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Part 4


To my surprise I was left on the floor as both Kari and Sara started to take plates from the kitchen to the dining room.  I started to get to my feet to help when Robert appeared again.  He was still naked except for his black leather harness, except this time his cock had been stuck in some sort of weird rubber tube that was then bent down between his legs.  A steel chain connected the end of the tube to the back of the harness.  It appeared as if his cock was pulsing in the tube, literally thrusting or throbbing.  What I really wanted to do was go over and put my hand on it, just to see.  He bowed slightly to Kari.

“The table is set Mistress” he said with a smile.

Kari grinned.  “How’s your cock?”  she asked.

Robert gave her an answering smile. “My cock is hard, Mistress, and it hurts from being bent down and back.  I’m also incredibly horny, Mistress.  Thank you.”

Jesus.  His cock was hard in there?  It was a bit hard to believe.  I looked back at his black leather wrapped dick and shook my head.  How could Kari do that to him?  Poor guy.

“Robert, if you would please take Breanne into the dining room and get her seated, I’d appreciate it.”  Kari said.

Robert took my arm gently and began propelling me into the dining room. Don’t be fooled by Kari’s polite request, or the fact that she said please.  Kari has always been courteous, even when ordering her slaves around.  I remember one day when we were jogging she turned to me, pointed at a mud puddle, and asked me to lay down in it, pretty please.  We were still pretty new in our relationship and I had given her a look like “are you crazy?”  That resulted in immediate action as she slammed her hand into my bottom, yanked my shirt up exposing my breasts (I wasn’t allowed a sports bra) and shoved me into the mud.  You don’t say no, or even hesitate when Kari asks you to do something.  The stares I got on our way home were, um… intense, especially since my shirt was soaked and sticking to my skin, as were my shorts.

The dining room table was laid for four, with Kari’s best silverware, glasses and condiment dishes arrayed around a pleasant floral arrangement.  To be honest, I half expected to be picked up and tied to the table top, allowing Robert, Kari, and Sara to use my body as a plate, or just as an interactive sex decoration.  I was glad I was being included with an actual place setting.  There was a carafe of orange juice to one side, along with a pitcher of water as well.  Robert led me around to my seat and that’s when I froze, realizing how diabolical my two Mistresses really were. 

While I had been kept entertained in the kitchen, Robert had brought out a rather unique stool.  It was exactly the right height for eating at the dining room table, but it had no back.  Special padded ledges half way down the legs were meant for kneeling, and the little metal clips made it clear that my ankle cuffs would shortly be locked to the stool.  But what got my immediate attention, was the two very large plastic and rubber dildos sticking out of the seat. 

The shorter plastic one was evidently intended to go in my rear.  It was relatively narrow, and for that I was grateful.  However, the other phallus was huge.  It was made of rubber and easily as big as my husky dildo.  I guessed it was about eight or nine inches long from the seat and I trembled as I thought about having a seat.  The other thing that caught my attention was a thick black wire that led from the strange stool’s underside to a small box with a number of controls.  I saw dials and buttons and though I was too far away to read the little words on the box, I knew that anything with that many options wasn’t going to be good for my abused sex.

“I took the liberty of lubing them up for you”  Robert said, gently, giving me a warm smiled.

“Thanks” I replied, still looking at the large phallus.  “I’m just pretty sore.”

He nodded.  “I know.  Sorry  I can’t do more for you.  Can you handle this?  I really don’t want to have to force you down on it” he said apologetically.  Evidently he had interpreted Kari’s request as a do it or else kind of order.  I shook my head.

“I can do it.  I just need to do it slowly.” 

I moved over to the stool and began to sit down.  While still well above the seat I felt the rubber tip of the vaginal phallus touch me.  I reached between my legs and positioned the thick rubber dick correctly and began to slide down it.  It was very different from my own Husky dildo, which I could literally bend in half.  This one was very very firm, as if it had a metal core.  Sure, the rubber “skin” was pliable, and sort of soft, but it was like…well…like an actual cock; soft and hard all at the same time.  I had it in a little over half way when my rear encountered the other phallus.  I wiggled just a bit, trying to relax as I slipped down a bit.  I admit I hesitated.  I’m not a fan of anal sex, but I’ve said that right?  So why does every mistress and master I’ve ever had love sticking things up my ass?  I felt Robert put his hands on my shoulders and start to press down slightly.  I beat him to the punch though, wanting to control things myself rather than let him ram me down like an orange on a juicer.

I managed to do it without hurting too much, and most of the pain was from my pussy, not my rear. I managed to settle completely, with my weight on my rear end.  I could feel the huge phallus in my sex actually pressing up against my cervix, which was slightly uncomfortable, and the wiggling I was doing made me tingle.  Robert bent down and helped me bend my legs until I was kneeling on the padded ledges.  This actually was better, giving me some leverage and I was able to lift myself off the phalluses and probably all the way.  Then Robert began clipping my ankle cuffs to the stool.  As I was secured, I watched as Kari and Sara began putting plates down on the table and my mouth watered as my favorite: eggs over easy on toast with a thick slice of ham and cheddar cheese was placed in front of me.  While imagining eating, it was easy to ignore the black leather strap that Robert put across my waist, preventing me from lifting up more than a handful of inches.

At the time, I didn’t realize just how cruel the stool would actually turn out to be.  The fact that I was kneeling made it very easy for me to lift up, but the leather strap across my waist kept me from going any father than four or five inches.  After I discovered the more interesting features of my seat, not only was I tormented, but I ended up fucking myself with every attempt to get up, only to be brought to a halt and forced to lower myself back down.  I couldn’t reach the clips at my ankles, nor the buckle of the waist strap.
We all dug into our eggs after a brief grace.  I was the only one who made the sign of the cross, but that didn’t phase me or my eating companions.  Both Kari and Sara dug in.  Robert was a bit more restrained, and I decided to follow the example of my mistresses, grabbing my fork and wolfing down the most delicious bite of my breakfast.  The taste of cheddar cheese exploded in my mouth along with egg yolk.  Oh god…its making me hungry just thinking about it!

The conversation was mundane and anything but sexual.  We talked about Kari’s interior design business, some of Sara’s current cases (she’s a lawyer), and of course I mentioned that I was done plowing and had gotten the corn planted as well as the soy beans.  Oh yeah, I live an exciting life.

Then Sara asked how the daily assignments were coming.  Just as I was about to reply I felt something odd.  Deep inside me the vaginal phallus had come to life and was literally bending inside me, churning.  I can’t describe exactly what was going on, because it’s too difficult to imagine, but picture putting your cock in me, and then having a ball and socket hinge about three quarters of the way up.  Then start swinging just the top quarter of your cock in ever widening circles.  I tensed.  Everyone was staring at me as I tried to make sense out of the weird sensation.

“Different, huh?”  Kari asked, her finger on one of the buttons of the little black control box.  I nodded.

She grinned.  “I had it made by an animatronics firm.  They were a little surprised when I explained what I wanted, but it was worth it, don’t you think?  That stool comes with a number of interesting attachments.”  She glanced at Robert.  “Right Robert?”

He nodded, hurriedly swallowing his own egg and cheese.  “Yes Mistress.  Very interesting.”

Kari looked back at me.  “And since I was getting several made, I figured I might make one just in case you came back for another session.”

I thanked her. “Thank you Mistress.”  I pressed my thighs together.  The churning was becoming more pronounced and was actually causing my sex to flutter in response. 

“So how are your daily assignments coming?”  Sara asked again.

I tried my best to answer. I explained how we had cut back a bit, much to the disappointment of both Kari and Sara.  Sara declared that if I were her slave I’d be doing assignments twice a day.  Kari laughed and pressed another button on the control.  Suddenly the phallus in my ass roared to life and began vibrating.  Granted it was low, but it was constant.  I trembled slightly, trying to answer their questions. 

There was a bit of rehash of old assignments.  Evidently both Kari and Sara read Michael’s blog, and they exchanged opinions over some of my more recent adventures.  They both even voted on that poll I posted on one of my threads, asking if I should be allowed to change the conditions of one of the assignments.  They both laughed when it was revealed they both wanted me to do it the hard way.  Sigh…you try walking across a hundred feet of super tight rope with Tabasco and lemon juice soaked knots every few inches!  But hey, that’s another story and you can read that one at the blog.

My torment continued, and it wasn’t just the sexual stimulation.  Oh no, they asked Robert for his favorite Breanne Assignment.  Then they started brainstorming assignments for me to do.  My god…the things they suggested!  I admit, some of their suggestions turned me on, which complimented the torment between my legs nicely.  Some of their suggestions horrified me AND turned me on.  Which is worse?  Oh…you need an example?  Well how about Sara’s suggestion that they mount the wooden horse in the back of my truck, and then mount me on the horse naked, along with sufficient rope to keep me in place, and then take me on a ride?  Let’s see, I’d get a ticket for riding in the bed of a truck, and be arrested for at least indecent exposure if not for public lewdness.  Yeah…that would be fun… the wind blowing my hair… the cold on my skin…knowing everyone would see me, shocked…  Okay, it would be fun…at least for a while, right?

Kari pressed another button and the vaginal phallus not only churned inside me, but started to vibrate too.  And it was intense strong vibrations that I felt all the way up to my belly.  In fact, I could even feel them at my clit, which is saying something.  Of course this made it very difficult to sit still.  I tried.  I tried hard.  But in the end I started bucking, lifting up with my knees until the strap stopped me.  Then I went back down.  Kari played with her dials, changing the intensity of the vibrations from high to low and then back up to high.  I guess I lasted about ten minutes before I grasped the edges of the table, clearly in the early stages of orgasm.  That’s when everything stopped: the buzzing, the churning, the vibrations, everything.  And before I even had a chance to wonder what happened, a shock of electricity hit my rear end, causing me to literally jerk up from the seat in a pain filled gasp of agony.

It hurt.  A lot.  I stayed up, not wanting to put my ass back down on the stool.  Kari was giving me a cool look as both Sara and Robert watched in piqued interest.  Finally I settled back down, gingerly, expecting another shock.  I was rewarded instead with the vaginal probe starting up the wonderful strange churning motion again, followed almost immediately with the vibrations in my rear.  I settled down as the pleasure built up again, ignoring the conversation.  Then, just as I was ready to pop again, Kari stopped the vibrations and hit the shocker again, sending what felt like two red hot spikes into the fleshy muscles of my butt.  Once again I jerked upward, caught short by the strap.

This happened two more times before she finally let me cum, leaving me gasping and leaning over the table.  The ninth orgasm of the day had happened and it wasn’t even eleven o’clock yet!  I had made arrangements to stay at Kari’s until nine in the evening.  My God…


When breakfast was finished I watched from my chair as Robert cleared the table.  He was quiet and rather quick about it too, leaving me seated with two diabolical women who thought pressing random buttons on the control box attached to my seat was fun.  And this was AFTER I had already cum.  Evidently, the attachments did more than just churn and vibrate.  I discovered that the husky dildo actually pumped as well as churned, and corkscrewed as well as vibrated.

After the table was cleared I was released from my stool, and sent to the bathroom.  I needed to use it too.  I was sticky, hot, and needed a wash.  I took off my cuffs and collar and quickly got into the shower.  It was absolute bliss.  The only issues I had were the still attached clamps.  I didn’t have a screwdriver and I wasn’t willing to rip or pull them off.  Finally I shrugged and hoped they were stainless steel and that they wouldn’t rust.  Once in the shower, I cleaned every nook and cranny and just as I was about to finish the door opened and Kari looked in on me.

“Looking good.  Here.”  She handed me a familiar toy.  It was my waterproof vibrator.  She gave me an expectant look.  “Well? Get started.”

The last thing I wanted to do at that moment was masturbate.  I had just spent several hours stuffed with various devices, not to mention cock, and rode a solid oak wooden horse.  I was sore, tender, swollen, achy, and not really enthusiastic.  The look, however, on Kari’s face told me that if I didn’t take the vibrator I’d be punished.  I wasn’t interested in that so I did what I was told and took my vibrator and pressed it to my clit.

Water and sex have always gone well together, and Kari helped by lifting the handset sprayer from the wall and sending a rather direct solid stream between my legs, upward, so that it literally penetrated me.  It was a rather unique feeling.  I spread my legs, leaned back against the wall and let her spray me.  This went on for a bit and just as I started to feel myself ripening, Kari changed the target of the sprayer and aimed for my clit.  I shook a bit, gasping.  It was very intense and also very awesome.  I pushed my vibe into my pussy, letting the water take over clitoral stimulation.  My bottom danced on the tiles of the wall and Kari kept up the direct spray, right on my clit.  To be honest, it was more than I could take and it wasn’t long before being tired, sore, swollen, and achy really didn’t matter. 

I slid to the floor of the shower, working the vibrator in and out and Kari continued to target my clitoris.  My legs were spread obscenely, water spraying everywhere, pooling into little droplets on Kari’s black rubber suit, and across her bare breasts. Then, in what I can only describe as another massive wave, I exploded, squirting juice halfway across the shower stall, my body doing this little herky jerk as my limbs wondered what to do with themselves as my brain stopped sending commands in order to focus on the rush of endorphins and adrenaline that flooded into my cerebral cortex.

Kari turned the sprayer back to the soft gentle full stream and put it back in the holder above me.   I felt the warm water falling, pattering like rain drops on my body.  I sat there, stunned, still too out of it to even respond to Kari’s wave of goodbye, or the closing of the shower stall door.  Eventually I was able to move again, or more accurately, my mind directed my body and I climbed to my feet and started over, cleaning myself with cocoa butter scented soap that seemed to seep into my pores.  I did only a cursory washing between my legs. I was sore, tender, swollen, achy, and not really enthusiastic.  Hmmm…heard that one before?


I used up all of Kari’s hot water, not to mention a good thirty or forty minutes.  No one bothered me in all that time, so it was recuperative, as well as restorative and hygienic.  Except for the still throbbing tingle in my nipples, my body healed.  I guess I should specify of course.  To be honest, I hadn’t been in much pain, with the exception of the bruising caused by the wooden pony.  Probing fingers found some definitely tender spots, testing the flesh with slight pressure.  It actually wasn’t as bad as I had thought.  I’d be tender for a few days, but I didn’t even think I’d have real bruises.  You know, the dark purple and blue ones that make people think you’re beaten at home?  Yeah, of course, I’m not in the habit of going up to strangers, lifting my skirt, and showing them my pussy.

Oh.  Oh wait.  I AM in that habit, aren’t I?

I managed to get out of the shower once the water turned icy and went to Kari’s massive mirror and bathroom counter. I used her brush on my short straight hair, then put it back exactly where I found it.  I didn’t need to fix any makeup, since I wasn’t wearing any. Trust me.  Wearing mascara when being sexually tortured is a STUPID thing to do.  Watch any BDSM film.  I patted myself dry and then grabbed my gear and headed back out to living room.

Poor Robert.  He was standing in front of the couch, hands cuffed behind his back while Kari and Sara took turns sucking his cock and tormenting the tip.  He had been removed from the strange black leather tube and was now encased in what appeared to be some sort of extremely tight rubber sheath, with the exception of the head of his cock.  Imagine someone grabbing hold of your dick and squeezing as tightly as possible most of the length.  I think that was what Robert was enduring.  I think it’s cruel.  Especially since most guys can’t cum with just tip stimulation.  I know.  I’ve done it before during milking.  It can make a guy hard early on, but it won’t make them pop. 

Both mistresses turned to look at me as I entered, Kari’s eyes flashing dangerously as she realized I was carrying my bondage gear, rather than wearing it.  I cringed slightly as she looked at me, and almost started to put it on, but realized just in time that doing so without her permission or command wouldn’t be pretty.  Old ways die hard I guess.  I was already moving into the old mindset of being her sex toy.

Kari glanced up at Robert.  “Are you desperate yet Robert?”  She asked.

I looked at the red faced man whose cock point was a spectacular shade of purple and crimson.  He nodded, beads of sweat appearing on his forehead.  “If it pleases you Mistress.” 

Kari smiled and then tilted her head toward me.  “You can fuck Breanne if you’d like.  You can even cum.”

Robert’s eyes widened in surprise.  “I can remove the sheath Mistress?”  He asked.  Kari shook her head.

“Absolutely not.  It stays on.  But go ahead and fuck her.”  Kari replied.  Sara leaned back into the soft cushions of the couch, laughing.

“But Mistress, with the sheath on I can’t cum” Robert said in reply.  This was the first time I had ever heard him actually counter Kari.  He must have been really desperate. 

Kari gave his cock a little slap.  “Do you think I care?” she asked.  “Now get over there, warm her up, and get that cock inside her as quick as possible.”

I hadn’t been expecting this.  Sure, I wanted to fuck Robert.  In fact, I’ve wanted to fuck Robert ever since the first day I met him.  By that point, I had actually done it twice in fact.  He was a hunk, and I know during that first time I really pleased him.  Kari maybe more beautiful than I am, more thin and willowy, but her mental attitude translates to her sexual side.  She is cold and hard and in control.  Robert was allowed to take the reigns when he fucked me.  I was warm and pliant and willing and soft and eager.  I’m not saying that screwing Kari can’t be mind-blowingly awesome, but it can also leave you feeling wrung out and sore, and bruised emotionally as well as physically.

Robert stepped over to me and gently pushed me to the floor.  I dropped my bondage gear, tossing it aside as he loomed over my body.  Then he knelt between my legs, leaned forward, and put his hands on my collarbone.  Slowly, patiently, he drew his hands down my body, over my breasts, down my stomach, all the way to my legs.  He avoided my sex, which was good, since I still wasn’t ready.  He did this again, and then again, and then over and over.  It was better than a shower.  It was incredible.  And through it all I felt the tip of his cock striking my thigh, or even my labia on his long stretches across my body, but never did he force me, or push or even act needy. It was just this long hard black rubber encased rod.

His touch became a bit more sensual, swirling around my breasts, seemingly to brush against the nipple clamps, before stroking down my stomach, almost touching my slit, but moving down to my open thighs.  Ten or more strokes, I lost count, and I arched my back as his fingers approached my sex, wanting him to actually touch me.  He didn’t.  He kept doing it.  With every pass of his hand I felt more and more.  Finally I couldn’t take it any longer.  When his hand came close to my pussy I reached down and grabbed his wrist, literally moving his fingers to my very moist and ready slit.

Gently, he parted my petals and began stroking, this time staying away from my clit.  It was just as incredible as the massage he had given my entire body.  I spread my legs farther, willing him to mount me.  But he didn’t.  He just swirled his fingers through my petals, stroking so softly it was almost feather light.  Then, just as I was about to reach down to his hand again, he pushed two fingers into me, his ring finger and middle finger.  I could feel the others, the thumb and pinky and forefinger spreading against my thighs and rear end.  Then he began curling the inner fingers all while pulling up.  He started slow and steady, but the sensation was so incredible that I was ready in a heart beat. I writhed and moaned and finally looked at him with a steady glare as the words escaped through my clenched teeth.

“Damn it Robert, just fuck me already!” I gasped.  He glanced up at me with an apologetic smile and then removed his hand from my pussy.  He orientated himself correctly and then I felt him penetrate.  The look on his face was…strange.  I’ve seen a lot of different faces at the moment two people connect.  Robert looked as if he were being dipped in molten lava, and it was a relief.  I can’t even comprehend what was going through his mind.

But I know what was going through mine; the words “thank GOD!”  But after maybe ten or twenty repetitive thrusts from my paramour, I began to realize that something wasn’t quite right.  Robert’s cock felt strange, a little more rigid than it should have been, maybe not quite as thick.  Worse, I couldn’t felt the pulsing I usually do when screwing guys.  See, usually when a guy thrusts, he also tightens a few muscles in his cock.  It’s a minor thing, but it’s there.  Not this time, and I noticed it.  The little rubber sheath around Robert’s shaft not only kept him hard and taut, but kept him from pulsing properly.  I’m ashamed to say that this did not affect my arousal at all and in short order I came again.  Okay, maybe not so short.  I’m guessing around twenty minutes or so.

Robert didn’t cum; and after I closed my eyes with a sigh of relief and lay back, Kari tapped Robert’s shoulder and told him to pull out.  You could see the anguish in his eyes and the tip of his cock was still a bright purplish red.  I felt so sorry for him.  That’s when Kari told me to suck him clean.

I got to my feet while Robert stood there, knees slightly bent, his cock sticking straight out.  I opened my mouth and took him, doing my magic.  Know what?  Nothing happened.  I licked him clean all right, even the entire length of that latex sheath, but even my mouth and a concerted effort on my part didn’t cause him to erupt.  I even deepthroated him, swallowing hard, and he just groaned and shook.  Finally Kari pulled me off of him and I noticed that the tip of his cock was getting chaffed.  She put one fingernail on the edge and he winced.  Ouch. 



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