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18b – Breanne’s Back Door

Your cock probes the small dark opening of Breanne’s puckered bottom and you feel her tensing.  The slight caning you gave her anus earlier has her tenderized and she struggles to keep from involuntarily moving away as the tip of your cock touches sore spots.  A quick step to the table provides a bottle of lubricant and you pour a copious amount over her bum, using one finger to work it into her nether regions.  Her reactions are predictable.  The penetration of your knuckle and the vibration of the mechanical egg in her cunt send paroxysms of pleasure through her body.

Withdrawing your finger, you reposition your cock and then begin to press the thicker digit into her depths.  The lubricant spreads, making things easier, and Breanne opens up, forcefully relaxing her muscles as you spear her insides, impaling her on your shaft.  Her tight hole enfolds you, wrapping around you like a comfortable blanket, and you can feel the heat of her earlier spanking seeping into your loins.  For someone who takes it up the ass as frequently as Breanne does, she is reasonably tight and you bury yourself to the hilt in her rear end, enjoying the cushy sensation of her butt cheeks against your hips.

You can feel the buzzing of the vibrating egg inside her.  It is quite amazing and you sense that only a thin wall of flesh separates your cock from that purple mechanical monster.  You pull out just a bit, in order to reseat yourself firmly, and feel Breanne squeeze down, tightening around your cock, evidently scared you are going to pull out.  A soft slap to her already tender bottom shocks her into release and you pull almost all the way out, leaving only the head of your cock still buried between her ass cheeks.  Another thrust forces her open and you being pumping, trying hard to see if you can reach her colon with your cock.

Breanne’s moans have become deeper and more prolonged as you pump into her ass.  Little muscle spasms frequently rock her thighs and arms, and even her buttocks.  They are tough for you to feel, but can be seen quite clearly.  She alternates tightening around your shaft with moments of relaxation and then you feel your orgasm starting.

You ram in deeply, changing your thrusting pattern and Breanne moans in response, obviously wanting more.  But you are no longer thinking of her needs, or her body, but your own.  Your hips dance against her as you work yourself harder, coming closer to your own eruption.  Tremors seem to shake your loins as you impale this red haired beauty, her tits swinging painfully with each terrible thrust.

When you cum it’s a release like no other.  Your cock shudders inside her, turning from concrete to granite and you pound away.  You feel the ribbons of release, the shuddering flow from your shaft as if fills the condom.  You bury yourself to the hilt, letting the tension flow out of you.

Breanne’s whimper as you pull out is so filled with anguish and wanton lust that for a second you feel sorry for her.  She is so clearly desperate, her body a taut string close to breaking.  You quickly remove the vibrating egg, dropping its wet and slimy bulk on the table as you set about preparing to release Breanne from her bonds.  But then you ponder the possibilities.  Does she deserve an orgasm?  You are too spent yourself to give her release, but …

You contemplate leaving Breanne here to stew.  An extra hundred dollar bill will no doubt earn you the attendant’s services.  You could keep her plugged with the vibrating egg again, clamp her clit and then ask the attendant not to let Breanne up for another half an hour, regardless of however many orgasms she has. (19a)

Real sexual torture is not about release, but denial.  Instead of setting things up for her orgasm, merely release her bonds, not giving her the satisfaction.  You are TRULY wicked. (19b)