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5a – Turning Ahn

You turn toward the small Japanese girl and smile.  “You are both beautiful, but I’m in the mood for something Asian tonight. Ahn bows deeply and Avila shrugs and heads back through the curtain leaving you with Ahn.  For a moment you just stare at her, taking in her delicate and petite beauty, then she holds out her hand.

You grasp it and she leads you through the curtain.  The tale-tell scents of soap, of cinnamon, of lotus, of hot water reach your nose and you follow her as she takes you down a small makeshift hallway.  Additional cubicles stand to either side, each one partitioned off with another heavy curtain.  Finally, at the very back of the room she pushes aside the last curtain doorway and leads you in.  A soft rubber mat lies upon the floor, a basket full of oils and lotions and unguents next to it.  A small towel lays folded at one end.

She turns toward you, reaching out, her hands finding the buttons of your shirt, helping you to undress, her fingers roaming over your skin, touching you with a light caress.  Slowly, she works her way down, unbuttoning, unclasping, unbuckling, pulling, tugging, removing, until finally you stand before her gloriously naked, your cock already standing at attention. She pulls you over to the matt. 

"Lay down on your stomach sir."  Obediently, you lay face down upon the rubber mat, her gentle hand guiding you.  She carefully watches to see which way your face turns, and smiles as you keep your eyes upon her.  She stands well within your vision and begins to remove her kimono, letting it drop to the floor sensuously.  First her shoulders, then her breasts are bared as the kimono falls.  You swallow hard, seeing the soft curves of youth.  You know she is of age, but it’s hard to tell.  Her bare feet are just as elegant as her body, perfect and toned.

She reaches down, picking up a bottle of mineral oil.  It takes only a moment to uncap it, and she pours a huge amount directly upon her chest.  It drips down in a smooth sheet of glistening oil, and she begins to rub it in, hands gliding over her breasts as she slowly lubricates her entire form.  You watch as the indirect overhead lighting glistens off her skin, like candlelight.

In moments her body is slick and oily, and she works her hands down between her legs, oiling her clit, the folds of her sex, her thighs, and even her legs.  She kneels down, straddling your legs, right below your rear.  You feel the pressure of her thighs against yours, her soft skin, and you shift slightly, enjoying the touch of her bare flesh against yours.  She lies down on top of you, her heavy oiled breasts against your back and she begins to move, squirming across your skin.  You can feel her breasts rubbing up and down your shoulders, then down your spine.

The soles of her feet have already picked up some of the oil, and she twirls them around your legs, caressing your ankles and calves.  She slides upward until her breasts once more caress your shoulders, and then moves downward.  You feel something soft and wet touch the back of your leg and you realize that she is pressing her pussy against your leg, using the folds of her sex to caress your skin.  She slides down your body, her wet oiled petals tracing a line down your limb to the heel, her breasts on your buttocks, then hermy pussy rubbing around your foot. She moves off you, sitting at the bottom of the matt and lifts your foot. She holds the sole of your foot to her right breast, using the nipple to caress you. Round and round she moves your toes, then the arch, then the heel, caressing you with her fingers and breast.

Then she moves back up your leg, her breasts once more pressing against your skin.  She moves down the other leg, oiling your body with her own, the petals of her flower spread apart, rubbing against your thigh and calf.  She finally lifts off you and picks up your other foot and you feel the hard but supple nipple of her other breasts caressing your sole.  It is a strange sensation, half erotic and half relaxing.  Your body is confused as you feel the tension pouring out of you, only to get sucked back in through your hardened cock.

You hear a soft moan and glance behind you.  Ahn’s eyes are closed and her head is tilted back as she uses your foot to stimulate her nipples.  She is kneeling, her glistening skin alabaster white, and her short black hair hiding her face.

You settle down, taking a deep breath as you feel hands sliding up between your legs, along the sides, until you feel the tips of her fingers on your scrotum.  Slowly, gently, she caresses them, a tickling soft caress that makes your cock tighten involuntarily.  You spread your legs slightly, giving her even better access and her fingers swirl across the skin causing paroxysms of pleasure to run through your body.

Her hands cup your buttocks, kneading them as you feel her lift up and rotate.  Suddenly she is straddling your waist, facing your feet.  She presses down, spreading the petals of her pussy across your spine.  You can feel it. She moves her hips toward your head, her hands running up and down between your legs, once more stroking your balls and then moving down to the very bottoms of your feet.  Her hands flow back upward, over your genitals and into the crack of your ass, oiling, caressing.  She moves her hips, running the splayed folds of her sex over the bumps of your spine, striking her clit.


You feel her move up and down, moaning softly as she literally humps your back, sending waves of pleasure through her own body.  After a moment longer she lifts up, knowing she can not stand the intensity of the stimulation.  She moves to your side and lifts your left arm.  She brings the open palm to her breasts, letting your hand cup her bosom.  Small circles enlarge until even your fingertips are lightly run across her erect nub.  With a grin, she lays your arm outstretched and straddles it, pressing her already soaked and wanting sex down.  She runs it from your wrist to your elbow and back again, stroking you several times over and over, then moves up and repeats the process on your upper arm.  You watch as the scent of her fills your nostrils, all soap and cream and lotus flowers. 

Then she sits at the end of your outstretched arm, legs spreading wide.  She takes your hand and caresses your thumb, moving closer.  With gentle guidance she pushes your thumb between her legs and then deftly inserts it into her pussy.  The sensation is amazing, easily the best finger fucking you’ve ever experienced.  For a moment you mind idly wonders if your are doing the fucking, or whether you are being fucked!  She finishes with your thumb and lifts your forefinger, slipping that digit into her sex.  Over the next ten minutes she works her hips, tightening the walls of her sex around each finger. 

Your hand is coated not only in oil, but in her sexual juices as well and she moves around your body to the other arm.  To your amazement, she repeats the process, from the sexual caress of your forearm and bicep, right down to the finger by finger massage deep within her well.  After each finger has been inside her, she takes the middle three, binding them together with her fingers.  Slowly she helps you insert them, filling her up.  Your wriggle and curl them inside her, feeling the walls of her well.  She taps your thumb, helping it slide in and then your pinky, your hand collapsed into a five fingered phallus, widening into a massive four inch girth at the knuckles.  She grabs your wrist and leans back, lifting her legs slightly and she pulls on your arm, literally forcing your fist into herself.  She groans and strains, but finally accomplishes her goal as your entire hand disappears up to the wrist. 

It’s a strange sensation, one many men have never experienced.  You open your hand inside her and begin a rapid movement of your fingers.  You caress her insides and she gasps, eyes widening in sexual shock.  She quivers for a moment as you find her g-spot and she shudders silently. 

Then she grabs hold of your wrist and gently extracts you from her body.  Ironically, you can’t tell whether the clear gel on your wrist is her cunt juices or the oil.  You squirm on the rubber mat, horny as hell and wishing you could just take her.

She puts down your hand and pulls away.  "I need you to turn over now sir."  Ahn says softly.

You roll over immediately, hoping she will just straddle you immediately and ride you.  You can see the burning lust in her eyes as your cock springs upward perfectly.  She straddles your thighs and grabs hold of the bottle of oil, pouring more across her breasts.  She bends over, pressing her freshly oiled breasts onto your cock, feeling the thick rod slide up through her cleavage. She lifts one leg, moving to straddle your left thigh, her pussy grinding downward into your muscle.  She slides downward, her petals opening as she glides over your knee and shin.

As she uses her pussy to massage your leg, her torso slips downward, and you you’re your cock slide into the tight crevasse between her magnificent breasts.  She keeps moving down until the tip of your cock hits the bottom of her chin.  She tilts her head and gives the tip a soft kiss, and then returns back to her original position, her pussy moving up to your hip. Two more repetitions on your left leg follow, increasing the tension in your cock before she moves to your other leg. As she glides down over your knee you sense the change in pressure.  She is pressing down harder, mashing herself upon you.  When she is splayed across your body, your cock once more near her lips, the kiss turns into a full throated suck that draws you upward into a desperate lust filled groan.  Ahn’s lips release you and she slides back up your body.

She reaches out with both hands and grasps your cock firmly.  Once more she slides down your leg, but this time moves all the way down.  It takes her only a second to find your toes and slipping them into her pussy.  She begins to stroke your cock while she straddles your foot, feeling your big toe wriggle inside her. 

You can hardly contain the sexual urgency and need coursing through your veins.  You feel as if you are about to explode, orgasm and fluids escaping your body at high velocity.  You groan, hands tightening in to fists and your reach down for her, wanting to pull you up.  She matches your sounds, little gasps coming from her mouth as she fucks herself on your foot. 

“Ahn…” You whisper, motioning her forward.  She nods and lifts herself off your foot and squirms, wet and oiled to straddle your hips.  She drops down upon your outstretched shaft with desperation and you feel your self penetrate deeply.  She impales herself, head thrown back as she begins to ride you, bouncing, her breasts glistening in the light.  It’s an incredible sensation and your rock your hips, grinding, wriggling, thrusting upward into bliss and oblivion.

She moans, writing upon your stick, her hands making circles on your chest.  She grabs hold of your hands, bringing them up to her breasts, grasping your fingers and squeezing, making it very clear what she wants.  She gasps as your fingers tighten down upon her tiny nipples and the flash of pleasure across her face along with the high pitched cry makes her rushing orgasm totally obvious.  You groan as she grinds downward, the gasp as she sinks downward, her breasts pressing against your chest, your hands moving to her bottom, kneading the tender flesh.

You feel her sex spasm, gripping your shaft and she works her hips, up and down, forward and back, squeezing you inside her.  She rides you, slowly and sensuously, making this last caress a part of the whole massage.  Her toes entwine around legs, moving up and down as she fucks you not just with her pussy, but with her whole being.

She lifts up again, your hands finding her breasts, flicking nipples, squeezing her as she squeezes you.  You feel yourself rising to meet her and then you climax, ramming upward with all your strength.  She feels you tremble, your cock becoming like granite.  There is a slight tremor and then a spasm that seems to start at the base of your shaft and moves upward inside her.  There is a spurt and then a slick wetness and you see the look of final pleasure on her face, a look of release, of satisfaction, of completeness.

She collapses then, her spent body resting upon you, almost weightless in its childlike size.  You feel her heart beat and see the beating heat in her neck, her short black hair scented of jasmine under your nose.  After a few minutes she finally lifts off you, her body still glistening with a combination of oil, perspiration, and love.  With a smile, she rolls off your body, pushing you back down onto the rubber mat as you try to rise.  She reaches over to the far side of the rubber mat and you find her removing a small water sprayer.  A moment later a wash of warm water and soap is spraying over you.  A small bucket stored near the wall is filled and a sponge appears.  As you lay languidly she begins to gently clean you, the special soap removing the oil and fluids of your lovemaking. 

She as meticulous in her washing as she was with her massage, taking the time to even soap down each individual toe and finger.  Lastly she cleans your sex, taking your semi-ridged cock in her hand, soaping it gently, stroking it up and down as the blood floods back into your manhood.

You feel the returning stir of desire as she rinses the suds from your body and hers and then slips her soft skin, no longer slick from oil, against you.  Her gentle mouth dips low and wraps around your cock, her head bobbing up and down.  You groan as she begins to suck, one hand coming up to pump and squeeze the base while the other hand moves between your legs, stroking your balls.  It’s a sensation that brings you to the edge quickly and you clench your fists as you explode into her throat, spending the last vestiges of cream into her mouth.

She lifts up, a single drop of cum on her lips, which she hungrily licks off as she swallows the little bit you have ejaculated.  She sits up as your shaft begins to shrink in her hands and she takes the wash cloth and gives your cock one last little bath.  You feel as if every muscle you own has been wrung out and stretched.  You feel incredible.

Ahn stands up and pulls a heavy white fluffy towel from a rack on the wall and kneels down once more on the rubber mat.  You notice that all of the water she sprayed has drained away and she begins to gently dry you, piece by piece, starting with your cock and working her way outward. 

She finally tells you to sit up and she dries your back.  A small bottle of lotion appears and she squeezes a small amount onto the tips of both breasts and into the palm of her hands.  She presses against your back, rubbing back and forth, her fingers working deeply into your shoulders while her breasts slide back and forth across the midsection of your spine.  After five minutes she puts the towel down on the rubber mat and pushes you back down, circling around to your feet.  Another towel props up first one foot, then the other.  More lotion appears and she slowly kneads your soles, long caresses with her nails along the arch, pressing deeply into the heel.

You close your eyes in bliss as she finishes, finally taking your hand to help you stand.  You feel exhausted, but rejuvenated and you smile your thanks as she helps you dress.  It doesn’t take long, and soon you are back in your boxers and trousers, dress white shirt buttoned up with your blazer over one arm.  Ahn shows you out to the main cubical area and then bows.

“Goodbye sir.”  She whispers, and the disappears behind the curtain.

After a massage like that, you can’t imagine anything better, at least not this night.  Head for home, with every intention of coming back tomorrow!  (The Exit)

While your own needs have been met, the night is still young, and men your age want sex twenty minutes after they’ve had it.  You head back out to the VIP Balcony and find a seat.  You still haven’t perused the girls on the main stages yet! (1c)

You pause momentarily, looking back behind the curtain.  The last massage was so fantastic maybe you should get another one…this one from Avila.  You cough and grin when Avila appears looking at you through the curtain.  You grin and nod and she reaches out, taking your hand.  (5b)