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11b – Standing Doggie

In essence, her heels as her on tip toe and the height of the bar stool literally lifts her ass upward, presenting it like a gift.  You reach out and grab hold of her hips, pushing your cock into her pussy a second time, enjoying the more traditional feel of her well against your shaft.  It is a delight to penetrate her and in moments the thrusts of hips against ass become powerful and hypnotic.  You cant help noticing how soft her rear end is in comparison to her biceps, or thighs, but then, in the middle of one thrust, she tightens her ass and pussy literally locking you within her well, strangling your cock as if it were in a vice. 

The sensation is incredible as she kegals your shaft.  Ripples of muscle spasms seem to spiral around the tip of your spear and then she releases you.  The extraction and next thrust are almost automatic with you, and she tightens again as you sink to your maximum depth.  It is a novel way of fucking, long and drawn out, and you realize that she is toying with you.  You are not in control, despite the fact that she is the one bent over a stool with you impaling her.  Your physical presence inside her well is at her allowance.

She lets you pick up the pace of your thrusts, still squeezing your cock tight upon each penetration, but rather than holding you locked deep in her body, she loosens enough to allow your shaft freedom.  You feel the tension building in you and realize that you will never be able to orgasm like this.  Every stroke adds fuel to the fire, only to be banked and stifled by her delicate squeezing.

You hold on as long as you can, but her cruelty and whimsical playfulness quickly brings you to the edge of insanity.  All you can think about is exploding, of release, and you know that she could keep you like this for hours, or at least until you collapse from exhaustion.  Her loins tighten around you again, locking you in place and you make your decision.

When she releases your cock you pull completely out.  She glances backward over her shoulder with a knowing smirk, as if she expected it.  Perhaps in her mind she rates men by how long they can tolerate her torment.  Stepping back you consider your options.

Megan however is already in the process of moving the stool aside.  To your amazement she immediately lies down in the center of the plush carpet.  Her legs come up over her head as she tilts backward, her hands moving to support her back.  In moments her ankles are suspended above her ears and her gaping pussy, still slightly swollen from your penetration is perfectly exposed.

“Put it in me,” she says and you can hardly resist.  You’ve never had sex in a position like this and the thought of it nearly drives you to orgasm.  You move closer, your hand at the base of your cock, pushing it downward, feeling the slippery wetness of her juices still coating the entire length.  You let out a groan as the tip touches her petals and then you sink downward, as if doing squats.
It is so different you spend a moment just marveling at Megan’s flexibility and imagination.  The downward angle of your cock is exotic to the point of disbelief and you plunge repeatedly, pistoning your shaft into her cylinder.  After only a few thrusts you discover that she has selected another position in which to control you.  She tightens, but she no longer can hold you in.  Your thighs begin to tremble after a few minutes as you repeatedly impale her, but you are no closer to cumming.  Only closer to losing your mind in want.

This is getting ridiculous you decide and you extract yourself completely from her.  As she lowers her legs she gives you another knowing smile and you reach out, grabbing hold of one wrist as you pull her up and push her toward the waiting bed.  It seems she knows this was about to happen because she spins, pirouetting as she falls into the silken sheets.  She lands on her back and opens her legs, lifting them up to grab her own heels, spreading herself wide.

In seconds you are upon her, thrusting your shaft into her well with almost animal need.  She has played you like a violin and you are vibrating with need.  You pin her to the sheets and she sighs in contentment as you plunge deeply.  Her ankles move from above her head to against your shoulders and you furrow her thoroughly.    Somewhat to your amazement her eyes start to glaze and she begins to buck against you, as if she has lost control.  Your own need though overrides her rather different attitude and you pull her legs down and to the side.  A quick movement has you straddling her straightened legs as you ram yourself intensely into her hole.  Her eyelids flicker and she gasps, her arms coming up to pull you down to her body.  Her breasts graze your chest as the two of you move together and then she stiffens just before you do, fingernails scraping lightly against your back as she clings to you, shaking with her orgasm.

You follow her down that path.  Her reaction is just to real, to intense to be anything but truth and you can feel the spasms in her pussy that declare her explosion.  Your own shaft hardens to granite and you feel it spurt, sending ribbons of cream outward in a powerful release that drains the energy from every part of your body.  You collapse upon her and she likes it, holding you tightly as the two of you try to catch your breath, chests heaving in unison, pressed together.

You go to pull out but her hand goes to your buttock and squeezes.  “No… leave it in.  Please?” she whispers, her tone begging.  You nod and let yourself soften within her.  It is only when your arms start to tire that you roll to the side, still entangled in her arms. 

Its several minutes before either of you say anything.  Your arm is draped over her body, one leg pinning her down.  Finally she turns her head and looks at you directly, a smile on her lips.

“That was really nice.”  She says, her eyes still glazed with satisfaction.   You return the smile with a nod.

“I haven’t cum like that in a really long time.  You sure know how to please a woman,” she continues. 

“I’m surprised you came like,” you reply.  “It’s almost like you lost control there at the end.”

Megan laughs and nods.  “I did.  For some reason, the normal positions like the cowboy and missionary make me cum in seconds.  That’s why I do the exotic stuff first. I can go hours like that and keep control.”

You laugh. “I see.  I’ll keep that in mind for next time!”

“Interested in getting cleaned up?” she asks, another grin on her face.

It’s a surprising question, one that you’ve never been asked here at the Club.  You nod stupidly, pleased at getting to explore new waters.  Megan rises out of the bed, the athletic grace and physical strength magically returning to her wrung out and sexed body.  You admire the feline like grace as her muscles ripple and she holds out her hand to you.  It’s not as easy for you to get up, but when she gathers all of the clothes from the floor, both hers and yours, you feel your curiosity piqued. 

Her eyebrows flash upward once in a look of mischievous fun and she sticks her head through the curtain, checking the hall.  With a flick of her hand, she motions you forward and you follow her naked into the small corridor between darkened VIP rooms.

To say you are uncomfortable is an understatement.  Unclothed in private is one thing.  Letting your danglies be seen in public?  That’s another.  But to your surprise she turns and heads to the very back of the corridor, away from the lounge.  Embedded in the wall there is a door, painted black, with a sign saying “employees only”.  Without hesitation Megan opens the door and leads you into a well lit hall.  While not decorated with the lush extravagance of the VIP lounge, the parquet floors and nicely painted walls gives off a feeling of quiet competence.  Large fluorescent lights dot the ceiling and for the first time you have the ability to truly see Megan.

She is magnificent.  The smooth tone of a gymnast can be seen in every curve of muscle, her beautifully shaped calves and thighs thin, graceful, and corded with muscle.  Her abdomen is washboard, with just enough flesh upon her bones for her ribs to be concealed.  Her breasts are small, but round enough to fill your hand.  If only she were nine inches taller she would be modeling on the fashion runways of Paris.

Her high heels stop in the middle of the hallway and she turns and gives you a smile.  “Would you rather take a shower, or get in a two person bubble bath?”  She asks.

You notice two doors on opposite sides of the hall.  One clearly is labeled “Showers”, while the opposite one bears a plate declaring “Spa”.  It takes a moment for you to decide.

You’re a shower kind of guy.  All sorts of delicious things can happen in a shower stall! (15a)

The idea of relaxing in a huge tub of soapy hot water with the beautiful Megan lying against you sounds perfect.  Who knows what kind of trouble you can get yourself into! (15b)