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1a - Special Plate?

With a sigh you glance down at the menu.  All of your favorites are there, and despite the little school girl waiting upon you, curvaceous breasts dangling before your eyes, you decide that dealing with your hunger pangs would be the best way to start the evening.  You’ve ordered so many times that you practically don’t need to look at the menu, but you notice that it’s changed.  At the very bottom there is a new option, and it doesn’t involve a new menu item.

“What is this ‘special presentation’ selection?”  You ask.  It has a huge price tag, but money isn’t really an issue for you.  You could drop several grand in one evening and not feel it.  Amanda grins at you, her eyes widening with naughty mischief.

“You can purchase your meal to be served on one of the girls, sir.  It costs extra and it is only available for our VIP guests.”

Your own eyebrows shoot up at the thought.  You’ve heard of this kind of setup, but only in Japan.  For a moment you shake your head in wonder.  It might be a great option for a business group.  You’ve done that, bringing prospective clients to the Club before, setting them up with practically every sinful extravagance the facility provided.  But something that exquisite just for one person?  You aren’t sure if it’s worth it.  You muse for a moment.

Ask to speak to the manager.  You wonder how much of a difference there is between being served by Amanda, and having your food served ON Amanda. (2a)

Just order your favorite meal and study the dancers.  Amanda is cute, but you’re in need of something darker, something more sensual, something more sinful than “girl-next-door innocence. (1c)