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Breaking My Record - By Breanne Erickson

Part 5


After a few minutes, Mistress Sara took my hand and moved me around the coffee table that had been replaced after the whole wooden horse incident.  She pushed me down onto the sofa, still naked, and told me to spread my legs as wide as possible.  Someone had tossed a rather thick towel down in the center and I sat as ordered.  I did it immediately, not wanting to risk upsetting either Sara or Kari.  I’m pretty limber, and despite the towel and the fact that both mistresses and my fellow sex slave were all watching, I managed to do the splits and present what I thought was a rather nice tableau.

Evidently Sara thought so too, but she also felt it wasn’t sufficient.  She grabbed hold of my ankle and wrist cuffs and then moved in front of me, quickly attaching my padded Velcro and metal restraints.  When she was done, she moved around to the back of the couch.  To my surprise, four separate ropes were pulled out from behind the couch, obviously attached to the back legs.  They seemed just the right length and I found my legs stretched even farther and held in place with the rope, and my arms outstretched and pulled back behind the sofa.

I’ve been tied up in a lot of different positions before and there are some that leave you feeling more vulnerable than others.  This one, ranked pretty high on my list of vulnerable positions.  Granted, my rear end was relatively inaccessible, but my pussy was not just exposed, but incredibly vulnerable for ANYTHING Sara or Kari wanted to do to me.  It also didn’t help that my nipples were still aching.  I was exposed.  Seriously exposed.

Sara left me to retrieve a couple of necessary torture implements, leaving me to contemplate the interesting activity now going on in front of me.  Kari was kneeling next to the coffee table, her large perfect white breasts flattened slightly on the table top.  Robert was lying on the ground between her legs, his mouth obviously working overtime as he tongued my best friend and former mistress.  Kari was moaning and grinding down and I couldn’t help feeling a surge of wet jealousy.  It was about that time that Sara came back into the room, this time with a large bulb headed massager. 

It was duct taped (yes duct taped!) to a broom handle and Sara positioned the whole thing so that the head would be pressed, rather forcefully, against my clit.  I admit, it made me quiver, not from excitement, but from dread.  My clit was already pretty sensitive and the thought of spending even more time with a very tender and reactionary bundle of nerves enduring non-stop vibrations of the massager had me near tears.  Sara could tell I was getting a little emotional and she came up and held me, hugging me, all while her fingers teased the clamps on my nipples.

“Hush, Breanne.  It’s okay.  I know you’re sensitive right there.  I know you don’t want it.”  Sara whispered in my ear.

I burst into tears.  “Please, Mistress…I just don’t think I can!”   I cried, and she hadn’t even turned it on.

Sara stroked my hair as Kari just continued to look like a cat being stroked, watching us.  Sara tightened her grip and then patted my thigh.

“I know you think you can’t, but the truth is you don’t have a choice darling.  Besides, I’m not going to leave it on you that long.  It’s not the torture I intend. It’s just the warm up.”  Sara said, giving me a soft kiss on the cheek.

My throat constricted and I wailed a bit more.  Sara hushed me but my tears didn’t stop until she reached down to the broom and massager combination and turned on the white colored device, sending what could only be described as a painful yet sexually powerful wave of energy through me. I screamed out loud and then thrashed, but since I didn’t get my gag stuffed back in I guess my cries were not very loud or disturbing.  It certainly didn’t deter Sara who left me shaking, tears pouring down my face, stretched to the max while Kari got slowly tongued to death.

Okay, not to death, but it was obvious she was close to cumming.  And while all that was happening Sara was busy doing something behind the couch.  Frankly I didn’t pay it much attention because I was busy trying not to yell and had my tongue between my teeth in an effort to deal with the vibrations on my clit.

Hey, for just a moment, I want you to imagine being tied down and having some girl suck your cock until right before you cum, then to take a vibrator and hold it to the tip, and just the tip, for about forty five minutes.  What do you think would be going through your mind?  And if you’re a girl and never been forcibly stimulated, try it sometime!  Cuff yourself, put the key in a cube of ice on a piece of string and wrap it around your neck.  Put a vibe in, on high, and then put a clamp on your clit.  When the ice finally melts and you can free yourself you will be near crazy.  Trust me.

I felt Sara’s hands on my shoulders and then she was leaning over me.  Her arms appeared in my vision, moving closer to my steel clamped nipples.  Both hands held something odd, and I quivered as I realized she was holding alligator clamps, both with red wires.   At first I thought she intended to work the sharp metal teeth into the rings surrounding my already partially pierced nipples, but then she just attached the clamps too one of the screws on each of the metal rings.  Long thick wires went back over my shoulders. 

I’m not a novice to electrical play, though I admit I don't get shocked as often as I'd like.  I knew Kari owned one of those electrical stimulators though. I think its called a TENS unit?  Something like that. I DO know that the concept is really simple.  One wire leads to a contact, in this case my circular nipple clamps, and another contact is placed nearby.  Anything between the two contacts gets fried.  Plus you are supposed to do things like stay away from sending current across the chest so you don't stop her heart.  Looking down at my chest, I had trouble figuring out what was going on.

Sara draped another wire over my right arm and I glanced at it. Rather than being a clamp, this wire was black and ended in a pointy metal tip.  I know its a probe of some kind.  My dad has something just like it at home on this yellow digital thingy that he uses to see if the Christmas tree light bulbs are broken.  Most of the probe was sheathed in plastic, so none of the metal was touching me.  Sara leaned over me, her hands caressing my sides and up around my breasts.  She picked up the little black probe and held it like a pencil.

I stiffened and pulled away as she brought the metal spike down to my breast.  I wasn't sure where she was going to touch me, but I've been shocked enough to know that it was either going to tingle or hurt, and considering the cruel and constant vibration on my clit, I wasn't going to put anything past Mistress Sara.  She tapped the metal contact about an inch away from my clamped nipple and I felt a very strange sensation.  It wasn't pain, but a tingle, but that's not what made it strange.  It was the fact that the tingle went from my nipple across the surface of my breast.  It wasn't unpleasant either, just different.  Sara lifted the probe and planted it in a slightly different spot, sending another soft jolt through my tit.

This went on for sometime, eventually lulling me into complacency.  She did both breasts too, working back and forth.  It actually felt good too.  Not quite a caress, but it had the novelty of being different, and combined with my over sensitized clit, made sitting still much more difficult.  It wasn't long before my hips were rolling and my chest was heaving.  Which is why I didn't notice Sara moving, changing the setting on the TENS unit.  My eyes were closed, my lower half trying to hump the massager, and Sara leaned over me again.  But this time, rather than set the thin metal probe somewhere outside my ring clamp, she set the pin point probe right on the tip of my nipple.  

Remember how I said that everything in between the contacts got fried?  Well the red clamp essentially turned the screw ring clamp into a contact.  The electricity went into the ring clamp, down the screws which were tightened on my nipple, through my nub and into Sara's little probe.  A very sharp spark of pain exploded in my right breast and I gasped, eyes widening as I jumped.  The probe was lifted and then Sara was holding me down, one hand cupping my other breast while she carefully stuck my other nipple.  More pain exploded through me and I cried out, jerking against Sara's grip.  Another shock followed and I pulled hard against the ropes holding my legs and wrists apart.

The pain of the shocks kept me rather busy, so I didn't notice Kari literally pushing the coffee table out of the way.  The broomstick holding the massager had been jammed against it, so I did notice the vibrating massage tool being lifted away from my clit.  Kari's tongue however immediately took its place and I found myself gyrating madly as one mistress shocked my breasts and nipples while the other did things to my clit and pussy that sent me over the edge.  In due course I exploded, crying out in ecstasy, going from shell shocked desperation to limp noodle.  Ah...orgasm. 


I was left on the couch, still tied up, legs spread devilishly in the splits, my sex swollen, red, and soaked.  Sara removed the red wires from my nipple clamps and Kari moved over to Robert, whispered a few words into his ear, and then left the room.  After a moment, a cup was lowered in front of me, complete with straw.  I sipped gratefully, finding clear cool refreshing water that seemed to replenish the large amounts of fluid I had lost.  I thanked Sara gratefully as the cup was taken back and watched Robert leave the room.

When he returned, I noticed he was no longer wearing his black latex sheath.  His cock had started to return to normal.   Sure, he was still hard, but the head was no longer purple and swollen.  It still looked tender though, and I longed to take him into my mouth and make him explode.  I would have been gentle, but the truth is that I knew it wasn't going to happen.  At least not at that point.  Robert approached me and knelt down on the couch with one knee pressed against my pussy, the other on the opposite side of my leg.  He was holding a screwdriver and I moaned in grateful appreciation as he slowly began unscrewing the ring nipple clamps.

Okay, sure, they LOOK cool.  Fascinating really.  But they are a bitch to put on , require help to do so, and can be very uncomfortable.  I discovered that taking them off was much easier.  Robert only had to loose two of the five screws to basically free my nipple.  Blood rushed back into my nubs and I hissed, sucking in air as pain almost as bad as Sara's shocks exploded through my breasts like a ripe girl in the throes of orgasm.  Ha ha!  Funny analogy, right?  Plain and simple, it hurt.  But hurt is like my middle name and I couldn't help rubbing my pussy against Robert's kneecap.  It's not every day a guy gets his kneecap humped so Robert stayed there a bit longer, though I suspect it wasn't for his pleasure, but mine.  He's such a sweetie.  After the nipple clamps were removed I was left along for a few minutes, ostensibly to recover.  They left my hands and feet bound, still spread out on the couch.  I took the opportunity to put my head back, close my eyes, and rest.

I actually dozed off for a few minutes, because when I snapped awake Sara was moving around behind me and there were more wires being draped over my shoulders.  It took my brain half a moment to wake up and I blinked in confusion as I saw all three sets of black and red lines, each terminating in rather vicious looking scissor clamps.  Sara came around to my front and I couldn't help asking what was going on.

"Well, basically, we're going to fry you again, dearheart."  Sara's voice was strong and very confident.  "It will be on low for a bit, just to get you warmed up, so don't worry about it." 

I debated begging for mercy, but the words died in my throat.  There was no way they were going to let me rest.  First of all, it wasn't in either Kari or Sara's nature.  Second, and this hurts to say, I ASKED for this.  I might as well have written in marker on my tits, "please hurt me and make me cum as much as you possibly can, regardless of how I beg."  So when Sara clamped the first set of contacts directly to my clit, I only let out a sharp hiss.  She didn't really tighten it down.  Why bother right?  Then she moved up to my breasts and my nipples contracted as she thumbed them quickly, then placed the electrical clamps, pinching my nubs tightly between the two metal plates at the tips of the tongs.   I hurt, but mostly because I had been wearing the screw clamp jewelry for so long. 

Sara moved around to the back of the couch again where I presume the electrical unit was.  I heard a slight hum and then gasped as my nipples and clit contracted and tingled.  It wasn't the sharp painful zaps that I had endured earlier, but these pulses that caused my skin to pucker and my muscles to tighten.  It felt...good, but it was distressing too.  My pussy, by nature of my position, was gaping open and the electrical impulses were causing the muscles of my vagina to contract, rather tightly too.  I'm sure my nether mouth resembled a fish, opening and closing it's maw.  Mistress Sara came back around to my front, holding my Husky dildo.  This is a rather large rubber cock that's nine inches long and pretty much three inches wide, complete with balls and a flat bottom.  Timing it perfectly, she inserted the tip into my pussy, then pushed as the pulse stopped, only to let me grip the phallus tightly again a moment later.  When it was completely inside me, she wedged the balls and base of the dildo against the sofa and towel under me. 

I've spent a good portion of my adult life stuffed with various sex toys.  Granted, probably not the majority, but since I masturbate relatively often, and have suffered at Kari's hands for several years before striking out on my own, having something in my pussy is no novelty.  In fact, I rather like being stuffed.  It provides entertainment, distraction, and sweet bliss depending on what's in there.  Women who wear ben wa balls on a regular basis are more sexual, more erotic.  A butterfly vibrator, strapped in place directly above your clitoris can keep you aroused and ready, or send you over the edge over and over.  I've actually spent days filled with sex toys.  Regardless of whether they are on or not, they can change one's outlook on life.  Combining electricity and forced muscular contraction with being stuffed creates whole new opportunities for indulgence.

I felt as if I were a puppet.  Every three or four seconds there was this tingle which caused the muscles of my pussy to tighten almost painfully around my super large soft skinned husky dildo.  This lasted another four or five seconds, then terminated, letting me rest for a moment before sending a similar jolt to my nipples.  Just as my pussy completely relaxed, it was forced to tighten around my dildo again.  There was no pumping, no strokes, not even any discomfort from the tightness of the clamps.  My life became this non-stop pulsing of my sex and breasts, over and over.  After what couldn't have been more than ten minutes, but felt like an hour, Sara turned up the intensity.  There still wasn't any pain, and I was surprised to find that certain parts of me could actually tighten up even more.  I know that had my husky dildo actually been Robert's cock, I wouldn't have hurt him, but at the time, I was sure I was pinching that rubber dildo in half.  Its a bit disconcerting not to have any control over your sexual organs.  Imagining not being able to control when you got hard?  Oh...  sorry.  I forgot you guys don't have control over that.  Um...ok...imagine what it would be like if you were tied to a bed and I was rubbing your cock and being really cruel, focusing on just the tip and not the whole length.  You would be desperate for me to rub your entire shaft, or even better, to straddle you and screw your brains out, right?  Well that madness is what drove me.  Orgasm was not an option since I couldn't change the pace and the electricity just did strange things to me.  Over and over.

Mistress Sara went to the bedroom door and looked in. I couldn't hear what she was saying, but shortly afterward both Kari and Robert came out of the back bedroom.  I couldn't help stiffening as my eyes took in Robert's latest accessory.  This time his cock was held upright with a few black leather straps that hooked to his harness.  But what got my attention was that the tip of his cock was stuck in this sort of ring vibrator.  I could literally see it shaking.  I could also tell that Robert was high near going nuts.  Obviously, the vibrating ring wasn't stimulating him in a way that would result in orgasm, but rather just sensitized his delicate tip.  I felt sorry for him.  How could Kari do this to him?  Both of them looked at me, watching as the petals of my sexual flower closed and opened around the rubber dildo embedded inside me. 

I’m not quite sure how long they kept me like that.  It must have easily been thirty or forty minutes, just splayed across the couch, thighs aching along with practically everything else.  Every once in a while, Sara went and turned up the tens unit.  It was done in increments, almost so I wouldn’t notice.  In fact, I didn’t for quite a while.  As the intensity increased, so did my reaction to it and by the time I realized that the jolts were actually painful, I was ready to cum.

Kari moved up to my outstretched body and without much in the way of preparation, grabbed hold of the base of my husky dildo.  Pulling it half way out, she gave me a wicked smile as I groaned, and then she rammed it back in.  She did this three times and on the third one I let out a shrill cry, my body trembling as my thirteenth orgasm washed through me.  It was pretty powerful too, no doubt spurred and accelerated by the electric pinches off my clit and nipples, not to mention a rubber stand in for Robert’s cock.

As soon as I was done gasping like a landed fish, Sara turned down the voltage going to my nipples and clit.  The pain was gone, leaving me once again with just the slow throb and tingle.  Kari of course pushed the husky dildo back in, wedging it once more between my pussy and the couch.  They left me like that for another ten or so minutes.  It was torture, because while I didn’t come again, it took me down that path.  You should have heard me moan in sexual despair as first the dildo, then the clamps, and finally the ropes holding me open were all removed.  Can you believe I wanted more?



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