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11a – Attack from the Rear

The look in Megan’s face makes it very clear.  Her eyes sparkle and she rocks her hips, causing her bottom to literally sway in front of you, tantalizing your senses and desires.  Licking your lips lightly you step up, pressing your cock into the crack of her ass.  The previous positions have lubricated both of your perfectly and you slide your shaft up through her butt checks, reveling in the soft feel of her. 

Grabbing hold of the base of your cock, you position yourself, aiming for the small round button flawlessly exposed.  Megan lowers herself all the way, resting her stomach on the padded stool, breasts dangling off one side while she reaches around, grabbing hold of both cheeks and pulling, spreading herself.  For a moment you tease her, running the point of your shaft across her hole, dipping back into her pussy for just a second.  As she moans you pull out and reposition, then begin to push.

At first it is difficult to get even the tip of your cock into her body.  Her tight sphincter tries to keep you out and the old adage “the anus is an exit, not an entrance” comes to mind.  Megan however has unusual control over her muscles and you feel her loosening, opening up and then you are in.  The first inch slides deeply down her chute and you continue the pressure, filling her up with the entire length of your cock.

The sensation is incredible and you quiver as her muscles tighten around you.  Rippling movements press against your cock and you realize that she is tightening and unclenching her rear.  You pull out halfway, only to let yourself ram back in as she presses against you, groaning.  Your hands caress her the small of her back, feeling the luscious skin soft under your fingers.  Reaching beneath her, your hand finds the dangling breast, the small nipple hard and puckered.  Your thumb grazes it, rubbing back and forth and she tenses under you, rocking back and forth with your thrusts.

Leaving your left hand on her breast, you move your right hand a little lower, reaching under her hip.  It doesn’t take you long to find it, your fingers slipping through wet petals until you touch the delicate nub of her clit.  Working it back and forth you quickly induce spasms running through her.  Megan arches her back a little, and your careful ministrations induce a clitoral orgasm, reducing her to a quivering moaning receptacle for your attentions.

You take hold of her, wrapping both arms around her body and literally pick her up.  You try to keep yourself buried in her rear, but find it’s practically impossible as you carry her to the bed, depositing her face down in the soft sheets.  She moans softly, looking up at you with a naughty grin and wiggles her ass, sticking it up in the air like a target.  You don’t waste any time, climbing up behind her and duplicating your initial penetration.

To your surprise, you slide in easily, her ass clenching around your cock like a baker kneading dough.  You groan as you slide within her, pushing deeply to the hilt as your cock grows ever stiffer.  She shifts under you, her body twisting slightly and then you feel the soft caress of her fingers touching your balls, stroking.  Gasping, you spread your legs a little wider, changing the angle of your thrust.  The pressure is practically more than you can handle and the tremors start deep at the base of your cock, moving upward. 

Just as you are nearing climax Megan moves, and your cock is suddenly exposed, pulled out of it warm encasement.  She whirls like an acrobat, grabbing hold of your arms and you find yourself falling onto your back, cock standing at attention.  As you begin to adjust to your new position she straddles you backward, the long sloping curves of her shoulders and back clearly in view.  She lowers herself down and you groan, feeling her impale herself anally on your cock.

Your eyes widen.  You’ve never had a woman do that before and the sensation is phenomenal.  She begins pumping, lifting herself up and down as you continue to ream her rear end.  Then she lies backward, reclining on your chest, your hands finding her breasts and squeezing them.  Together you rock, finding your rhythm as the blood rushes to your cock.  She moans again and you stretch, reaching down with one hand to find her clit.  When you touch her nub her legs tremble, spasms moving up her body.  She tenses above you, fists tightening around the sheets, her head thrown back as her brunette locks tumble around your face.

With judicious pinching and flicking she cums.  Her ass locks around your cock, squeezing it tightly as she lets out a muted cry through clenched teeth.  It’s over in a minute and she collapses against you.  You hold on to her, ignoring your own need for a moment, but then scoot to the edge of the bed and roll.  She doesn’t resist as you return to your previous position: Megan face down, you astride her upper thighs, cock buried deep in her ass.  She folds her arms around her head and sighs.

You rebuild your pattern, thrusting through her.  Her willing and athletic body seems to melt beneath you, softening with the sexual release of tension.  Her buttocks become more malleable, and you move in her with less effort.  Your cock reacts to the changing tides perfectly and it isn’t long before you feel yourself erupting, exploding into her with cataclysmic force.

Now it is your turn to collapse, placing your weight upon her as your body purges itself.  The tremors slowly subside and you realize your cock has contracted, unable to maintain its position inside her.  Not wanting to crush your companion, you roll of Megan who moans softly in satisfaction next to you.

It’s several minutes before either of you say anything.  Your arm is draped over her body, one leg pinning her down.  Finally she turns her head and looks at you directly, a smile on her lips.

“That was really nice.”  She says, her eyes still glazed with satisfaction.   You return the smile with a nod.

“I haven’t cum like that in a really long time.  You sure know how to please a woman.”  She continues.  “The hour isn’t up, though.  Interested in getting cleaned up?”  She asks.
It’s a surprising question, one that you’ve never been asked here at the Club.  You nod stupidly, pleased at getting to explore new waters.  Megan rises out of the bed, the athletic grace and physical strength magically returning to her wrung out and sexed body.  You admire the feline like grace as her muscles ripple and she holds out her hand to you.  It’s not as easy for you to get up, but when she gathers all of the clothes from the floor, both hers and yours, you feel your curiosity piqued. 

Her eyebrows flash upward once in a look of mischievous fun and she sticks her head through the curtain, checking the hall.  With a flick of her hand, she motions you forward and you follow her naked into the small corridor between darkened VIP rooms.

To say you are uncomfortable is an understatement.  Unclothed in private is one thing.  Letting your dangelies be seen in public?  That’s another.  But to your surprise she turns and heads to the very back of the corridor, away from the lounge.  Embedded in the wall there is a door, painted black, with a sign saying “employees only”.  Without hesitation Megan opens the door and leads you into a well lit hall.  While not decorated with the lush extravagance of the VIP lounge, the parquet floors and nicely painted walls gives off a feeling of quiet competence.  Large fluorescent lights dot the ceiling and for the first time you have the ability to truly see Megan.

She is magnificent.  The smooth tone of a gymnast can be seen in every curve of muscle, her beautifully shaped calves and thighs thin, graceful, and corded with muscle.  Her abdomen is washboard, with just enough flesh upon her bones for her ribs to be concealed.  Her breasts are small, but round enough to fill your hand.  If only she were nine inches taller she would be modeling on the fashion runways of Paris.

Her high heels stop in the middle of the hallway and she turns and gives you a smile.  “Would you rather take a shower, or get in a two person bubble bath?”  She asks.

You notice two doors on opposite sides of the hall.  One clearly is labeled “Showers”, while the opposite one bears a plate declaring “Spa”.  It takes a moment for you to decide.

You’re a shower kind of guy.  All sorts of delicious things can happen in a shower stall! (15a)

The idea of relaxing in a huge tub of soapy hot water with the beautiful Megan lying against you sounds perfect.  Who knows what kind of trouble you can get yourself into! (15b)