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14a – Pillow Softness

Wrapping your arms around her, you pick her up, holding her close to your body.  She groans as your cock slips out of her, the long thick rod pressed against her thigh.  It is only a few steps to the bed and then you deposit her on the sheets.  She is still in a sexual stupor, a warm smile on her face, eyes closed, savoring the delicious exhaustion that comes with release.  Even lying down her body is nothing but curves, her heavy breasts only partially flattening, and the chain of the nipple clamps stretched across her chest.  You put a finger to the hollow of her throat and run your hand down her body, up over one breast, down the side of her body to her foot.  It doesn’t take you long to unbuckle the purple shoes, depositing them gently on the floor.

You climb up on the bed between her legs, running both hands upward from her ankles.  Her skin is so soft that you pause, amazed, squeezing gently her thighs.  Almost involuntarily she spreads herself, ankles moving outward to the farthest corners of the bed, as if she knows your every intention.  Her hips roll slightly and you examine the wet and pouty lips of her sex, still hungry, still wanting.

Experimentally, you touch the tip of your tongue to her clit and are instantly rewarded with the sweet and musky taste of her sex.  She groans, pushing up slightly and you suck the petals of her flower into your mouth, biting down gently on her clit.  Her fingers touch your head, her back arching as you nibble on her, her juices running down your chin.  You release the folds of her sex, stabbing your tongue against her clit before sliding upward, your cock wanting a taste of her as well.

As you smother her body you notice that you seem to sink into her embrace, wrapped in warmth and cottony softness.  She pulls your head down to her breasts, pressing you into the valley between them.  You groan in delight, your mouth turning to find the delicate nipple, suckling softly.  She pillows your head on her bosom, sighing as you mouth her nub.  But even the distraction of her incredible breasts doesn’t keep you from moving the last few inches, pushing the tip of your cock against her moist hole.  As you slide in you hear her gasp, hips thrusting upward as you penetrate.  She wraps her arms and legs around you, enfolding your torso as completely as she is wrapped around your cock, and you begin to move together, slowly rocking on the soft mattress.

Your lips find hers, tasting of strawberries and you realize that even her lips are soft.  You float on the cloud of sexual marvel as she moves beneath you.  The gentle rocking motions begin to cause the inevitable rise and surge of your need.  It builds like a flooding stream, slowly creeping up the banks, rather than with a sudden flash of energy as if an upstream dam had broken.  This steady but gentle pressure builds to higher and higher levels, until you feel as if you can go no higher.

But then she rolls, grabbing hold of you and pulling you to the side.  You feel your cock slide out of her for just a moment before she straddles you, once more slipping the hard shaft between her legs. She begins to pump her hips and you place your hands on her breasts, thumbing her nipples.  Her eyes close as she moves and then it is too much.  You reach up and pull on the chain connected to nipples as you feel the orgasm rock through you, erupting into her body like a massive torrent.  She groans in satisfaction as you finally release the pent up pressure.  Slowly you descend back to earth, only to find her resting on top of you, warmth and pressure and overwhelming softness caressing your body.  Your hand finds the gentle dip of the small of her back, where her rounded bottom curves into dimples.  You caress her, loving the scent of her vanilla hair, of her strawberry lips, and the sweet saltiness of her skin. 

Finally she rolls off you, still cuddled close, with one arm draped across.

“That was wonderful,” she murmurs, giving you a contented smile.

You sigh.  “Yes it was.”

“Can I take these off?” Rebecca asks, lifting the chain connecting her two nipples.  For a moment you almost say yes, but then you shake your head.

“I like seeing them on you.”  She accepts your decision gracefully and lays her head back down on the pillow.  You lift one hand and begin to caress her skin, concentrating on the delicate curve between her waist and hip, occasionally dipping down toward the V of her slit.  When your fingers probe she opens her legs, giving you access.  You find her clit and work it back and forth until she is gasping again, her body trembling from the strain of holding herself open when she so clearly wants to close up to guard her secrets. 

“You seem to want more,” you say as you work your finger back and forth.  She moans, her head dipping up and down.  You maintain the pressure and speed for a moment more, right until she is close to orgasm.  Then you stop.  Standing, you move away from the bed, leaving her writhing in need.  Hurriedly, you find your boxers and trousers, and then your shirt and you dress.  After donning each article of clothing you return to Rebecca, ordering her to spread her legs.  She does, willingly, and you continue teasing her clit with light touches, the occasional flick, and even rapid rubbing, all to keep her close to the edge.

When you are dressed, you grab her wrist and pick her up from the bed.  There is something you have always wanted to try and this is the best opportunity you’ve ever had.  You lead her from the small VIP private room, still naked except for her nipple clamps.  She protests, but only mildly.  You’ve seen the girls parade around the VIP floor stark naked, and you pull her through the dining area and past the bar without any interruption.

While there is no interruption, there are looks.  The waitress looks at Rebecca in envy.  Several other girls, half dressed, look on with amusement.  Men, even the ones currently being entertained look over in surprise.  Rebecca is the definition of lush over-ripeness, of womanly charms.  Even the clamping of her nipples is more artistic than deviant and you push her toward the small alcove located to the right side of the VIP Floor.

There, in the semi-darkness, you find exactly what you are looking for.  Three mechanical devices, clearly meant for a willing girl to straddle, sit patiently.  The first one sports a thick rubber vibrating dildo, merely waiting for something appropriate to spear. 

The second device is much crueler. It too sports a dildo like object, clearly intending to penetrate, but it is much wider and shaped like a screw.  Evidently that is exactly what it does, turning inside her.  You notice it is slightly misshapen, rather than straight and you know that it will churn inside her.

Lastly, the third device is the most interesting.  There is a phallus, but it is thin and narrow, and located a bit farther back.  It is clearly intended to be inserted into a waiting girl’s rear end.  Just in front of it however is an opening, a black hole.  You have never seen this one in use and can’t help wondering what diabolical toy comes out of that hole.

The first device, the one with the dildo, is what you’re looking for.  Put Rebecca on it while you sit and watch her go crazy. (20a)

The second device is so intriguing.  Rebecca needs a good screw.  Have her straddle the middle toy and impale her self.  Then sit back and watch the show. (20b)

The third toy seems appropriate.  Your curiosity is too strong to curb.  Rebecca seems like a lush, willing girl.  Plus she no doubt knows what comes out of that rectangular opening.  You know what curiosity does to a pussy.  (20c)