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Art Gallery

Michael Alexander Stories uses a wide variety of artwork, knowing quite well that a picture is frequently worth a thousand words. Browse below to view the art that brings Michael Alexander and Breanne Erickson's stories to life!

Alligator Clamp Bra

Art by Michael Alexander


Art by Michael Alexander

Photography by Michael Alexander

Bre Bound (Silver Locke)

Art by Michael Alexander

Breanne's Bolero

Art by Sheograph

Samantha Mayfield

Art By Sheograph

Bound On A Sofa

Bound on a Sofa by Michael Alexander

from Breanne Erickson's "Bristles"

- I snorted, cutting off his eager explanation.  “Yeah whatever,” I said roughly.  I rocked my hips, trying to get comfortable, but the fact that I was doing the splits on Mike’s couch made things a bit tough.  The rough hemp rope wrapped around each ankle and down over the ends of the sofa, tied off to the legs, was more than enough to keep me from going anywhere.  My thighs were uncomfortably stretched.  Mike finished tying off my wrists as well, putting me in a position that nothing short of a maniac with scissors would be able to free me from.  With a grin, he settled down on the floor in front of me and reached out to touch. - from "Bristles"


Art by Michael Alexander

“Get that suit zipped up, Crewman!” snapped the XO, an outraged look on her face as the Captain looked on with a stone cold expression.  Amber nodded, tears already forming in her eyes as she struggled to zip up her suit.  With her panties back in place and the elastic band covering her breasts, she brought the zipper up the front of her body, setting it into place under her chin. 

- From Gabrielle and the Leviathan

Bre In Chair