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20a – Sybian Pleasures

With a knowing grin you direct Rebecca to the first device.  The simple phallus is nothing more than semi-rigid rubber, connected no doubt to a powerful motor.  Rebecca gives you a knowing smile and steps over to the half barrel shaped device, kneels on the platform, and straddles it.  You watch in delight as she lowers herself down, slowly slipping her soft and pink petals along the tip of the flesh colored rubber.  It’s an intriguing sight as the rubber disappears into her.  She settles down and then gives you a knowing glance.

You move forward and take the cuffs off the wall and quickly buckle them around her delicate wrists.  She smiles as you link them together behind her back.  She takes a deep breath and you watch in pleasure as the chain connecting the two small clamps, still attached to her nipples, swings slightly.  There are buckles to hold her to the device, and you take a moment, strapping her down at the knee and ankle.

She tests her restraints for a moment, but she is secure and no amount of wriggling or pulling will be able to get her off the either the dildo or the small bump that will press up toward her clit.  She gives you a needful look and with a smile, you push your foot against the small silver button at the front of the device.

There is an instant low hum and Rebecca stiffens as the little rubber phallus becomes active.  You take a step back to watch, and then realize that the nearby chairs and table are positioned perfectly for the show.  Perhaps ten feet away you sit down.  A small light has appeared and is directed at Rebecca’s sex, illuminating the shaking she is receiving.  From her expression, the vibrations are clearly doing their job, sending her upward toward orgasmic bliss rather quickly.  A waitress stops by, taking your drink order as you watch the show.

Rebecca’s first orgasm comes shortly after your drink.  Her hips are rolling, rocking, as she rides the saddle, penetrated deeply.  While the first few minutes she had maintained a rather composed position, it isn’t long before she is riding the sybian with greater movements.  After she shudders through her orgasm she gives you a hopeful look, but you merely grin and that is when her true torment begins.

The sybian doesn’t slow down.  It keeps up exactly the same amount of sexual pressure on her pussy and clit, vibrating her intensely.     She squirms but is unable to lift herself away from the device.  It isn’t long before she is whimpering, her body rocking as if she’s riding a galloping horse, mashing herself down upon the half barrel shaped device.  You finish your drink as she comes close to cumming again.  You set the glass down and then stand up, picking up your chair.  You drag it forward until you are inches away from her, even as she gasps again, cumming in desperation.  With a smile, you sit back down, spreading your legs.

It takes you only a moment to unzip your trousers and expose your cock, but when she sees it she leans forward, still suffering from the non-stop vibrations between her legs.  Her mouth opens and she takes you with wild abandon, as if focusing on giving your pleasure will somehow lessen the intensity or torment of her ride.  With her hands bound behind her back she is limited in the scope of her movements.  Her head bobs up and down your cock and it isn’t long before you are hard again.  She sucks and then swallows, not realizing she is moaning as her clit is vibrated hard.  By the time her third orgasm comes you can tell how tense she is, after riding the sybian for forty minutes it’s almost too much for her poor parts to take.  She is quivering, eyes starting to glaze and you can tell from her movements that she is nearing the end of her limits.  You reach forward and grab her entire head, forcing your cock down her throat.  She resists the urge to gag and swallows, sending ripples of pleasure through your shaft.

It takes only a moment longer and then you explode, sending ribbons of cream into her mouth and down her throat.  She swallows, struggling to keep up, and barely manages it, leaving only a small trickle to dribble down onto her heaving chest.  The nipple clamp chain swings.

You push yourself away from her and stand.  A moment later and your package is neatly stowed.  She sits trembling, body suffering from the non-stop torment and you can’t help wondering how long management would let Rebecca stay there.  You motion over to the waitress and hand her another large bill.

“I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind letting Rebecca up in about twenty minutes?”

The waitress glances down at the suffering whimpering girl.  She nods.  You grant her a smile and head off toward the restroom.

It takes you a bit of time to get clean and refreshed, and when you do you notice that Rebecca is no longer on the sybian.  A quick glance at your watch tells you that it’s been twenty minutes and you can’t help wondering how the poor girl feels.  You smile, wondering what THAT conversation would be like.  You look around the Lounge.

It’s been a productive and rather nice evening.  Perhaps it’s time to head home – The Exit

The night is still young and so are you.   Perhaps you need to see if Breanne is occupied.  Go back to your table and tell the waitress you’d like to speak to the luscious red haired vixen. – 4c

Perhaps a massage is the right choice.  Head down the hall to the massage parlor! – 1d

 While Rebecca was soft, maybe something more athletic might be appropriate.  Ask the waitress to see if Megan is available. – 4a