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Author's Note: It's not often that I write fanfiction. I've always believed that a real author is capable of creating his own world and characters. That said, I was forced (YES, FORCED) to watch this anime with my then fourteen year old daughter, who thought this particular show was the best thing out of Japan. Needless to say, the characters inspired me, though not in quite the same way the creators of Rosario Vampire intended. My sincerest appreciation to Akihisa Ikeda, who created this interesting world.

Rosario Vampire

"Tsukune! Tsukune!" Kurono Kurumu called out loudly, catching Tsukune's attention. He turned around and looked down the concrete sidewalk that lead up to the front of the school to see one of his close friends hurrying up, a few books tucked up under her arm. Tsukune licked his lips as she approached, mentally bracing himself for the impact, and he wasn't disappointed as she practically leapt on top of him, flinging herself at him like a hungry octopus engulfing a lobster. She was wearing her typical interpretation of the school uniform: white button up blouse, red bow tie, yellow sweater vest, short green plaid skirt, and white knee high socks. Her electric blue hair bounced playfully, but it was her well endowed bosom that always seemed to attract Tsukune's attention, no matter how well intentioned his thoughts were.

"Hi Kurumu-chan. Where is the fire?" He asked, carefully disentangling himself from her grasp. Several times his fingers grazed her scrumptious breasts and he wasn't sure if it was accidental or Kurumu was twisting on purpose. He was well aware that he was the fixation of an unusual desire. Kurumu had been trying to make him her "mate of fate" for over two years. Worse, as a monster, specifically a succubus, Kurumu had a whole plethora of powers at her disposal, all designed to turn males into blubbering, helpless, obedient little sex slaves. Tsukune was well aware of the danger. In fact, only the incessant presence of three other girls, each with their own monstrous powers prevented Kurumu from charming him, sucking him downward into a lethal spiral of sex, lust, and a messy ending. Succubi didn't keep mates for long.

"We're having a party! It's end of term and I thought we should all get together right after exams, but before we head out for summer break!" Kurumu replied, pulling out a thick piece of paper. She handed it to Tsukune with a mischievous smile. "Everyone thought it was a good idea."

Tsukune opened the note and quickly read its contents. He felt his pulse quicken and the sudden eruption of butterflies in his stomach. As a real human, he was a bit of an anomaly at the Youkai Academy, a school specifically for monsters, and he often felt weak and puny compared to even his cadre of female fangirls. Kurumu unsettled him the most, but Shirayuki Mizore and Sendo Yukari were close competitors. Only Akashiya Moka made him feel normal, or at least as normal as any boy in love.

But Tsukune valued all of his friends. They had all joined the newspaper club together and Tsukune had found a niche that made him a pariah amongst the other male students, an honor he was pretty sure he didn't need considering his lack of monstrous powers. Worse, he had to keep his humanity a secret, and only these four girls knew, their friendship, not to mention overwhelming desire to win his heart, kept him safe.

He turned his attention back to the invitation, pondering its implications. A slumber party? In Kurumu's dorm room? His first thought was that this was another scheme of Kurumu's to get him alone. It wouldn't have been the first time that the succubus had tried underhanded tricks on Tsukune. But Tsukune realized that she wouldn't try something like that, especially when the party could be confirmed so easily just by asking Moka. He sighed dramatically. Great. He would be the only guy at a slumber party with four voracious girls, all who wanted him physically, if not sexually as well.

He let out another sigh. If Moka wanted him sexually he would glad have given in, but as a vampire she was interested in something a little more precious. He was used to being nibbled on; her kappachu squeal an almost daily routine as he offered up a small mouthful of his precious blood. It didn't help that she left horrendous hickies on his neck, rather than bite marks. Every boy in the school couldn't help thinking that Tsukune and Moka were more than just friends.

Or predator and prey.

Tsukune shuddered once more and tucked the invitation into his pocket. This whole situation would require deft handling.


It had been a grueling day for Tsukune. Final exams had been brutal and he had strained himself mentally just dealing with the various tests he had been forced to complete. Despite some hefty mentoring by Yukari, his little witch friend, Tsukune felt as if his brain had been turned to mush. Consequently he felt ill-prepared as he walked down the main corridor of the girl's dormitory.

He was surprised he had been allowed into the ladies side of the building. During regular school term it was off-limits to the male students of the school. Something about tentacle rape if Tsukune remembered properly. Even some of male teachers were banned from stepping foot into the girl's dormitory; a magical barrier keeping anyone with a Y chromosome out of the wing.

But tonight he made it through. With a wistful sigh he almost wished that he hadn't been able. It would have made a perfect excuse. But he had no doubt that the girls would have shown up at his door sooner or later. The invitation listed Kurumu's room and he quickly moved down the hall toward her room number.

In the end, it wasn't hard to find. Like many high school girls, Kurumu had decorated her door with large color posters – of Tsukune. The slightly creeped out expression on his face faded as Kurumu opened the door, sensing his presence before he even knocked.

"Tsukune! You came!" She cried out, reaching out and grabbing his head. Tsukune quickly took a breath as she forced his face into her chest, burying his nose between her breasts. She rubbed him back and forth as he writhed a little in her grip. For Tsukune, it wasn't exactly a bad place to be, but Kurumu frequently forgot to let go, sometimes coming close to suffocating the poor boy.

"Let him go, Kurumu. You'll kill him, and then who will we have to play with tonight?" Mizore said from over Kurumu's shoulder. The little succubus gave Mizore a dirty look but released Tsukune, who straightened and gasped for breath.

When the spots disappeared from his vision he looked down at Kurumu and gasped. She was wearing a light blue chemise of some light material that seemed to cling to every little curve and indentation on her body. The tops of both breasts peeked out deliciously around a ruffled bodice, showing enough cleavage to ski down. It was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra and Tsukune decided that firm, unsupported breasts, were another succubus superpower. Worse, it was practically see thru and it didn't take Tsukune long to realize that Kurumu wasn't wearing anything underneath the lacy chemise except for a matching set of lace panties. Kurumu's long legs, creamy skin glistening, was an almost irresistible treat to Tskune's eyes.


It took Tsukune a few moments to find his eyeballs, pick them up off the floor, and put them back into his head. When he did, he found himself in Kurumu's clutches, being pulled into the small room. It had been decorated for the slumber party, with a large rug in the center of the floor surrounded by pillows of every kind. Kurumu's desk had been turned into a snack buffet and there was even a small cooler filled with soda and juice.

All of this was lost on Tsukune, who received shock after shock. His good friend Mizore, the snow girl stalker who had tried to seduce him almost as often as Kurumu, was also wearing some questionable nightwear, clearly taking lessons from lusty succubus. A practically see-thru light purple lace top left little to the imagination, clearly showing the dark areola of Mizore's nipples. She had completed the outfit with a pair of white gym shorts, fitted tightly around her well rounded bottom. For the first time Tsukune saw her without the characteristic belt buckled tightly around her thigh. For Tsukune, if he could have imagined a snow queen's nightly attire, this would NOT have been his first guess.

"Hi Tsukune-san!" Yukari's voice came from around Mizore. Tsukune nodded and greeted the little witch, who for some reason was still wearing her witch's hat. Tsukune was used to not only that hat, but her usual interpretation of the school uniform: the same green plaid skirt, but with a maroon vest/corset, a white shoulder cloak, and a yellow bow tied at her throat. But tonight she was wearing a black silk chemise that seemed exactly like Kurumu's. The only problem was Yukari did not possess the same endowments that the succubus enjoyed. The chemise hung straight down, revealing only the tiny bumps of pre-pubescent hips and breasts. Like Kurumu's chemise, it barely cover her bottom, and without trying Tsukune could see the scarlet red panties Yukari wore. Yukari had not a single curve to her pre-pubescent body, but she still managed to look delectable – in an under-ripe banana sort of way. Tsukune nodded and nervously smiled at the little witch.

Finally, Tsukune's eyes found the one girl he had truly been searching for. In moments his eyes found hers and he was lost. Her long magenta hair fell freely down her back, framing her face perfectly. Her pale skin and large blue eyes seemed intoxicating to Tsukune. As he tore his gaze from hers, he noticed that she had chosen a more conservative costume for the night festivities: a traditional kimono was wrapped around her body, a dark green floral print following its flowing length. She was kneeling and the kimono went all the way down to her ankles, tightly cinched around the waist.

"Moka-san!" Tsukune greeted the girl with an inward sigh of relief. With Moka at the party, Tsukune felt the risks well worth his time.

"Tsukune!" Moka said softly, her own eyes lost in his.



"Okay, I'm glad you know each other's names now. I don't think you need to repeat them quite so often." Kurumu declared, an annoyed look on her face. She pointed at Tsukune. "Where are your pajamas?"

Tsukune looked down at himself, realizing that he had come to the slumber party in his school uniform. It had never occurred to him that he wouldn't be dressed appropriately. He blushed, clearly unsettled.

"I'll just go back to my room and get some…" he started to say, only to feel himself grabbed by Mizore.

"You are here now. You can just take off that jacket and tie, and your shoes, so you'll be comfortable." Mizore said around the characteristic lollipop still in her mouth.

Kurumu grabbed hold of Tsukune's jacket, intent on helping. "But if you want to go naked, I don't think any of us would object." She added, giving him another wicked smile. Tsukune glanced at Mizore who also seemed intrigued by the idea. He closed his eyes as the two girls managed to get the tie and jacket off him, pressing breasts and bodies against his in what could only have been deliberate attempts to titillate.

Tsukune kicked off his shoes and focused on the snack table, escaping from both Mizore and Kurumu in one amazing feat of desperation. He snatched up a brownie and plate, and then sat down on the other side of Moka. Both Kurumu and Mizore bee-lined their way to sit next to Tsukune, but Mizore got their first, giving the succubus a little glare of triumph as the snow girl pressed her icy body up next to Tsukune.

Kurumu's expression was like daggers, but she retreated gracefully, sitting down directly across from Tsukune, the tops of her breasts exposed. Tsukune kept his eyes down. To his left he couldn't help but see Yukari's scarlet panties, peeking out from under the black silk chemise. Tsukune noticed that the crimson color matched the little witch's painted toes. To his right was Mizore's see through top, and to his front was Kurumu's breasts, which seemed large enough to have their own time zone. The one girl he longed to see was covered head to toe in a kimono!

Kurumu smiled and twisted, flashing even more of her breasts to Tsukune as she reached behind her. A ceramic flask appeared, along with several cups, called choko and Kurumu began pouring generous amounts of a white liquid into the choko.

Tsukune stiffened. "Is that sake?" The introduction of alcohol changed the dynamic of the party immensely. The other girls all looked at him intensely. Evidently none of them were surprised at Kurumu's addition to the party. Tsukune looked around suspiciously

Kurumu smiled and nodded. "Its teiseihaku-shu sake. The very best for my friends." She poured the sake into the five choko and passed them around. As she got to Yukari's cup she only gave the little witch a splash.

"Hey! I want a full cup!" Yukari said, her pouting expression making her look even younger. "It's not fair! Besides, it won't work unless I get a full cup." She said to Kurumu. Tsukune looked at the little witch with suspicion.

"What won't work?" He asked.

Both girls ignored him

Kurumu shrugged. "I'm not responsible for what you do if you have a full cup. Its still SAKE you know." Kurumu replied, giving the little witch the same amount as the others. Yukari grinned, pleased with her victory and took her cup, taking a sip.

"Yummy." She said, smacking her lips.

Tsukune sipped at his own cup, resolved to drink as slowly as possible.

Kurumu held up her cup. "I propose a toast. To Tsukune, the most delectable human in the world, our friend and to tonight. May the best girl win."

Tsukune shifted, slightly embarrassed, but also uncomfortable. While the proclamation of his desirability was certainly expected, Kurumu's addition of "may the best girl win" was a large concern. He sipped his sake as the other girls all drank from their cups. He gave another polite sip as Kurumu licked her lips, eyes bright.

"Everyone drink their whole choko." Kurumu said. "You too Tsukune."

Tsukune gave her a big smile. "I'm not a big fan of sake." He lied.

Kurumu shrugged. "Fine. Drink that one cup down and you don't have to have any more tonight." She replied.

"Really?" Tsukune asked, surprised. He had expected Kurumu to be giving him more sake every time he turned around.

"Totally." Kurumu smiled. Nodding, Tsukune drained his cup. When everyone had finished Kurumu put the choko back on the small tray and put it behind her.

"I think we're ready now. So let's play the game." Her eyebrows went up as she gave Tsukune a hungry look. "Its time for Truth and Dare."

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