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Part 2


I was barely cognizant of Robert’s withdrawal and I guess that Kari had ordered him to stop screwing me the moment I came. I feel kind of bad too, because as far as I know, Robert didn’t come at all during the day.  I let out another groan as Robert pulled out, leaving me empty and then Kari was once more at the edge of the bed, holding one of the sex toys from my toy box.

If you’ve read any of my blog postings, you are probably aware of some of the more esoteric little toys in my box.  One of them was a present from Kari, made for me when I was a freshman in college by an enterprising boyfriend Kari was dating.  It was a solid steel dildo, perfectly shaped to a tapered blunt tip, polished to perfection, and shiny enough that you can see your reflection in it.  When it was given to me it came in a small velvet lined box with care instructions and a bottle of oil.  I’m not mechanically minded so they had to explain the oil wasn’t for lubrication, but for protection and it wasn’t intended for internal use.  Sigh…so complicated.  But I had kept it.  It’s not every girl who is given a hand made dildo, right?

Kari had developed a very special method of using the metal dildo.  First you preheat the oven to 125 degrees.  Bake the dildo on an ungreased cookie sheet for twenty minutes.  Remove from oven, cool for about five minutes or until just cooled enough to handle.  Take the dildo to a waiting female sex slave and insert the still hot dildo into her pussy.

But wait.  That’s not all.  The recipe also calls for a frozen dildo made of ice.  Yep.  You take either a couple of condoms, layer them, and then fill them with water and freeze it.  Or you can use bottle ice.  Or you can grab a balloon, one of those long thin ones that balloon artists use to make little animals.  Fill it up with water, freeze, lubricate and stuff.

Used together, they practically border on real torture, and I quivered as Kari brought the ice dildo down to my sopping sex.  It went in as if I were made for it and the ice burned me just as much as the hot wax had earlier.  I screamed again, thrashing, pumping my hips in desperation, which actually caused me to literally fucked the ice dildo even more rapidly than Kari’s slow wrist action had started.  Just as I started to go numb she pulled out the ice, only barely melted from it’s thirty second dip inside me, and swapped it for the metal dildo.

Robert was acting the nurse, slapping the metal rod into Kari’s hand.  My pussy was cold, slightly numb, and certainly not prepared for something that was best held with oven mitts.  Granted, Kari was holding it barehanded, but I think everyone would agree with me that a woman’s vagina is a bit more sensitive than a hand.  I stiffened when she pressed it up against my folds, slipping the tip though the wet slippery cold.  Ever hear about those guys at the south pole who bake themselves in a sauna and then run out into the below freezing temperatures, then run back inside?  The heat protects them?  Well that doesn’t happen when you’ve been fucked with an ice dildo and then someone rams a hot metal rod right back in.  The cold makes it feel hotter, nor does the heat protect you when your tormentor pulls it out and then pushes the ice back in.

My mind seemed to shut down as Kari went back and forth between hot and cold, metal and ice, constantly pumping.  Water sloshed inside me, mixing with my juices, spilling down my thighs and trickling through my butt crack and down my back.  My toes curled each time Kari pulled one out, replacing it with the other.  To be honest, the metal dildo lost its heat quickly.  I guess what she really needs is a dildo that has a heating element inside it.  Oh shit…forget I said that Kari!

I didn’t cum believe it or not.  Oh sure, it was intense.  It was a bit painful.  It got me right to the edge.  But I didn’t explode.  Nope.  That happened when Kari pushed the last of the ice into me, leaving it in there to melt, grabbed a vibrator, twisted it to maximum, and pressed it against my clit.  Then I came.  My third.  And I had only been there a little over an hour.


A few weeks ago, when Kari ordered me to help her milk Robert, I readily agreed because he’s in super fit shape, and frankly, I’d do anything Kari ordered me to do.  If Kari and I were in the middle of a busy supermarket and she told me to strip and fuck a cucumber, I’d be naked on the floor in about twenty seconds.  It’s a compulsion.  To be honest, I have it with just about everyone.  For some reason, I have trouble ignoring direct orders.  If it’s spoken with command and I see that “look” in someone’s eye, I just have trouble not obeying it.  But I’m rambling, sorry. 

Milking Robert was an eleven hour process that mostly involved us switching off.  Kari used some pretty harsh methods of stimulation: vacuum tube, binding, slapping, rapid rubbing and others I wasn’t privy too.  I used the more natural means: my mouth, oil, my hands, my breasts, even my pussy.  Alternating gave us each a chance to relax, rest, and think of our next method while the other was still tormenting Robert.  When you’re milking a guy, the first four orgasms aren’t really that hard, though it does take a while, usually about two hours.  Evidently being multi-orgasmic has its benefits.

Kari left me in Robert’s hands again and he gently patted me dry.  While I shuddered and pulled on my bonds, he began stroking me, avoiding my sex, and instead smoothing down the trembling muscles of my legs, my arms, and my stomach.  When he got to the soles of my feet I had relaxed enough to no longer quiver and his touch was so light that it didn’t tickle.  Then he took off my ankle cuff. 

That surprised me.  Usually Kari leaves cuffs on during a session, especially like mine.  Robert did the same to the other leg, gently lowering my rear end back down to the mattress.  I could feel a damp spot underneath me, but it wasn’t serious so I ignored it.  Robert was no longer wearing his cock sheath, though he was still incased in that amazing leather harness and I could see one strap of leather around his balls.  Then to my utter relief, he unbuckled the hated gag and tossed it aside.  My jaw ached and I tried to thank him, but found I couldn’t really speak.  He freed my hands and I was totally naked, with only my collar still locked around my throat.

For a moment, I thought he was going to remove the collar too, but instead he pushed at me and whispered for me to roll over.  It was tough to do, but I managed, mostly with his help and brute strength.  Hey, four orgasms in an hour is a lot!  I needed rest!  Bite me!

Once I was on my stomach he did it again, fingers stroking everywhere.  Would you believe I almost fell asleep?  I was really close.  I heard a little snap of a bottle and then felt warm oil being poured right at the top of my butt crack.  It seeped downward, coating everything and then Robert’s fingers were prying me apart, stroking and pushing.  I groaned as one finger pushed into my rear end, only an inch.  But he moved it in and out gently and I couldn’t help arching my back slightly and pushing up my butt.  Then his finger moved lower and I felt him do the same thing to my pussy. 

I have no idea if I was wet.  It wasn’t needed.  There was more than enough oil to do the job.  I felt Robert’s pressure on the bed change and then suddenly he was on top of me, his cock probing between my outstretched legs.  The tip of his cock bumped into my anus, but then it went lower and found my sex.  The oil that he had spread around inside me with his fingers helped him slip in with ease and I let out a soft gasp as his cock penetrated quickly and deeply.  He began pumping, slow gentle rhythms that almost seemed part of the massage.  It was incredible.

There are two types of orgasms.  Clitoral and vaginal.  Basically it’s all about stimulation.  Most girls can experience an orgasm with direct clitoral stimulation.  Usually these explosions are rapid, very intense, and leaves us feeling good, but a little unfulfilled (pun intended!)  Clitoral O’s are like licking the frosting off the mixer blades, rather than eating the cake.  Oh sure, you get that wonderful sugary deliciousness, but something is just missing.

Vaginal Orgasms are a little more difficult to achieve.  In fact, there are some girls who NEVER achieve them.  This is simply having an orgasm only through penetration and experiencing friction inside.  I am one of the fortunate ones who can have both vaginal and clitoral orgasms.  In fact, clitoral stimulation can actually achieve vagingal O’s if I’m being penetrated.

Unfortunately for me, I was on my stomach.  Granted, plain vanilla sex has less of a chance of getting me going, but had I been on my back in the standard missionary position, the friction of Roberts groin sliding across my clit as he pumped would have still been enough for me to achieve orgasm.  Worse, the angle Robert was at practically guaranteed that I would NEVER achieve a vaginal orgasm either.  Instead I got to experience a slow build up of sexual need as he kept slowly thrusting.  After about five minutes I was grinding my hips, contemplating reaching down and pushing a hand under my hips.  It was torment.  And he never changed his pace either!  It was like a freaking metronome was clicking in his head, or my pussy!  I could have set a clock by his pace!  At the ten minute mark I was getting desperate, and a little amazed.  How the hell was Robert keeping the same pace, and not cumming himself?  I certainly wouldn’t have objected to his unloading into me.

When my fingers tightened into fists and I began bucking back into him was when I first noticed that Kari was back in the room.  I felt the pressure on the bed change again, and then there was the hum of the vibrator.  Suddenly Robert pulled out and the vibrator went in and I groaned in disappointment.  Sure, the vibe felt good, but I wanted Robert!

Robert stayed on top of me and then I stiffened.  The tip of his cunt soaked cock was at my rear end and he began pushing.  I couldn’t help tightening but then he forced the tip of his cock into my rear.  There was too much oil, both inside and out of my hole to prevent it. I tried to loosen up as he slid deeper and then gasped when he managed to get almost his entire shaft up my butt.

I’m not a fan of anal sex.  Oh sure, I’ll do it.  I don’t really MIND it.  But put it on a list with being gangbanged on a pool table by five guys I don’t know, or being publically pussy whipped while offering free blowjobs, and it would be at the bottom.  Kari knows this, as do most of the doms and dommes I do assignments for.  Master Stone particularly likes forcing butt plugs up into me on occasion.

Robert’s cock was different somehow.  I felt it inside me, along with the vibrator and the whole sensation of being double fucked was amazing.  I shook. I quivered.  And when Kari’s hand moved between my legs, underneath her two sex slaves grinding away, and found my clit, I couldn’t help screaming, my toes curling as that last little touch, not even a harsh one, forced my fourth orgasm to come spurting out of me.


They let me rest, which was probably a good thing at that point.  I was pretty tired.  I managed to check the time and it was only a little after eight thirty.  I ached a bit too, which wasn’t surprising considering I had been whipped, waxed, butt fucked, and ravished.  But I also felt wonderful.  Lots of endorphins must have been flooding my brain.

Kari had removed the vibrator, leaving me empty, and a bit surprised.  I seem to remember her never giving me a chance to cool down when we lived together. Back then it was constant torment.  Right after I came she would merely change the kind of torment.  If I had cum because she was fucking me with a beer bottle, then she would put clamps on my breasts and clit and push a pair of vibroballs into me.  It usually had me screaming.

This time though she let me recover without any additional stimulation, and frankly I had mixed feelings about it.  Part of me was grateful.  I needed the time.  But another part of me was disappointed.  I enjoyed the cruelty of constant stimulation, of not giving me even a moment to deal with what I was experiencing.  I felt slightly cheated.

Robert had left the room after extracting his cock from my rear and I actually groaned in disappointment when THAT happened.  Not him leaving the room.  I groaned when he pulled his cock from my butt.  It’s tough to explain why, since I’m not big on long hard things up my rear.  I guess I was conditioned to it though.

Kari spent a minute or too lying next to me, her soft hands and hard nails alternating feather touches and light scratches.  I just moaned under her tender ministrations until finally she ordered me to roll over.  I did, looking up at my blond tormentor, only to discover that the black latex outfit she wore must have been removable in pieces, because both her breasts and her shaved pussy were totally exposed.  Shiny black rubber still covered her shoulders, arms, stomach, and legs, not to mention she was still wearing the black leather boots.  I didn’t even have a moment to whisper my surprise before she was moving on top of me, sliding against me. 

The remnants of the earlier oil still clung to my skin despite the vigorous friction I had endured sandwiched between their bed sheets and Robert.  Kari glided across me, bending to give me a passionate kiss, our breasts pressing together.  Then she moved down, her hungry mouth sucking at me, tasting me, tonguing me and I felt a little thrill explode in my nipples and slither down to my pussy.

Oh wait.  That slither wasn’t just internal.  Kari did the same thing with her body, swirling around until she was able to swing her legs over my head.  In seconds all I could see was the soft wet slits of my mistress, lowering down to my mouth.  I felt her tongue a second later as it gently probed at my clit and I reached up and grabbed hold of her flank and pulled it down to me as I lifted my head.

Girls do sixty nine very differently than a man and a woman do.  In fact, girl on girl oral is very different than guy on girl oral for the simple fact that men do not really understand how girls work.  Invariably they like long licks that go from top to bottom and then drive their tongue into your hole.  The truth is that those long licks are not as important as working the girl’s clit.  And it’s the TIMING that is important.  You have to be tuned to what she is feeling, how she’s reacting.  You keep it slow and steady at the beginning and when she starts to buck, or twitch, or swell, you go faster, BUT STAY ON THE CLIT!  You can suck it, lick it, tongue it, probe it, but you must stay on the clit.  Have I said it enough?

Both Kari and I have had enough experience to be very good at pleasuring each other.  I was a bit more sensitive for some reason (beats me why, right?) so Kari had to back off just a bit as I started grinding, thrusting upward toward her mouth.  For some reason I knew that it was okay for Kari to cum, and that this was for her as much as for me.  I did my best too.  After maybe four or five minutes, Kari arched her back, hissed and moaned into my pussy, and then I her very wet sex flooded with her release and I literally sucked as much of the juices as I could right out of her.  I could feel her quivering on top of me, my hands stroking her bottom.  For a second, I thought about giving her a few spanks, but then realized that the resulting punishment would be so terrible that I let that idea go immediately.

What punishment you ask?  What could be so terrible?  What…you WANT to hear about me getting punished so terribly?  Well I don’t.  Kari’s idea of terrible punishment would be kicking me out of the apartment and no more nookie.  There are some lines you don’t cross with her.  I remember one boy toy she had who crossed one of her lines.  He was about three months into his servitude and he had woken up in the middle of the night with a raging hard on.  He had lubed himself up, rolled over Kari’s naked body, and slipped himself in.  She woke up immediately, pushed him off, told him to get dressed, and then kicked his ass out of the apartment.  The last thing she said to him was that his stuff would be on the front lawn at ten a.m.  And it was.  Like I said, you don’t cross Kari’s lines.

I was quivering with need by this point and Kari’s explosion had only increased my desire.  There is something about bringing your partner to a successful orgasm that just brings everything together.  I latched back on to her, driving my tongue back in, working her whole pussy at this point, hoping she would let me cum.

Her tongue darted at my clit again and she stabbed it repeatedly.  My thighs trembled at the soft hard strokes, of little licks and nibbles until I was pushing up against her, trying to force her attentions on my clit.  I grasped her, sucking on her clit hard, letting my own mouth indicate my need, how desperately I wanted it.  She drew the little nub into her mouth, just as I was doing to her, and I jerked spasmodically, feeling the rush of sexually intense pleasure rush through me, building like a volcano.

Then she bit me.  Hard.  Right on the clit.  And I screamed into her sex as I erupted.  The pain sent little jolts of sexual lightening through me.  I was in the O zone (sorry, I couldn’t resist, Michael! Inside joke everyone!)  I bucked, I thrashed, I pumped my hips, and then when Kari drove her tongue deep into me I let loose with my fifth orgasm, falling limp under Kari’s weight.


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