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20b – A Good Screw

With one hand still wrapped around Rebecca’s upper arm, you direct her toward the middle device.  Her eyes widen and she turns to look at you, mouth opening to protest.  You give her a surprised look even as your other hand comes up to snag hold of the chain dangling between her nipples.  As she begins to speak you tug on her breasts sharply, changing her words of pleading into a soft gasps of pain.  She literally wilts in front of you and keeps quiet.  Her body bends until you let up the pressure on her breasts and then you push her toward the sybian.

Unlike the normal looking device on the far left of the little balcony alcove, the middle half barrel shaped toy sports a brutal looking rubber screw phallus, resembling some giant drill bit.  It is abnormally large and Rebecca climbs up on to the platform gingerly, helped of course by your strong grip on her arm.  When she is standing above the screw equipped sybian, she begins to lower herself down tentatively.  You bend over slightly to watch it go in, an intriguing sight since she literally must rotate her hips in a clockwise movement, rotating herself downward.  The blades of the screw dig into the petals of her sexual flower and she groans as it goes in deep.

Once she is settled and on her knees, you quickly buckle her ankles and knees to the platform, making sure she can not lift herself off the sybian screw.  The leather straps are worn, but well maintained and you appreciate the look of them on her ankles and knees.  A quick glance around reveals several matching wrist cuffs on the wall next to the little alcove and you retrieve a set, fastening them securely around Rebecca’s wrists.  The clip follows and her hands are secured behind her back, leaving her still clamped breasts totally exposed while she tries to adjust to the large intruder buried up between her legs.

You take a step back and are about to press the start button with your toe, when a slight cough from behind you causes you to turn.  You look over and see an average sized man, dressed in a polo shirt and khaki slacks, thick glasses on his face.  Standing next to him is a dark brunette girl, just as naked as Rebecca, but wearing some sort of strange arm harness keeping her limbs behind her back.  A large rubber ball gag fills her mouth.  Her eyes are bright and mischievous.  She doesn’t look like she objects.

“Hi. I’m George Carver.  Before you light her up, I was wondering if you’d like to do a small wager?”

“A wager?” you ask. 

He nods and then pats the girl next to him. “Megan here needs to have encouragement, so I like challenging her.”

You nod, a smile creeping across your face.  Encouragement is always a plus.  “What are the terms?”

Carver shrugs.  “Simple.  First girl to orgasm looses.”

“No cumming, huh?”

He smiles.  “I like tormenting them like that.  Get them hot and bothered, put them in a situation that would normally result in orgasm, and then see how long they can last with the proper incentive.”

It’s your turn to shrug.  “So what’s the wager?” 

Carver grins.  “For the losing girl, this.”  He holds up an oddly shaped root, almost like a hand with thick fingers, which your eyes only take a moment to identify as unpeeled ginger.  “And a spanking of course.”

You chuckle.  “A figging and a spanking.”  You look down at Rebecca.  A worried expression on her face says clearer than words that she is not happy with such an arrangement.  But it’s your dime.  She has no say in the matter.

You nod at Carver.  “And of course, for us, the loser picks up the tab for this session.”

A pleased smile crosses your face.  The money isn’t important, but it adds a bit of spice to the whole situation. 

“Get her settled,” you tell Carver. 

He leads the stunning little brunette over to the sybian next to Rebecca.  Her thick heavy breasts sway enticingly, matching the same sort of full lush look sported by the blond on the screw.  Megan steps onto the platform and straddles the dildo shaped toy, sinking to her knees, a glazed look on her face as the five inch probe penetrates her sex.  She settles down even as Carver begins strapping her in.  He doesn’t need the cuffs.  You get a better look and discover that Megan’s arms are in a specially designed set of gloves, laced together from finger tip to elbow and held out straight behind her.  Most uncomfortable.  When she is settled, Carver nods at you and together the activation buttons on both devices are pressed.

The effect is instantaneous.  Rebecca lets out the little wide-eyed mew and you watch as her entire lower half literally rotates as the screw inside her not only vibrates, shaking her insides, but rotates.  The thick and blunted edges of the screw press into the walls of her well, churning inside her.  You’ve never seen a girl actually ride this device and the intensity of her reaction is impressive.  In moments she is using what little freedom she has to begin bouncing madly, fucking herself on the vibrating, spinning, screw shaped phallus.

You glance over toward the little girl next door who is competing with your blond beauty.  Megan is also deep in the throes of sexual stimulation, finding the five inch penetration and the curved bump at the front of the rubber pad it extrudes from to be more than enough stimulation.  A quick comparison reveals that while Rebecca’s phallus is larger and moves more dramatically, the little brunette’s vibrating probe has a much higher vibration rate.  The look on her face is incredible, as if she’s riding an earthquake, or a motorcycle where too much of the horsepower ends up in the frame, translated into the rider.  While Rebecca lifts herself, only to let her ride screw her back down, Megan presses her pussy into the saddle, her hips churning back and forth in an effort to have the vibrations touch her front and back.  The little bump frequently torments her clit, while the rear portion of the phallic vibrating pad no doubt presses against the button of her rear end.

You move back to the tables set in front of the three devices, admiring the two girls who are riding them for your enjoyment.  The lighting, you realize, is perfect, with glowing illumination focused on the exact spots where Rebecca and Megan’s pussies touch the sybians. Each girl moves with sexual abandon, working themselves, or perhaps not, as the sensations they experience rapidly turn them both into quivering masses of jelly.

Carver joins you at your table, turning his chair so that he can watch the show.

“Come here often?” he asks.  You nod. 

“Where did you pick up Megan?” you ask.  “I didn’t see her dance.”  You nod toward the little brunette who is now enthusiastically humping the sybian beneath her, obviously unaffected by the knowledge of whomever cums first will receive a spanking and a figging.

Carver chuckles.  “Actually, she doesn’t work here.  She’s a loaner from a friend I do business with on occasion.”

You grunt.  “Some friend.” 

He nods.  “I do favors for her company from time to time.”

Ah… one of those situations.  You shrug as you sense the waitress stepping up to you.  Both you and Carver order drinks, settling back down to watch as the girls continue their ride.

It is difficult to tear your eyes away from the energetic performance of Megan, who is clearly thrusting against the sybian with all her might, and Rebecca whose entire body has become a twisted spiral of slower, yet more deeply affected lust.  While Megan is in the throes of frantic orgasmic build up, you sense that Rebecca’s torment is more deep, more intense than Megan’s ride.  What is particularly interesting to watch is the difference in movement.  Megan moves front to back, rapidly fucking the sybian she is mounted on, while Rebecca moves in a grinding motion, rising up and then rotating back down, her hips churning.  The chain of the nipple clamps swings wildly, adding just one more enticing visual aspect to the performance.

The drinks come, but the girls do not, at least not yet, and you and Carver spend a few more minutes commenting on the various aspects of both women.  Rebecca’s breasts are larger, but not by much, and you both agree that Megan’s ass is almost perfect.  Carver mentions that he’d love to whip Rebecca tits.  You blink. It seems like a good idea.  You motion for the waitress and inform her that you would like two whips brought immediately.  She nods and disappears into the darkness.  Carver gives you an appreciative smile.

In less than a minute she reappears, holding two crop like implements.  You take one of the leather wrapped canes and examine it.  It is three feet long, whippy, and covered in wrapped leather.  A thin leather tongue extends from the end about three inches.  Carver takes the other one and you both stand up.  He begin to moves toward Megan, but you stop him.

“To make this fair, we should switch girls.  You do Rebecca,” you tell him. 

“Excellent idea!” he agrees.  He moves to the whimpering grinding blond and lays the crop along her clamped breasts softly.  Her mouth opens in a silent plea, totally ignored.  He lifts the crop and then smashes it firmly on her bouncing swaying globes.  Rebecca lets out a loud cry, startling Carver and he holds his next stroke.  His hand goes into his blazer pocket and he extracts an odd looking dildo gag. 

You move into position next to Megan.  There are no clamps on her breasts and you take a moment to admire the large pink nipples.  There is no way to miss them.  You pull back and then let loose a hard blow which smashes into both breasts exactly across the tender points.  A sharp squeal emerges from the brunette’s ball gag and she arches her back, presenting her breasts involuntarily for your second blow.  You’ve managed to get four strokes across her chest by the time Carver finishes gagging Rebecca.

You alternate the type of swings.  Some are low on Megan’s breasts.  Some are high.  Most are on her nipple.  At one point you move in front of her, kneeling down so that you are actually lower than she is due to the platform the sybian is mounted on.  You lift the crop and slap the little leather tongue rapidly across her nipples back and forth.

You glance over at Rebecca.  Her breasts are now criss-crossed with heavy red lines, and her eyes are tearing.  She is moaning, clearly in the throes of near orgasm and you shake your head.  You turn back to Megan and time your next stroke perfectly. Carver isn’t exactly watching, and you smash the end of the crop against Megan’s clit, just as she rolls backward on the saddle, exposing the delicate nub.

She screams, though it is muted by the gag and then her eyes roll and she begins to shake.  Carver turns to look, eyes wide but pleased as it become obvious that Megan is cumming.  He watches as the girl next door beauty suffers through her mechanically induced explosion and then delivers one last blow to Rebecca’s tenderized chest before handing you his crop.

He moves over to Megan and turns off the sybian with a quick press of his foot to the button on the front of the platform.  She continues to shake, her ordeal and release sending little spasms through her limbs.  Carver unbuckles her ankles and knees, but leaves her arms still contained in the odd laced gloves.  He pulls her up, holding her since she can not even support herself, and literally drags her over to the table.  He nods at you and moments later you take your seat with Megan draped between.

To your surprise, Carver grabs a third chair and forces Megan kneel on it, backward, so that her luscious and quite striped breasts are dangling over the top.  Then he turns the chair around and presents her bottom to you.  He stands, handing you the ginger root and his crop, and then removes a peeler utensil from his inside coat pocket. 

“You won.  You do the honors.”  Carver says.  But as you accept the tools, his hands go to Megan’s head, unbuckling the ball gag and tossing it to the table.  Moments later his cock is in her mouth, his hands holding the sides of Megan’s head as he skull fucks her.  You break off one of the fingers of ginger root and quickly peel a good portion of it.  Bending down low, you see that her pussy is swollen and red, clearly a result of being so generously stimulated.  You grin.  Now there is only one question.  In her pussy?  Or in her ass?

Put it in Megan’s pussy.  After that tenderizing it’s time for her to cook.  Besides, her ass looks perfect for a spanking and then a butt fucking. 21a

The ginger root needs to go in Megan’s ass, a pleasant spice before you cook rump roast with paddle.  Besides, her pussy looks like all it could handle from this point is another good fucking. 21b