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2a – A Pale Charger

You can’t help it.  The idea of the “special presentation” is too much of a temptation.  Especially with the delectable Amanda standing right in front of you, leaning over slightly, the collar of her white blouse hanging open.  You express your interest in getting dinner served “special presentation” style to Amanda, but explain you’d like to speak to the manager first.  She is a little surprised, but nods amiably, figuring you have some sort of special requirement.  She points to the menu and explains that the list of girls, pictures, and profiles are listed in the back.  She heads off toward the bar, never realizing you have no intention of perusing the “menu”.

In a few moments the restaurant manager approaches you, asking how The Club can best serve your desires.  He listens politely as you explain what you have in mind.  After a moment he tells you that the waitresses are not compelled by their contract to cooperate, and while he has no problem asking, Amanda will be free to refuse.

You sigh.  “That would be unfortunate.” You explain.  From the look on your face, the restaurant manager gets the message.  He nods, takes your dinner order and then heads back to the bar.  You watch as he approaches the blond waitress, taking her by the elbow.  You can’t hear what is being said, but the expressions on her face are well worth observing.  First there is a smile, the standard “how can I help you smile” that Amanda has been giving all evening.  Next, shock, surprise, eyes widening, the smile faltering.  She glances over at you. Then the refusal, the shake of the head, animated motions.  You watch as she bites her lip when the manager speaks more forcefully.  Her shoulders droop slightly.  She is defeated, either through intimidation or coercion.  You shrug.  It doesn’t matter how.

You watch as she swallows and puts down her serving tray on the bar.  The little black apron follows the tray and she is taken through to the kitchen by the manager.

You turn your attention back to the main stage, watching the various beauties parade from one platform to another, but you can’t help imagining Amanda, standing in the kitchen, uncomfortable, slowly peeling out of her little school girl outfit.  Will she need to be shaved, washed, coiffed?  She had the looks to be one of the performers.  Perhaps this will be the incentive she needs to discard the “innocent girl-next-door” image.

A different waitress approached you, refreshing your drink, introducing herself to you.  You dismiss her with a smile, realizing you got the pick of the bunch.  You nurse your glass, enjoying the atmosphere of the Club, when a small commotion at the kitchen doors attracts your attention.

A wheeled cart is being rolled out into the bar, and your heart skips a beat.  Mounted on a large silver platter is your darling waitress.  Her wrists are bound to metal handles near one end of the plate, while her legs have been drawn up and spread, long strands of white nylon rope holding her in place.  As the cart approaches you smile at the daintily painted red toe nails, the perfect arch of her foot, but as the manager and one of the kitchen aides lift the platter and place it on your table, you realize that it is Amanda’s freshly shaved pussy that is the true flower.  She looks at you, a thick red ball gag forcibly shoved in her mouth, and you see a mixture of tears filling each liquid blue orb.  She tenses on the platter, pulling against her bonds.

Placed directly above her sex, right on her abdomen is a large white plate, filled with your dinner selection, steaming slightly. Her large breasts, revealed to you for the first time lay large and firm, only slightly flattened by her position.  Large pink nipples top each mound and you grin in pleasure.  The manager nods to you and tells you to call him if you require anything else.

On the right side of the platter is a collection of eating utensils that you have never had presented at dinner!  At the top is a large vibrator, followed by a vibrating bullet with controller, a speculum, a blunted dipping fork, a variety of clamps, a small whisk, and even a short leather sap.  Along with your dinner selection, the chef included a tray full of what could only be described as “dippers”  Full sized carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, banana, melon cut in strips, bowls of chocolate, caramel, and whip cream, a whole plethora of delectable treats to ram into Amanda’s platter.  Amanda makes a phenomenal fondue.

The other waitress comes up, refreshing your drink, and places a glass of ice water before you.  With a smile she tells you to enjoy your meal, and call her if you need anything.  Your eyes go to the waiting platter before you.  You have almost everything you need, right here.


You decide to eat dinner first, letting Amanda stew in her own juices.  You finger the bullet vibrator and the clamps, knowing exactly what you will do first. (6a)

The idea of fondue is too tempting to resist and you reach up to the platter of dippers.  You wonder how Amanda will react when you slip one of the many possible dippers into her warm well.  You chuckle.  Well, everyone is supposed to have four or five servings of vegetables a day.  Unfortunately for Amanda, they are meant to be eaten, not fucked! (6b)