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Angie's Humiliation (2003)

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Part Two

Angie stopped at the heavy wooden door and began searching through her purse, pushing aside the miscellaneous tubes, compacts, and junk that had accumulated inside. Her fingers scrabbled amidst the small containers of makeup and eye shadow, as well as some of the other objects a casual observer would definitely wonder about.

Finally she found it, her hand closing upon the silver key chain and she withdrew it from her purse with a grunt. Her long delicate fingers were steady as she inserted the key into the garage door of the house. As the door opened she snatched her backpack up off of the old gas grill that Kathy's mom had never gotten rid of.

Angie relocked the door behind her, stepping into the garage and threading her way through the stacks of newspaper that Kathy's mom insisted on recycling, but never bagged or tied up. She took her white canvas sneakers off at the door, leaving them lying on the small multi-colored entrance rug.

Angie entered the house, threading her way through the family room. The large wooden bookcases and entertainment center stood along one wall across from a couch and a coffee table. Angie stopped and stared remembering how she had endured being made into a banana split, only weeks before, tied to that table. Kat had laughed and joked about her "banana slit" and Angie still shuddered remembering how the cold metal spoons had driven her mad.

The kitchen was clean, counters smelling slightly of lemon. Kat was fastidious despite her mother's lack of attention toward the house, and Angie's mind replayed that first night so many years before, when she and Kathy and both Kathy's parents, had sat around the wooden table having dinner. The spaghetti was excellent, but the salad even more so, with the dark secret that the cucumber, cut now in thin slices, had been gripped by their daughter and plunged over and over, deep into Angie's body.

But Angie moved on to Kathy's room. It was brightly lit, with a single bed, desk, and white painted bureaus. Kathy had never moved past the pink and white lace fashion from her Barbie doll days, and Angie dropped her bag and purse on the chenille bedspread.

Angie glanced at the computer and the bedroom clock, sighing in disgust. She wanted to get on the computer and check her email, maybe even chat a little, but Kat would be home soon. Instead she turned out of the room and went to the bathroom, taking out the necessary supplies to do her hair and makeup.

"Well, don't you look pretty" announced Kat as she looked into the bathroom, seeing Angie through the mirror. Angie smiled and waved.

"Do you want me to put it up?" Angie asked.

Kat shook her head. "No. Leave it down. Dark and sultry for tonight, I think." Kat stepped up and ran her fingers along Angie's shoulders and then down her arms, bringing her finger tips around to Angie's cloth covered nipples. Angie shivered and let out a light gasp as her nubs stiffened.

"Oh! I have your outfit for tonight!" Kat said. "It's in my room. Come on."

Angie followed Kathy, watching as the tall blonde rifled through her drawers. Angie sat down on the bed as Kathy removed three articles of clothing. Kat turned, holding up a chevron shaped backless shirt. It was a blend of colors, like some mad painting.

"This is for your top. It's elegant and revealing. I like that." Kat grinned. "And this is for the bottom!" She held up the shortest slit skirt Angie had ever seen, one that would barely cover her bottom when standing, and would undoubtedly reveal more with every step. Kat tossed it across to her and Angie sighed in relief. The skirt was actually shorts, with a strip of material around them to simulate a skirt. She had seen them before in stores but never thought about wearing one herself.

"Oh geeze, Kat" Angie said with a laugh, fingering the skirt. Kat chuckled.

"Here, put the top on. Oh, and let me have the skirt back again." Kat said.

Angie handed the fake skirt back. "You mean shorts." She said with a smile as she took the chevron shaped shirt.

Kat smiled and opened a desk drawer and extracted a pair of scissors. "No. I mean skirt." She said, opening the scissors and quickly cutting into the black material under the fake skirt.

"Wait! No! You can't!" gasped Angie as the protective shorts dropped out of Kat's hands leaving only the wrap around skirt. Kat glared back at her.

"Yes I can." Kat tossed a small red thong at her. "You'll wear this under it."

Tears filled Angie's eyes. "Please, Kat." She begged.

Kat sighed and stepped up to Angie, folding her arms around the dark brunette. "I know you're scared, Angie. But Jason and I will be with you the whole time, or near you, and you don't need to worry. Okay?"

Angelica nodded, a trickle of moisture escaping her eyes.

"Now, let me help you out of your polo." Kathy said softly. She dropped the sliced skirt on the bed and took hold of Angie's shirt bottom, pulling the covering upward over Angie's head. Angie held her hands up as Kat exposed her lace covered breasts and placed the shirt next to the skirt.

"Take your bra off." Kat said, her voice turning slightly hard again. Angie reached behind her back, her experienced fingers finding the clasp and loosing it. She shrugged her shoulders as the cups loosened and fell, exposing her soft curves to Kat's eyes. Kat brought both hands up and with a quick motion flicked both nipples simultaneously. Angie gasped as both nipples suddenly hardened.

"Sweet" said Kat. She bent her head downward and wrapped her lips around one upright nipple, her hand moving up to pinch the other. Angie leaned backward, moaning softly as one nipple reacted to Kat's suckling tongue and the other felt the sharp twinge of fingernails. Suddenly Kat stopped, stepping back from Angie, and smiled wickedly.

"Come on. Get out of those jeans so I can see how the skirt looks on you."

Still breathing hard Angie quickly unbuttoned her jeans, letting them drop. She kicked them off, deciding to pull the socks off at the same time. She hooked her thumbs around the waistband of her panties, pushing the soft cotton downward to the pile of denim. Kat stepped a bit closer and placed a delicate hand over Angie's flower. Angie gasped as she felt Kat's finger slide into her body, slipping in with a soft squelching sound.

"My, my, aren't you wet!" said Kathy, cupping Angie's breast with the other hand. Angie spread her legs wider, hoping Kathy would do more than tantalize her. Angie groaned with desire as Kat pulled out and held her slick coated finger to Angie's mouth. Angie knew what to do and she immediately took the finger into her lips, sucking her own juices from the proffered digit. Kat dragged a thumb across Angie's nipple and pulled her clean finger from the little slave girl's mouth.

"Get dressed." She ordered.

Angie picked up the red thong and slowly stepped into it, pulling it upward over her sex. It was too small, but Angie expected that. At least it's a decent pair, Angie thought, and not one of those porn store trash thongs that were scratchy and uncomfortable. Angie felt the cotton cup her sex tightly and she spread the cheeks of her bottom to seat the strap.

Angie looked at Kat and smiled. "It's bun floss. It feels like a permanent wedgie." Kathy just laughed.

"Put on the skirt." Kat said.

Angie grabbed the skirt from the bed and stepped into it, pulling it upward. The waist was elastic and hugged her hips tightly. Angie debated a second, trying to decide if she wanted the skirt over her hips, the better to keep it from falling off, or wear it as low as possible to provide the better protection against exposure. She pulled the waistband lower, showing the swelling mounds of her hip bones.

Kat held up the chevron shirt. It was a swirling marble pattern of white, gray, and brown, and looked very fashionable. Angie took the shirt and held it over her bare breasts, turning around so Kathy could tie the shirt in place. The shirt was a tad too small and Angie saw that while the shirt held her bosom in place, the sides of each curve were plain to the view.

Kathy turned her around and walked her over to the full length mirror on the closet door. "I look like a slut." Angie said softly.

Kat's eyes narrowed. "What are you?" She demanded.

Angie looked down demurely. "I'm a slut, Kat."

"And what kind of a slut are you?" demanded Kat.

"A pain and embarrassment slut, Kat."

"That's right. And what happens when I hurt and embarrass you?"

"I orgasm, Kat."

Kathy nodded. "I know, Angie. And I come doing it you." Kathy wrapped her arms around Angie and hugged her.

"Come on. Jason will be here any moment." Kathy handed Angie a set of black pumps and smiled.

Jason let out a long low whistle as the two girls walked across the driveway. Kathy was wearing a long black skirt and a matching blouse that sparkled with sequins, her long and shapely legs accentuated by the open toed high heels she wore. Her long blonde hair was loose, framing her face with an elegant beauty.

And then there was Angie. Jason's face lit up in awe as she walked behind Kathy, a beaming blushing embarrassed smile upon her face. She was so different from Kathy, and yet just as beautiful. Both girls hugged him. As Angie wrapped her arms around him he let his hands roam around her body, feeling the curves through the skin tight material.

"That has got to be the shortest skirt that ever graced a woman's ass." He said into her ear.

Angie giggled slightly. It was tough to be embarrassed around Jason. "Kat picked it out."

Jason turned to Kat. "Nice skirt. She'll have every guy trying to get a peep under it. It sucks that they're actually shorts!"

Kat smiled and deliberately dropped her purse on the ground. "Oh damn. Angie? Can you be a sweety and pick up my purse?"

Angie's smile faded and she turned around. She tried as hard as possible to pick up the purse without bending over squatting down on her ankles, but the startled gasp from Jason told her that her dainty cheeks and probably more was easily visible.

"Here's your purse, Kat" said Angie, handing over the black strap purse.

"Thank you, Angie." Kat said. "I'm driving. You two get to sit in the back."

All three of them clambered into Jason's car and Angie lost no time in reaching over and feeling the rock hard shaft covered with cotton and denim sitting next to her. She rubbed her fingers along it, feeling Jason's pulse and low groan.

"You want to suck him, don't you Angie?" Kat asked, turning the wheel and pressing down the accelerator.

"Oh yes please, Kat" replied Angie.

Kat laughed. "Alright. Tell you what. Suck him right now. If you can make him come before I get to the freeway, all we'll do to you tonight is embarrass you. If he comes after we get on the freeway, or not at all, you get punished as well."

Angie didn't respond but grabbed hold of Jason's zipper, yanking it down. In seconds she had exposed him, freeing his thick shaft, sucking and licking it. A part of her mind recognized the fact that it was still light out, with passing drivers able to see her hunched over body and she was sure the skirt had ridden up to her waist. But none of that mattered as her lips wrapped around Jason's shaft. She had to make him come. Jason's moans were coming quicker and Angie felt his hands on the back of her head, helping her. She heard the car rev and felt a renewed burst of speed and a tiny spark of anger flared in her, but she licked round and round his shaft, ignoring Kat's cheating.

"Damn you, Jason! You better not come!" said Kat as Jason's deep groans went higher. "Sorry" grunted Jason. "She's just really good at this."

Angie wished she had pulled off his jeans and briefs instead of letting only his cock out. She had given Jason blowjobs before and had found that the lightest touch of her fingers on his balls had sent him over the edge. She tried to reach between his legs but he kept them tightly shut.

"Almost there!" said Kat.

"Hurry!" gasped Jason, gripping the seat and tensing every muscle. Angie felt him shudder and she drew hard on him. She pumped his shaft with her hand as she licked the tip. He began to spasm.

There was a lurching turn and Angie felt the car speed up, the engine roaring into a full throated throttle. In a second it would all be over either way. She stopped pumping, merely licking lightly, letting fate decide whether a punishment was in the stars that night.

"We're on!" yelled Kathy.

Jason gasped, his body locking in place as the only muscles that functioned were the ones that pumped his thick cream outward. His fingers were tightly wound into Angie's hair, keeping her mouth firmly upon his shaft as she struggled to slurp up every drop. He knew that she would swallow every bit, but that thought was only a mere shadow compared to exquisite pleasure he felt coursing through his cock. Finally his body released, letting the flow ebb with small throbs. He released Angie's head and relaxed as she began licking again, cleaning him completely.

"I'm impressed with your control, Jason." Kat said contemptuously.

Jason rolled his eyes and looked forward, seeing Kat's glare in the rear view mirror. He sighed, hid mind finally moving away from the gorgeous suck slut still working his cock. "No offense, Kat, but the reality is that Angie is extremely good at sucking cock and it's been over a week since I had anything, as you well know. Besides, I held off till we were on the freeway!" He looked down at the mass of thick dark hair in his lap. He could still feel her mouth working away as he softened. "Besides, you change the rules all the time anyway. Angie doesn't mind." He stroked Angie's head softly, and then pulled her up.

Her makeup was only a little mussed and he was surprised to see that not a single drop off his explosion was left. She had a smug look on her face as she smiled at him.

"Thank you, Angie." He said softly, cupping her cheek. "I'm sorry I didn't come quicker."

Angie giggled lightly. "No you're not." She said.

Jason laughed. "You're right. I'm not. I'm looking forward to seeing your punishment." He patted the seat. "Come here. I want to hold you." Angie turned her back to him and wriggled closer across the seat, leaning into his shoulder. He draped his left arm over her shoulders, allowing his fingers to lightly rub the erect nipple under the chevron shirt.

It was only a few minutes more before they arrived at the Mall with Kathy expertly navigating the outer ring road to park in front of one of the large anchor stores. It took a moment to sort things out as they got out, letting the arc lights of the lot illuminate them.

"Come here, Angie." Kat said, gesturing to the front of the car. Angie moved forward quickly, her fingers tugging downward on the skirt.

"Bend over the hood." Kat ordered, reaching into her purse and pulling out three red latex balls attached together with a string. They dangled in her hand and tinkled slightly. Angie instantly recognized the vibroballs, since Kat had made her wear them on any number of occasions. They made the very act of walking a sexual exercise in frustration.

Angie's eyes went wide. "Oh please, Kat! There's no room for those! I mean, I'm already wearing what you want me too, please don't make me put those in!"

Kat sighed. "All right, I won't make you put them in." Angie sighed in relief. "Bend over the hood of the car and spread your legs. I'll put them in for you." Kat said.

Angie's eyes widened again as Jason chuckled evilly. "That's what you get for not making him come." Kat said.

"So this is my punishment?" Angie asked, her eyes still staring at the three little balls. Kat shoot her head.

"Nope, this is for fun. Punishment hurts, Angie. You know that." Angie knew when to give up and she turned to face the still warm hood of the car. She put her hands on it, feeling the engine warmed metal and she slowly laid herself down. The heat streamed upward through the chevron shirt and she felt herself ripening as memories of that first spanking in front of Jason came back to mind.

Her skirt had slid upward just from bending over, but Kathy yanked it all the way up to her waist, exposing Angie's rear and the small strap of cloth that covered her sex. Kat didn't bother trying to pull it aside, instead grabbing the waistband of the thong and tugging it downward to Angie's knees. Angie shivered and looked around. Cars were driving along the outer road, but none were on their aisle, and other cars blocked the view.

Kat reached upward between Angie's legs, pushing the first vibroball against Angie's sex, finding the puffy petals soaked. Evidently sucking on Jason had gotten her going. She rolled the ball against the petals of Angie's flower and then with a single thrust, pushed the golf ball sized toy deep in. The second ball pressed hard against Angie's clit and Kat used her thumb to ram it after the first. Kat contemplated leaving the third ball out, mashed tight against the straining lips of Angie's pussy, but then relented and crammed the last ball deep.

Angie groaned with each movement between her legs and she felt stuffed. The vibroballs were a minor annoyance when sitting, but became an excruciating stimulator with every step. Angie remembered the first time Kat had shown her the vibroballs. She had been so excited about replacing the three golf balls that Angie had been made to keep inside her. Angie had liked the idea too, since the vibroballs couldn't fall out like the white golf balls. She hadn't understood that inside each vibroball was a clapper that shuddered and rang with each step.

Kat pulled her hand away, her thumb glistening. She sucked it clean and then swatted Angie hard on her bare bottom, eliciting a sharp squeal of surprise from Angie.

"You can get up now, Angie" Kat said. Angie pushed herself up from the car, barely keeping her balance as her thong twisted around her knees. She automatically reached down to pull it back into place, but hesitated when she remembered Kat standing there. Angie looked at Kat.

"Yeah, you can pull them up." Kat said. Angie took hold of the thong and pulled it upward, raising the skirt to her hips while she wriggled her bottom to seat the floss.

"You sure look sexy, Angie." Jason said, his lean frame leaning against the car door. His arms were crossed as he ogled her. He had enjoyed the show, but most especially the look on Angie's face as the vibroballs had gone in. He watched as Angie resettled the skimpy skirt just under her hip bones, trying to hide as much of her crotch as possible. He couldn't figure how they were staying up.

Kat looked at both of them. "Let's go." She said.

The harsh glare of the inside lights made Angie's outfit all the more obvious. Her face blushed a constant red as other shoppers stared at her. Men ogled the most, openly gazing at the scantily clad teen that was followed so closely by the cute teenage couple behind her. The mouths of husbands and boyfriends dropped as their eyes caught the soft cream curve of a buttock or the tight outline of breast.

Angie cared about being stared at, and normally would be near tears from the unwanted attention, but the addition of the vibroballs into her equation had changed everything. Every step was as if Jason or Kat were rubbing at her clit. It was as if someone had speared her and only thrust when she herself moved. It was masturbation at the most basic level, requiring no thought, other than the desire to take another step.

Kat tapped Angie on the shoulder. "Let's go in there." She said, pointing at a store with black lights and posters lighting the windows.

Angie obediently turned and entered the store, glad that it appeared empty. A multitude of joke items, dragon statues, rock star posters and black light decorations were displayed along the walls. The three of them walked toward the back and Jason and Kat stopped at the adult novelties section.

For a moment, the three of them laughed like any young kids would laugh, chuckling over motion lotion, edible panties, and fur covered bondage cuffs. Angie was well familiar with those types of items, and she recognized a set of nylon and foam cuffs near the bottom shelf whose brothers had played major parts in her own sexual escapades.

Jason picked up a bottle shaped like the chest of a girl with the inscription "Boob Lube", uncapping it and holding it to his nose. He smiled and let Kat smell it.

"Can I help you?" asked a serious voice from behind them. Angie turned to see a dark haired man with a short black beard looking at them. His name tag said "Tino" and "assistant manager".

Jason looked a bit sheepish. "Well, uh…" his voice trailed off.

"Absolutely" announced Kat, taking the bottle from Jason. "We were wondering how this works."

Tino's eyes widened a little. "I would have thought that was kind of obvious." His mouth turned upward in a little sarcastic smile. He had dealt with teenagers before.

"Well I'm just wondering if it works." Kat replied haughtily.

"I'm sure it does. Besides, if it doesn't work properly after you've purchased it, just bring it back with your receipt and we will give you a full refund." Tino said, emphasized the word purchase.

Kat looked once at Angie and then turned back to Tino. "Well, tell you what. I'd like to test it first, before I buy it. If it works well, I'll buy the bottle okay?"

Tino looked confused, wondering if he had heard this beautiful blonde correctly. "I'm sorry…you…what?"

Kat smiled and turned toward Angie. "Lift your shirt up, Angie. We need to test the Boob Lube and yours are the most accessible."

Angie's eyes grew a little wild and she took a hesitant step back. The slight ring of the vibroballs seemed very loud in the silence. Kat's eyes took a hardened dangerous look and Angie reached down, grasping the pointy bottom of her shirt. She pulled upward, pulling the tight cloth up and over her bare breasts. Tears filled her eyes and she bit her lip.

"Here Jason. Lube up her left breast okay?" Kat said, holding out the bottle and squeezing a small amount onto the teenage boy's outstretched hand. The lotion was a dark chocolate color and a similar scent filled the air as Jason reached out and cupped Angie's breast. His palm circled her nipple as she sucked in a gasp from the cold lotion. His hand made wider circles as Angie moaned and leaned forward, shifting from side to side, the vibroballs ringing their song.

"Here Mr. Tino, would you see if it works on her other breast?" asked Kat, her voice demure. The assistant manager had his eyes locked on the moaning teenage brunette in front of him. He raised his hand without even looking at Kathy.

In seconds two very different hands were lubing Angie's boobs, massaging the thick cream into her soft globes. Her fingers grasped the edge of the shelf, tightly clinging to the metal as she struggled to maintain her balance. Jason kept up the tingling circular motions of his palm on her nipple, knowing the gentle sensations would drive her mad. Tino however was kneading and pinching, squeezing the full mound like one of the stress balls sold three shelves further up the store.

Angie's voice squeaked as her hips shook back and forth. Her mouth parted in a soft but strong sigh and her body trembled momentarily as her first orgasm of the evening rushed through her.

"I think that's enough gentlemen" said Kat, closing the bottle top. "I think this stuff works very well." She turned to Tino who was still staring at Angie's naked bosom.

"Angie will buy it."

They made Angie carry it, the thin plastic bag easily transparent enough for the bright logo and words to be legible to anyone who cared to look. Angie's face blushed scarlet as the few people at the mall stared at her, passively ignoring the gorgeous couple with her. Every once in a while, Kat would drop her keys, turning to Angie and asking her to pick them up. The first time, Angie bent, dropping to her knees, desperately trying to keep her skirt from riding up her ass. But the low whistle from behind her was signal enough that her dainty bottom was more than just peeking out.

Angie felt as if she were in another world, one where sex and frustration mingled in ways unimaginable to any but her. Her sex was still throbbing with need, the vibroballs ringing their toll, her breasts still tingling from their earlier massage. Her mind only vaguely noticed the other shoppers.

"Let's go down here." Kat said, pushing open one of the back corridor doors that said "employees only". Jason and Angie followed the blonde domineering girl, who sauntered down the yellow painted corridor past green doors labeled with store names. They rounded a corner and Kat stopped holding up her hand.

"This is good. No one will see us." She motioned at Angie. "Lift up your shirt again, dear."

Angie didn't hesitate this time, immediately grabbing the hem of her front and pulling it up. Her breasts were still creamy and the scent of chocolate filled the corridor.

"Damn, girl, you smell good enough to eat!" exclaimed Jason, once more in rapture.

"Yeah, whatever" said Kat while rummaging through her purse. "Ah. Here they are." She announced while pulling out a set of black nipple clamps connected with a black chain.

Angie recoiled slightly, her back against the wall. Her eyes teared up again, knowing what was to happen.

Kat handed one end of the chain to Jason, pinching the other clamp between her thumb and forefinger. "You get her right breast, and I'll take care of her left. Clamp at the same time okay?"

Jason nodded, lifting the clamp up to Angie's bare nipple.

Angie held her breath as her two friends held the clamps open, positioning them around each delicate nipple. Her mind barely registered Kat's backward counting…3…2…1, until both clamps grasped down and she uttered a single loud cry filled with a tingling pain. Her hands flew to her bosom, but were caught by Kat before Angie could touch her pinched nubs.

"What the hell is going on here?" said a deep voice. Angie glanced up to see one of the mall security officers approaching from around the corner. With a startled gasp she yanked the front of her shirt down, snagging the chain, and yanking one of the clamps off her breast. She whimpered, holding her hand to her bosom as Jason stepped backward and Kat moved in front of Angie.

"Evening, officer. Angie was just adjusting her outfit." Kat said pleasantly as the tall man approached. He wore a white uniform shirt with a metal badge. His Sam Browne belt was studded with pouches and containers, and a huge black metal flashlight swung from a plastic ring on his belt.

"That's not what it looks like, Miss" commented the officer, leaning to the side to look around Kat at Angie. "Are you okay, young lady?" He directed his comments at Angie.

Angie looked down at the ground and nodded. The officer's eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"Are these your friends? If they're not, you can tell me. I'll make sure you're protected."

Angie looked up at the officer. "Oh no, Officer. They're my friends. This is my best friend, Kat." She pointed at the irritable blonde.

"Kat?" The officer asked, looking at Kathy.

"It's a nickname." Kathy said testily.

"So what's that dangling out from under your shirt?" asked the Officer, once more addressing Angie.

"Look Officer, I'll be honest with you" said Kat, moving forward. "It's a nipple clamp. Angie was bad today and this is her punishment."

The officer looked at Kathy with an amazed expression. "You mean this is some sort of kinky sex game?" He looked down at Angie, for the first time registering her outfit. "And you're okay with this?" He asked.

Once more Angie nodded, smiling ever so slightly. The officer shook his head and let out an explosive breath.

"Well, ok. I guess you're all right then, but you all can't be doing this sort of thing here at the mall. Heck your outfit alone is almost indecent. You will need to come with me to the security office. Policy is for you three to receive trespass notices good for a month."

"What?" demanded Kathy. "You're kidding me!"

The officer looked at Kat. "You heard me. You can't play your little sex games here. I'm going to trespass the three of you for a month. You can't come to the mall at all. If you do and we see you, you go to jail, directly to jail, you don't pass go, and you sure as hell don't collect two hundred dollars."

"That's a pretty extreme punishment, don't you think?" asked Kat, anger in her voice.

"You want to complain? If you'd rather, I can call the police now." The officer smiled. "Or perhaps a parent might be better?"

Kat shook her head.

"Very well then, let's go to the security office."

"Here's an idea, Officer. I'd like to offer something else as punishment. As you know, Angie here is supposed to be punished. Instead of the nipple clamps, she could be spanked" Kat paused, "by you, instead of us receiving trespass notices."

"You want me to spank your friend?"

Kat nodded, a smile on her face. "Absolutely. Thirty spanks on her bare butt." She glanced at the officer, seeing him waver.

"And then she can show you how good she can suck cock." Kat said, knowing the final offer would push him over the edge.

The security guard hesitated only a moment and then nodded his acceptance, glancing down at the cute little brunette in the black skirt. Angie had said nothing, her left breast still throbbing from the clinging clamp. She wondered how far Kat was going to make her go.

"You heard him, Angie. You get spanked for us. Get in position, girl. You know the drill." Ordered Kat.

Angie turned and faced the wall, her hands pushing the skirt downward toward her high heeled pumps. She heard the guard's breathe catch in his throat and she tugged the thong out of her crotch.

"What the hell is that ringing sound?" asked the guard.

Kat just laughed. "Her pussy is stuffed with vibroballs. How many orgasms have you had tonight, Angie?"

"Two." Angie said softly, her panties dropping atop her skirt. She laid her arms on the wall in front of her head, spreading her legs and raising her bottom upward.

"Now, now, Angie! Did you forget the rules about spankings?" Demanded Kat. "You know you're to receive all spankings bare breasted!"

Angie quickly reached down and pulled up her shirt, the hanging clamp coming free to dangle from one breast straight down. Angie groaned as the weight pulled on her nipple.

"To late, slut." Kat said harshly. "You go naked now for the whole thing." Kat yanked on the tie strings of Angie's shirt, yanking them loose in a single pull. Angie cried out as the whole cloth fell to the floor in front of her feet. Kat grabbed the dangling clamp and reattached it to Angie's bare nipple, eliciting a sharp groan from the tormented girl.

"There we go, officer. She's all ready for her spanking." Kat said, stepping back and motioning toward the naked girl.

The officer stepped forward, gingerly reaching out to touch Angie. His fingers slid up over her back and around to her front where he touched the curve of her breasts. His hand bounced the chain between her nipples lightly, Angie jumping with each little tug. Finally his fingers went down her belly to cup her sex, feeling the copious amounts of juices leaking from her body. His fingers found the exposed string of the vibroballs and he yanked on it, a loud ringing coming from Angie's well.

"Hey, Officer. I said a spanking!" said Kat.

The guard smiled and turned to Kat. "Well, I just wanted to see if she was truly getting off on this. But I got to ask… Don't you think she would feel better during the spanking if she had my flashlight rammed up her instead of those oversized marbles?"

Kat's eyes widened as she glanced down at the flashlight. Its black metal length was huge, easily a foot and a half long and two inches thick, holding D size batteries. It would be cold and huge when it penetrated into Angie's soft sex. Kat's face broke into an evil mischievous grin.

Kat reached forward between Angie's legs and tugged on the vibroballs. They rang with clarity as each of the three balls was tugged from their wet enclosure. Angie moaned, shuddering naked, as each ball rubbed against her clit. With a ringing clatter, Kat yanked the balls free, swinging the bright red latex covered bells from a soaked string.

"Okay, Officer. I think Angie is ready for that flashlight now." Kat announced. "Take a step backward, Angie, and bend over. The officer is going to do one of those body cavity searches on you."

Angie's breasts ached as she moved backward, stepping out of her fallen skirt and panties. Her body trembled in the cool air as she leaned forward against the wall, bent in half, totally naked with the exception of the black high heels and the nipple clamps. The black chain between the clamps dangled deliciously downward, seemingly pulling her tender nipples earthward.

The guard removed his flashlight with a steely slide, turning it around in his hand so that the butt of the light rose obscenely like some huge phallus. He approached Angie from behind, marveling at the sight of the pretty teenager who stood bent over at the waist; legs spread wide, the wide lips of her shaven sex gaping with need and lust. Her sex glistened and he pressed the end of his light up against her folds, twisting it along her flesh, watching as the end was coated with the juices of sex.

He pushed inward, the first inch spreading Angie's hole wide apart. She let out a tender squeal and the guard looked forward at Angie's face.

"You okay, sweetie?" He asked in concern.

"Oh the heck with that!" Said Kat, her voice dripping with scorn. "She's had bigger things rammed up her before."

The guard's eyes widened. "Really? Like what?" he asked, pushing again, sliding more of the black spot light into Angie's body.

"Give us the litany, Angie. What's been inside that cute little pussy of yours?" asked Kat.

Angie bit her lip, still dealing with the cold unyielding monstrosity being pushed slowly up into her body. Her loins tried to grip the metal monster, but kept slipping as it slid deeper. The sharp slap from Kat's hand on her left buttock brought the previous order back to the front of her mind.

"Uh…a cucumber." She stuttered, momentarily pushing backward against the flashlight.

"Keep going, Angie. Everything." Kat said.

"Vibroballs." Angie said, pulling forward and then backward again.

"Go on honey, tell us all about it." Said the guard.

"B-b-bottom plug, beer bottles, soda bottles, garden hose…" Angie punctuated each item with a backward thrust against the flashlight.

"Hair brush, g-g-golf balls, ice cubes, chocolate…"

"My god, you are a slut aren't you?" demanded the guard making a hard push with the light that brought a sudden groan out of the impaled teenager.

"Keep going, Angie!" called out Jason, who was rubbing his cock through his jeans.

"Banana, ice c-c-cream, an apple, lollipop, a stapler…"

The guard looked up, his eyebrow cocked. "You fucked a stapler?"

Kat laughed. "No, I fucked her with a stapler. Good story too. Go on, slut."

"A-a-a tennis racket, a baseball bat, a candle, a ruler…"

"My god is there anything she hasn't fucked?" Asked the guard.

Kat frowned at him. "Yeah. You. Look, you've fucked her silly with that thing, so go ahead and give her the spanking.

The guard frowned but then smiled, turning sideways. He kept the flashlight buried in Angie's sex with his left hand, pulling his right out and high, crashing it downward onto the plump and white cheek of Angie's bottom.

Angie buried her mouth in her arm, screaming into the skin, muffling her intense reaction. The officer had struck her hard, sending rippling waves through her body. She leaned forward, clenching her bottom hard. Her muscles squeezed against the intruder still buried and she felt the beginnings of her third orgasm begin to build.

"Nice hand print, Officer. Can you make another?" Kat said coaxingly.

The guard swung again, planting his hand on the other side of Angie's bottom. Two huge red handprints decorated her flesh. He swung again, obliterating the first mark, but making the larger portion of Angie's tush scarlet.

Kat began counting as Angie began crying, flowing tears dripping down as she squealed and screamed into her own forearm. Finally it was over, the guard stopped his swinging, still holding the flashlight.

Kat stepped forward, taking the flashlight from the dazed man and began rapidly pumping it in and out of Angie, ramming it deeply into her. Her pink petals spread wide with each extraction, only to crush together again as the slick metal pushed inward. Squelching sounds echoed through the hallway, punctuated by the soft gasping sighs made by the spanked girl.

Angie's head rose upward and her body tensed, becoming ridged as Kat pumped against her. She began to shake and her left hand reached out and snagged Jason's shirt, drawing him close to her. He reached out as she put her weight on him, hugging her naked spread body to his. He raised his hands and yanked both nipple clamps off her chest. Angie let out a loud cry and jerked wildly, her eyes rolling, clenching her hands into fists, before relaxing into loud deep breaths.

Kat slowly stood up from her kneeling position. She held the flashlight in her hands, removed from Angie, but still covered with her juices. She watched as Angie slowly calmed down, holding on to Jason like a life line.

"Here you are, officer." Kat said, handing the gooey night light back to the security guard.

He took it gingerly, his hands trying to stay away from the creamy mess covering his flashlight.

"I want my cock sucked now." He said, looking at Kat.

"She's not in any condition to suck you" replied Kat with a smirk. "You fucked her with your flashlight. That's enough." Kat bent down and picked up Angie's fallen clothes, handing them to Jason. He took them and started to help Angie get dressed.

"Now wait a moment. You said she would suck my cock. Either that happens or you get trespassed."

Kat shook her head. "I don't think so. Not after the three of us testify that you raped Angie here with your flashlight, threatening us all with jail."

"What?" The guard exclaimed, his eyes flashing wildly.

"You heard me rent-a-cop! What happens now is we go out that door and leave the mall, and you go out that door wherever that leads. You don't talk to us or tell us what to do, and we don't tell anyone about your body cavity search on Angie using a Mag light.

The officer hesitated, looking at Jason who had finished dressing Angie, knotting the last tie in place.

Kat smiled at the officer and then shouted. "Help! Rape! Help US!"

The officer moved forward. "Wait! Wait! Okay! Okay! You can go!"

"Well thank you, Officer. We appreciate your generosity." She motioned at Jason and Angie. "Well, out the door you two. Let's go, like the good officer said."

Angie hung on Jason's arm as they proceeded Kathy forward back into the mall. Angie's clothes were disheveled, still baring obscene amounts of flesh, but her walk was tiny and tired. Her eyes were downcast and Jason could detect the overpowering scent of sex upon the young girl holding on to him for support.

Kat strutted behind the two, her eyes turning back to the corridor door, watching for the security guard. When he didn't follow, she resumed the lead, bringing her two charges back to the parking lot and the car.

"Well Angie, I hope you enjoyed your trip to the mall." Kathy turned and grinned at the tired brunette as they again sat in the car, Angie and Jason in the back.

"Yes, Kat, I did. Thank you." Angie replied obediently.

"What about you, Jason? Did you enjoy your trip to the mall?"

Jason laughed. "Oh yeah. But I'm so hard now I need to pop again."

Without a word, Angie pulled her skirt up, pulling the soaked red thong down over her legs and off her feet. She fumbled with Jason's button, but his own strong fingers freed it, yanking the denim downward. Angie moved over his lap, facing him, then bringing herself downward, plunging his shaft deep into her own body.

Jason's hands freed the knots of her shirt, letting the covering chevron drop, exposing the pink bruised nipples standing erect. Flashing car lights illuminated Angie's soft skin as his hands caressed her. He picked up the fallen bottle of Boob Lube, filled his hands, and then reached up, cupping Angie's tender breasts.

Kat watched Angie's moving back in the rearview mirror. "Hey Angie! If you can make Jason come before we get back to my house, the rest of the night will just be soft gentle love making. Think you can handle that? Cause if you can't we're going to tie you to the bed and spend four hours using a belt on that tender pussy of yours."

Angie made a mewling sound, grinding downward.

"Hey Kat?" Jason said, gasping out loud in the darkness. "I think you'd better step on it. Angie is really good at this."


 Part Three

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