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3a – Take Her!

Suddenly you rise, your hands moving up her body, scooping her up in a single motion.  Her feet dangle in the air as her arms move around your neck, startled at the rapid change of position.  Her white knee socks and black high heeled pumps wave slightly as you take a few steps to the bed, depositing her gently upon the red silk sheets.  She settles with a sigh, sinking into the soft cushions, raising her arms above her head.  You look down upon her with utter desire, lust filling every pore of your body.  You begin to unbutton your shirt, doing it slowly, letting her watch, the heat in her face rising.

When you get to your trousers and belt she parts her legs, spreading them to the far corners of the bed.  Your eyes hungrily devour her sex, the glistening petals of her flower, the slightly gaping hole of her pussy, even the tenderly extended clit; every part of her wanting you.  You step out of your shoes, dropping the trousers and you toss them onto the easy chair with your shirt.  You stand for a moment in your boxers, but then slip even those off, standing before her. 

You move closer to the bed, near her head and you put your cock in her face.  Her eyes widen in surprise and she looks up at you.

“Kiss it.”  You tell her, your tone hard but gentle.

She nods and plants a chaste kiss on the tip.  You sigh and push it between her lips, forcing her to open her mouth.  She realizes what she needs to do, her tongue coming out to caress the bulb.  You plunge in as she draws upon you, sucking.  She is no expert, but there is honesty to her, an innocence that belies her inexperience.  While she would never be able to suck you into eruption, she does what is needed, sensitizing your cock, lubing it up, and making you feel good.  You pull back and get up on the bed, straddling her.  She looks up at you, her face inscrutable, but you see her readiness, the wetness between her thighs. 

You position your cock and press downward, driving it into the warm wet hole offered.  She groans, twisting as you impale her.  Her pussy contracts around you, tight, and you wonder just how many partners she’s had.  There is no hymen, so you know she is no virgin, but she feels…unused.  With a grin you pull out and thrust again, pounding into her.

Your mouth finds her breast and you suckle her tender nipples, moving back and forth across her chest.  You press yourself against her, seeing her rise and fall beneath you, matching your movements.  You feel the exquisite sensation of tight pussy wrapped around hard cock and you groan as she tightens even more around you.  She moves her legs, encircling your waist, trying to control the depth and speed of your thrusts. You toy with her, moving more slowly than she wants, driving only the tip of your cock into her depths when she wants the full length.  You keep your movements controlled and steady, ignoring her body’s signals.  You sense her building up as her eyes close; her mouth opens in a steady moan.  She reaches out to you, grasping your shoulders, running her fingers up and down your arms.  She tosses her head as a look of indescribable emotion crosses her face.  You’ve seen it countless times before, the bliss of orgasmic release, the expression that sits somewhere between anguish and ecstasy.  You thrust deeply, sending her over the edge and allowing the orgasm to rip through her like an earthquake.  She shudders beneath you and lets out a high pitched wail that seems to embody the very fulfillment she is experiencing.  You ram yourself deeper and harder than anything before.

Her own climax has brought you closer to your own and you push her needs out of your mind as you pound at her, thrusting your rod deeply into her body.  She tightens around you again and you feel your own need rising to the surface, building into a roaring tsunami that rushes forward into your cock and then explodes outward with stunning force. 

Your cock pulses in time with your thrusts and you stiffen atop her, head tilted back as your own face puts on the expression Amanda was wearing just moments before.  When you finish emptying yourself into her you open your eyes and see her staring at you, blue eyes flashing in the red tinged light.  There is something in them, feral and animalistic.  Despite your orgasm you feel energized, exhilarated at taking Amanda’s innocence if not her virginity.  With a grin you pull your flaccid cock from her body and lean across her, reaching for the small nightstand drawers.

From experience, you know that every private VIP room is stocked with the same things.  The top drawer contains a bottle of oil and a selection of sex toys, each wrapped individually in sealed plastic bags with fresh batteries. The other drawer holds a pair of small black rubber coated nipple clamps, connected with a chain, a small whip, a blindfold, a handful of colorful plastic clothespins, soft silk rope, body oil, small taper candles, and a box of matches.  Like the refrigerator at expensive motels stocked with liquor, anything you use in the private VIP rooms has a price.  It’s not that expensive, especially when compared to what you’re paying for the girl, and you can take the vibrator home with you or give it to the girl.  That’s not a bad parting gift to either help you remember her, or think of you each time she uses it.

Which drawer should you open?  Your time with Amanda isn’t even close to being done.  While she may have lost her innocence with you, she still is unaware of the dark and more sinful depredations that come with performing at the Club.  Introduce her yourself.


Open the top drawer and select something that will send her into oblivion.  You love seeing a beautiful girl writhing beneath you, unable to control herself.  You know it will make you hard again, able to take her a second time. (8a)

Open the bottom drawer.  It’s time for a baptism in fire.  Show her the darkest sides of sex at the Club and change her understanding of sex forever. Clamps, hot wax, a gentle whipping…now that sounds like a lot of fun. (8b)