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17b – All Done

Making your decision, you leave her bent over the barrel, her body still taut, still wanting, her breasts still clamped.  You grab hold of your boxers and then your trousers and stand beside her dressing.  To be honest, you ignore her, knowing that your indifference and apparent ignorance of her need will drive her insane.  It isn’t long either.  As you are buckling your pants, her voice comes to you, filled with longing.

“Master?  Sir?  Please sir?  Let me suck on your cock” she begs.  You look down on her as she lifts her head, red hair spilling down from her scalp.  You smile at her, rather pleasantly and finishing securing your pants. The lack of response frightens her and she tugs against the bonds.

“Sir?  Please!  Don’t you want to fuck me again?”

The smile on your lips is intense.  “No Breanne. I’m finished.  Thank you.”

Her eyes widen in astonishment and she tugs on her ropes again.  “But… but… I haven’t cum!”

The shrug you give her speaks of your indifference, but truly you want her suffering, to be needing.  It will be good for her.

“I’m done.  I’m paying YOU for a good time.  You aren’t paying me to meet your sexual perversions.”  You button up your shirt.

Breanne becomes slightly agitated and she licks her lips, straining her neck to look at you.  “Um… wouldn’t you like to whip my breasts?  Or my pussy?  Yes! You can whip my pussy!” she announces only to be met with the shake of your head.

You reach up to one of the ropes that stretch between the telescoping poles and her breasts.  She gasps and smiles.  “Yes!  Please hurt my breasts!” she begs, her head collapsing back down on the barrel.  But instead of yanking on the rope, you release the clamp.  She lets out a cry as the blood rushes back into her abused nub, but then she realizes you’ve released her and she shakes her head.

“Please! No!”

Her begging is of no matter.  You release the other nipple, listening to her hiss of pain before she shakes and thrusts her hips forward, her body wanting.  You release her arms from the overhead bonds and the barrel rolls, setting her upright.  You move around to the other side, freeing her feet, and allowing her to close her legs for the first time since she was placed on the barrel.  She winces, her body still trembling from the sexual torments you have inflicted on her.

She looks around.  “Let’s um… let’s go to another station,” she whispers, reaching out to grab your arm.  You carefully pry her fingers loose, then kiss her gently.

“I had a great time Breanne.  You should head back out to the stage and see what you can find to release that little tiger you’ve got locked up in your pussy.”

“You… you aren’t going to fuck me?” she asks, eyes blurry with tears of frustration.

You shake your head.

“You can do it for free!” she announces, going to her knees and kissing the slight bulge of your pants where your withered cocks sits.  You push her away and turn toward the stairs.

“Have a good night, Breanne. I’ll see you again soon.”  You know it is cruel to leave her like this, so desperate, so horny, so needy, but you know that those feelings make the best nympho humiliation pain sluts.  She deserves to be in this state.  With a grin you mount the stairs, listening to her groan behind you.  If it were up to you, you’d keep her in this state permanently, but she isn’t you personal slave.

Upstairs you spend a few minutes in the restroom getting cleaned up, taking advantage of the various toiletries provided by the Club.  You feel refreshed.  When you’re finished, you head back out onto the balcony of the VIP Lounge and wonder where to go from here.  A massage?  Another lady?  Or just head home for the night and come back tomorrow?

You stretch slightly.  At this point maybe a massage is just the thing.  Head down the hallway to the masseuse’s parlor. (1d)

Ask the waitress if that amazing thin and limber brunette, Megan is available (4a)

Earlier, the luscious blond Rebecca caught your attention, from her incredible curves to her wide hips.  You long to sink deeply into that comfort.  Let the waitress know that you’d like to buy Rebecca a drink as soon as she’s available. (4b)

It’s been a long and very satisfying evening, but it’s time to head home.  There will be other nights and more adventures. (The Exit)