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15b – Bubble Bath

Megan grins and opens the side door marked “spa” and pulls you into one of the most intriguing rooms you’ve ever seen.  In essence, a giant shallow pool of bubbling water fills the room, except that it is apportioned into four small alcoves, each surrounded by a few potted plants, piles of large fluffy white towels, and baskets filled with all sorts of gels, unguents, and lotions.  Steam seems to rise up around you and Megan leads you down a wooden walkway that literally bisects the pool.  In the mist, you can hear laughter, both men and women, and you realize that some interesting things must be going on in a few of the alcoves.

You are led to an empty pool and Megan deposits your clothes on a small chair.  She takes a moment to unbuckle her high heels, stepping out of them with a look of relief.  She gives you a grin.  “It’s the only part of the uniform I don’t really care for,” she says with a light tone.

“You wear them well,” you respond.  Indeed, you had admired the curve of her arch and the shapely look of her calves.  But even now, flat footed against the tile of the bath, she is gorgeous.

She doesn’t bother to reply, but instead grabs both your hands and steps backward into the spa.  You follow her in, letting yourself be pulled into the warm bubbles with ease.  The heat is intoxicating and quite refreshing as well.  To your surprise, you find that the spa strips away the remaining aches and tension that remains in your body, what little there is.  Nothing is better for the restoration of the physical form than tightening every muscle and then releasing that tension in one massive burst.

The alcove is actually big enough to swim in, though it is only four or so feet deep.  The flash of a white shirted attendant by your clothes distracts you only for a moment before Megan closes in on you, her long delicate fingers stroking your arms, back, and then moving down between your legs.  To you surprise, she gently holds your cock, squeezing it patiently and softly.

“Let’s get you washed up, okay?” she whispers.  She leads you, by the cock of course, to the edge of the spa and directs you to sit on the edge.  You lift yourself from the water and then watch as she emerges like a mermaid, grabbing hold of a bottle from one of the little baskets.  She pushes your legs apart, exposing your balls and cock completely and you feel just a tad bit self conscious.  Until of course she begins pouring a generous amount of something cool and tingly on your cock. 

Her thin fingers begin rubbing it in, creating a white lather that flows generously over your balls.  Both hands come up and begin working away at your genitals, cleaning the various folds and crevasses.  Her ministrations are not exactly erotic, but your body begins to respond anyway and by the time she is finished with your tip, her hand can glide down your entire cock.

“I see you have your strength back,” she says, a naughty look in her eye.  You chuckle, knowing full well that if it wasn’t for her hands you would not be rigid again. 

Her movements change from cleaning to tantalizing as she begins to give you what can only be described as a hand job.  The soap makes her fingers dance across your skin and your cock hardens to full capacity, the blood engorging the long member.  As soon as you are at full length, she cups one hand full of water and pours it over your cock.  The shock of the heat begins the softening process, but then her mouth wraps around the tip and begins sucking, her hand coming up to flutter fingertips against your balls.

She bobs her head, taking your shaft deep into her throat and you give out a small groan of pleasure.  Her hair frames her head, the ends damp from the water as she sucks and licks your cock.  To your surprise, she deep throats, swallowing so much of your shaft that you worry you will choke her.  But her mastery over her body, her movements, clearly extend to her mouth and she tantalizes you to the extreme. 

She rises from the water when your cock seems to surge and bob of its own accord, responding to the tightening and release of muscles in your own loins.  She stands on the small ledge she has been kneeling on and you find her pussy even with your eyes.  Then she turns around and presents her bottom.  You can’t help reaching for it, burying your face in the tanned globes.   They are firm but soft and your tongue tastes her skin.  You detect soap, and a touch of vanilla, but the water has washed away all of her other scents.

Her body bends and she moves to sit in your lap.  Evidently she is just as aroused because your cock slides into her pussy with ease.  She begins to rock and then bounce as the two of you move together and she leans back into your arms.  Your hands find her breasts, tweaking and rubbing her nipples.  Then she spreads her legs wide and takes one of your hands, moving it from her breast to her clit.  You find the delicate little nub and gently work it back and forth, even as your cock continues to move inside her.

Just as she comes close to orgasm, she stops you, moving your hand away from her crotch.  To your surprise, she rises up, pulling herself off your cock.  Her hands move past you to the basket and grabs hold of a thick jar.  She unscrews it with an expertise wrought by experience and then she does the unthinkable.  She turns the jar upside down.  Nothing falls out but she pushes it down onto your cock!

Whatever is in the jar is thick and viscous, cool to your slippery cock.  You feel it congeal around your shaft and when she pulls the jar off your cock you are astonished to see a thick film of some gel encasing your entire member.  It doesn’t drip and then you notice a few stray water droplets beading up along the top edge of your cock.

Megan drops the jar back in the basket and then grabs you, pulling you into the water.  Her legs wrap around you as her buoyancy causes her to float, her loins near yours.  She repositions herself and then you feel her ramming herself onto your shaft, the thick gel totally impervious to the heated waters of the spa.  You slide into her body, grasping her as you bob along in coital bliss, thrusting, small waves slapping the sides of the pool.

It isn’t long before you feel your own needs begin to surface.  Megan senses this and she extracts herself, changing position.  Now she faces away, kneeling on the edge of the seat near the wall, and you return your cock to its previous position.  She moans softly as you penetrate her, running your cock through the soft flesh of her sex.  To your amazement, she begins tightening her muscles around your cock.   It’s the same sort of tantalizing movement that drives you crazy, and puts her firmly in control.  After ten or so minutes of thrust, hold, extract, repeat, you find yourself longing for a different position, one that will result in your release.

Megan seems to know that you are at the end of your rope and so she pushes you away into the center of the alcove.  You squat in the water and she straddles you, legs outstretched and then wrapped around you as she impales herself on your thick and oiled shaft.  Together you bounce, letting the water carry you through the motions, supporting your weight as her eyes close in orgasmic bliss.  You put your nose to her hair, the scent of vanilla and coconut filling your nostrils.  Her skin is the color of peaches and you nibble at the juncture of her neck and shoulder, evidently bringing little shivers of pleasure to her.  She gasps, wrapping herself tightly around you as she cums, driving herself downward in a deep penetration that seems to explode through her like a rising rocket.

As she shudders you hold her, your own needs temporarily on hold as she trembles in your arms.  As soon as she is done, she relaxes, releasing her hold on you and floating backward in the water.  Your cock is still buried inside her and she keeps hold of you with her legs, but you take control, moving toward the edge until her hands bump the tile and she lifts herself up.

Now the angles and power are in your favor and you take her hips and begin thrusting powerfully into her body.  In moments the image of her naked body floating in the soapy bubbles is enough to bring your arousal to its apogee and you grit your teeth when the eruption occurs.  Megan moans with pleasure as she feels you pulse inside her.

Suddenly you feel terribly weak.  The heat of the spa combined with the sudden exertion seems to have drained not only your cum but you energy as well.  You sigh in happy exhaustion and pull out of Megan.  Settling next to her on the ledge you lean back against the edge of the spa and let out a sigh of happiness.

“Feel good?” she asks, looking over at you with another one of her enigmatic smiles.  You nod.  How to describe what you’re feeling?  It’s practically impossible, so instead you lean over and kiss her.  She kisses right back and then lifts herself up and you feel her hands on your legs.  Her fingers find your sensitive cock and she begins to pull on your limp shaft, as if she were milking it.  She is gentle, but you feel a twinge of discomfort.

“Careful,” you caution her.  “I don’t think you’re going to get me going again.”

Megan laughs.  “I’m not trying to arouse you. I’m trying to strip the jelly off your cock.”

Realization hits you and you nod in appreciation as she strips the gel from your shaft.  It takes her maybe five minutes in which you begin to just enjoy the gentle caresses.  As your cock recovers Megan asks you to sit on the edge again and you groan as she sprinkles a bit more soap on your cock and gives you a second washing.  When she is finished your cock is clean of all the gel, perfectly washed and glistening.  Just when she finishes, she opens her mouth and sucks on you again.  A sliver of arousal slips through your nerves and you groan again, hands entwining in her hair.

“Geese girl, do you ever give it a rest?” you ask, wondering if you have the strength to do it all again.  One thing you are sure of, you don’t want to do it in the spa again.  Your skin is beginning to shrivel.

Megan releases your semi-rigid cock with a teasing lick, her eyes flashing mischievously.  “I didn’t want you leaving unsatisfied,” she says. 

You shake your head.  “Trust me, young lady. I am VERY satisfied,” you reply.  She nods and stands, sluicing the water from her incredible skin with quick movements.  She climbs out of the spa and grabs hold of one of the white fluffy terrycloth towels.  Instead of wrapping it around herself, she wraps it around you, drying you as she pulls you from the water.  She grabs a small hand towel and dries herself off, making sure not to cover any of her more salient features.  Then she grabs your hand and leads you away from the spa, the gels and ointments, and the sexual release you so recently experienced.  A second door on the other side of the spa reveals a small dressing room and you find your trousers, shirt, shoes, and even jacket hanging, pressed, under a small number four. 

Megan grins and finds your boxers, holding them out to you.  It’s a bit novel, being dressed by a naked and still slightly damp beauty, but you allow her to dress you.  Her fingers are constantly touching, caressing, rubbing, and her mouth seems to kiss you everywhere before concealing the targeted flesh with clothing.  Finally you are dressed looking better than you did when you came to the Club earlier that evening. 

Still naked except for the small hand towel that barely covers her breasts; she leads you back to the hallway.  The door to the private room area looms before you and she stands on tip toe, still in bare feet, small wet footprints leading back to the spa dressing room.

“That was absolutely fantastic!”  She whispers after the soft kiss.  “I hope you had as great a time as I did.”  She says.  Her hand moves down and caresses you through the cloth of your trousers.  Once again your manhood stiffens slightly.  “I hope you stay!”

She opens the door for you and you give her a smile as you head back out into the VIP Lounge.  The sights and sounds of the room hit you almost physically, from the lingering scent of cigar smoke to the loud music blaring from down below.  Over in the corner the buxom blond waitress, Amanda is serving a new client, looking none-the-worse for wear.  For a moment you stand there, taking in the aromas and atmosphere as you decide what to do next.

You’re exhausted.  As much as you would like to stay it’s time to head home.  Grab a drink from the bar and then head downstairs to the exit.  There are many more days ahead. (The Exit)

On second thought, maybe a massage would be the right thing to do right now.  (1d)

One of the other dancers attracted your attention earlier.  Find a table and ask the waitress to find the red-haired temptress Breanne and have her come to you. (4c)

While you were watching the dancers, the blond girl, Rebecca, caught your eye.  Perhaps Megan was right.  There is still enough energy for a bit more fun! Return to your seat and have a waitress inquire about Rebecca’s availability!(4b)