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13a – Crossing Breanne

With a grin you take Breanne’s hand and lead her across the dungeon floor.  Weaving your way through the various stations you head to the back corner, bypassing the wooden pony, the T-Bench, even the wooden rack, all of which had attracted your attention but not been worthy of your final desires.  Instead you chose the black painted wooden cross mounted at the rear of the dungeon, steel links hanging from each end of the large wooden “X” shaped device.

Breanne follows obediently, the little wooden clothespin decorating her body bobbing slightly with each step.  The movement is intoxicating and the slight redness of each nipple reveals the tender torment already being inflicted on her body.  You suppress the urge to reach out and flick the little wooden clamps but then ask yourself why?  Lifting a hand you lightly smack Breanne’s left breast, causing the soft mound to bounce.  A soft gasp escapes her lips and you sense her body tensing as the little sparks of pain flash through her.  Another few steps brings you to the St. Andrew’s Cross and you tug Breanne’s leash so that she ends up facing you, back to the wooden frame. 

“Are you ready?”  You ask softly.  Breanne nods, her eyes glittering.  It’s tough to tell if they are filled with tears or merely the sexual excitement that comes from impending torment.  You move up to her and press your lips to hers, feeling her melt against you, ignoring the two clothespins attached to her breasts.  Slipping down her shoulders, your hands take hold of her wrists, lifting first one and then the other to the metal attachments on the wooden frame.  A quick clip of the D-links firmly secures her arms above her head, stretching her out so that she must stand on tip toes.  You run your hands back down her body, coming around first to her clamped breasts, jiggling them slightly so that the clothespins bounce again, and then downward.  You push her skirt downward off her body, letting her step from it with dignity.  For the second time you are able to see her sex, this time in the soft light of the dungeon.  She is totally shaved, and you cant help bending forward run your tongue across her clit, causing her thighs to tremble and her hips to push forward against you.

You suckle the tender nub into your mouth, rolling your tongue across her clit rapidly, listening to her rapid breaths as she moans in reaction.  Her skin is soft under your fingers and you slowly push on her ankles, moving them apart until her legs match the angle of the wooden frame behind her.  Pulling away from her clit you quickly attach her ankles to the St. Andrew’s Cross, leaving her bound and helpless, standing naked spread-eagled.  You stand, removing the leash from her collar and toss it aside, gazing at her in longing.

“So how should I torture you?”  You ask her, reaching up and taking hold of one of the wooden clothespins still attached to her breast.  You don’t release it, but give it the slightest twist, bringing a look of hurt to her face.

“In whatever way you want, Sir.”  She replies, her voice tight as the pain shoots up through her nipple. 

You shake your head disappointingly and give the clothespins another quarter turn.  Breanne gasps, her body tensing as her breath catches in her throat.  “I was hoping for something more specific.  What torture should I inflict upon your body?”

She bites her lip, wincing as she pulls against her bonds.  “Anything sir!  You should whip me!  And clamp me!  Anything!”  She twists away from you involuntarily but only succeeds in adding even more pain to her breast as her nipple is pulled outward.  You watch as a number of spasms race up her body and then you release her, an explosive gasp of relief bursting from her lips. 

Next to the St. Andrew’s Cross is a supply table, filled with a vast number of sex toys, clamps, whips, canes, and apparatus that you might find useful.  You eye the whips and canes, knowing that you intend to grant Breanne’s whipping wish, but you know that you will need to make things even more intense for the bound beauty so you run a hand over several of the different packaged vibrators, each pre-loaded with fresh batteries.  A telescoping stand sits next to the table and you find the appropriate clitoral massager, pulling it from its cellophane wrapping.  Quickly mounting the white rubber monstrosity you drag the stand over between Breanne’s legs.  She looks down, watching you intently as you adjust the various extensions, tightening and loosening various screws until the massager is pressed tightly against Breanne’s pussy, centered over her clit.  As you get it in position you notice the black leather belt attached to the back of the wooden frame and you grab hold of it, buckling Breanne into place so that she is unable to move her hips away from her up and coming clitoral stimulation.

Breanne doesn’t move an inch as you finish your preparations.  Finally you stand, lifting a finger to the massager, switching it on to its lowest setting.  The quiet hum is barely audible, but the effects of the vibrations on Breanne’s clit are instantly visible.  She stiffens slightly, head thrown back, eyes closed in soft pleasure.  A slight trickle of moisture slides down the inside of her thigh and you reach out, giving her breasts another soft jiggle before you move back to the table in order to select your next weapon.

You have every intention of granting her wish to be whipped, but which one to choose?  There is the soft leather multi-headed whip which would curl so perfectly around every curve of Breanne’s body.  The heavy but springy sap with the wide leather end, clearly taken from a brutal street cop, would be great for urging her onward toward higher levels of torment.  The thin bamboo reed would leave red welts across her body, striping her, or even crossing her.   With a shrug you decide that all three will work well.  You grab the cat-o-nine tails first, giving it a test swing once before returning back to Breanne.

Once again you reach up to grab hold of one of the clothespin clamped nipples, giving it a slight twist to get her attention.  Her eyes widen and you see the flushed look of her face as she deals with the constant vibrations stimulating her clit.   You drape the whip around your neck, letting it dangle as you cup both breasts, pushing slightly to cause both melons to bounce softly.  The clothespins wiggle around and Breanne lets out another moan, her hips thrusting outward.

Reaching up you carefully remove both clothespins, tossing them aside.  It elicits a short cry of pain as the blood rushes back into the sensitive tips and Breanne whimpers, knowing that you wouldn’t have removed the clamps unless you had already chosen the target of your whipping strokes.  You step back, shaking loose the cat-o-nine-tails, giving her a knowing smile as you lift your arm. 

The first swing is under powered despite being directly on target and you watch in semi-satisfaction as she gasps again, her body jumping and pulling against the bonds holding her spread-eagled to the wooden frame of the cross.  With a studied glance you examine her breasts, noticing that your first stroke did nothing more than turn her bosom momentarily pink, which almost immediately faded back into the white freckled flecked marble of her skin.

You swing again, this time adding more force to the blow.  Her breasts absorb the stroke most satisfactorily, literally deforming under the impact and recoiling like a thrown water balloon.  Breanne’s moan turns into a full-throated cry and in an instant her breasts are turned a light shade of pink, focused almost entirely upon the areola and the full bodied curve of her bosom.  Tears spring to her eyes but you can’t help noticing her hips, twisting against the bondage belt, trying to press herself even harder against the massager still working against her clit.

Eyes hardening into agates you let loose a flurry of strokes upon her, changing the hue of her skin from cream to valentine red.  The individual welts of the leather strands flow together into a single rose coloration spreading across her breasts and abdomen.  Her chest heaves, Breanne’s breathing coming in struggling gasps as she deals with the heat of your whipping. 

With a deep breath you return the cat-o-nine-tails to the supply table and move around the St. Andrew’s Cross.  To your astonishment, the back of the device is equipped with a lock.  Experimentally you release it and the entire X-frame that Breanne is mounted to turns slightly.  Breanne moans as the massager moves slightly off her clit and you put one foot forward and push the massager stand away from her clit. Her disappointment is obvious from her whine. 

It doesn’t take much energy to begin the rotation process and you turn Breanne, letting her dangle on her side, still connected to the X-frame.  When she is completely upside down you halt the frame and immediately reapply the lock, effectively keeping her suspended a few inches above the ground, held in place by the waist belt and the ankle and wrist cuffs.  She lets out a stiff moan as you move back around, her long auburn hair spilling out upon the slate floor of the dungeon. 

Standing in front of her you realize that the position is even better than you suspected.  Her pussy is exactly at the right height, just at your nose, and her body is tilted backward just a bit.  You push your hips forward and realize that your cock is bumping against her nose.  The obvious opportunity presents itself and you can help reaching down, quickly unzipping your fly and freeing your rock hard cock. 

It takes Breanne about two seconds to get your cock in her mouth, even upside down.  Her tongue glides across the tip and you pump slightly, pushing even deeper and striking the top of her mouth as she begins the classic sucking swallowing move high class girls every where know well.  Her swollen clit stands right before your eyes and lean against her, keeping your cock in her mouth as you dip your mouth to her slit, giving back the same kind of pleasure you are experiencing.  You feel her jerk as your tongue hits her clit, strumming back and forth in rapid movements that only causes her to increase the suction she is placing on your shaft.  For minutes the two of you continue your vertical sixty-nine, and you only stop when you feel the overwhelming urge to orgasm.  Pulling your cock from her mouth you step back, trying to regain control.  A quick return to the table nets  you the leather sap and you step back into place, relatively sure that she didn’t see what you item you snatched up.

As her mouth surrounds your cock again you look down.  “Breanne, I’m about to whip your pussy pretty hard.  I suggest you keep your mouth on my cock and if I feel your teeth at any moment I’ll inflict a punishment upon you that will make this pussy whipping feel like a gentle spring walk.  Got it?”

She murmurs something around your cock but it seems agreeable and the feeling of her tongue sliding back and forth across the tip of your shaft is incredible.  With one hand you brace yourself, still leaning up against her naked body, and with the other you lift the leather sap and bring it sharply down upon her upside down sex.  Immediately you feel Breanne’s cry vibrating its way through your cock.  Her clit sells up and emerges from its hood while the petals part, seeming to spread open like a blossoming flower.  Your second stroke is just as powerful as the first, sending a fiery heat through Bre’s loins.  Her sucking on your shaft suddenly intensifies as if she is focusing on her oral duties to deal with sudden pain between her legs.  Before you can strike again her pussy rapidly gushes, sexual juice practically squirting from her sex to splatter against the leather sap.  You bring it crashing down on her clit and her extreme squeal and shudder belies her sexual escape.

You pull backward, tugging your cock from her mouth.  Bending down you look at her face, recognizing the flushed open mouthed expression of sexual release. 

“Breanne” you say softly, “did you just cum?” 

She nods, still unable to answer properly. 

“You know that little slave girls are supposed to ask permission to do that, right?” 

It takes a moment but she manages to reply.  “Yes, Sir.  I know.  But I had your cock in my mouth and I couldn’t stop myself.  What you were doing to me was just too intense.”

“I see.”  Your response is short and filled with disappointment.  The sense of your tone is not lost on Breanne who looks up at you with undisguised longing.

“I understand that you will have to punish me for my failure, Sir.”

“Damn right I will.”  You sigh and stand.  Moving around to the back of the St. Andrew’s Cross you release the lock and twirl Breanne back around to an upright position.”  You watch as some of the flush in her face disappears and her head hangs as she slowly relaxes.  Not wanting to give her too much of a break you immediately move the clitoral massager back between her legs, making sure it is pressed securely against her swollen nub.  Switching the dial to high revitalizes Breanne, forcing her to struggle against her bonds. 

You look around the dungeon as you return your cock to its hidden position in your trousers.  Zipping up your fly you notice that the two other couples in the dungeon are still deeply involved in their own sexual activities and only the room attendant has been watching your torment of Breanne.  On the rack over to the side of the dungeon, the oiled black girl is being judiciously fucked with a giant dildo.  Her struggle against the black leather cuffs and wooden ankle clamp is almost art.  Opposite your own station is the other St. Andrew’s Cross where a man is still bound, his cock now wrapped in cord and bright red.  With a shake of your head you return to the table to select your next toy, ignoring the now desperate cries of Breanne who is shuddering under the constant sexual torment of the massager.

You hand almost picks up the bamboo cane but something else catches your eye.  Two plastic wrapped clamps, each fitted with a small vibrator, seems like the perfect accompaniment to Breanne’s current torment.  You quickly grab them and pop them from their cellophane wrapper.  Stepping back over to the bound auburn haired beauty you have purchased you lift the two clamps.  With judicious expediency, you apply the clamps to her nipples, turning the tiny motorized weights on.  The actual vibrations are visible to your eyes, translating upward into her tenderized breasts.  Breanne’s head rolls and she moans, her body shaking.

You move closer and lean up against the cross.  “So how does that feel, Bre?”  You ask.

She looks at you, eyes communicating her desperation.  “Please fuck me, Sir.”  She replied heavily.

“Oh I will, eventually.  Not sure when or where, yet.  You came without permission so we need to deal with your punishment first.”

Breanne moaned and looked away.  “Then this is a good punishment, Sir.” 

You laugh loudly.  “Oh no!  This isn’t the punishment, Bre.  This is the preparation for the punishment.”  You reach up and give her left breast an additional shake, sending sharp sparks of pain radiating upward through her chest.  “See, I haven’t actually decided how I want to punish you yet.”  She turns and looks at you, eyes wide.

“Exactly.  Oh…I have some ideas.  Some options you might say.  Want to hear them?”  You ask.

Breanne nods.  “If you desire to tell me, Sir.”  Her voice suffers from the trembling of her body, reacting to the over reaching stimulation being endured from the three different vibrating toys.  With a grin you realize that you are setting her on edge and the longer she remains there the more desperate and tormented she will become.

“Well, my first option it to just leave you here like this and go find another girl to take care of my needs.  I’d leave instructions for you to hang like this for two or three hours.”

“Oh God!”  She whispers, eyes wide in fright.

You shrug.  “But I’m not sure I could stay around for the full time and appreciate it.  If I had you for an entire night…well then maybe we could do that.  Could you stand being tied like this and left vibrating for six or seven hours?”

“Only by force, Sir.”  Breanne replied, but you detect the definite interest in her voice.  “I’m not sure I could keep from cumming though.”

You nod.  “Well of course there would be punishments every time you came, but hey lets be honest, we really don’t have time for that, do we?”

“No Sir.” 

You reach up and shake her breast again.  She responds with a pain filled moan and you smile.  “So my next option it remove those clamps on your tits and take a cane and stripe your breasts.  I suspect it will hurt a lot.”  The lump at the bottom of Breanne’s throat disappeared as she swallowed, eyes a little shocked.  “But since I was planning on doing that to you BEFORE you came without permission, it wouldn’t exactly be punishment, would it?”

She hesitated for a moment but then reluctantly agreed.  “No Sir.  It wouldn’t be punishment.” 

“Exactly, so I’m not really in favor of that.”  You motion toward the rack where the black girl is crying out loudly, trying to deal with an oversized penetration simultaneously being delivered while the soles of her feet are struck with a cane.  “Or I can take you over to the rack, stretch you out, bastinado your feet, and see how big a dildo you can take.”  You pause for dramatic effect.  “Or I could just take you over to the vaulting horse, throw you over it, and take your ass.  Or bend you over the barrel, tie you again, and screw your brains out.

Breanne looks at you silently, still struggling to maintain her calm demeanor despite the continuing vibrations.  “What ever you think is appropriate, Sir.  What ever your needs are I will meet them.”

“Thank you and you are quite right.  It is what I think that matters.  But I’m interested in your opinion.  If it were up to you, what would you choose to have done to you.” 

She looks at you in confusion, trying to sense what you want her to say.  Finally she settles on her answer.  “Sir, I would want you to punish me as much as I can stand.  I would have you cane my breasts, then take me over to the rack and torture me, then have your way with me on the barrel.”

It is your turn to be surprised.  “My goodness!  You ARE a nympo pain humiliation slut, aren’t you?”

She nods, not noticing that her hips are doing a herky jerk  against the clit massager.  “Yes sir, I’m a nympho pain humiliation slut, sir.”

You grab her chin, forcing her to look up at you.  “No you’re not.  You’re not a slut.  You’re a whore.  Sluts do it because they can’t help it.  I’m paying you, which makes you an expensive piece of tail.  Say it.  Tell me what you are!”  You smack her breasts hard, sending the vibrating clamps swinging.

“I’m a nypho pain humiliation whore!” Breanne cried out, pulling hard against the steel links holding her to the St. Andrew’s Cross.

“What do you deserve?”  You practically shout.

“Punishment, sir!”  She yells back at you.  “Hurt me please!”

Without another word you grab the bamboo cane from the table, rip the vibrating clamps off her tits and bring the wooden reed down across both nipples.  Breanne’s answering cry fills the dungeon, attracting the attention of the attendant.  You swing again, the bamboo whistling through the air to land against Breanne’s breasts again.  Not a word is said to stop you and Bre’s cries are only encouragement.  Stroke after stroke turns her breasts into a crisscrossed series of welts that turn her tits scarlet, flecked with tiny shades of deep purple.  With a grin you know that Breanne will be sporting a few bruises from this beating.

You swing again and again until you notice the streaming juices exploding out from around the massager.  With a look of shock you realize that she has come again, without permission.  You lift the cane again, but realize that she can’t really take another stroke across her breasts.  With a disgusted grunt you toss the cane onto the table and bend down to retrieve the two fallen vibrating clamps.

Breanne has exploded twice now and despite her offer to endure more punishment your needs come first.  Take her over to the barrel and bend her over backward, giving her the fucking you need. (16a)

You punished her breasts and clit and the vault would put her in an excellent position for a spanking followed by a decent rear ending culminating in your own release.  Time to take her over to the vault.  (16b)

As hard as you are, who are you to deny a nympho pain humiliation whore the punishment she deserves?  You’ve already whipped her soundly, meeting the first part of her outlined punishment, but she wanted so much more.  Take her over to the rack, strap her down, and do the things you promised you would. (16c)