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The Little School Girl: Saturday Detention (Part 1)

The little school girl was only marginally surprised to discover that she wasn’t the only student who had been ordered to report to the Principal’s office that warm Saturday morning. A bench with several seats sat along the opposite wall from his office, occupied by two girls. She recognized Ann immediately; a popular sophomore whose small, shy smile was enough to make hearts melt.  Ann wore a pleasant summer dress; white with little blue flowers that went well with her shoulder length brown hair.  The bosom of the dress was elastic and pulled tight, emphasizing Ann’s impressive bust. The little school girl suppressed a moment’s jealousy as she admired the large curves that Ann’s dress framed well.  The little school girl’s own bosom was nothing compared to Ann’s and she felt the lack acutely.  It was like comparing apples to cantaloupes.

Sitting two chairs further down was Liz, a spitfire of a girl with a bad attitude and enough black eyeliner on to qualify for her own line of cosmetic products.  Her sable colored hair obviously came from a bottle, the dark locks going well with the punk rocker - Goth look Liz was going for.  A silver ring flashed at Liz’s nostril, with a matching piece of hardware in her lip.  There were odd little bumps where the tips of her breasts pressed against her shirt.  The little school girl’s eyes widened as she took in Liz’s ripped fishnet stockings, a black leather skirt, the combat boots with green neon laces, and the loose and half torn tee-shirt that hung off of one shoulder, sporting the words “bad to your boner” between the outlines of the pierced nipples.  The meaning couldn’t have been clearer.

The little school girl blushed after reading Liz’s shirt.  She herself had also been selective about her clothing.  A pair of tight, blue denim shorts cupped her cute bottom and a light pink halter top covered her chest.  There was a strip of bared belly, no wider than two or three inches, the lightly tanned skin matching the long legs that went down to a pair of simple flip flops that graced her feet.  She wore no jewelry except for a pair of sapphire colored studs that pierced both earlobes.

For a moment the little school girl considered sitting down between Ann and Liz, but decided instead to remain standing.  She leaned back against the wall and crossed her arms as Liz looked up, a speculative look in her eye. The little school girl wasn’t exactly intimidated and she met the Goth girl’s gaze directly, a sort of trial of wills, until a series of muffled shrieks emanated from behind the closed door of the principal’s office.  She couldn’t help tearing her gaze away from Liz and looking toward the office.  The frosted glass windows prevented her from seeing in, though she thought she saw some sort of movement.  Then there came a few half-strangled sobs, as if someone were crying while stuffing a hand down their own throat.  The little school girl glanced over at Ann, whose eyes were wide.  The blush on the girl’s cheeks spoke volumes and Liz was grinning, eyes bright with speculation.

Another five minutes passed and then the principal’s office door opened.  The little school girl straightened as he appeared, tall and muscular, wearing his impeccable shirt and tie.  He stepped aside, as if to let someone leave, and the little school girl gasped as Miss Fontaine, the new freshman literature teacher came out.  Her makeup had run, leaving several dark streaks down her cheeks and her dress was askew.  There were several white globules of fluid splattering her neckline, all the way down to the collar of her dress, which had an unusual smear of wetness.  She hurried past and from the way she was walking, the little school girl could tell she was in pain.  Miss Fontaine left hurriedly, her hands going down to cup her own bottom as she entered the hall outside the office.

“Let’s go. All three of you,” the principal said.  Liz rose first, fast and confident, leading the way as the little school girl followed.  Ann brought up the rear, clearly uncomfortable and nervous.  He moved around them as they followed his direction and entered the office.  A collection of nature photographs hung on the walls and to the right was a comfortable looking leather sofa.  His desk, along with a pair of chairs, dominated the opposite end of the room and together they walked right up to it.

Ann gasped.  Lying upon the top of the desktop were an assortment of whips, paddles, saps and freshly cut switches, all looking devilish and painful.  The principal leaned against the desk, idly picked up one of the canes, and then nodded at the line of girls.

“Remove your shoes,” he ordered them.  The little school girl merely slipped her feet out of the matching pair of flip flops and glanced at the others.  Liz was forced to kneel as she untied her boots, while Anne still had to unbuckle the two inch heels she’d elected to wear.  Liz took the longest since she was wearing a skirt that made movement difficult.  Finally Liz straightened, her feet still encased in the ripped fishnet stockings.  The principal pointed at Liz.

“Pick up everyone’s shoes and put them by the door,” he told her.

Liz’s eyes narrowed. “Why me?” she demanded.

The principal’s response was lightning quick. The cane he was holding snapped out, striking her left breast through her black shirt.  Liz gasped and jumped backward, her arm coming up in self-defense.  

“Fuck!” she exclaimed.  Anger flashed across her face.  She opened her mouth to say something else, but the little school girl saw the expression on the principal’s face, the same as Liz did.  The punk Goth girl wisely closed her mouth and bent over, hurriedly gathering the assorted shoes and carrying them to the door.  Liz put them all in a pile and then returned to the line, a look of dark consternation on her face.

The principal took a deep breath.  “I will say this just once.  You are all here to be disciplined by corporal punishment.  For those of you who have been here before, you know the drill.  I expect deference and courtesy.”

The little school girl nodded, though mostly to herself.  She was a frequent visitor to the principal’s office, almost daily in fact, and he himself had been the one to tell her that her consistently perplexing choices of attire merited more intense correction.  She had responded to that observation by wearing something even more provocative the next day and hadn’t even made it to her first class before being sent to the office.

“B-b-but I thought…” Ann suddenly sobbed, fresh tears spilling down her alabaster cheeks.  Like the little school girl, she hadn’t worn any mascara or eyeliner.  

The principal eyes her coolly.  “You were caught providing oral satisfaction to not one, but two boys in the men’s locker room, Ann. At the same time.”  The well-endowed brunette blushed crimson and let out another sob as both Liz and the little school girl glanced at Ann in surprise.

Liz caught sight of the little school girl’s looks of shock. “Oh, give me a break princess,” Liz snorted.  “You’re always dressed like a ten dollar whore, what with your short shorts and those skirts you wear.  And the halter tops with your tits half hanging out.  Everyone knows you come here for a daily fucking.” She pointed toward the principal.

The little school girl gasped, her eyes widening, but before she could say anything, the principal lashed out again with the cane, this time striking Liz’s right breast.  Liz gasped, her hand coming up to cup herself as the glare of the principal silenced her.  Ann glanced over at the little school girl, who was blushing, but didn’t seem surprised, or even outraged at the accusation.

“And you Elizabeth?  Would you care to care to share why you are here?”

Liz’s look of anger faded into a wicked grin.  “I wouldn’t dream of denying you the opportunity,” she replied.  The principal didn’t reply, refusing to take the bait.  The silence lengthened until Liz sighed in exasperation and looked over at Ann and the little school girl.

“I was having sex with a teacher,” she explained.

The little school girl blinked in confusion.  At this school, that wasn’t an offense.  That was practically a daily event.  

“What’s so bad about that?” Ann asked in bewilderment.

Liz smirked.  “Because he’d agreed to fix a grade for me,” she replied.

The principal was unfazed. “And because you left him tied to a lab-table, spread-eagled, with dry ice burns to his chest and genitals after you were done riding him.”

Now both Ann and the little school girl looked shocked.

Liz actually blushed. “I got burned a little too,” she pouted.  “Right here.”  She lifted up the front of her shirt.  She wasn’t wearing a bra and her well rounded bosom came into view.  She touched the tip of her right breast, a silver barbell stud piercing the pink tip.  She wiggled it around, staring at the principal and her tongue came out to lick her lips. No one said anything and she lowered her shirt again.

The principal shook his head, rolling his eyes.  Then he focused on Ann.  “We will now begin.  Remove your dress.”  He tapped the cane against the palm of his hand and for half a second it looked like Ann was going to protest.  The brunette girl’s eyes darted left and right, hoping for a reprieve, or for Liz or the little school girl to volunteer.  But then fresh tears appeared in her eyes and she grabbed hold of the hem of the dress and with a single pull tugged it off over her head.

The little school girl had always known Ann was curvy, but as a large pair of soft, white breasts came into view she had to admit that Ann’s bosom was impressive.  The nipples were huge and perfectly pink, the tips already hardening as the flesh contracted from exposure and fear.  Ann’s belly was flat and smooth and led straight down to a well-trimmed sex that sported only a tiny bit of hair.  Her bottom was also impressive, a wide hipped fanny that had been hidden under the flair of the dress. Liz snorted as Ann folded her dress and held it to her middle, still crying.

“Pretending to be all wholesome and innocent, yet you show up not wearing a bra or panties? What a slut!” Liz taunted.

Ann glared at Liz with an angry grimace but then was quiet as the principal stood up.  He put down the switch and pulled a five foot long, black leather cord from his pocket.  

“Turn around, hands behind your back,” he told Ann.  She complied, but only after handing her folded dress to the little school girl.  In seconds Ann’s wrists were bound behind her, pushing her prodigious breasts upward.  The principal laced the thong higher, brought the girl’s elbows inward, and then marched the curvy brunette to the middle of the office, near the sofa.  There was a steel ring embedded in the ceiling and he positioned Ann directly beneath it. Then the principal moved around to Ann’s front.

Liz and the little school girl watched in astonishment as another long strand of leather thong appeared.  The principal grabbed hold of Ann’s breast and began wrapping it at the base.  Each loop tightened around the soft and pliable mound, changing the shape from a smooth, white curve capped with pink, into a taut, darkening bulb.  Ann moaned as he tied off the thong and began doing the exact same thing to the other side of her chest.  The little school shifted jealously as the principal finished binding Ann’s bosom, taking the loose ends of the leather thongs and threading them through the steel ring above her head.  He pulled on it, making Ann gasp and pulling her breasts upward.  The little school girl knew it had to be uncomfortable because Ann went up on tip toe, her bare feet arched and moving, struggling to help her keep balance as well as to prevent her own weight from pulling on her breasts.  The principal tied the leather strands off and Ann was forced to stay up upon her toes, calves burning, or risk hanging from her breasts.

The principal returned to the desk and picked up the willow switch, giving it a quick swing as if to test its suppleness.  Ann looked at the principal in frantic terror and the little school girl tried to imagine what the sound of the switch striking Ann’s boobs would make.

But it wasn’t to Ann the principal went.  Instead he turned toward the little school girl, eyes dark and impenetrable.  

“Strip,” was all he said, his face cold and impassive.  It didn’t matter to the little school girl. She was glad to be next.  In seconds her halter top was on the floor, her small but shapely breasts exposed like Ann’s.  Even Liz couldn’t help smiling in appreciation, licking her lips as if the little school girl were a scrumptious tidbit to be devoured.  The shorts came next, exposing a blue and white striped thong.  This was peeled down and the little school girl noticed that the crotch was wet.  The scent of her arousal was strong and she wondered if he could smell it.

The principal looked upon her nudity for a long moment, clearly just appreciating her form.  He did this every time she’d been in his office before and she knew that he was a connoisseur. Finally he pointed to the black leather sofa against the far wall.

“Sit on the sofa and spread your legs wide,” he told her.

The little school girl moved gracefully to the couch and sat down, the leather cool under her bare bottom.  She leaned back and brought her feet up, propping her heels on the seat next to her.  This bent both legs, but also forced her to spread herself open like a butterfly, her legs the finely shaped wings.  Her sex, wet, shaved, and pink, opened widely in that position, enabling all of them to see deep into the petals, which blossomed until a dark crevasse appeared, beckoning to be filled.

Again the principal studied her, his eyes locked on the rose colored flesh between the young girl’s legs.  Moisture trickled from the little school girl’s sex and she couldn’t help rolling her hips a few times as her body’s incessant need for sexual satisfaction once more took priority.  The principal reached down and ran a single finger through the little school girl’s sodden folds.  She let out a gasp, then shuddered as he dipped into her well, a single frustrating inch, only to pull out and put the now wet digit in his mouth.  He said nothing, but went back to his desk, opened the top drawer, and pulled out a massive, pink colored vibrator.  He tossed it to Liz who caught it in surprise.

“Get her on the edge,” he told Liz, who grinned wickedly and went straight for the little school girl.  

“Oh sweetie,” Liz said softly as she knelt down in front of the little school girl, her face only a foot away from the little school girl's exposed clit.  “You are about to beg me for release.” She lifted the vibrator, turned it on, and pressed the tip against the little school girl’s sex.  The effect was instantaneous.  There was a sharp gasp and the little school girl’s body tightened as Liz pushed on one knee, opening the little school girl up even more.  The tip of the vibrator began circling one specific spot and in short order the little school girl’s hips were rolling as her apple sized breasts heaved with need.

Meanwhile the principal had returned to Ann holding the switch.  It whistled through the air, cutting sharply until its forward momentum was impeded by Ann’s bottom.  She let out a shrill cry that startled both the little school girl and Liz, even as Ann jerked forward in pain.  She was held upright by the bindings on her breasts and both sides of her bosom darkened noticeably in color to an engaging shade of purple.  Her feet danced as she struggled to relieve the pressure on her bound breasts, her toes dark.  The principal swung the cane again, leaving a second line of scarlet fire across Ann’s buttocks.  Ann sobbed and swung madly.  

The little school girl tried to count the strokes the principal gave Ann, but Liz had doubled down on her efforts, running the buzzing vibrator into the little school girl’s recessed opening, pushing inward for a few inches, only to withdraw without satisfying the desperate need.  Another rush of pure bliss followed as Liz’s hot pink tongue darted out, lapping at the little school girl’s clit.  She cried out, thrusting her hips forward and it was then Liz drove the phallic toy deep.

Ann’s cries of continuing anguish did nothing to quell the rush of exquisite pleasure that exploded through the little school girl's veins.  It was orgasmic in nature, powerful and strong.  Liz continued to push on the little school girl’s knee only to begin suckling the girl’s clitoris, seeming to devour it in one long, sweet pull.  Through it all the swish of the switch against Ann’s rump punctuated the moans and slurping sounds as Liz pleasured the little school girl, a sharp contrast to Ann’s pain ridden please for the principal to spare her.

The little school girl sucked in a breath of air, her body shuddering from the influx of adrenaline and dopamine.  She felt amazing, but also shocked.  She’d never, ever, had sex with another girl before and Liz’s mouth had felt so good!  The vibrator was still inside her, wobbling from the off-set motor embedded within.  To the little school girl’s surprise, she was still aroused, despite the orgasm, and could feel another wave building inside her.

“Keep your legs open!” Liz said sternly, slapping a hand against the little school girl’s inner thigh, less than an inch away from her stuffed pussy.  The flesh smarted and caused the little school girl to yelp in pain.

“Having problems?” the principal asked, tearing his attention away from the sobbing Ann, whose weight was almost totally being supported by her massive breasts.

Liz straightened up and then used a single finger to flick the little school girl’s clit sharply, eliciting another desperate cry as well as another jerk from the little waif.  “She won’t stay open,” Liz complained dishonestly, lying through her teeth.  “She keeps trying to close her legs.”  She flicked the little school girl’s clit a second time, hard and cruel, the involuntary spasms making the spread open legs seem to close.  The principal smiled, obviously aware that the little school girl's issue of staying spread stemmed not from misbehavior, but from Liz’s manipulation.  He quickly went to his desk, opened another drawer, and pulled out a collection of Velcro straps and D Link carabineers.  He dumped the entire mess onto the sofa next to the little school girl.

“Here. Bind her open, but be quick about it.  She’s next.” He said.  “Make sure that most of her ass is still visible too.”

Liz grinned and used the palm of her hand to jam the vibrator as deep as it would go into the pink gash in front of her.  The little school girl tensed and cried out, her hands coming up to grasp her own knees, pulling herself wide.  Liz laughed and grabbed the little school girl’s hand, pushing it down to hold the vibrator.

“Here. Keep the pressure on.  No pumping or I’ll hurt you.  Keep it in deep.”  And with that the little school girl was holding the vibrator in her own slit.  Liz began sorting through the pile of straps and a minute later began wrapping one around the little school girl’s leg, just above the knee.  “Oh… the options!” Liz muttered with delight.

Across the room the hum of another vibrator began and the little school girl craned her head to the side to see the principal press another pink phallus against Ann’s clit.  Her choked sobs began to subside and suddenly her hips began to thrust forward as Ann began to rub herself on the vibrating toy.  Meanwhile Liz had secured two separate straps to the little school girl’s legs, midway up.  A pair of steel eye hooks were mounted in the walls on opposite sides of the couch and Liz used them to their full advantage.  She pulled the straps until the little school girl’s legs were obscenely spread, bent at the knee, petite bare feet hanging in the air. Liz grabbed hold of the other wrist, bringing both hands down to the little school girl's vibrator stuffed pussy, and bound them together, tying off the last strap.  Then she lifted the little school girl’s hands upward as she threw the strap behind the couch.  Cooperating, the little school girl moaned as Liz rooted down underneath the sofa and managed to get a hold of the last strap.  This she tied around the sofa leg.  

Liz barely caught the vibrator in time as the pulsing wetness of the little school girl’s sex squeezed the pink phallus out. Liz laughed, reaching up to tweak a rose colored nipple before running the tip of the soaked and gooey vibe across the little school girl’s clitoris.  

“And where should this go next?” Liz asked rhetorically.  She dragged the tip of the vibrator downward, through the wet and open petals of the little school girl’s sex, down even further to the tiny star shaped opening of her bottom.  The little school girl whimpered, but there was little she could do tied open, her body canted upward, spread wide and prepared like a feast.  If Liz wanted the vibrator in the little school girl’s bottom, then that is where it would go.

“Now hold that in, Ann.”  The principal’s voice was loud and he pulled his hand away from Ann’s loins.  The massive end cap of the thick vibrator he’d been holding now stuck out perhaps half an inch from the pouty and full petals of Ann’s sex. She shook, which was quite a trick considering how tightly she was tied.  He plucked the willow switch from off the floor and laid it lightly across Ann’s swollen and purplish breasts.

“N-n-no! You c-c-can’t!” she gasped, shaking with both fear and the tumbling vibrations of the vibrator stuffed into her sex.

“On the contrary, ten strokes will be administered to your tits,” the principal announced.  “Unless of course that vibrator comes out of your body.  Then we start over, which would be unfortunate for you.”

“B-b-but it’s on high!” Ann squealed.  

For the first time the little school girl heard the principal laugh.  It was cruel and dark.  

“Trust me,” he said softly.  “You’ll have more problems with the switch distracting you than what level the vibrator is set at.”

The little school girl’s attention was suddenly pulled from the tableau in front of her by Liz, who moved next to her on the couch, ducking under one of the straps.  Sitting next to her as if they were both at the movies, Liz brought the slick vibrator down between the little school girl’s legs and jammed it once more into the wet and open gash.  The little school girl heaved a sigh of relief, even as she felt the exquisite pleasure of the penetration.  She had been half afraid the vibrator was going to be stuck into her bottom!  Liz leaned against the little school girl and began pumping the vibe in and out, flicking the poor girl’s clit with her thumb each time the full length was embedded in the little school girl’s cunt.

Just in front of them the principal let his first stroke fly and the little school girl could see it was more of a flick of the wrist than a swing.  With Ann’s breasts so tightly bound, even a light tap would feel insanely strong.  The thin length of the flexible branch crossed both of Ann’s bound breasts, creating a white line across the pair of taut purple globes before turning a dark shade of red.  Ann’s eyes were closed and her head thrown back as she cried out, almost screaming.  She struggled to stay balanced, the vibrator tightly pressed inside her and kept in place by her thighs.  She danced on tip toe, her chest heaving from both the exertion and the pain.  Her nipples were hard bumps, standing out like rocks in a stormy sea.  Shades of blue began to appear across the flesh of her bosom. The vibrator stayed in.

“Did you like that?” Liz whispered into the little school girl’s ear.  Liz left the vibrator in and quickly took hold of the little school girl’s clitoris, twisting it sharply and eliciting a shrill cry from the bound open girl.  “You know you’re next right?  And from the way he wanted you tied up, I’m guessing your cunt is going to get the worst of it!”  Liz let go of the little school girl’s clit and once more grasped the vibrator, pumping it in and out with hard, forceful thrusts.  The little school girl began hyperventilating, clearly approaching orgasm.

“Oh no.  No you don’t. Not again!”  Liz whispered. “He didn’t notice the first one, so let’s not test our luck today, right?”  She yanked the vibrator out and moved it three inches lower.  The little school girl squealed.

“No! Please! Not there!” she begged.  But it didn’t matter.  Liz pushed and the tip penetrated a full inch into the little school girl’s ass before she managed to clench tightly.

“Oh yes. Fight me,” Liz hissed, pinching her nipple hard with her other hand. “Make me force it into you. Please!”

With those words the little school girl tried to relax, opening up for the thick, cock-like object.  Slick with her own cum, the phallus slid in once she readied herself.  The second inch wasn’t bad but then there was an excruciating pain as her virgin bottom was rammed open. She let out a hoarse cry and threw her head back as Liz backed the vibrator out a bit, only to push deeper on the next thrust.

The sound of the switch striking Ann’s bosom filled the air but did nothing to distract the little school girl from the pain in her ass. Ann cried out, jerking wildly as the principal landed a flurry of strokes upon the poor girl’s tits, light red lines crisscrossing the bulging breasts.  Liz brought her other hand over and began rubbing her fingers across the little school girl’s nipple, teasing the hard bump mercilessly.  A loud clatter interrupted the caning of Ann’s breasts and then all of them looked down on the floor as the vibrator Ann had been stuffed with shook its way across the carpet.

The principal leaned down and picked it up.  “You had four left,” he said simply “Now you have ten.” Ann let out a wail even as he pressed the tip of the vibrator in between her legs, holding it to her clitoris. She began bucking once more as he toyed with her, finally managing to slip the full length of the oscillating sex toy back into her depths.  Ann let out a choked groan, her hips wiggling back and forth violently.  Her thighs came together as he removed his hand and then he lifted the switch back up.  The next three strokes fell fast and hard, leaving Ann breathless.

The little school girl was also recovering, though from an entirely different kind of abuse.  Her bottom had been thoroughly rammed open by Liz, who had slipped from the couch and was now kneeling on the floor, one arm draped across the little school girl’s thigh, her fingers flicking the little school girl’s raised and swollen clitoris, while the other repeatedly thrust the vibrator into the little school girl’s freshly opened ass.  

“Bet you like that?” Asked Liz.  “Don’t you?  Do you like how that makes you feel?  I’ve seen you walking around, dressed like a slut.  Except you’ve been a cock-tease, haven’t you?  It’s all for him?  Is that really what you want?  Coming here for your strokes each day?”  She pulled her right arm free and instead bent down, pushing her head back between the little school girl’s legs.  Liz’s tongue darted out, once more lapping at the little school girl’s clit.  The pleasure was incredible and the little school girl suddenly realized her bottom wasn’t really hurting anymore.  She thrust upward, trying to mash her sex against Liz’s mouth.

“Oh no.  Not like that, pet.  You have to stay on the edge because when he gets to whipping your cute little pussy I want you so desperate that you want it.  You beg for it.” She licked the little school girl’s clit again, like a cat lapping milk.  A series of shudders shook the bound open girl, her toes curling.  She came dangerously close to another orgasm and Liz pulled her mouth off the little school girl’s sex.  Her chin was glistening with juice and she grinned wickedly.

“I’d rather you dress like that for me,” she whispered.  “I’d hurt you in ways he couldn’t imagine!”  

The little school girl’s eyes darted wildly from side to side. “It’s not just…” she gasped, “...about the hurt.”

Liz laughed delightedly.  “Oh I know.  It’s about what the hurt becomes!”

Behind Liz, Ann screamed.  The principal’s hand whizzed through the air delivering the final stroke to Ann’s bosom.  Red lines peppered the taut and swollen breasts and as she sobbed into her arm he reached up and loosened the knot tying her to the ceiling.  She sank back down, her knees shaking as he allowed her to stand flat footed.  The little school girl watched, her own body desperately craving release, as the principal held Ann in a tight grip.  Ann shuddered, crying into his shoulder.  From what the little school girl could tell, the vibrator was still inside the well-endowed brunette.  

But then the principal let Ann go, letting her slump slightly, her weight still on her bound breasts.  Another strand of leather appeared and he reached down to grab one of Ann’s ankles.  Drawing up her left leg, he wrapped the leather around her limb, just above the foot, and then pulled it backward and up.  Ann cried out as he tied the leather thong to her wrists. Ann’s toes curled and her foot rotated around desperately.  Her thighs, which had been pressed tightly together, now wanted to open and only pure desperation kept her legs together despite the new position.

“If this falls out one more time I’m adding ten strokes to the ones you already have coming to your ass,” the principal warned Ann.  She groaned as he patted her bottom.  He moved around behind her, enjoying her struggle to stay upright and balanced on only one foot, especially with the task of keeping the vibrator in.  For a moment the little school girl though the principal was going to start hitting poor Ann’s bottom, but she realized that the thong binding the brunette’s foot was in the way.

And Ann’s sole was the target.

Fast, short strokes followed and Ann yowled, twisting violently as she sought to escape the cane.  The sole of her foot almost immediately turned red, showing the thin, harsh lines of the switch.  The principal finished in under twenty seconds, and then released her leg, letting her gain her balance once more.  From the way she was standing, favoring the right leg, it was relatively apparent to the little school girl that the bottom of Ann’s foot was hurting.

Despite Ann’s intriguing torment, the little school girl was lost in her own sexual trial.  Liz’s fingers did amazing things to the folds of the little school girl’s exposed and presented sex, while simultaneously ass fucking her with the vibrator.  Tongue and fingers were both used and the little school was squirming with need, lost in the waves of pleasure that rocked through her.  A moment later she was panting, so close to orgasm that she began to beg.

“Please! Please Liz! Yes!”

“Don’t you dare cum, you slut!” Liz declared, yanking the vibrator out of the little school girl’s bottom and tossing it aside.  Liz reached back down and pinched the exposed clitoris hard, eliciting a cry of anguish from the bound girl, who twitched violently in her bonds.  The principal glanced over sharply from where he was untying the leather thong from around Ann’s ankle.

“Orgasm and it will mean thirty extra strokes,” he warned.  Liz glanced at him, her eyes bright and she turned back toward the little school girl.  She drove three fingers into the little school girl’s sopping hole and began finger fucking her rapidly.

“Oh.  Well in that case…” Liz said with disdain.

“For both of you.”  The principal’s voice was hard.

Liz’s eyes widened and she yanked her hand out of the little school girl’s snatch. “The hell with that.  Don’t cum.”

But it was too late.  The little school girl tensed, eyes closed as her mouth opened soundlessly.  She shuddered hard, clearly in the throes of intense orgasm.

“Damn it! Stop! Stop!” Liz shouted.  She began spanking the little school girl’s open sex, her palm slapping the sodden swamp, but that just seemed to make things worse.  The little school girl’s eyes rolled up into the back of her head and spurt of clear fluid shot out of the little school girl’s sex, splattering Liz’s shirt and face.  The raven haired beauty blinked in shock as the little school girl’s tiny cries of release filled the air.

“Oh.  Oh shit!”  Liz slumped down in defeat and looked back that the principal who gave her a wry smile.  Then he bent back down and began wrapping Ann’s right ankle with the leather strap.


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