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1d - Massage Choices

You look up at Amanda, stretching slightly. 

“I was wondering about the masseuse on staff?”  You ask politely, trying to ignore the school girl charm.  Amanda grins.

“Of course sir.  We have a full massage parlor here on the VIP floor.  It’s down the hall and to your right.  We normally have two or three girls on staff.”  Amanda looked thoughtful.  “If you’d like sir, I can see if they’re booked?”

You nod appreciatively.  “Yes, please do that.”  The idea of a massage sounds too good.  You quickly order dinner as well and sit back enjoying a drink and watching the main stage.  Even now three gorgeous beauties strut their stuff, churning to the heavy beat of the music.  There are three stages positioned around the room, each centered in its very own pool of bright light.  A small brass rail surrounds each platform and two long elevated walkways span the curved mirrored wall, making it safe for the girls to move between stages.

One of things you like about this club is the fact that every girl dances, regardless of seniority.  The manager tells the girls that the stage is their chance to advertise, to win the hearts of their customers.  A thousand props are provided and the girls go out of their way to provide memorable experiences…all in order to provoke you into a private dance.

For the common customers, it’s nothing more than a border line legal lap dance in one of the many private cubicles at the rear of the bottom floor.  Unlike the VIP lounge, those cubicles contain only a single plush chair.  Investing in VIP status was the best decision you ever made.

Each girl also does three dances and most make an effort to strip slowly, in order to keep you interested before they disappear into the watching clients.  They’re all beautiful.

In short order you dinner arrives and Amanda informs you that the massage parlor is open for walk-ins and that they are relatively slow.  Without delay you eat the scrumptious meal before you, torn between watching the incredible display of desirable women and eating your favorite dish.  Finally, you clean the plate, pushing it back.  Amanda scurries up and points you toward the massage parlor as she clears the table.

You stretch once again as you stand and realize that this was a REALLY good decision.  The hallway is lavishly decorated and you find your way to a frosted glass door.  A small plastic plate mounted next to the door says “Massage” and you open it, the scents of oils and hot water filling your nose.  You step inside, immediately noting the humidity and temperature changes.

You find yourself in a small waiting room with only one or two empty chairs.  You find this amusing.  Why wait here when you could wait out in the lounge?  A partition wall is set before you, with a small doorway blocked off by a curtain.  Before you can even announce your presence, two petite girls quickly enter, greeting you.

The first girl is oriental, her Japanese heritage plainly obvious.  Her almond shaped eyes are slanted ever so slightly and she is wearing a white kimono decorated with roses.  Her shiny black hair is cut short, making her seem even younger than she actually is.  You try to estimate her age, but if she’s a day over 18 you’d be surprised.

The woman who accompanies her is Hispanic, but with the Spanish roots of European conquistadors in her blood.  Her dusky skin seems almost golden and you wonder if she hails from the fabled city of gold: El Dorado.  Her Mayan Chocolate hair hangs long, but is bound in a pony tail you catch the faintest scent of chocolate and cinnamon.  She is wearing a terry cloth robe, embroidered with a distinctly Mexican pattern.

“Good evening, sir.”  The little Japanese girl says politely.  “My name is Ahn.  This is Avila.”  She gives you a small smile.  “Which one of us would you prefer tonight?”

It’s tough to choose.  They are both beautiful.  You ponder your decision.

Ahn is just perfect.  Oriental women, with their foreign cast, and petite bodies seem to be so intoxicating.  The idea of her hands gliding up and down your body is exactly what you desire. (5a)

Avila is just perfect.  Her dusky skin, her tall, athletic frame, and the scent of chocolate and cinnamon overwhelm you.  She is tall, no doubt a gift of her Spanish heritage, but her liquid brown eyes draw you in.  (5b)