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17a - Left to Stew

A wicked grin crosses your face you quickly move to the table to set your evil plan in motion.  Your fingers take hold of the package of ben wa balls, quickly removing them from their cellophane wrapper.  In moments Breanne is moaning as you work them into her body, swirling them around in her own copious juices before pushing them in with a single thrust of your thumb.  One deeply embedded, you place the remote on Breanne’s belly, but don’t turn it on.  You have something very specific in mind. 

The clitoral stimulator comes next.  The Velcro straps fit around her thighs and waist and it doesn’t take much effort to lock it around Breanne’s body.  As you finish, you notice a special set of nipple clamps, each one attached to a small vibrating weight.  With a grin, you tear into that package as well and quickly connect the vibrating nipple clamps to the ropes right above her clamped nipples. 

Her chest is heaving, still caught up in the sexual urges rushing through her body.  Every once in a while she lifts her head, trying to see what you are doing, not understanding the delicate preparations.  She can not see the butterfly, but knows something is resting above her clit.  She can feel the vibroballs, but does not know what they do.  When everything is in place, you start the music.

The vibroballs are switched on first.  You thumb the remote up to its maximum setting, immediately causing Breanne to stiffen.  It is not the in and out fucking she was hoping for, but it is intense, the vibrations causing her to thrust her hips up and outward in a lewd movement.  In seconds the butterfly stimulator joins the roar, sending powerful pulses directly into her clit.  She stiffens and lets out a cry of anguish, her need dominating her control.  You watch with pleasure as her thighs begin to tremble in their outstretched bonds and her bottom begins to bounce on the curved barrel beneath her.

Your hands slide up her body and quickly turn on the nipple clamp vibrators.  These are not directly attached to her body, instead they hang from the ropes that stretch between the telescoping poles and the cruel clamps that have been chewing on her breasts since the very beginning.  The quaking shudders of the two nipple vibrator instead travel downward, through the taut rope, a mild but still potent torment.  A ball gag is quickly inserted, muffling her squeals and silencing her muttered pleas for release.

You take your time putting on your trousers and even the service attendant is intrigued as you get dressed.  When everything is back in place you extract a one hundred dollar bill from your wallet and offer it to the small wiry man who has so heartily approved of your actions.

“I was wondering if you would mind keeping her like this for another thirty or so minutes,” you ask politely, holding out the bill.  The attendant takes it with a smile. 

“Just thirty sir?”  his eyebrows shoot up.  You laugh and nod. 

“I don’t think it would be fair to keep her down any longer.”
“What if she cums, sir?” the attendant asks as Breanne makes another wailing moan.

You grin and rest one hand on Breanne’s outstretched leg, giving her supple flesh a gentle squeeze.  A slight shrug makes your position clear.

“A time limit is a time limit,” you reply.

The attendant laughs. 

You move around to Breanne’s face.  Tears have leaked from her eyes and she is grimacing as the vibrations torment her over sensitized body. You notice the tremors, the her muscles shaking like leaves as you kneel down on one knee, kissing her softly.

“I really enjoyed torturing you.   Sorry to leave you like this.”  You pause, giving her a thoughtful look.  “Ok, not really.  I’m very pleased to leave you like this.  I hope you orgasm several times while you endure this.” You pat her cheek, stand up and then give the ropes leading to her breasts one final tug.  Her squeal at the sudden burst of pain through the violent waves coming from the vibrators is particularly pleasant to your ears and you laugh, turning your back on her.

A quick glance around the torture chamber reveals that a number of other girls are in similar straights as Breanne, but none are as beautiful, none are as precious, and none are enduring the same brutal torment that you have inflicted upon your little slave girl.

The steps leading up to the VIP Lounge are quickly traversed and as the door closes behind you the muted squeals of a girl in sexual torment quietly fade.

Up stairs you take a moment in the restroom to freshen up, enjoying the complimentary toiletries and refreshments. You head back out to the VIP Lounge, trying to decide what you are going to do now.

You look down the hall.  Maybe a massage might be nice…

There were those other girls…

Or maybe it’s time to call it an evening…

You smile.

You stretch slightly.  At this point maybe a massage is just the thing.  Head down the hallway to the masseuse’s parlor. (1d)

Ask the waitress if that amazing thin and limber brunette, Megan is available (4a)

Earlier, the luscious blond Rebecca caught your attention, from her incredible curves to her wide hips.  You long to sink deeply into that comfort.  Let the waitress know that you’d like to buy Rebecca a drink as soon as she’s available. (4b)

It’s been a long and very satisfying evening, but it’s time to head home.  There will be other nights and more adventures. (The Exit)