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Angie's Humiliation (2003)

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Part Three

The summer heat made the night warm and sticky as the scent of wheat fields swirled like dust devils through the milky twilight. Angie pulled up into the driveway, licking her lips in anticipation as she put the car into park. Kat's house was a large brick edifice with sloping eaves and a huge pool in the back yard that just encouraged skinny dipping. Angie stepped out of the car, smoothing down her short skirt and walked to the backyard gate.

It swung open softly with only the groaning of the spring that pulled it shut behind her. Angie moved past the large pampas plant that hid the water pump and stepped up onto the concrete decking and turned toward the house. As she expected, the kitchen lights were blazing and the warm buttery light spilled out across the deck like an open invitation. Angie smiled as she saw Kat standing at the counter, slicing an apple and cheddar cheese as she talked passionately into a cell phone.

Angie strode purposefully to the back door, rapping once before opening it. Kat looked up and smiled, waving her in.

"No. We are totally set up. You've got the lists? Good. No. I think about twenty minutes or so. No, you'll be able to see it. Okay. Yeah, you can call but I would prefer you not. Okay. Yeah. You too" Kat laughed. "Bye".

"Hey Angelica! You look sweet!" Kat said, popping a sliver of cheese into her mouth. Her long blonde hair lay softly across her shoulders, contrasting with the black tee shirt and jeans she was wearing.

Angie smiled. "Thanks, Kat."

Kat nodded. "You hungry? I sliced up some green apples and cheese." Kat held out the plate to Angie.

"No, that's okay. Mom made me have something before I came over." Angie replied.

Kat shook her head. "Your mother is way too worried. Dad's child support and alimony payments cover plenty."

Angie looked through the archway out into the living room. "Speaking of moms…"

"Out at David's place. She said that she wouldn't be back tonight."

Angie had expected that. "Jason coming over tonight?" She asked, somewhat hesitantly.

Kat shrugged. "He's got to work late. He's closing the restaurant tonight so I'm not sure. Maybe later. Depends on if he's tired or not."

Angie laughed. "Yeah right. You mean if he's turned on or not."

Kat smiled. "Why? Looking for something interesting?"

Angie suddenly blushed her expression clearly answering Kat's question.

"That's what I thought. My room. Now." Kat ordered.

Angie's heart quivered once at that command and she turned and walked through the living room down the hall toward Kat's room. She felt a quickening in her loins, excitement and sexually charged tension filling her body as she sensed Kat following her.

The door to Kat's room was open and Angie stepped into the pink and fluffy world that Kat still lived in. Like a perpetual doll with long legs, blonde hair, and more pink accessories than a Mary Kay consultant, Kat lived in a world of lace and filigree.

The desk chair was sitting in the middle of the room, near the bed, but still facing the computer. Angie stopped for a second, contemplating the positioning. Kat was meticulous, a paranoid neat freak and Angie had never seen the chair out from its usual place.

"Stand in front of the chair." Kat ordered, closing the door behind her.

With a look of confusion, Angie stepped in front of the chair, facing the computer, the soft humming of the fan barely noticeable. Angie looked over at Kat who reached under the bed and pulled out a shoe box. The tall blonde passed the box to Angie.

"Take those shoes out and put them on." Kat said, smiling at Angie.

Angie opened the box and found a pair of gold colored high heeled shoes, with open toes, and thin straps that were meant to circle round the ankle and calf. Angie shook her head chuckling as she kicked off her usual flip flops and sat down to put on the shoes. It took several minutes, the buckles being small and difficult to manage, but eventually she accomplished the task, standing back up.

"I think you can lose the skirt now, Angie." Kat said, sitting down on the bed and watching with a mischievous smile.

"Yes Kat." Angie replied. She hooked the waist band of the skirt with her thumbs and began tugging the denim skirt down over her hips. After one stretched moment, the cloth fell, baring the soft camel toe shape of Angie's shaven slit. The curves were incased in red stretch cotton, a tiny thong that Kat had given Angie several weeks earlier. Angie had known that wearing the thong would incite Kat's sexual creativity and she turned, posing in her high heels, white blouse, and red thong.

"Oh yes! Turn for me, Angie!" Kat said, laughing, her eyes glimmering. "Take off the shirt too!"

Angie laughed lightly, pirouetting in front of the chair as she pulled the white blouse off over her head. The white lace bra encasing her breasts was pulled tight, creating a delicate deep dark cleavage. Kat held up a single finger and twisted it, pointing at the bra and Angie smiled, reaching behind her back and flicking the clasp open.

The bra loosened and the straps fell, freeing two large creamy white globes capped with two tiny pink buttons. Angie reached up and pulled the bra away, grazing her own nipples and making each nub stand pertly upright. Kat applauded and Angie bowed, then snagged her thong and playfully peeled it away.

She stood naked, her legs parted, the wet red lips of her mouth opened slightly. Angie looked at Kat with evident desire, her shoulder length brunette hair and round curves calling out her sexual needs.

"Sit down in the chair, Angie." Kat ordered.

Angie sat down on the chair twisting and posing, her knees together for a moment before she herself opened them wide, spreading her legs to either side of the chair. Kat nodded in appreciation and then stood up, approaching.

Angie shivered as Kat's hands caressed her arms and shoulders, pulling them upward. It was no surprise to the seated girl that Kat was holding a pair of padded cuffs which quickly were secured to each wrist and then locked together. A single strand of rope was stretched upward to a tiny white hook that was screwed in to the ceiling. Angie looked up and smiled, remembering borrowing her father's stud finder in order to place that hook.

Her hands tied up over her head, Angie watched as Kat circled her and then placed another cuff on her ankle. A matching one went on the other leg and Kat pulled out two long pieces of rope. Angie kept her mouth shut as Kat threaded the rope through the hook on her right leg, tying it tightly, but looked on curiously as Kat stood up and walked to the closet door.

"Wait Kat! I'm not sure…" Angie started to say but was interrupted as Kat pulled up on the rope, yanking Angie's leg out at almost a ninety degree angle. Kat tied the rope tightly to the doorknob as Angie adjusted to the new position. With a few steps Kat moved across the room, tying a second length of rope to Angie's other leg, pulling it up and outward until the beautiful brunette was doing the splits atop the chair.

"What are you planning, Kat?" Demanded Angie as Kat moved up to her desk and began fiddling with some black wire.

Kat turned around and moved forward several steps to Angie. She placed a head set on the bound girl and Angie looked down to see the shape of a foam covered microphone just an inch from her mouth.

"Oh my God! No Kat!" Angie said, beginning to understand what was in store for her.

Kat just laughed. "Oh it's already too late, Angie. You've been on cam since you entered the room. Say hello to our panel of judges."

Kat took a step back and moved the mouse just a bit which deactivated the screen saver. A small box was plainly in view and Angie could see her entire body, stretched out on the screen, from toe to toe and all the way up to her bound hands. Additionally, a number of small windows on the monitor showed other cams, men all of them, who seemed very intent on looking at their monitors.

Angie's eyes filled with tears. "Oh please Kat…I can't! I mean…all these guys…seeing me like this!"

Kat's eyes hardened. "Say hello, Angie."

Angie swallowed her tears and choked out a strangled greeting.

A chorus of hellos came back through the head phone and she watched as two of the men waved at her.

"We're going to play a rather special game tonight, Angie. It's called twenty questions. There are five panelists who each will ask you four questions. You will answer in complete sentences with full details. For example, if someone asks you how old you are, you would say 'I'm seventeen and was born on July 15th and am a Cancer. I was born at blah blah time and I weighed whatever.' You understand?" Kat said, her hands on her hips.

Angie nodded, looking at the computer screen in humiliation. Not only was she to be exposed physically, but also mentally, personally, to these individuals. She twisted slightly in her seat, her sex gaping open toward the web cam.

"Oh yeah, two more things." Kat said. "First, we are going to insert this vibrator into your pussy for the entire duration. Hopefully you can concentrate on your answers, but we don't want this to be easy for you. Also, after every answer we will take a quick poll from our panelists on whether you did a satisfactory job in answering their question. If you did poorly, then you get punished." Kat smiled.

Angie nodded. Her thighs ached from their outstretched position, her toes pointed and her feet arched in the high heels from the shoes and rope. Kat moved up beside her and held up a new bright blue vibrator. Angie realized that the color had been specially chosen for visibility in a sea of pink flesh. She shivered once as Kat ran the tip up through the folds of her sex. With a soft push, the tip dipped in deep and Kat began thrusting it in and out, angling it with the dual purpose of inciting the sexual juices of Angie as well as to titillate the cyber participants who were watching.

Angie let out a moan as the vibrator dove deep. Kat grinned as she worked the rubber wonder, slipping it upward into the soft well of the bound brunette. With a quick turn at the base, Kat activated the vibrator, wedging it against the seat so that it wouldn't slip out. Angie let out a tiny squeal and squirmed against the ropes. It did nothing to help her position, merely emphasizing her helplessness.

"Let's begin! Panelist number one?" Kat announced with grandiose posturing.

Angie heard a low voice in her head phones.

"Uh…hello Angie. I'm Jonathon. My first question is to ask you to tell us about the most embarrassing sexual moment you've ever had."

Angie's mouth twisted in a frown. "You mean besides being tied up with my legs spread wide, put on cam in front of five guys who I don't know, have a vibrator inserted up into me in plain view, and then be forced by pain of punishment to answer embarrassing questions?"

Kat glared at Angie who stared back at her. "You just earned yourself a punishment, Angie, for your smart alec mouth. Answer the question."

Angie nodded, trying to ignore the ceaseless stimulation coming from between her legs. "I suppose the most embarrassing is the golf ball incident. Kat picked me up at home and we were on the way to school. I was wearing a skirt, like Kat had ordered me too and when we parked she ordered me to remove my panties." Angie bit her lip and struggled for a moment, her thighs shaking. "When I did, Kat held out three golf balls and ordered me to put them inside my pussy. Kat said I had to keep them inside all day, except to use the restroom." Angie's bottom seemed to be bouncing.

"It was difficult walking with them in. They seemed to want to roll and bounce and I was terribly horny. During third period class change though, I was walking through the hall and two of them slipped out onto the floor, all wet and slimy and the clattered and I had too chase them down the hall. I was totally embarrassed and worried that someone had noticed them falling out from under my skirt."

Angie looked at the computer monitor and saw that all five of the panelists seemed to have enjoyed her little recitation. The vibrator inside her was driving her crazy, buzzing away and stimulating her. It didn't help that the question had been sexual, and Angie felt a sudden trembling as the confluence of events stimulated her far beyond the simple vibrations of a sex toy.

Kat stood up. "I'll begin by asking the panel for their votes, but will remind the panel that little Miss Angie here has already earned a punishment for her sarcasm."

Jonathon started. "I think that was a good answer, Mistress Kat."

"I agree." Another voice stated.

"Golf balls, Kat? Very creative. I give Angie a plus for that answer." Someone else said.

"I have to disagree with the other panelists, Mistress Kat. Angie seemed to have some hesitation and of course her sarcasm was totally out of line. I give her a minus on that one." Said one person.

"Hmmm…yes the answer was interesting, but she was sarcastic. I say punish her." The last panelist said.

Kat laughed and moved over toward Angie. "I agree. She was sarcastic. Her punishment is a through breast whipping."

Angie's head snapped toward Kat just as the leather flogger flipped through the air. All fifteen lashes of the whip slapped sharply against the soft creamy mounds of her chest, immediately bringing stripes of pink to the surface. Angie moaned, her legs trembling, her arms pulling hard against the ceiling hook. Kat swung again, harder this time, making both breasts jiggle and bounce like fishes on hooks. Angie bit her lip, but the next stroke brought a squeal of pain from her and she looked down to see Kat swing again, making the pink turn

Kat stepped back and admired the flushed skin of Angie's bosom. Tears cascaded down Angie's cheeks, only to fall down upon her own reddened chest, creating glistening trails of moisture that only heightened the appeal of her punished breasts. Angie knew the sounds of her ordeal were clearly being heard by the panelists, who seemed in rapture to the tableau before them. Worse, the whipping had merely accentuated the intense sensations coming from between her legs, and she could hear the sounds of wetness as she squirmed in her seat.

"All right, I think that pretty much handles the first punishment." Kat announced, dropping the leather flogger on the bed." She moved behind Angie and ran her hands over the bound girl's shoulders, slowly moving down until she cupped each still flushed breast, her thumbs softly rubbing the nipples. "Let's move on."

"Angie, my name is Tom. I'd like you to describe your first public humiliation."

Angie nodded, her mind struggling to put the still lingering heat from her breasts, as well as the maddening buzz in her sex out of her mind. Finally she composed herself.

"About two years ago Kat really wanted some ice cream and there wasn't any here at her house, so we decided to run up to the grocery store. I was wearing a mini skirt and a tank top, since Kat likes me in those. I wasn't allowed to wear panties. Back then, going without panties embarrassed me, but it made me really wet. Anyway, it was like one in the morning and when we got to the store there were only the front clerk and a night manager working.

"Kat and I walked through the bakery and deli and were about to pass through the produce section when Kat stopped me and pulled me over to the cucumber display." Angie paused, her pink flower seeming to pulse, her thighs rippling as a wave of pleasure cascaded over her, causing her to gasp and moan. "K-k-kat made me choose a cucumber, telling me to pick the biggest most twisted one I could find. After I choose, Kat pulled me behind the apple display, told me to lift my skirt, and ram the cucumber up into my pussy.

"Putting in the cucumber was hard because it was so misshapen, and I remember being scared to death that I would get caught. But that only made me so much wetter and I remember when the tip of it pressed up against my bone. There was still two or three inches sticking out of me, and my pussy was stretched, but it was everything I could do to keep from begging Kat to let me fuck myself right there. Instead, she made me follow her, waddling behind her too the ice cream freezers and then to the checkout stand. I know the two guys working were wondering about me. I was panting and trying to keep my face expressionless. As Kat was paying for the ice cream, she leaned over to the checkout clerk and said very clearly, 'Don't mind her. She's got a vibrator rammed up into her pussy right now." His eyes bugged out and he stared at me and I couldn't help it. I shuddered and came right there. I could feel myself leaking, my own juices trickling down my leg. I had to hold on to the checkout stand just to keep myself standing."

Angie closed her eyes, her hands clenched into to fists. Reliving that moment had awakened that sensation of humiliation even more thoroughly that she imagined. She looked that the monitor screen at the five men who were watching her and she blushed red.

Jonathon was quick to pipe up. "Wow! How erotic! I give her a plus!"

Tom nodded in agreement. "Yeah. That was pretty amazing. I love hearing you gasp like that too."

The third voice came on. "Well I think she shouldn't have paused like that in the middle of her answer. This whole thing is about control. I give her a minus."

The fourth panelist agreed. "Yeah, I think she has to give her answers without little orgasm breaks. Minus here."

"I think she should be punished, Kat." Said the fifth panelist.

Kat looked thoughtfully at Angie, who stared at the computer screen in alarm. It was clearly written across her face, her wonder at whether a punishment would follow each and every question.

"I have to agree with Panelists three, four, and five. Can't let little orgasm breaks interrupt the answers, Angie." Kat pulled out three clothespins from a desk drawer and moved behind the bound girl. "Clamp time."

Angie opened her mouth, but to her credit she didn't beg. The first clothespins closed down upon her left nipple, clamping it deeply. Angie let out a sharp hiss and then a moan as the delicious pinching forced her sex to squeeze the vibrator tightly. In a flash the second clothespin matched the first, both nipples squeezed between the wooden pincers. It was only then that Angie began to squirm, begging Kat not to use the third peg. Kat knelt down behind Angie's outstretched leg and reached round, using her finger to stimulate Angie's clit. As it swelled, Kat lifted the last clothespin and quickly clamped it to the bound girl's most sensitive part.

Angie couldn't help it, crying out as a wave of lust filled agony rushed through her body. Her legs shook and the little wooden peg seemed to dance as her bottom lifted up off the seat, trying desperately to deal with the cruel bite of the clothespin. Her eyes closed in pain and she opened her mouth in a sensual cry that made all five men watching smile.

Kat stood up, enjoying Angie's torment as much as the panelists and she turned and smiled at the web cam. "All right, I think we are ready for the next question."

The third panelist nodded. "Right you are, Kat. Angie, I'm Rick. Please tell us how your cherry was popped."

Angie opened her eyes, trying to focus. The pinching of her nipples and clit were painful intrusions that had her chest heaving, every muscle of her body trembling. She looked toward her outstretched leg and watched as her toes curled involuntarily within the gold opened toed shoe.

"Um…uh…I was fourteen." Angie said, her words spilling out between the heavy breaths she was taking. "I had been masturbating by j-j-just rubbing my clit. I wanted something bigger than my finger, so I used my hair brush handle and m-m-made myself cum." She said, her face darkening from shame and the sensations from her sensitive parts.

There was a moment of silence as the panelists waited, but when it became apparent that Angie was finished, Jonathon spoke up.

"I hate to say this, but that answer was a little too short. I know Angie is hurting from the clamps, but I just can't approve that answer."

The little cam picture of Tom nodded. "I agree. Minus on that one."

The third panelist, Rick smiled once. "Totally unacceptable Kat."

Another voice joined in. "I agree. Minus on that one."

"Thumbs down Mistress Kat. Punish her."

Kat nodded and turned toward Angie, shrugging her shoulders. "Sorry girl. But your answer was unacceptable. She reached out and pulled the clamps off Angie's nipples, tugging on the crushed flesh for just a moment, eliciting a sharp yelp from the bound brunette. The clit clamp came off more quickly, and for a moment, Angie reveled in the release. Kat dropped the clothespins on her desk and pulled a white colored tube from a drawer and moved behind Angie.

Quickly, she uncapped the tube and squeezed out a generous amount of white cream onto her finger. Putting the tube down, she moved half the cream to her other forefinger and then reached around Angie's body, rubbing the cream into both nipples simultaneously.

At first Angie merely moaned, closing her eyes at the soft massage being applied. It was deliciously cool on her nipples, which still felt sore after the few minutes of being painfully clamped. She leaned her head back, resting it against Kat's belly as the stunning blonde girl continued to rub in the cream.

But after a moment, Angie groaned. Her head came up and she looked down at her breasts. The cool tingle had changed to warmth that seemed to spread deep into her breasts. With each circle of Kat's fingers, Angie's breasts warmed until they felt as hot as they had earlier after being whipped. Angie moaned, realizing that Kat had used IcyHot Ointment. It was only a moment later when she realized what the true punishment would be for her poor answer to the last question.

Kat once more knelt down, sliding her fingers down the sides of the bound brunette. Angie shivered and then began to squirm as Kat's ointment covered fingers dipped over her hips and toward her loins. Still coated with white cream, Kat slipped her fingers through the soft wet pink folds of Angie's pussy, rubbing in the IcyHot around the vibrator.

Angie went crazy. The tingling burning cold seared her delicate tissues and she bucked wildly on the chair. Her mouth opened and a peculiar longing cry issued forth as Kat began to rub the poor girl's clit with an ointment covered digit. It was intensely erotic, the bound brunette bucking madly upon a vibrator while a beautiful blonde reached around to torment her.

Angie's orgasm was tremendous, a thundering wave that left her hanging in her bonds like limp spaghetti. Her head dangled as her body trembled with the aftermath, her long brown hair spilling over her shoulders. The folds of her sex were bright red and glistened from her own secretions and every one of the five men watching had been deeply impressed.

"I think we are ready to continue now." Announced Kat, who had picked up the IcyHot ointment and returned it to her desk.

Panelist four nodded and immediately started. "Angie, I'm Mike. That was one of the most erotic things I've ever witnessed. I'd love to be able to take you in hand. Of course I don't think I'd be as talented as Kat, but I'd still enjoy you." He shook his head smiling as Angie looked up through strands of her own hair. "Anyway, I was wondering what the worst punishment you've ever endured was."

Angie's head fell for a moment as she searched through her own memories of two years of slavery to Kathy. Kat was her dearest friend, but also her chief tormentor. Finally she looked up at the web cam and nodded.

"The worst thing Kat ever did to me was force me to ride a broom stick." Angie paused and licked her lips, knowing she had to give every sordid little detail. "I had come over to her house and Kat had placed two kitchen chairs in the living room and laid a broom across the seats. Kat had me get out IcyHot and coat the broom stick handle until about an entire foot, right in the center between the two chairs was thickly coated. Kat made me straddle the broom stick, which was about at my knees, and then tied my hands behind my back. Then Kat told me to kneel down." Angie swallowed, feeling the residual heat from her own pussy, remembering the fire of the worst torture.

"I remember kneeling down and feeling the wood mash up into my pussy almost an inch. It was very uncomfortable. My thighs were just not quite long enough to keep me off the wood, so I was actually sitting on the broom stick with a lot of my weight on it. After a minute or so, I felt the stinging cold on my pussy, but not just on my clit, but the entire length and even on my bottom. I tried to stay still, but I couldn't and I found myself sliding back and forth on the broom handle, sliding along and rubbing in the IcyHot.

"After another minute, the burning began and I began rocking, bucking on the handle." Angie looked down at her swollen pussy, staring at the vibrator as she continued. "Kat kept me riding the pony for almost twenty minutes. Twenty minutes where I was on fire and hurting. Then Kat pulled me up, laid me down on the floor, and used our biggest dildo on my pussy until I came." Angie looked up at the web cam. "It was the most intense explosion I've ever had."

The silence in the room was palpable. All five web cam views of the panelists showed wide eyes and more than a few seemed to glance at Kat, who stood leaning against the desk, her arms folded in front of her. It was Jonathon who broke the silence.

"My god. Plus."

Tom nodded. "Oh yeah. That's definitely a plus."

"I agree. Can't top that. And she answered very well." Agreed Rick.

Even, Mike who had so far opposed every answer nodded his acceptance.

The last panelist shook his head. "Sorry. As good as that answer was, I like eye contact. Minus from me."

Jonathon snorted in disgust. "You just want to see her tortured!"

"And you don't?"

Jonathon frowned but didn't reply.

Kat moved forward. "Gentlemen, lets not get distracted with bickering. Angie gets a reward." Kat stepped to the desk and removed a bottle of baby oil from her drawer, uncapping it. Once more the stunning blond moved behind her friend and slave, cupping her hand and pouring a liberal amount of the mineral essence out. It dribbled over Angie's shoulder as Kat put down the bottle and created shiny trails of wetness that slowly flowed over the slope of each breast.

Kat reached around Angie, rubbing oil onto each hand before cupping Angie's bosom. With slow kneading strokes, Kat began to work the oil in. Angie moaned, a smile appearing on her face as the mineral oil began to neutralize the sting and heat of the ointment. Kat seemed to pay special attention to the nipples, rubbing her palms in circular motions across each delicate nub, causing Angie to let out a tiny cry of pleasure, her bottom starting to buck.

Her fingers slid down Angie's body, leaving trails of slick oil across the bound brunette's belly until they found the pink and swollen slit between Angie's outstretched and tied legs. Kat worked her fingers through the various petals, washing away the ointment and working in the oil with practiced ease. Angie whimpered, raising her hips and thrusting forward in an obscene display of lust. Kat smiled and took hold of the vibrator, yanking it forward and almost out of Angie. With quick thrusts, Kat pounded the vibrator in and out, the wet squelch of Angie's abused sex reaching the ears of the five men watching.

Angie cried out and her body tensed once more as the approaching orgasm neared its crest. Angie tried desperately to close her legs, but the rope holding her high heel clad feet prevented even that movement and she tilted her head back. Kat thrust the vibrator in deep and then once more wedged it back in so that no amount of movement on Angie's part would force it loose of its warm wet well.

"Oh god, no Kat! Please! I'm so close!" Angie said, her voice a tremulous whisper that bespoke need, desperation, and desire. Her hips seemed to dance uncontrollably.

Kat laughed as she stood up, grabbing a towel from her chair and wiped her hands. "Sorry, girl. But that's the way it is."

Angie grimaced and looked down at her body. She tried to concentrate, to ease the need she was feeling, the pleasure. After a few moments she gave up. Her eyes glanced at the clock and she realized that she had already spent over forty minutes bound with the vibrator inside her.

"Next question please." Kat announced. Angie looked up at the picture of the final panelist.

"Angie, my name is Curt. I'd like you to tell us what your favorite position to be whipped in is."

Angie nodded, trying to clear her mind enough to answer the question. "I have two f-f-favorites. My first is tied. I like being totally out of control when I'm whipped. It doesn't matter where on my body or how I'm tied, just that I can't stop it. My second favorite is what Kat calls a 'full body whipping'. When we do that, I undress and then stand facing away from a desk or table. I lean back, place my palms on the desk, and then take a step forward so I'm leaning backward. This pushes my breasts forward. I then have to spread my legs as wide as possible and hold the position until Kat is done with my front.

"When she tells me too, I turn around and repeat the position, but in opposite, so that Kat can whip my back. She always starts with the bottoms of my feet, making me lift each one up." Angie paused and smiled. "She always seems to spend a lot of time making underhand swings right between my legs, hitting my bottom and pussy at the same time."

The votes came in immediately.

"Plus from me." Said Jonathon.

"Yeah, plus." Said Tom.

"I can't find fault anywhere on that one, Kat." Said Rick

Even Mike agreed. "Yeah. Pretty cool answer."

Curt grumbled with a frown. "Yeah, I guess so."

Kat nodded. "All right, that means she's earned another reward." Once more Kat reached into the desk drawer, pulling out a large headed massager. Two pieces of rope were tied around the large head of it.

Angie looked on with curiosity as Kat moved next to her. The blond dropped the massager and began to tie the first loose piece of rope around Angie's thigh. Everyone watched as the first knot was pulled tight and Kat lifted the massager and placed the large bibulous head against Angie's clit. The other rope was tied in a similar manner, blocking the men's view of Angie's swollen and pink sex. Kat turned on the massager.

The effect was immediate. Angie's mouth opened in shock as the vibrations of the massager went to work on her sensitive clit. The vibrator inside her was a distraction, a feeling of fullness and a slow building frustration. The massager on her clit was an immediate, desperate, rush. Her hips bucked furiously, her toes curling, and she thrashed madly in the bonds.

It was Jonathon who spoke next. "I think its time for that next question, Angie." He said as the bound brunette tried to dislodge the massager. Angie looked up in horror. There was no way she could answer like this!

"What's the most number of orgasms you've had in one session with Kat?" Jonathon asked the struggling girl.

Angie's mind reeled. Her clit felt as if it had been sucked into a car wash, alternately being sprayed, cleaned, heated, cooled, and now vibrated. Her legs trembled and she had difficulty focusing. It took more than a few moments for her mind to struggle through the question, her sex pulsing with need every second of it.

Finally she replied. "I-I-I t-t-think it was e-e-eleven." She said shortly, her eyes closing as she more fully remembered the event. "K-K-Kat tied me down to t-t-the bed and we played 'Guess the O-object'. She, Kat, kept me tied down s-s-six hours while she s-s-stuffed things inside me."

"What kind of things?" Demanded Jonathon.

Kat quickly came forward. "Wait! That's another question! You can't ask another like that! Now, I need a vote. Plus or minus?"

Jonathon frowned, obviously disappointed. "Well, I really wanted to know what items, so I guess a minus."

Tom nodded. "Yeah, a minus."

Rick smiled. "Minus."

"Minus, Kat" Mike agreed.

Curt grinned. "Yep, that's a minus."

Angie moaned, but a part of her realized that Kat would probably remove the massager from between her legs and Angie knew that would make answering further questions easier. There was a spurting crackling sound and the scent of wood smoke and Angie turned to see Kat lighting several candles.

Angie had been waxed before and she knew that Kat could make it pleasurable, or painful. She looked down at her oil soaked body and knew in a moment that Kat had planned this…down to every detail! Every answer, every punishment, probably even the questions had been thought out and preplanned with these five men. Angie closed her eyes as Kat picked up the red candle and brought it over.

The gorgeous blonde girl stood holding the candle above Angie's shoulder, seeming to roll the contents round. With a gentle tipping, she turned the jar sideways and let trickle a bright crimson stream. It fell soundlessly until it dripped directly upon the tight and oiled point of Angie's breast. Angie cried out, a loud and anxious wail that seemed to echo in the room. Kat moved the jar over and a trail of hot wax splashed across Angie's chest to the other breast, coating the second mound of punished curves with the same heated paraffin.

Angie's breathing came fast and hard as she dealt with the agony of the wax. Kat was holding the candle much closer than she had the first time she had waxed Angie, and the hotter fluid seemed to burn as much or more than the IcyHot had. She tried to twist away, but the bindings on her legs and arms were too good and she bounced on the chair as both breasts were coated.

Suddenly it became too much. The incessant buzzing inside her, the massaging of her clit, and now the painful coating of her breasts forced her forward. The lines between ecstasy and pain had never been very clear to Angie, but now they became the same thing and she felt the waves of multiple orgasm slam into her like a freight train. She screamed as the first one hit, startling a couple of the men whose eyes grew wide. When the second wave hit right after the first, Angie's body tightened in her bonds, turning her ankles and wrists white. Her mouth opened with a tired yet piercing keen the bespoke a million sensations, yet only one that mattered.

Kat reached down and turned off the massager, moving it quickly from Angie's clit. Still in the throes of orgasm, Angie barely noticed the missing sex toy before Kat positioned the candle directly above her clit.

The result was instantaneous. A howl came from the poor girl's throat as her clit was seared with the hot red wax. The final tsunami erupted through her body, an orgasm that caused every muscle, no matter how small, to tighten and pull, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. She shook, her body flashing with heat. There was no way to stop it. No way to prevent the sensation. She felt like a tiny boat out on the open sea in a hurricane. She screamed with pleasure as it washed over her, swamping her in sudden and total numbness.

"Oh my god, Kathy? Is she okay?" Asked Jonathon as Angie slumped over, but held upright by the ropes.

Kat quickly put down the candle and lifted Angie's head. She checked her breathing and heart beat with gentle fingers and then turned to her audience. "Oh yes, Angie's fine. Give her just a moment. She's done this on occasion. If she has a really intense orgasm, she sometimes passes out."

Rick looked relieved. "I've heard of that before. You know, that some girls pass out when they come."

Jonathon didn't look convinced.

"That was quite a show you just delivered, Kat." Said Curt. "Maybe we should end it here. I mean, Angie has been through a lot."

Kat looked surprised. "You're kidding, right?" She glanced over at Angie who was beginning to rouse. "She's really strong and can take a lot. You guys want to continue right?"

Angie's head came up and she looked blankly at the computer screen. Her mind was a jumble, her loins a tingling mass of flesh, her breasts hot and heavy. She tried to make sense of the conversation and after a few moments she realized that she must have passed out.

Kat turned to Angie and knelt down, resting her hands on the bound brunette's outstretched legs. Her crystal blue eyes glittered as she stared into the brown eyed captive. "Angie, these men think you've had too much. You've answered six questions, and this is the seventh. Do we stop right now, or ask the rest of the questions?"

Angie looked at Kat. Her entire body ached and she felt as if she had been placed in a taffy puller. She hung in her ropes considering. All five of the men seemed so concerned about her. It gave her a warm feeling inside.

The vibrator still continued as she made her choice, looking up into Kat's delicious eyes. She smiled, her breasts and clit coated with red wax, her skin flushed and shiny.

"I'll answer the questions, Kat. All twenty of them, no matter what the punishment or rewards may be, I want to answer."

Kat leaned back. "Panelists? Your vote on her answer?"

A chorus of five pluses immediately and unanimously echoed from the computer. Kat nodded and stood up, running her hands over Angie's thighs before turning back to the web cam.

"Tom? I think the next question, is yours."

And twenty questions, continued…

The End.


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