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1c – On Stage

As delectable as Amanda is, you know are ready for something even more intense.  You look down onto the main floor, taking in the sights.  Even now three gorgeous beauties strut their stuff, churning to the heavy beat of the music.  There are three stages positioned around the room, each centered in its very own pool of bright light.  A small brass rail surrounds each platform and two long elevated walkways span the curved mirrored wall, making it safe for the girls to move between stages.

One of things you like about this club is the fact that every girl dances, regardless of seniority.  The manager tells the girls that the stage is their chance to advertise, to win the hearts of their customers.  A thousand props are provided and the girls go out of their way to provide memorable experiences…all in order to provoke you into a private dance.

For the common customers, it’s nothing more than a border line legal lap dance in one of the many private cubicles at the rear of the bottom floor.  Unlike the VIP lounge, those cubicles contain only a single plush chair.  Investing in VIP status was the best decision you ever made.

Each girl also does three dances and most make an effort to strip slowly, in order to keep you interested.  They’re all beautiful.  You look down at the first stage and find yourself entranced by a dark haired vixen who twisted in the multi-colored lights like a ribbon in the wind.  She was athletic, trim and wiry, but possessing the necessary curves to instantly harden any man.  Her shoulder length brown hair bobbed gracefully and you grin as she peels off her panties, leaving only the barest of g-strings covering her sex.  She grabs hold of the metal pole mounted in the center of the stage and climbs up it, spinning around and twisting until she is upside down.  Slowly she swings downward.

You open the menu to the very back.  The VIP lounge features one other amazing concept: a full menu of girls.  Each girl’s picture and name is listed, not by alphabetical order, but by hair color, making identification easy.  You scan the brunette section and quickly find Megan, her teenage grin infectious.  You read the profile provided and grin.  She specializes in kama sutra positions.

After a moment you study the girl on the far right.  Silvery blond hair seems to shine in the spotlight as she grinds her hips to the beat.  She is lush, but not overly so, instead giving you the impression that she is experienced at creating perfect sensations.  You feel the urge to press yourself up against her, to fall into the dense cushions of her breasts.  You can tell, even from the balcony, that she is amazingly soft.   A quick check of the menu gives you her name: Rebecca, and while it lists no specialty, it claims her favorite scents are strawberries and cream.

On the center stage dances another girl that entrances you, a common problem at the Club.  Her long auburn hair curls around her face and over her shoulders as she dances.  A black leather choker announces her interests as do the thick leather wrist and ankle bands.  She is naked except for the law required g-string, her feet encased in thin strap black heels.  Adding spice to the dance is a bucket of clothespins, which enthusiastic guests are buying at a dollar a piece, drooling at the opportunity as she kneels down, presenting her breasts.  Already both nipples are clamped, as are several other folds of flesh.  After four or five she removes them, depositing them back in the bucket for the next song.  A pile of dollar bills grows rapidly beside her.

The menu gives her name as Breanne, sex goddess, BDSM lover, and a switch, top or bottom.  You shift uncomfortably in your seat, knowing that a private stairway leads to a basement, and that going downstairs can have impressive consequences.  You imagine what it might be like.

Another drink arrives and you thank the waitress.  You contemplate as the three girls move through the rotation, to be replaced by fresh faces.  You admire all the dancers, but none attract you as much as Megan, Rebecca, and of course Breanne.  You finish your drink and sigh in satisfaction.   The girls you noticed earlier are out working the floor.  It’s time to make a decision.


You are in the mood for something vigorous, exciting, different, and brunette.  Let the waitress know that you’d like to see Megan as soon as she’s available. (4a)

Rebecca caught your attention, from her incredible curves to her wide hips.  You long to sink deeply into that comfort.  Let the waitress know that you’d like to buy Rebecca a drink as soon as she’s available. (4b)

For some reason, it is Breanne, the sex goddess who has enraptured you.  Heading “downstairs” for an experience with a bit more “bite” sounds like the perfect dessert.  Ask the waitress to let Breanne know that you order her to “present herself”. (4c)