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Breaking My Record - By Breanne Erickson

Part 3


 My earlier complaint about being give time to rest was almost immediately thrown out the window.  Kari lifted herself off my body, grinning with the same kind of pleasure I was experiencing.  She grabbed a small towel from the drawer of her bedside table and wiped her mouth and sex.   I watched, wondering if she would offer me the same courtesy, but evidently she wanted to keep my face soaked in her juices.  I closed my eyes as she got up off the bed, relaxing into quiet oblivion.  I started to doze, the blissful afterglow of sex, of really awesome sex, sending me off to la la land.

And then I felt fingers parting my pussy again.  I started to close my legs but strong hands held them apart and I opened my eyes to see Robert standing at the end of the bed, one knee coming up to keep one leg in place while his other hand held my opposite thigh.  I jumped slightly as something round and smooth was slid through my soaked petals and then gasped as Robert pushed it deeply into my sexual flower. A second sphere followed the first, filling my well rather completely. Then he roughly flipped me over onto my stomach and I felt him put something hard and angular onto the small of my back.  A ripping sound told me that a roll of tape was being used and then a strip of adhesive tape was used to secure the rectangular object to my skin.

Oh, I knew almost immediately what was going on.  I’ve worn my vibroballs any number of times.  They’re like a modern version of ben wa balls, except instead of clappers inside, they have tiny motors.  A little wire runs up to a control box that holds the batteries.  That was what was taped to my back.  A moment later it was confirmed when Robert messed with the control box and I felt my pussy come to life as the two balls began clattering and clicking against each other as they danced around my insides like to lovers in a sleeping bag.  I’m pretty sure he had the controller set to medium.

Robert helped me up and pulled me into a sitting position at the foot of the bed.  He knelt down in front of me and held up my ankle cuffs.  I held out my leg for him as he gently secured each black foam and Velcro bondage device to my body.  I was sort of able to ignore the buzzing between my legs by focusing on him, though I admit that my eyes were being constantly drawn down to his cock, which was now a strange purple color thanks to a completely new device surrounding his shaft.  It had five rings of various sized, the smallest right around the head, with each ring held in place by a long leather strap.  It looked painful actually, but I couldn’t help wondering what it would feel like if he fucked me with it on.  Wow.  How’s that for selfish?  He would probably be in agony if he did it, but I couldn’t help wondering. 

My wrist cuffs came next and I held out my wrists.   I pushed my breasts forward too, hoping he touch them as he moved from one arm to the other, but evidently Kari had either told him not to, or he wasn’t about to do something to me he wasn’t told too.  In any event, he got me all bundled back up into my cuffs.

Robert then stood up and moved to the long bureau that stood opposite the bed.  He picked up a few things from the top, which I couldn’t see and returned to the bed with them.  To my surprise, one of the items was a screwdriver. 

“Lay back for me” he said softly.  It wasn’t an order.  It was a request, but to me that really didn’t matter.  If Robert had asked me to walk into a James Coney Island naked, order him a plain hot dog and stick it up into my pussy before returning to him in the parking lot, I would have already been shucking out of whatever I was wearing.  Robert has probably been the very best of Kari’s boy toys, at least of the ones I’ve met.  He’s gentle, sweet, kind, a hunk, and is quiet and patient.  I hope he lasts.  Kari’s pretty hard on her boy toys.

I did as he asked and lay back on the bed, my legs dangling off the edge at the knee.  Robert held up one of the other items up so I could see it.  It was very very strange.  It was a circle of metal, hollow in the center so that it looked like a washer.  But it was also thick.  A series of screws were sticking out along the entire circumference.  Evidently the odd piece of jewelry, for that’s what I thought it was, was thick enough to give the screws something to screw through.

He moved it a bit closer and I got a better look.  The interior opening was just a bit smaller than my pinky.  I could see that the ends of the screws were sticking out a bit and that’s when I realized that each screw had been sharpened to a point.  Oh, they weren’t needles.  But they were pointy.  Like blunt nails.  Then Robert moved the little ….machine? device?  Jewelry?  Oh!  CLAMP!  To my right breast, put it over my nipple, and then grabbed the screwdriver.  Very carefully he began to tighten alternating screws.  It was a long process.  At first I didn’t really feel anything, but when Robert tightened the opposite screw I felt a slight pinch.  Since my nipples were already hard, the little points of the screws dug in slightly behind the nub.  There were a total of six screws, all of which ended up digging into the soft flesh.  Robert tested it, checking to make sure it was tight enough by actually tugging on it.  It was firmly embedded and I was pretty sure that short a really hard pull, it wasn’t coming off.  Of course, a really hard pull would probably have torn up my skin too, so I’m glad he didn’t test it.

The second one went on just like the first and the combination of pin prick clamps along with the buzzing between my legs was reigniting the fire of my lust.  It was still a tiny fire, but I was feeling it.  My nipples were tingling.  I admit, that both clamps hurt, but it wasn’t like my alligator clamps, which sometimes draw a bit of blood.  Instead it was just these tiny pin pricks of pain, not crushing my nipples, but perforating them.  That’s the best way I can describe it. Finally Robert had the jewelry tightened the way he wanted it and pulled me upright to my feet.  I stood their holding on to him, wobbling slightly for a second before finding my balance.  I gave him a warm smiled of thanks and then reached down to his throbbing purple cock.

“Does this hurt?”  I asked softly, my finger gently stroking the swollen bruised looking tip.

He shook his head. “Not too much.  I just really want to fuck you, but my Mistress told me that I would not be allowed to cum today.”

I gave him a sympathetic look. “That’s mean. I hope she relents, or that you accidently cum.”  I ran my fingers down until they caressed his balls.

His eyes widened a bit and he reached down and took my hand away from his genitals.  “Please don’t do that Breanne.  If I cum without permission, it will displease my Mistress.”

I looked at him in surprise. “You don’t want the punishment?”  This was a weird viewpoint for me. I was ALWAYS disobeying Kari.  Of course, she never did orgasm denial on me.  I suppose we all tick differently.

“I don’t want to make her unhappy with me.”  He said.  He leaned over and planted a somewhat chaste kiss on my cheek and then began leading me back into the main living area.  I followed obediently, wrapping my mind around Robert’s comments while trying to ignore both the vibrations going on inside me as well as the aching pin prick throbbing of my nipples.

I froze when we entered the living room.  Evidently while Kari and I had been doing the sixty-nine, Robert had been busy.  The coffee table was gone and in its place was a real wooden horse.  Now when I say wooden horse, I don’t mean wooden pony.  Those are very different.  Wooden ponies are no where near as painful or intense as wooden horses are.  I’ve never actually ridden one either. I’ve been on enough makeshift ponies though to have at least an idea of what was coming.  And this was a nice one too.  It was made of some heavy wood and stained dark.  It literally glistened from the light striking it.  The triangular piece that formed the horse’s back was made of one solid block of wood and I had no doubt it would take someone of Robert’s strength to move it.  Granted, it was only three feet long, but it still had to weigh around a hundred or so pounds.  I doubted I could move it.

The edge had been sanded and rubbed down so that it wouldn’t cut a rider, but I knew that it was also sharp enough to hurt after a short time.  The legs of the horse were tall enough to keep me from touching the ground as well.  The width was pretty intense too, and I knew that it would spread me rather well, leaving me with little purchase.  Kari was sitting on the sofa, watching me with cat like eyes. 

Robert led me to the horse and I felt my heart rate increase.  I felt a new surge of sexual energy rush through me at just the THOUGHT of riding this thing.  Robert pulled my arms behind my back and quickly locked my wrists together.  I heard a click as the metal D link was connected, making sure that I couldn’t pull my hands apart.  The plastic connectors were designed to enable escape.  The metal D links would prevent that.

Then I was in Robert’s arms.  He picked me up and I cooperated by swinging my left leg over the horse.  He must bench press like four hundred pounds, because he held me like I weighed nothing. I’m not a fattie either, nor very tall.  I weigh a hundred and seventeen right now, which is actually less than I weighed in college.  Hey, working hard on a farm for eleven hours a day is the best diet and exercise you can possibly get.  And at five foot four, I’m pretty short, especially when compared to Kari.

He set me down on the horse and helped me keep my balance.  Immediately I felt the pressure and bite of the wood ridge cutting into my pussy and on my perineum.  It wasn’t a sharp pain, more like a very deep ache, as if someone had taken their thumb and pushed hard on a muscle.  My bound hands kept me from either adjusting my seat, or doing a good job keeping my balance.

Worse, I one of my labia was caught underneath me, pinched painfully between my weight and the wooden ridge.  Kari quickly got up with a murmured word to Robert to lift me again, and then her fingers were between my legs, spreading my petals.  I was lowered back down, this time with all my parts in the correct spots.  When I was finally settled, Robert took a step back, letting me go, and for the very first time I actually rode a real wooden horse.

My hips were already rocking.  Sometime during the whole mounting process the vibroballs embedded in my pussy had been turned up to their maximum setting.  This, along with the painful pressure between my legs caused me to rock my hips, thrusting obscenely forward.  This helped relieve the pressure on the tender spot between my ass and my pussy, but it also meant that both my sex and my anus had to support my weight occasionally.  I could literally feel the bruises forming.  I rocked steadily as Kari and Robert watched with enjoyment.  I could feel the wood beneath me getting wetter as my juices soaked it and eventually the rocking was almost sliding as well. I made these long hip rolling, sexual thrusts with each movement eventually even managing to pinch my clit as well.  Everything conspired against me and as I felt the first rushing tremors of another orgasm, I almost fell off the horse.  Robert grabbed me while Kari clicked her tongue.  Next thing I knew Kari was holding me steady while I rode while Robert went behind the couch and then reappeared holding two large weights.

They were the kind that fit on barbells and both had ropes running through the center.  Each rope ended in a D link and I barely had time to register all this before Robert was kneeling down by my feet.  I felt him clip the first weight to my right ankle, and then thirty additional pounds were added to my body.  The other weight went on just as quickly, bringing my total poundage to one hundred and seventy seven pounds.  Of course, I had no way of knowing this while on the horse.  I was told later.

All I knew what that the pressure on my pussy had just intensified.  It was harder to rock.  Pain was blossoming up through my loins and I found myself rocking a bit less as the weights kept me a little more stable.  Robert resumed his position as my handler and Kari left us, heading toward the dining room.  I really wasn’t paying much attention to where Kari had gone off too, especially since I was still rather deep into trying to decide whether to scream in agony or in ecstasy. 

But the knock on the front door of the apartment got my attention.  I stiffened in my saddle and glanced at Robert, half-expecting him to take me off the horse.  Robert didn’t even move, as if he was expecting it.  My hips were still churning as Kari came out of the kitchen, still only half-dressed, with both breasts and loins exposed, and bent down slightly to look through the peep hole. Then she opened the door.

Fortunately, I knew the person standing in the doorway.  It was Mistress Sara, one of Kari’s friends that she had set me up with on a blind date two months prior.  It had been a fantastic night, and Mistress Sara and I had spent three additional weekends together.  I have to admit, it was just fun and games, nothing more serious.  Sara made it very clear that she wasn’t looking for a full time slave girl, which is just as well since I’m not exactly looking for a full time mistress. 

Mistress Sara was holding a small bag and she leaned forward and gave Kari a kiss.  Not a chaste kiss mind you, but a rather wet and passionate one.  There was some polite conversation, mostly “thank yous” and “you look great” lines, which I have to admit, Sara did look really nice.  Designer shoes at least four inches high, a dark gray skirt that was about an inch shorter than appropriate, a silk blouse, white of course, that showed off just a tad bit of Sara’s black lace bra underneath.

Sara walked toward me, tossing her bag on the couch.  I was still humping my wooden torture device madly, still just a bit more focused on the biting ache between my legs than those around me.  To be honest, I was almost fucking it.  Have you ever rubbed yourself against a pillow or something?  You know, for the friction?  Try doing it to a relatively sharp piece of wood with all your weight.  I was in this semi-state of arousal and pain that is tough to relate.  Then Sarah stepped right up next to me, reached out to the strange screw clamps on my nipples, and gave them a little jiggle and twist.

Either that was the straw that broke the camels back, or the last drop of water in the lake behind the damn, because I started to cum.  Maybe it was the additional audience, maybe it was just the little surge of pain that tingled from my throbbing breasts.  I jerked wildly again, almost losing my balance as I humped the wooden horse.  I kept leaning forward, my clit under me, forcing Robert to reach out and hold my shoulder.  Both Kari and Sarah watched, smiling, exchanging comments about the little slut fucking the little horsie and shouldn’t I be punished?

I almost blacked out.  Robert kept me upright and as I settled down the pain of the horse and the weights dragging me down returned tenfold.  Without the cushion of sexual need, my wooden steed was nothing more than really painful.  I shifted again, my body ignoring the tingle of the still clattering vibrating spheres inside me, though I knew I would shortly be feeling the blossoming tension as I moved on toward my seventh orgasm.


They left me on the horse for an additional five minutes.  It seemed longer to me.  I asked to get off and both Kari and Sarah laughed.  I was told to hush.  I had to keep rocking too, though my movements were not the frantic sexually charged thrusts of a girl in the throes of orgasm.  What the fuck is wrong with me?  What kind of girl gets off by mashing her clit between her cervix and a piece of wood?  Why is it pain turns me on?  Okay, that’s not that accurate.  Why is it that pain makes my arousal so much more intense?  Why do I crave it? 

I guess these questions went through my mind while I rode my horse.   When Kari finally instructed Robert to pull me off, he untied the weights first, which frankly made little difference to the pain between my legs.  Then he lifted me and put me on the floor next to him.  I couldn’t stand and immediately fell into a fetal position.  I felt as if someone had taken a baseball bat and given me a home run swing right between the legs.  I felt hands on my ankles and I cried out as I was unceremoniously spread, my legs being opened and held apart as the two mistresses knelt next to me and examined my pussy. I winced and cried out as fingers touched me, pulling and pushing at my labia, even slipping into my hole.

The consensus was that I was bruised a bit, but that my twenty minute ride had done nothing serious to me and that additional punishments to my pussy could be completed as planned.  Lying there on the floor as the deep discomfort said something quite different to me. 

My hands were still behind my back and my nipples were still held tightly in the small screw clamps.  Fingers stroked me and I shuddered my way into stillness, relaxing as both women soothed my body.  Of course, part of me was still shuddering: my pussy, since neither Kari nor Sara had turned off the vibroballs.  In fact, the controller was digging slightly into my back, and only my cuffed wrists behind me kept it from replacing vertebrae in my spine. 

Kari looked at Robert.  “Get out three vibrators, large ones, and return here” she said to the tall man I wished would fuck me again.

Robert nodded obediently and replied with a “yes Mistress.”  He went right for my bag of toys and I saw him dig around inside, finally finding all three of my vibrators.

Yes, I have three.  Actually, I have more than that.  I actually have six.  Robert grabbed my straight vibrator, my curved vibrator, and the little pocket rocket one.  Each had fresh batteries in them.  Hey…I come prepared.  Do you know what Kari would do to me if one of my personal toys had DIED on her when she was using it?  The punishment would have made the wooden horse ride look MILD by comparison.  Kari has always held that punishment and torture are two different things.  Punishment is about correcting behavior and does NOT require a sexual component.  Torture is about having fun and DOES have a sexual component.  When I was Kari’s slave girl, I avoided punishment.  I guess Robert does too.

Robert brought the vibrators back to Sara and Kari.  Both women took one, leaving one for Robert.  Kari told him to turn his on and touch it to various sensitive parts on me, concentrating on my nipples.  He followed the orders, just as both mistresses followed suit, twisting the vibrating rods into life.  Since my legs were rather obscenely spread, I felt the plastic shuddering tips against my clit, sliding through my petals to rest gently at the small brown button of my ass, and clattering against the metal jewelry chewing on my nipples.  Add that to the buzzing in my pussy and suddenly I understood what it must be like to be the state of California.  Small tremors constantly rocked me and the two tormentors between my legs alternated where the touches would come, sometimes concentrating on the fleshy outer lips of my sex, then pushing the dildo into me until it struck the vibroballs, only to have it slip up to my clit. 

Having three people at one time stimulate you is a really good way to put a recent wooden horse ride out of your mind.  In fact, what it did was put orgasm in my mind.  I rocked, sucking in air and then letting out small moans of pleasure when ever one of my mistresses stuck their vibrator as deeply as possible into my pussy.  Sure, the vibroballs prevented a deep penetration, but it didn’t matter.  I was stuffed.  I was getting pumped.  My hips thrust against their movements and the combination of having a vibrator against my clit, at my rear end, and on my breasts, along with what was already inside me, put me on the edge and then kicked me off of it.

I screamed out my seventh orgasm, shaking.  As my body tensed, Sara pressed her vibe hard against my clit while Kari pushed hers deep into my rear.  I couldn’t help myself.  My arms moved of their own accord and if Robert hadn’t grabbed them, pinning them under his legs, I’m not sure what I would have done.  In the end I was holding onto his rear end, feeling his taut muscles as I rattled my way through another earthquake.  Have you ever seen a plate full of Jello shaking after it has been brought to the table?  Well, that was me.  I was literally shaking.  Of course, the fact that my tormentors didn’t stop either didn’t help.  I still had a vibrator moving in and out of my ass, one pressed to my clit, one that moved from one breast to the other and of course I was stuffed with two golf ball sized spheres that were buzzing away at high.

I’m not sure, but I think they kept things going for about five more minutes.  Five minutes was really long too.  My brain sort of shut down, fried by the flood of adrenaline and endorphins flooding through me.  My overloaded nerves were continuously stimulated even after my climax and I guess I just couldn’t handle it.  I twitched like a landed fish.  Finally they left me alone, pulling everything out of me, leaving only the tiny pinprick painful ache of the jewelry on my nipples and the light tinkle of my wrist and ankle cuffs, and my collar.


I was barely cognizant of Robert removing the wooden horse.  He didn’t disassemble it, which I found out later was very possible, but just lifted it up and moved it into the dining room.  Kari and Sara both disappeared, leaving me lying on the floor, dozing and resting.  About fifteen minutes later I smelled a tantalizing scent coming from the kitchen.  It brought me back and my stomach growled.  I had only wolfed down a bowl of Cherrios that morning and all the exertion I had undertaken created a bit of an appetite.  Slowly I got up on my hands and knees, and figuring it might make Kari and Sara more inclined to give me just a bit, I crawled into the kitchen.

They were chatting.  About me.  Kari was telling Sara old stories from our days in high school and college, about the time I sucked Manny Rodriquez off on the bus during the senior trip, about how I would go to class, stuffed full of whatever Kari wanted in me.  As I padded into the tiled kitchen, both women turned and gave me little smiles, ending their conversation.

“How are you feeling?” Kari asked.  She was working at the stove, the source of the sizzling smell.  I felt a little twinge of desire however when I realized she was still wearing her rubber outfit, both breasts and her loins exposed.  For a second, I wanted to move between her legs, but then my stomach growled again.

“Hungry, Mistress” I replied, my words somewhat mushy.  Evidently what they did to me scrambled a bit more than I originally had thought.  I sat up on my knees, for all intents and purposes looking like a dog begging.  I laid my hands down on my thighs, palms up.

Kari just laughed.  “We’ll have breakfast in just a moment.  You can have a banana while I get the eggs and sausage finished.”

If she had said grits and hard biscuits it wouldn’t have mattered.  I was that hungry.  Kari always kept her fruit in a bowl on the table and I turned and crawled my way over toward Mistress Sara.  She was holding out a banana, a mischievous look in her eye.  I reached out to take it and she held on to it, keeping me from taking it.

“Prove to me how much you want this banana” Sara said, bending over slightly with a smile.  “Fuck yourself with it first until I tell you to eat it.”

My pussy was sore and it ached and the last thing I wanted to do was stick a banana up between my legs.  Sure, I’ve screwed so many bananas in my life that I could probably give the Chiquita chica a run for her money, but at that particular moment I didn’t really want to do it.

Sara released the banana and I held it up.  I admit, the thought crossed my mind.  Go hungry.  But I was going to eventually need to eat, and they were going to stick something up inside me eventually anyway, why resist?  Slowly I spread my legs a bit farther, brought the banana down between my legs, and began rubbing the blunt end of the unpeeled banana through my tender slit, trying very hard to be gentle. 

Twinges of pain radiated up from my pussy.  It was a bit swollen and very very tender.  I think I grimaced a bit, the pain reflected on my face because Sara grinned.  Both she and Kari are sadists, and it wouldn’t have surprised me a bit to discover that Sara was wet.  While I worked the banana deeper, I took a moment to examine Sara’s outfit, something I hadn’t had time to really look at earlier. 

She was wearing a short skirt and a nice dark gray blouse.  Bare smooth legs that ended in black strap high heels and a few silver pieces of jewelry that adorned her wrist, neck, and ears finished the look and I figured that Mistress Sara didn’t own an outfit similar to Kari’s rubber latex thing.  As I managed to get half of the banana into my well, I realized that Sara wasn’t wearing panties, and I could see the clean shaven V of her slit between her thighs. 

When the banana was full seated I began slowly thrusting it up and down inside me.  I didn’t take it out all the way, not wanting to have to push aside my bruised labia a second time.  It still ached.  Instead, I did slow short thrusts, working the banana in a jabbing motion.  Sara evidently was enjoying the scene because one hand went between her legs, pulling the hem of the skirt up.  I watched as her fingers pressed her clit and her thighs trembled. 

You would think after seven orgasms that I would have trouble even producing sufficient lubrication to make things easier, but not only did my body respond without difficulty, I actually felt myself becoming aroused.  Fucking a banana…sigh.  I’m such a slut.  Who gets off fucking a banana for their eighth orgasm?  I think Sara noticed too.  Maybe it was the way I closed my eyes.  Or maybe it was the fact I picked up the pace and was deliberately striking my clit with my knuckles, pressing it gently but firmly with each thrust.  Who knows?  But I found myself getting knocked backward onto the floor, my legs swinging out from under me, and a hand cradling my head as I was pushed to my back.  I had to let go of the banana as Mistress Sara suddenly was on top of me, straddling me so that her skirted posterior was right above my face.  She grabbed hold of the banana and began thrusting it in and out herself and then I felt her tongue on my clit and I gasped, thrusting upward as we made love in the middle of Kari’s kitchen.

“Suck her clit, Bre” Kari ordered from the stove, turning to watch, while still keeping an eye on her cooking food.

I pushed Sara’s skirt up, exposing a beautiful white rear and I grabbed hold of Mistress Sara and pulled her down to my mouth, my tongue dipping into the already wet slit.  I ran my tongue up and down it a few times and then found her clit, matching her ministrations on me with similar movements.  If she sucked, I sucked.  If she licked, I licked.  And when she gently bit my clit with her teeth, I came.

I flopped around on the kitchen tile for a moment, gasping, but then went back to sucking on Sara, not to far gone. It wasn’t a super powerful orgasm, more like a little wave, but it was another trip to the O zone! (Wink at Michael!)  As I continued to suckle Sara’s clit, I felt her extract the banana.  Another minute later I felt something softer probing at my pussy, pushing aside the sore petals of my flower.  I gasped again as it penetrated, pumping only two or three times before being extracted.

And then Sara was twisting around, taking her sex from my mouth.  She turned to face me and was holding my banana, peeled, and glistening from being dipped into my pussy.  I knew what she wanted and I opened my mouth. 

“Suck it clean, Breanne.” She pushed the banana in and I sucked on it, tasting my own sex, a salty slightly musky taste that I’ve always enjoyed.  The banana moved in and out and then Sara nodded, indicating I could take my first bite.  I did.  It was heaven.  My stomach growled again as the piece of soft fruit made its way down my throat and Sara fed me, bite by little bite until I had finished the entire fruit turned dildo.  I laid back as Sara stood, smoothing her skirt and stepping over to the waste can to dispose of the peel.  That was when Kari turned and gave us a grin.

“Breakfast is ready.”



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