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Breaking My Record - By Breanne Erickson

Part 7


I had been a late lunch, so by the time I was released from the stool it was getting close to two thirty in the afternoon.  That left a little more than six hours.  I was, quite frankly, exhausted.  My pussy felt as if I had allowed a hundred men to each take their turn, while holding my legs up.  I needed a break to be honest and I think Kari understood that.

Which is why I ended up on the bed with Mistress Sara, except this time she was also naked and I was doing some rather nice things to her with my tongue.  Both Robert and Kari had stayed behind in the dining room and kitchen, ostensibly cleaning up our luncheon while Sara had let me up from the stool and taken me into the master bedroom.

I’ve made love to Sara before.  I like it.  She’s beautiful, talented, caring, and has some rather different techniques when compared to Kari.  Kari is all about extremes.  Sara is more subtle.  For example, during our very first tryst several months before, I was astonished to find myself tied with silk scarves.  Kari has NEVER tied me with a silk scarf.  Kari is all about steel and rope and real leather.  The nipple clamps Kari likes to put on me are heavy Japanese clover clamps, the kind that hurt and are very heavy.  The only nipple clamps Sara owns are these thin looking cotter pin type clamps that she barely attaches.  As she likes to say, the clamps are designed to enhance sexual experience, not dominate it.  They did hurt a bit, but in a very different way than Kari’s preferred hardware.

I’ve also never been punished by Sara.  Granted, that could just be because I’ve never submitted to her for any serious length of time, and I’m usually a pretty good girl if I’m getting my needs met.  A soft-handed Mistress or Master would find me pretty disobedient if I wasn’t getting enough pain with my sex.  Sara was a mixture of hard and soft.  Soft strokes down my body with hard flicks against my clit.  So when I found myself on the bed with her, I was pretty glad she asked me to rub her, touch her, and then use my tongue to make her cum. 

It took a good thirty minutes.  Not because I’m not talented, but because Sara was deliberately trying to stretch out the time.  Just as Sara’s fingers were wrapping around my hair, pushing me down hard against her clit as she gasped, Kari and Robert came in.  They witnessed her orgasm and then suddenly the king sized bed got a bit crowded.  I was tugged away from Sarah flipped over.  Robert was kneeling between my legs, his cock already moving toward my pussy.  Kari lifted a leg and straddled my face, putting her sex right on my mouth and I tasted the sweet and musky juices of a second woman.  Sara also got into the action, moving between Robert and Kari, with both women facing each other.  Robert penetrated me as he wrapped his hands around Sara, thumbing her nipples as she pressed her pussy against my stomach.

I couldn’t really see what was going on, since my tongue was in Kari’s pussy and my nose was buried in her ass crack.  Someone grabbed hold of my nipples and began tweaking them as Robert began a rhythmic thrust and we all moved to match his powerful strokes.  Thus I became the foundation for a foursome.  My sensitive flesh couldn’t handle it for long and I cried out my next orgasm, the sixteenth into Kari’s pussy.  Kari must have realized what happened, because she rolled off of me.  Sara followed and then Robert extracted himself.  Then Kari was moving to take my original position and Sara straddled Kari’s face, indicating that I should move over Kari’s midsection.  Robert moved back up and stuck his cock, still wet with my juices, into Kari’s pre-moistened Breanne certified snatch.  Then we started back up.  Robert’s hands were on my breasts and I couldn’t help feeling a sexual tension as we all rocked.  I reached down and began teasing Kari’s nipples and Sarah leaned forward, exchanging a wet kiss with me.  Robert’s thumbs duplicated the teasing on my own breasts and I moved up just a bit higher.  Sara’s tongue was in my mouth and Robert was running his hands up and down my back, which was incredible.  Then I felt Kari stiffen underneath us and there was a muted cry from between Sara’s legs. 

Geeze, it was like a Chinese fire drill!  Sara and I rolled off, Kari got up, and Sara went back down!  Then it was my turn to get eaten out and I straddled Sara’s face as Kari moved to Sara’s waist as Robert once again pushed himself into another woman.  I had never been eaten out by Sara before and frankly, she was pretty good at it.  Maybe not as good as I am, but close, which is surprising because usually it’s the slave girls who have those skills, not the dominatrixes.  To my surprise I found myself grinding down, once more feeling the urges of sexual need touch me.  I guess when you’ve got one person performing oral sex, while another is kissing you and playing with your nipples, it’s hard NOT to get turned on.

And then it was Sara’s turn to scream into my pussy.  I felt it.  She shuddered beneath me and we rotated again.  But instead of me getting to lie down, a hand stopped me and Robert was pulled up onto the bed and forced to lie down.  I hesitated, not sure of where I was going to be placed, but it was Kari who mounted Robert as Sara moved to his face and straddled him.  I was kind of left out of the whole thing, just a little desperate and horny.  I thought about grabbing one of his hands and letting him finger fuck me, but I was scared about taking the initiative.  Kari’s eyes closed and I watched as she too had another orgasm.


Kari pulled herself off of Robert with a wet sucking sound, leaving him standing at attention, his cock bobbing slightly as he continued to thrust and pulse.  Actually, it was quite entrancing, which made things much simpler when Kari grabbed me by the hair and pulled me over to Robert’s loins.

“Suck him.  Clean him off” she ordered.  Oh my.

Okay, nothing terribly new.  I’ve done this before.  Kari and I have milked guys before, including Robert, and one way to make sure that you can keep things going is to swap girls.  I’ve had my mouth on cock liberally flavored with Kari’s pussy and frankly, I liked it.  This time was no exception and I wrapped my lips around Kari’s boy toy and began licking him clean.

I think I should point out that there is a difference between licking a guy clean and giving him a blowjob with the intention of letting him or forcing him to cum in your mouth.  I kinda did the second one, which evidently irritated Kari just a bit.  She had gotten off the bed and gone into the closet for a second.  When she got back she yanked me off Robert and pushed me aside.  Sara had just watched through the whole thing, still riding Robert’s face.
Kari had a small towel in her hand, along with a particular object that I couldn’t help wondering why she had brought it out.  She patted Robert’s cock dry, giving him a chaste kiss on the tip.  Then she handed me the roll of duct tape.

Duct tape is an interesting stuff.  I was watching one of my favorite television shows on the Discovery Channel: Mythbusters, and I learned a lot about duct tape.  Did you know that this stuff is really strong?  It’s got a waterproof layer, a cloth layer, and then a super adhesive layer!  Evidently you can make things out of it like bridges and cannons and stuff.  I’ve never done that though.   What I have done is kept my hands against a wall with my legs spread while Kari took strips of the stuff and put them over sensitive and sexually suggestive parts of my body before wrapping me in a see thru gauze toga before going to our first Greek geek party our freshman year.  Needless to say, I was a hit, though removing the tape was a bit of trial, at least the pieces across my nipples.  That was very popular at the party as well.  The one on my pussy was a bit easier.  I guess if the “juices” soak the inside of the tape its waterproof qualities don’t hold up as well.  The one going through my crotch came off kind of by itself.

I suspected that I was about to get taped again, which I wouldn’t mind too much.  But Kari gave me a mischievous look and pointed at Robert’s dick.

“Wrap him in duct tape, Bre, and don’t miss any spots, including the tip.  Do it tightly.”

Okay, so this was a bit different.  I’ve never ever duct tape cock before.  I moved closer to Robert, ignoring Sara’s mewling as Robert continued to explore her depths with his tongue.  The duct tape let out a horrible ripping sound as I tore the first piece off, about twelve inches, and laid it across the tip of his cock.  I smoothed the tape down along the sides of his shaft.  It didn’t actually reach around him, so more tape came off the spool and I began wrapping it in spirals up his shaft, covering the skin.  It wasn’t a really smooth job.  Duct tape wasn’t really intended to be wrapped like this around an irregular object like a man’s dick.  There were strange ridges, bumps, and spots where the adhesive was exposed, but I did manage to cover his entire rod.  To be honest, it looked like some sort of alien cock.

Just as I finished Sara let out another cry and shook as she pressed down hard on Robert’s face.  Kari rolled her eyes a bit but smiled as Sara looked up and gave her a grin.  Mistress Sara lifted herself off Robert’s face, giving the poor man some air, and moved aside as Kari tossed the towel to Robert.

To his credit, Robert was still going strong and steady, and my admiration for his perseverance was growing in leaps and bounds.  Maybe Robert is the one.  Maybe he will outlast all of Kari’s boy toys.  Who knows?  What I did know was that he was taking an awful lot of torment, not just for me, but by having to service both Kari and Sara as well.  I realize a lot of guys out there are like “man, I’d be willing to do that!” but you have to understand that what I’m relating here is only a fraction of the abuses that Kari lays down on her boy toys.  I know.  She requires 24/7 nudity unless you’re going out.  I’ve frequently seen her slaves wearing harnesses.  Oral sex doesn’t just happen daily, it happens several times a day.  She spanks, whips, ties up, and does a variety of different things to keep her boy toys in a state of sexual arousal without satisfaction…well, except for HER satisfaction.  She’s a neat freak, a cleanliness snob, only accepts the finest things in life, and is controlling, domineering, and a bit cold.  Frankly, it’s hard to live with Kari.

Hard to live with, maybe, but she helped Robert into a sitting position and had him move to the side of the bed.  She turned her piercing eyes toward me and I felt my pussy ripen for some reason.  Ever seen a predator look at prey?  Yeah.  Or maybe a hungry guy looking at a piece of USDA Premium Select steak, cooked just the way he wants it.  I felt a little shiver go through me and then I was being pulled to the warm spot in the center of the mattress.  Kari pushed me down, glanced at Robert and then said “now fuck her.”

Uh…what?  That’s what went through my mind.  My eyes widened as Robert moved into position, the metallic tape covered rod bobbing between his legs like some sort of machine piston.  The tape had enlarged it and I cringed.  A little involuntarily, I began to close my legs, some part of me not willing to endure this new torment, but Sara grabbed one leg, yanking it outward so my thigh rippled painfully.  Kari matched the movement as Robert placed the tip of his cock against my pussy.

Thank god I was wet.  Seriously wet.  Because Robert’s tape covered cock was as dry as a bone.  He rubbed it up and down my slit, leaving me wincing and moaning as the rough ridges and folds of the tape scraped against my already bruised and battered sex.  I felt the tip go in about an inch and cried out.  It was rather rough, a little large, and distinctly uncomfortable.  But that didn’t stop him.  Kari gave him a little smack on the butt, obviously indicating that he needed to get a move on.  He did, driving another four or five inches into my pussy.  I gasped again and then he finished his impaling thrust, mashing the entire length into my sheath.  My pussy tightened around him, feeling the strange shape of his shaft.   Then he began to pump.

OMG.  Remember when I said his shaft looked like alien cock?  Well, if alien cock feels like this put me down on the list as being a xenosexual nympho humiliation pain slut.  Sure, it wasn’t that pleasant getting in there, but once it was, and Robert started pumping, my body reacted with a rather unusual intensity.  It was amazing.  Parts of me were rubbed that had never been rubbed before.  The strange ridges and folds were just wild.  I was bucking and moaning in like seconds, and as I came, not once did I ever wonder what Robert was feeling.

Does that make me a bitch?  Using him for my own pleasure?  In my defense, I’d like to point out that I was being used just as much as he was.  This was technically for Kari’s pleasure.  And Sara’s.  Evidently my rather vociferous explosion and subsequent afterglow aroused Sara’s interest and she asked Kari, rather politely too, if she could try it.  I was unceremoniously pushed out of the way as Sara took my place, spreading her legs willingly for the monstrous cock that had, moments before, left me a blubbering mass of xenosexual slut.

Alien cock indeed.


I laid on the bed watching.  To be honest, I wasn’t physically up for doing much more than that.  Every part of me felt as if I had just run a ten mile race, except my lungs, and the normal aches and pains of my exertion were letting me know that I was reaching the end of my endurance.  I glanced at the clock.  It was getting close to six in the evening.  That meant we only had about three more hours before Kari had to let me go home.  But I was also cognizant of the fact that I had endured a full seventeen orgasms in eleven hours.  That’s a lot.  I also knew that my previous record was eighteen, which meant that I technically only had to endure two more orgasms in order to break my record, which was the whole point of this assignment.

And don’t think for a moment that I had forgotten that fact.  I admit that as much as I love these assignments tasked to me, I’ve taken a lot of abuse for the pleasure of my fans.  How many girls do you know who would willingly strip naked in public?  Or walk backward, naked, down a rope stretched across her barn?  Or how about that time I had to put in my butt plug and at the top of every hour, pull it out and then sit on it, hard?  But I guess you know all about that since you’ve probably read my blog and the daily assignments, right?

I laid there while Sara exploded, her face slightly red.  When Robert pulled out, the tape didn’t come with him.  I guess double dipping into rather wet, warm, tight holes had caused the adhesive to fail.  Somehow, I’m betting the Mythbusters won’t be testing this use for duct tape.

Sara reached down and extracted the tape condom from her pussy with a look of irritation, but it came out easily enough and Kari couldn’t help laughing.  I looked over at Robert who was standing at the edge of the bed, his cock still long and hard.  I felt sorry for the guy. Really.  Sara eventually joined in with Kari’s laughter and I couldn’t help smiling myself.  Soon all of us were roaring, giggling insanely as we tumbled together on the bed.

When we finally calmed down enough, Sara and Kari exchanged some conversation about dinner and it was decided we were going to have pizza.  Kari volunteered Robert to be the chef, and sent him out to the kitchen with a playful spank and orders to make her favorite as well as a pepperoni for me.  Hey, what can I say?  I’m a plebian when it comes to pizza.  Kari is the one who likes all the vegetables.

Kari got up and went into the bathroom and I heard the shower start up.  When she came back, I sucked in my breath.  She was totally naked, evidently peeling out of her latex cat suit.  Granted, it didn’t expose anything I hadn’t already seen, but I find Kari’s natural beauty to be worthy of respect.  She is a Goddess and I willingly worship at her temple.  She took Sara’s hand, and then mine, and pulled us both off the bed toward the bathroom.

Don’t get me wrong, Kari has a huge shower, one that easily fits two people.  Try to fit three, even three the size of petite girls, and there isn’t much space.  I was sandwiched between my two mistresses as soap was handed back and forth.  No one washed themselves, not really, because wherever you put your hand, chances were that it wasn’t touching your own body.  Kari washed my breasts, Sara my back, my soap fingers went through Kari’s pussy, and so on.  Soft breasts and buttocks were constantly touching me as my own mounds rubbed soap across shoulder blades and the small of a thin woman’s back. 

It wasn’t exactly erotic, but it kind of was too.  Maybe a mix?  No one did anything to stimulate me, or anyone else, but I found myself being aroused anyway.  It was soft, loving, and just a little bit playful.  If you ever have a chance to do something similar I recommend it.  Granted, it was a bit lesbian, but so what?  I’m bi.

When the water got turned off I felt refreshed.  Yes, my pussy still ached, but it was a pleasant sort of ache, the kind you get after you’ve exercised and are really proud of yourself?   That’s it.  We stepped out of the shower, wrapped ourselves in warm terry cloth towels, and proceeded to get our hair combed and our bodies presentable.  This meant getting dressed for Sara and Kari, while I was handed my wrist and ankle cuffs, not to mention my collar.  Sara ordered me to go lay on the bed, on my back, while Kari went to check on the pizza.

When Sara was finished with her primping she approached me.  I was lying right where she told me, arms above my head, with my legs relaxed and straight out below me. Sara grabbed an ankle and pulled my leg out to the corner post.  I think I’ve mentioned Kari’s permanent bondage attachments on her bed, and Sara made use of those, connecting my ankle to the corner post quite firmly.  My other leg followed and I found myself shortly spread-eagled, drawn to the four corners rather tightly.

Kari came back in the room and tossed something too Sara.  I only caught a glimpse of something long and black before Kari blocked my view.  She was holding my toy bag and reached in, rummaging around.  I licked my lips in fearful anticipation.  What was she going to pull out?

My vibroballs.  Gosh.  Again?  These were handed too Sara who spent a minute or so working them into my tender pussy.  It took a moment because I wasn’t really lubricated, but a few moments of delicate and knowledgeable fingers working between my legs got the plumbing working and in short order both golf ball sized spheres were buried in my well.  I lifted my head as they got turned on, maybe at medium speed, and then I saw what Sara was holding.

It was a whip, in particular a cat-o-nine tails whip.  The cat was merely a cloth whip with a bunch of strips coming out of a handle.  The tips were knotted, but I know from experience that this whip was rather soft and didn’t cause much pain.  If Kari had wanted to hurt me she could have given Sara the leather sap I knew was kept in the bedside table drawer.  However, before I could brace myself, Sara swung, and the multi-headed whip hit me right between the legs.

She didn’t pull the stroke either.  She hit me hard.  Every dull throbbing ache exploded into fullness again and I groaned, my thighs trembling.  It hurt.  A lot.  She hit me again, the tips of the whip hitting my stomach while the main length near the handle impacted along my thighs and sex.  My pussy stung and I could feel my clit hardening.

I was so wrapped up with the pussy whipping that I completely missed Kari’s second exploration of my toy bag.  It wasn’t until she actually grabbed hold of my breast and let the wooden clothespin lock tightly onto my nipple that I realized I was under an assault from a different direction.  A sharp pain shot through my nipple and I cried out, which evidently ticked off Sara, since her next stroke was lower and the tips of the whip spread out right above my pussy.  The impact made me completely forget about my nipple though.

But Kari wasn’t done.  Another clothespin appeared and it went on my other breast, matching the first nipple clamping peg.  Both nubs ached and throbbed only to have the sensation wiped away by another rope pulling, muscle tightening, pussy reddening stroke that landed between my legs.  I cried out.  My hips rolled. I thrust upward to meet the whip.  Another clothespin was attached to my breast, this time along the side.

That’s how it went.  A harsh pain filled stroke would land on my pussy, sending sparks of fire laced pain through my clit, while another clothespin was carefully attached to my breasts, turning my chest into a clothesline.  When Kari ran out of room on my breasts, she started putting them on my sides, biting the tender spots under my arms, my side, and right down to my hips.  Each clothespin was spaced with another stroke to my pussy.  I was going nuts.

I had brought all of my clothespins with me.  Yes, I’m an idiot.  Thank you for reminding me.  That meant that Kari had a total of twenty four clothespins.  Of course, she also has some, another dozen or so at least, which she extracted from her bedside table drawer. I guess that Robert gets clamped as well.  Ouch.  There’s a thought, right?  After about twenty tender and pain ridden minutes, I’m pretty sure I looked like a porcupine or a hedgehog, since I was covered with little wooden clamps sticking up all over my body.  Thank god there weren’t any on my pussy!

“Oops!  All gone!  No more clothespins!”  Kari announced, much to my relief.  Then she held up the leather sap, holding it out to Sara.  “Let’s swap.”

I started to protest, only to have Kari put her hand over my mouth.  “You will accept this.  You will try to cum.  You will let us hurt you because you are a pain slut.  Do you understand?”

I nodded, tears and a bit of fear in my eyes.  I’ve been hit with the sap before.  I felt Sara’s finger touch my burning clit, lifting it slightly.  Then she raised the sap, moved her hand away from the target, and hit me.

I’m not sure what molten lava feels like when it touches your genitals, but I’m pretty sure it feels a lot like that stroke.  Yes, I screamed.  Yes, it burned.   Yes, I almost exploded just from that one smack.  I burst into tears as the pain washed through me and then almost went crazy when another blow, this time across my chest, struck me causing about four or five of the clothespin to snap off me. 

Before I had a chance to recover Sara smacked me again. Agony laced through me, starting at my clit and rushing up to my breasts.  Kari took her turn, removing a few more clothespins.  I didn’t really notice at that particular moment that she was saving the tips of my breasts for last, but she was.  Then Sara nailed me again and I rose up in this back arching wrenching stretch that was a reaction to the searing pain.  They kept at it, alternating strokes.  All organized thought in my brain shut down and I was just reacting, crying, screaming, hurting, cumming as they worked me.  Yes.  I was cumming.  My eighteenth, my record. 

Every couple of years I experience a rather remarkable type of orgasm.  It’s a rather intense type.  It starts off a full force, and then goes through a series of pulses, or waves, that never really drop in intensity.  Kari once told me that technically, I was experiencing a multiple orgasmic experience, where my body didn’t actually come down from the first orgasm before experiencing the second orgasm, or the third, or the fourth.  It just carried on.  I don’t have them very often.  In fact, I can only think of four times now, including the one I had that Sunday evening.  It’s too bad I can’t count each of those mini-orgasms to include in my record, right?  But what if someone ever assigns me to try and break my record again?  Impossible.

But that special orgasm is what I experienced while having one woman whip me between the legs and another literally remove three dozen clothespins from my body with another whip.  Oh, and don’t forget the buzzing vibroballs, which someone had turned to maximum at some point.  I can’t even remember how many waves of orgasm I had during this little event.  I only knew that I was cumming, and cumming, and cumming some more.

The last of the clothespins, the two on my nipples, were whipped off, coinciding with another surge between my legs.  The last stroke of the sap smacked me wetly and I passed out again.

Isn’t that anti-climatic?  You should have seen Michael complaining about the first draft of this scene when he read it.  He wanted me writhing in sexual agony and ecstasy.  But that didn’t happen.  I passed out.

When I woke up, my legs were free, though still wrapped in the ankle cuffs, the bed was littered in clothespins, and Kari and Sara were bent over my crotch, examining me.  I felt a finger probing at my sex and moaned, twisting away.  Sara came up, wrapping her arms around me.

“Are you okay, darling?”  She asked.

I nodded.  My throat was parched.  “Yeah.  Sorry.” 

Sara shook her head.  “Not at all. I find it very telling.  I just want to make sure you’re okay.”

“There’s no damage” Kari announced from between my legs.  I looked down at my former and temporary current mistress.  “Bre has endured it rather well.  We can continue.”

I stiffened as Kari picked up the leather sap, fear washing through me.  I didn’t want to get hit again.  But she wiped the leather with a towel and then set it atop the nightstand, allowing me to sink into Sara’s soft protective arms.



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