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14b – English Spanking

Rebecca clings to you in the aftermath of her orgasm but you manage to disentangle yourself from her arms as she catches her breath.  Slowly, you put pressure on her body, hands taking hold of her limbs.  At first she resists, but only because she in unsure of your desires.  Her mind is still wrapped up in the hormonal rush of endorphin laced ecstasy and her thoughts sluggish.  You twist her around, still impaled on your shaft, lifting one leg and then the other, until she is draped across the chair, your cock in her pussy, breasts dangling down over the side of the arm rest.

One hand goes to her full breasts, playing with the silver chain clamped deliciously to each nipple.  The other hand goes to her rear end, squeezing, pinching, pushing, probing.  She pushes down, moving another inch or so of your cock into her hole, sending another tremor through both of you.  You lift your hand, holding it above her rear end.

“You’ve been a naughty girl, haven’t you?”

Rebecca lets out a soft whimper and you see her nod. 

You bring your hand down, the smack loudly filling the small space.  The blow forces Rebecca’s loins downward, fully encasing your cock before she recoils and comes back up.  It is one of the best sexual thrusts you have ever felt.  The angle is different and rubs you in unexpected ways.  You hit her again, spanking her glowing incredible ass, enjoying the sensation as her body once again is forced down on your shaft. 

Rebecca lets out another set of soft whimpers as you spank her.  Each blow is not a blistering heat induced stroke, but more of a firm impact in which the goal is not to cook her derriere, but to provide the necessary movement to keep her pistoning up and down on your cock.  Your fingers knead her breasts, enjoying the full and heavy globes that don’t even fit in your hand.  You pull on the chain, listening as the whimper turns into a cry and then Rebecca is thrusting against your herself, pumping her bottom up and down.  You swing your hand with quick strokes, smacking her buttocks with repeated blows, turning her pale skin pink. 

The position keeps you hard and ready, but doesn’t move you toward orgasm.  Rebecca however can barely stand it.  You watch in astonishment as she grinds, her body responding perfectly to the stinging blows of your hand as she cums for a second time.  As she shudders through the explosion you push her off your lap, dumping her on the floor.  Her eyes are closed and she lies there, recovering as you bend over in your chair, grab her ankles, and turn her toward you. 

Both of her legs are now propped up in the chair next to your thighs and you take one foot and push your toes into her sodden sex.  Rebecca moans, her lush body reacting to the intrusion.  You wiggle your big toe, dipping it in as deeply as you can, foot fucking the luscious blond lying beneath your throne.  You can’t help wondering if kings through the ages had similar experiences.  How hard would it be to order one of the serving girls stripped, bound hand and foot, hogtied, and deposited neatly at your feet, the perfect receptacle for cold feet needing warmth.  With that thought firmly in mind, you continue to tease her slit, rubbing her clit with your foot, and then penetrating as deeply as possible, managing to insert several toes into her depths. 

Rebecca spreads her legs as wide as possible, opening herself up to your game of footsie.  Her pussy is impossibly wet, soaked even, and you can hear the squelching sound as your toes dip in and out of her slit.  It isn’t much of a penetration, but it seems to be doing exactly what you intended: tantalize this incredibly beautiful woman at your feet.  Then, you see her eyes twinkle slightly and she moves her legs until her own tender soles close in around your cock. 

She clasps you loosely between the arches of both feet and begins to rub up and down, using the liberal juicing she gave you earlier as lubrication.  Eyes closed, you can’t seem to concentrate on working her, and so you merely press your big toe against her clit; let her do what she’s doing.  It’s an odd feeling, fucking her feet, but she seems to be an expert, slipping the soft and delicate arches up and down your cock.  The motion is not as gentle or secure as her hands would be, but there is a sort of appeal to the act, something slightly barbaric, or at least deviant.

It is exactly that deviance that brings you closer to the edge and you groan with the pleasure.  Her juices are starting to evaporate, or are absorbed into your skin and she senses it.  She spreads her legs again, moving quickly despite the nipple clamps still swinging from her breasts.  Another quick dip into the side table drawer reveals a bottle of oil and in seconds it’s being applied to your full length.  Her hands, not her feet, work the oil in and as soon as your cock is fully lubed she begins to pump her hands up and down, working your shaft with a ferocity that has you tensing.  For the most part, she concentrates on the full length, rather than the tip, for which you are extremely grateful.  But even then, occasionally she brings her hands all the way up, the sensitive edge of your shaft head receiving a direct stroke that has you jerking in a half wince half thrust. 

Your fingers clench against the plush arms of the easy chair and the moan from your throat is all the clue she needs.  She wipes her oily hands across the lower half of her breasts as she turns around.  Her ass is presented to you for a moment before she lowers herself down.  Your cock disappears into her pussy, buried to the hilt as her white curvy bottom begins this up and down rolling motion.

It’s incredible, but still not enough.  Perhaps it’s the position.  Perhaps it’s the angle.  All you know is that while your cock feels incredible, right on the edge of orgasmic bliss, there is no way you will cum like this.  You endure as much as you can, then literally stand up, Rebecca still impaled upon you as you carry her to the bed.  She squeals slightly as you lower her to the mattress, your cock slipping out, but you take advantage of the momentary disconnect to position her face down, legs slightly apart, nipple clamps digging into her breasts.  You straddle her, slipping your cock into the crack of her ass, moving it up and down.

She clenches her bottom as the tip of your shaft glides across her brown button, seeking lower and then you force yourself into her wet opening, ramming yourself deep.  Her pussy contacts around you again, the sex pulsing in wet convulsions as you take control.  There is something to be said for power, and right now it is yours.  Depth, pace, angle; it all belongs to you now.  You give in to your own needs, ignoring the whimpering moans from the girl pinned beneath you.  Rebecca has already exploded and there is no need to consider her sexual requirements.

When you cum, ribbons of hot cream explode from your cock.  It is a liberating experience and you end up collapsing on top of Rebecca, your hips digging comfortably into her cushy rear end.  She mews a bit, but slowly halts the slight pumping of her hips.  Your mouth opens and you can’t help kissing and tasting her skin, your tongue running along her spine and the back of her neck.  You hear a slight giggle and a hum of pleasure and finally you roll off her, extracting your cock from its moist scabbard.

She too rolls, but only enough to look at you, a warm satisfied smile on her face.

“That was nice,” she says.  You nod, still wrapped up in the afterglow of orgasmic release.

“Can I take these off?” Rebecca asks, lifting the chain connecting her two nipples.  For a moment you almost say yes, but then you shake your head.

“I like seeing them on you.”  She accepts your decision gracefully and lays her head back down on the pillow.  You lift one hand and begin to caress her skin, concentrating on the delicate curve between her waist and hip, occasionally dipping down toward the V of her slit.  When your fingers probe she opens her legs, giving you access.  You find her clit and work it back and forth until she is gasping, her body trembling from the strain of holding herself open when she so clearly wants to close up to guard her secrets. 

“You seem to want more,” you say as you work your finger back and forth.  She moans, her head dipping up and down.  You maintain the pressure and speed for a moment more, right until she is close to orgasm.  Then you stop.  Standing, you move away from the bed, leaving her writhing in need.  Hurriedly, you find your boxers and trousers, then your shirt and you dress.  After donning each article of clothing you return to Rebecca, ordering her to spread her legs.  She does, willingly, and you continue teasing her clit with light touches, the occasional flick, and even rapid rubbing, all to keep her close to the edge.

When you are dressed, you grab her wrist and pick her up from the bed.  There is something you have always wanted to try and this is the best opportunity you’ve ever had.  You lead her from the small VIP private room, still naked except for her nipple clamps.  She protests, but only mildly.  You’ve seen the girls parade around the VIP floor stark naked, and you pull her through the dining area and past the bar without any interruption.

While there is no interruption, there are looks.  The waitress looks at Rebecca in envy.  Several other girls, half dressed, look on with amusement.  Men, even the ones currently being entertained look over in surprise.  Rebecca is the definition of lush over-ripeness, of womanly charms.  Even the clamping of her nipples is more artistic than deviant and you push her toward the small alcove located to the right side of the VIP Floor.

There, in the semi-darkness, you find exactly what you are looking for.  Three mechanical devices, clearly meant for a willing girl to straddle, sit patiently.  The first one sports a thick rubber vibrating dildo, merely waiting for something appropriate to spear. 

The second device is much crueler. It too sports a dildo like object, clearly intending to penetrate, but it is much wider and shaped like a screw.  Evidently that is exactly what it does, turning inside her.  You notice it is slightly misshapen, rather than straight and you know that it will churn inside her.

Lastly, the third device is the most interesting.  There is a phallus, but it is thin and narrow, and located a bit farther back.  It is clearly intended to be inserted into a waiting girl’s rear end.  Just in front of it however is an opening, a black hole.  You have never seen this one in use and can’t help wondering what diabolical toy comes out of that hole.

The first device, the one with the dildo, is what you’re looking for.  Put Rebecca on it while you sit and watch her go crazy. (20a)

The second device is so intriguing.  Rebecca needs a good screw.  Have her straddle the middle toy and impale her self.  Then sit back and watch the show. (20b)

The third toy seems appropriate.  Your curiosity is too strong to curb.  Rebecca seems like a lush, willing girl.  Plus she no doubt knows what comes out of that rectangular opening.  You know what curiosity does to a pussy.  (20c)