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18a – Buried

Your fingers find the small loop of string at the base of the vibrating egg and you pull it out of her pussy with a squelching plop.  Breanne lets out a longing cry as it leaves her body, clearly indicating that she was enjoying the violent tremors being translated into her loins.  Turning off the purple egg shaped toy is easy and you drop it on the table as you step into position.

The head of your cock touches the widened petals of her sexual flower, spreading them even more.  She moans at the touch, not sure what is pressing against her opening, but knowing that whatever it is, she wants.  For a second you wonder if you could find a purple wand.  It might be fun to ram that into her and then shock her into oblivion, but the overwhelming need of your own release is to immediate, and instead you push yourself deeply into her body.

Warm wet tightness wraps around you as your loins press against her ass.  The heat of the spanking translates into your skin and she whimpers as your drive deeply, only to pull almost completely out.  Thrust after thrust into her internal cavity begins to create the friction you need and lean over, catching a glimpse of the heavy iron weights jiggling beneath her breasts. 

She is easily one of the best fucks you have ever experienced: tight, responsive, and perfectly formed.  At certain angles you even feel yourself hitting her cervix.  At one point you are sure the tip of your cock has hit her g spot, but you quickly realign yourself, rather than give her satisfaction.

You feel the wave of your impending orgasm approach and the pace increases.  You begin pounding against her rear, cock embedded deeply in the soft entrance of her sex.  Then your balls tighten, a feeling of exquisite release as your seed begins to bubble up, rushing through your cock.  The explosion is tremendous and the condom fills up, denying Breanne even the sensation of your spurting. 

For a moment, all you can do is rest as she squirms beneath you.  For a moment, you can’t make out what she is saying, but then your mind clears sufficiently to hear her begging “please” over and over, the sound of sexual wantonness clearly filling her voice.

Instead, you pull out, leaving her womb an empty waste of unfulfilled longing.  Your needs have been met and you feel incredible.  But what should you do with this sinful girl, this red-haired beauty that is nothing more than a nympho humiliation pain slut?

You contemplate leaving Breanne here to stew.  An extra hundred dollar bill will no doubt earn you the attendant’s services.  You could plug her with the vibrating egg again, clamp her clit and then ask the attendant not to let Breanne up for another half an hour, regardless of however many orgasms she has. (19a)

Real sexual torture is not about release, but denial.  Instead of setting things up for her orgasm, merely release her bonds, not giving her the satisfaction.  You are TRULY wicked. (19b)