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15a – In the Shower

Nodding toward the shower door, Megan grins and takes your hand as she pushes open the heavy wooden portal.  Instantly your nose is assaulted by a myriad of different scents; from vanilla to strawberry.  Lavender and rose seems to permeate the room and Megan leads you past several steaming stalls, opaque but frosted doors revealing coupling bodies.  The sounds of lovemaking fill the room.  Despite the steam your eyes taken in the brass fixtures, the solid green and white marble countertops and matching tile.  Piles of fluffy white towels sit folded neatly on various racks around the room.  Here and there you notice discarded clothing; the expensive silk of a cocktail dress next to the fallen pants of a client.

Megan ignores all of this, clearly familiar with the sights, sounds, and scents of the shower room.  Her steady pull leads you deep into the labyrinth of small shower cubbies and you suddenly find yourself alone with her.  She opens the frosted glass doors in front of you and reaches in, turning the water on.  Almost instantly steam appears and she grins at you as she puts the bundle of clothes in her arms on a small side table. 

“Ready?” she asks, holding out her hand.  With a grin you take it, following her into the steaming streaming water of the shower.  To your delight, you find two shower heads in the overly large stall and you take a moment to study your surroundings.  It is clear that the shower was designed for sex.  A large ledge rings the stall, easily at the perfect height for a number of positions.  Several handles are built into the walls, clearly meant to provide better stabilization for shower sex.

Megan runs her head under her own shower sprayer, wetting herself completely.  You smile, realizing that her shorter hair gives her the advantage of being able to enjoy a through wetting. Water glistens on her body, pouring down over her tan skin in ways that only stimulate your eyes.  Each hard bump of her nipple ripples as the water refracts the light and image of her breast.  Turning around you see a soap dispenser.  A quick push fills your hand with a practically scent free gel and Megan grins at you.  She lifts her arms over her head, practically begging you to run your hands over her body. 

She feels even more incredible wet than she did when she was moving against you in the private room.  Your fingers slide over her skin, slick with the soap, small bubbles rising and popping against her body.  Your hands travel over her breasts, down around to the small of her back and then over her buttocks, caressing, washing, kneading, massaging every little piece of her.  She sighs and takes hold of one wrist, moving your soapy hand between her legs.  You feel her petals, wet and soft and you begin to caress her, stroking them in your hand, pressing them between thumb and finger until she begins to moan.  When you find her clit she gasps, grabbing hold of your hand and pulling it away from between her legs.

Then she is returning the favor.  Her hands fill with the soapy gel and wrap around your cock stroking its semi-ridged length.  You groan as she concentrates on the tip, using her fingers to clean you of all of her fluids.  You feel the stimulation begin to flow through your blood and her hands tighten down upon your cock as it throbs, stiffening.  Megan moves slightly, washing the soap away and then her mouth surrounds you, her tongue wrapping around the head in exquisite ecstasy.

You moan again, your hands in her hair.  You caress her scalp as the water pours down upon you, her mouth seeming to work magic around your manhood.  Tension fills your body as you discover your need again and you pull at her shoulders, wanting her to stand.  She understands, giving your cock one last final slurp before standing, water splashing from her body, only to move over to the ledge.  One leg lifts high and you find yourself perfectly positioned for another entry, the sopping wet petals of her sex open and ready.  You move forward, cock straight out like a spear and you impale her, pushing forward until she groans.  Her pussy tightens around your throbbing prick and you being the push and pull of sexual tides, thrusting in and out in desire.  Her hands grip the hand holds, bracing her self for each push.  After a few moments she moves away from you, twisting until she is sitting on the ledge, legs up and spread so that she is practically doing the splits. 

Moving forward you enter her again, feeling your balls touch the cold tile of the ledge while your cock is buried to the hilt in her hot sheath.  Her face is turned toward you, her eyes open and bright, and the lashes thick with water droplets.  You continue to ram into her over and over, enjoying the feel of her.  Like the previous position this one sensitizes your cock in new ways, but never enough to bring you to climax.  You realize that she is toying with you, giving you what you want but not what you need. 

Reaching out you touch her shoulder.  “I want to fuck you for real.”  You say softly.  She nods and suddenly sits down in the center of the floor.  Water pours around her and then she lifts up, her arms supporting her weight as her bottom leaves the floor.  Her body rotates until her head rests on the tiles and her open legs are right beneath you.  In surprise you look down directly into her open hole, wet and ready.  The swollen petals part and it takes you only a second before you squat slightly, hand grasping your cock as you point it straight down and enter her.

“It’s called the ‘pile driver’ in case you were wondering.”  She says.  Water pools around her head, pulling trailers of dark brown streams outward toward the drain.  Her smile is infections, the look of sexual need filling her eyes.  You push downward, feeling your cock conform to the new requirements.  Moving up and down you push into her, resting on her body slightly before pulling up.  Obviously this position is exactly what she needs because her eyes close and she tightens up, her body trembling with sexual release.

You push her legs aside as she comes and knock her to the ground.  In seconds you are on top of her, water cascading down upon your back as you enter her again.  It is the work of a few moments before you feel your need rising to its climax, exploding out of you in thick copious streams.  You grunt as your cock spasms inside her and she lets out a soft cry of pleasure as you collapse against her, hot water bathing your bodies, sexual fluids washing away.

Finally you move to stand, holding out one hand to help her up.  She grins at you, smiling as she rises to her feet. 

“I guess we have to wash again.”  She says, her eyes bright.  “Think you can handle my mouth again?”

Your eyes roll and you laugh.  “I kind of doubt it.  Girls can handle that kind of stimulation over and over but guys are a little more restrained.” 

She laughs, nodding. “Then I’ll be very gentle.”

Her hands fill with soap once more and she begins washing your entire body, from neck to toe.  Several times she directs you to the bench in order to get certain parts of your body.  Between the heat and her gentle ministrations you find yourself relaxing almost to the point of sleep, her hands gliding over your skin with delicate motions.  The last spot she cleans is your cock, her hands gliding softly over the sensitized skin.  You are flaccid, but you can’t help feeling the tiny rise of attraction as she focuses on your manhood.  Long slow strokes, soap, and then gentle squeezes, along with the fifteen minute break has predictable results: another hard on.

“Why is it that every girl here at the Club tries to me hard after we’ve just had sex?”  You ask, your body ignoring the signals of needed rest.  “You can’t possibly be hoping I’ll orgasm again.”

Megan chuckles, still squeezing your now stiff rod.  “If you leave, we can’t make anymore money, so what every girl here tries to do is satisfy you, then build you back up so you will want to spend either more time with us, or at least with another girl.  Now that you’re awake again, maybe you’ll stay.”

You groan.  “My God, you’re going to kill me!”  Megan smiles again and bends down, her mouth surrounding your cock.  After another minute of her tongue lapping at the full length of your shaft she pulls back. 

“You can’t possibly want this to end.”  She whisperes.

You gently pull her up, your cock hard but the rest of your body not cooperating.  “You were incredible but I put in a full day of work!  I need my rest!”  It’s not often you resist the advances of a beautiful woman.  “I need to rest, but I can always come back tomorrow” you say, stroking her wet locks.  She smiles and then turns off the hot water.

As the steam escapes into the small cubby she reaches out and manages to snag two of the large fluffy towels.  You move to dry yourself, but she beats you too it, rubbing her towel over your body, taking care to be especially careful around your cock.  When you are relatively dry you step out of the shower stall, watching as she merely wraps her own towel around her body, joining you.

The first thing you notice is that someone has hung up your clothes.  Trousers, shirt, socks and shoes are all neatly hung and put aside, as if some secret tailor or dry cleaner had come through.  It takes you only a few minutes to get dressed, especially with the help of Megan and her nubile fingers.

Still wrapped in her towel she leads you back to the hallway.  The door to the private room area looms before you and she stands on tip toe, still in bare feet, small wet footprints leading back to the shower room.

“That was absolutely fantastic!”  She whispers after the soft kiss.  “I hope you had as great a time as I did.”  She says.  Her hand moves down and caresses you through the cloth of your trousers.  Once again your manhood stiffens slightly.  “I hope you stay!”

She opens the door for you and you give her a smile as you head back out into the VIP Lounge.  The sights and sounds of the room hit you almost physically, from the lingering scent of cigar smoke to the loud music blaring from down below.  Over in the corner the buxom blond waitress, Amanda is serving a new client, looking none-the-worse for wear.  For a moment you stand there, taking in the aromas and atmosphere as you decide what to do next.

You’re exhausted.  As much as you would like to stay it’s time to head home.  Grab a drink from the bar and then head downstairs to the exit.  There are many more days ahead. (The Exit)

On second thought, maybe a massage would be the right thing to do right now.  (1d)

One of the other dancers attracted your attention earlier.  Find a table and ask the waitress to find the red-haired temptress Breanne and have her come to you. (4c)

While you were watching the dancers, the blond girl, Rebecca, caught your eye.  Perhaps Megan was right.  There is still enough energy for a bit more fun! Return to your seat and have a waitress inquire about Rebecca’s availability! (4b)