

Breanne Erickson first appeared in Michael Alexander’s “Museum of Inquisition” as a sexually innocent college student who objected to touring a German torture museum.  Breanne’s character, while fully developed for the story, was only a shadow of the girl she has become. 

“Her auburn hair was loose and it cascaded down to her shoulders.  She was wearing a black dress, sleeveless and low cut, exposing a deep cleft between her breasts.  It came down low, modestly when compared to the neckline, to almost her knees and she matched it with a pair of high heel shoes of the same color.”

Michael Alexander has never fully described Breanne, instead only outlining the woman’s features so that his readers could use their own imagination to picture her.  When pressed, Michael has described her thus:

Her name is Breanne. She’s five foot five inches, 126lbs with brown hair that’s been dyed auburn.  She love horses, classical music, and plays piano.  She’s interested in anything playful, sexually exciting and explicit, a little painful, totally embarrassing, and very creative.  She’s a bit of a pain and humiliation slut as well.  She can switch from top to bottom and has been know to insist on being called a “sex goddess” when dominating men.

Breanne next starred in one of Michael’s short erotic novels: The Silver Locke.  As a new hire of an expensive upscale BDSM brothel, Breanne was subjected to a variety of intense sexual experiences.  There she encountered characters from across the spectrum of Michael Alexander’s world, linking stories such as the Arcade Series, Corporal Punishment, The Dinner, and several others.  In fact, Michael began a character concordance after that, carefully listing names and stories his creations inhabited.  Even now, there are so many cross-over incidents that reading a familiar name is a frequent occurrence for fans.

Breanne then almost immediately returned to the stage with a short story sequel to the Silver Locke, entitled “Heart of Ice”.  Subjected to a private party loaded with freezing torments, Breanne shivered her way deeper into our hearts.  Breanne also stars in Under Construction, and Michael Alexander’s latest creation, the CYOD story “The Club.”  Already two additional stories are in the works, both starring Breanne Erickson.  The first, “Mistress Tara” details the return of a dominatrix from the Silver Locke, who purchases Breanne for an evening and flies her to an undisclosed location.  The second is a spin-off from “Heart of Ice” where Breanne accepts a conditional slavery to Shika, the Japanese dominatrix that asked her to submit to brutal punishments.

In the meantime, Breanne fans have been treated to the second Breanne novel, a prequel, taking place BEFORE Breanne’s employment at the Silver Locke.  In “Breanne's Three - Chicago BDSM”, Breanne is a college school girl who ends up flying to the Windy City in order to meet one of her online doms.  There she spends a weekend in sexual torment, experiencing a wide variety of humiliations and abuses that ultimately culminate in a sexual experience beyond her wildest dreams.  It is easily Michael’s longest work to date and introduces a new character: Megan, a brunette teenager who wants to follow in Breanne’s footsteps.  Oddly enough, Megan herself has a familiar background.  Readers of “Corporal Punishment” might one day be surprised to find that Megan goes to the same school as Tami Edwards, and that Megan herself will feature prominently in the sequel.

Breanne’s character is based upon a real woman whose bubbling personality and sexual appetites closely mirrored or perhaps influenced the character’s development.  Her most intriguing assistance to Michael was with the character “Angie” in “Angie’s Experiment, in which she endured three real days of research: keeping a sex toy inside her body in order to provide Michael with accurate information as to its effects. 

The real Breanne grew up on a farm, in a small town outside of Houston, Texas.  Michael used her story as inspiration for “Angie” from “Angie’s Humiliation”.  Breanne is well known to Michael Alexander fans, not only from the novels based upon her, but from Michael's BDSM Blog. Breanne writes frequent postings of her "Daily Assignments", accounts of her real life encounters while following the perverted musings of her cadre of online doms and Mistresses. She is a self declared NHPS, an acronym she coined herself, which stands for Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut.

Breanne later attended the University of Houston with her best friend Kari, majoring in government/pre-law and eventually went back home to help her father run the family farm. She hopes one day to run for public office and attend law school.

You can contact Breanne at

and follow her on Twitter: @breannenhps and on facebook!

Samantha Mayfield

Samantha “Sam” Mayfield, while only appearing in three Michael Alexander stories, holds a special place in the spotlight.  As the star of the erotic novel “Sigma Epsilon Xi”, Samantha joins a special sorority that turns women into dominatrix super-fems, but only after they understand submission.  Sam’s first year as a novice is fraught with sexual adventure, humiliation, and quite a bit of sadism and masochism.  But for long time readers, this wasn’t their first introduction to Sam.  In “The Waxers” Samantha makes her first appearance, disregarding the risk of running into abductors terrorizing the University.  She finds herself tied down, naked, to a table, while two men carefully lube her body and then proceed to pour hot wax over her skin.  It begins a life long weakness for that particular torment.

Samantha is described as the perfect brunette “girl-next-door”.

Her flip flops clapped loudly as she walked, but the sound was muted by the dull roar of returning students who spoke eagerly about the new school year, and the gossip of the last.  Samantha, who had heard more than enough about the strange duo The Waxers throughout the end of her freshman year, tuned it out.
Her dark brown hair was still worn long, and her ears were accented with small conservative earrings.  Her denim shorts weren’t slutty, nor overly long, merely the perfect length which bespoke a well mannered, respectable, sophomore student.

Michael Alexander, once again leaves the prurient details to the imagination of the reader, but in a recent interview described Samantha as looking very similar to a “pre-Tom Cruise” Katie Holmes.  Michael laughed about the comparison and said that he had always nursed a soft spot for the beauty of the Hollywood starlet.  Samantha Mayfield was created to fill that void.

Sam is also seen in Under Construction and according to Michael, will be featured in several upcoming works, all of which are sequels to “Sigma Epsilon Xi”.   She also has a cameo appearance in “Breanne's Three - Chicago BDSM”, which coincides with the timeline for “The Intern”, the next major Sigma Epsilon Xi story in the works.  The fresh face of Samantha will also be seen in “Samantha’s Return”, and “The Scavenger Hunt”. 

Amanda Collins

Amanda Collins is a sultry blond who also started life out as a college student.  Her first appearance in “The Phone Call” detailed the life of a budding submissive.  As usual Michael Alexander left the majority of her description to the imagination, only using vague descriptions to establish hair color and luminosity.  When pressed Michael was unable to give a decent description, other than saying she had a beaming smile, crystal blue eyes, blonde hair, and an innocent expression.

In a sequel story entitled “The Phone Call at the Park”, we discover that Amanda is a dog lover, walking her huge hound “Manx” when her telephone master contacts her.  We get the impression that he is stalking her, perhaps watching through a pair of binoculars as she completes her required tasks.

Amanda disappears from the collection until “Under Construction” and the CYOD story, “The Club”, where she reappears as an innocent teen waitress.  Michael informs us that he has another Amanda story in his vaults of unpublished material, waiting for the right moment to emerge.

Tami Edwards

Tami Edwards is a relatively recent addition to the Michael Alexander cast of characters, introduced to readers in the novella “Corporal Punishment.”  As a high school sophomore, her naughty and rebellious attitude, coupled with her budding sexuality led school officials to rework the school’s discipline policy.  Unfortunately almost every teacher takes advantage of the new rules, inflicting horrible punishment and humiliation on the teenage girl.

Tami is described as another brunette, curvaceous and lush, something unusual for high school girls.  Large liquid brown eyes peek out from a creamy complexion, framed with light brown hair.  To be frank, more description is provided of her intimate parts then of her general appearance.

Tami also had a brief appearance in “Under Construction”, her rebellious attitude and sexual appetites landing her in just as much trouble as usual.  While Tami has not yet appeared in any further works of Michael Alexander, hints have been dropped of a sequel to “Corporal Punishment”, starring Tami Edwards, her friend Heather, and the recently introduced character Megan from “Breanne's Three - Chicago BDSM”.  While Michael Alexander was not able to give us a publish date, he assured us that “Corporal Punishment II” is coming right along and is “over half-way done.”

Ahn Li

Ahn is the stunningly beautiful Asian girl who was first encountered in the short story “The Spa”.  In one of Michael Alexander’s few vanilla stories, Ahn gives her client, Richard Nicholson one of the most incredible sex massages imaginable.  She is described as petite and demure, with a typically Asian heart shaped face, dark black hair, almond shaped eyes, and perfectly white creamy skin.  Either dressed in a traditional Japanese kimono or naked, she is unusually busty for a petite Japanese girl.

Ahn reappears briefly in Michael Alexander’s "Under Construction" and his Chose Your Own Destiny novel “The Club”, where she has evidently moved on from the sleazy little dive Richard Nicholson found her in, to the more upscale BDSM entertainment brothel.  While still not submitting to the torments of the dungeon, she provides similar services as before, giving the “The Club” a vanilla destiny path.