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3b – Tongue & Clit

You toss aside the small thong and stand up, running your hands along Amanda’s sides.  She trembles slightly at your touch, her mouth open, her chest taking deep breaths.  You take hold of her arms and turn her, pushing her down into the heavy plush chair.  She falls into it with a little squeal, unprepared, inexperienced, not knowing what is coming next. 

You kneel down before her taking hold of her left foot.  Slowly you pull it upward, bending her knee as you kiss the arch.  Then you swing her leg outward, letting it rest upon the arm of the chair.  Her other legs follows in an instant, leaving Amanda sitting in front of you, legs splayed wide apart, her deepest secrets ready for your whims.

You lean in, getting another whiff of her strawberry and vanilla scent mingled with sexual desire.  You plant another chaste kiss right on her clit, making her gasp, eyes closed, almost panting.  Without a word you suck her clit into your mouth, rolling it around with your tongue as your thumbs begin to stroke the petals of her flower.  She shakes with paroxysms of delight, moaning, her own hands moving to her bare breasts, gently squeezing the nipples as she trembles in desire.

Your tongue slips downwards through the folds of her sex, tasting, touching, caressing and you drive your tongue deep, all the while moving your thumbs higher.  They glide across her clit, teasing her nub as you penetrate her as deeply as possible, letting your tongue move within her.  You snag her clit between your thumb and forefinger, pinching it lightly.  She cries out, her legs jerking, thrusting her pelvis into your face.  It is intoxicating how the smallest movement of your tongue, of your fingers, sets her off.  You bring your mouth back up to her clit, your hands once more moving downward.  You part the petals of her pussy, opening her and then softly driving your thumbs into her, working her sex until she is a quivering and desperate. 

You lift up from your snack for just a moment and see her face.  It’s a mixture of delight and need, of desire and pleasure.  You grab hold of her arms and rise, lifting her out of the chair.  She stands confused for a moment as you pull her to the bed.  You push her down and she spreads her legs, clearly expecting you to mount her.

Instead you straddle her stomach, bending over to once more use your mouth on her pussy.  You scoot backward, your knees moving over her shoulders.  She begins to understand, reaching up to move you closer.  Her hands find your cock and just as you suck her clit into your mouth you feel the warm wetness of her lips surround the tip of your shaft. She pulls you closer, trying to get more of your rod down her throat and she begins to bob her head, enjoying the dual sensations of pleasuring someone while experiencing your own needs fulfilled.

It becomes difficult to concentrate as she takes even more of you into her mouth and you feel the tip of your cock strike the back of her throat.  She slurps down, sucking air along the sides of your shaft and you moan, sending vibrations down into her own depths.  You continue to work at he clit, alternating the various licks, suckles, with gentle bursts of blown air, along with rapid stabs of the tongue.  It isn’t long before she is squirming beneath you, her mouth clamped down upon your cock, hips thrusting up into your face, trying desperately to get you to perform the action that will send her over the edge.  It becomes obvious that each flick of your tongue against her clit is the most effective, so you stop doing it, instead concentrating on the actions that seem to raise the tension but not stimulate her into orgasm.  She sucks harder on, her tongue swirling along your shaft.  Her hands reach up, and begin stroking your balls.  No one ever said turnabout wasn’t fair play.

You groan, knowing that you don’t want to end it like this, right here, so you lift up off her body, pulling yourself from her mouth, even as she grabs hold, trying to keep you atop her.  Freedom is hard earned and but in the end she cooperates as you twist around, moving face to face.  She spreads her legs wide, clearly wanting you between her legs and you eagerly agree, kneeling down and plunging your rock hard cock into the soft warm wet hole you so carefully prepared.

She gasps as you enter, eyes wide.  The sensation of your cock slipping down the depths of her well is like ambrosia to the tongue; sweet, filling, and satisfying.  You lift her legs and she bends at the knee, changing the angle of entry.  Your back arches as you pound into her, slowly changing her position every few thrusts.  First her legs are out to their sides, and then wrapped around your waist, then up on your shoulders.  It isn’t until you have laid her out straight, straddling her like a jockey, your feet pressed up against your ankles that she responds with outright excitement.  She tries to open her legs but you prevent it, holding her tight.  Her eyes seem to roll from the overwhelming sensations and you pump vigorously, focused on the incredible beauty being worked beneath you.

There is a trembling sensation deep inside you and your muscles begin to tense.  Your cock stiffens into granite and make several long thrusts, driving deeply into Amanda’s pussy.  She cries out, but you know she is not yet ready to climax.  You don’t care.  Your own need is too imminent, too immediate, too important.  Besides, the night is still young.  You suddenly pull out of her and grab your cock, letting strands of white cream shoot out across her body, decorating her tits and stomach with a string of liquid pearls.  You barely hear her cry out in frustration, her hands going to her own clit, ignoring your explosion.

As your cock finishes emptying itself you look down to see her close to orgasm.  Her finger are working frantically at her clit and you reach down grabbing hold of her hands.

“No, no, little one.  You can’t do that.”  You say.  You push her hands up to her head and she looks at you, her eyes begging. 

“Please, please?  I want it so bad!”  She whispers, the tension in her voice filling the air.  You nod and look over at the night stand.

Past experience tells you that every private VIP room is stocked with the same things.  The top drawer contains a bottle of oil and a selection of sex toys, each wrapped individually in sealed plastic bags with fresh batteries.   It is a vanilla nirvana and can prolong Amanda’s torment from minutes into hours.

The other drawer holds a pair of small black rubber coated nipple clamps, connected with a chain, a small whip, a blindfold, and a handful of colorful plastic clothespins, soft silk rope, body oil, small taper candles, and a box of matches.  Like the refrigerator at expensive motels stocked with liquor, anything you use in the private VIP rooms has a price.  It’s not that expensive, especially when compared to what you’re paying for the girl, and you can take the vibrator home with you or give it to the girl.  That’s not a bad parting gift to either help you remember her, or think of you each time she uses it.

Which drawer should you open?  Your time with Amanda isn’t even close to being done.  While she may have lost her innocence with you, she still is unaware of the dark and more sinful depredations that come with performing at the Club.  Introduce her yourself.


Open the top drawer and select something that will send her into oblivion.  You love seeing a beautiful girl writhing beneath you, unable to control herself.  You know it will make you hard again, able to take her a second time. (8a)

Open the bottom drawer.  It’s time for a baptism in fire.  Show her the darkest sides of sex at the Club and change her understanding of sex forever. Clamps, hot wax, a gentle whipping…now that sounds like a lot of fun. (8b)