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5b – Availing Avila

Avila takes your arm and escorts you into the inner sanctum of the massage parlor.  Gray cubical like walls create small rooms, each cordoned off with a heavy black drape.  Two or three rooms in she stops, pushing aside the heavy cloth and motions you in with a smile.

Bienvendidos, señor.” She says politely.  “Welcome to my parlor.”

You grin and nod “Gracias.”

She returns your smile. You enter the small cubicle and look around.  The first thing you notice is the large inflatable plastic mattress lying on top of a black rubber mat.  It wouldn’t have looked out of place floating in a swimming pool.  Both are sitting inside what can only be described as a shallow bathtub, only a few inches deep.  The walls are decorated with a mixture of Mexican style art, from a drooping sombrero to a Mayan Calendar, all of which stood next to shelves lined with towels, unguents, candles and incense burners.

“Please remove your clothing.” She asks you, smiling again, her pony tail bobbing as she moves across the room.  A large bucket and sponge stood next to the mattress and Avila steps forward, quickly opening a small metal lid embedded in the floor and pulls out a water sprayer.  The bucket is filled quickly as you unbutton your shirt.  She turns back toward you, reaching for your belt and you let her long fingers unbuckle your trousers.  With deft fingers she unzips you and you kick of your shoes as she pulls your unbuttoned shirt off your shoulders, hanging it on a convenient hook behind you.  Your trousers are folded and she slips them over a towel rack, keeping them from wrinkling.  You take a moment to remove your socks, clearly the most awkward part of undressing in front of a lady and then she slips her fingers underneath the waistband of your boxers, tugging them down as her hands find your cock.

You are already hard, though only barely.  Removing your clothing in front of a strange woman nearly always has that effect, but as she touches you the blood rushes even more strongly into your shaft and the head bobs against her fingers.  She wraps her palm around you and squeezes gently as her other hands manages to completely remove your boxers, leaving you standing naked before her.  She kneels before you.

She taps your ankle clearly wanting you to spread your legs and you do so, letting her hands glide over your skin.  It’s almost as if she is examining you, her finger stroking your inner thighs, your scrotum, and your cock.  Finally she seems satisfied and stands up her fingers still encircling your shaft.  She pulls you forward by your dick, gently squeezing you, until you stand at the edge of the sunken tub. 

“Lay down on your stomach, por favor.”  She asks.  You nod and lay down.  The air mattress beneath you seems thicker than your standard store fare, as if it’s been specially constructed.  It is warm to the touch and you smell the scent of chocolate and cinnamon.  You turn and look at Avila who has knelt beside your head and unbelted her terrycloth robe.  You watch as more dusky skin appears, revealing large breasts, sculpted arms and legs, and a “V” shaped, trimmed patch of pubic hair.  You can’t help licking your lips as she rises moving to her bucket of soapy water and the sponge.

Hot water splashes upon your back, its temperature close to your toleration limits.  It feels good.  You feel a weight settle across the backs of your thighs and realize that Avila is straddling your, the bare skin of her own legs touching you in a thousands spots.  The soft sponge comes down upon your back and she begins to wash you, soaping you down.  While one hand works the sponge back and forth across your back, the other begins to knead away at the muscles in your shoulder.  She switches hands and then moves down your spine, stroking, sponging, releasing every bit of tension that remains in your body. 

Soon she is working on your buttocks, her fingers gliding into the crack of your ass, tickling you momentarily before gently gliding across your scrotum.  Surprisingly, her work is almost non-sexual, even though she has touched your sex.  Her hands and sponge work their way down the backs of your legs to your heels, and then soaps the bottoms of your feet.  Each toe is cleaned separately and the she slides back up, running hands and sponge to your arms.  Each finger is scrubbed individually, gently and you find yourself almost falling asleep as she works. 

It is another splash of hot water that rouses you and you find her holding the water sprayer, sending a mildly scorching stream over your back and legs.  You groan as the heat seeps into your muscles, stretching slightly.

“Can you please turn over, señor?” She asks politely.  You nod, lifting up, dealing with shifting balance as you turn over on the mattress.  You grin as she grabs the sponge and straddles you with a smile.   She begins to wash your shoulders and chest, making slow lazy circles with the palm of her hand and the soft sponge.  You can feel her sex against your cock and you shift slightly.  You can’t help it.  Your body wants to be inside her.  She senses what you are doing and slides downward.  You jump slightly as you feel the tip of your shaft glide through the folds of her sex, strike her clit, and then press against her stomach.

You groan in desire, but she merely soaps down your waist, your loins and then skips your groin entirely, instead moving down your leg.  She washes every inch, from the thigh to the knee to the tops of your foot.  You moan in pleasure as she does your foot a second time.  She glides back up and then across, once more avoiding your sex, and then cleans the other leg.  The sole of your foot tingles as she washes is with the sponge.

She gently puts your foot back down and once more slides up your leg, moving to your side.   You groan as the sponge touches your cock and she grabs hold of it, holding it solidly, squeezing gently while she cleans first the tip, and then the length.  You moan as her hand glides up and down, covered in suds.

She releases you and once more takes up the sprayer and cleanses you, hot water spraying across your body and sending the suds off the sides of the mattress and down into an invisible drain under the rubber mat.  You revel in the heat and then Avila puts down the sprayer and asks you to roll over again.

You do as she says, wondering about the efficiency of her process, but then she is astride you, her spread legs to each side of your hips.  You hear the snap of a bottle cap and suddenly a dark chocolate scent fills your nostrils.  You inhale the rich flavor, detecting traces of cinnamon, and you feel something warm and thick being poured on your back. You expect her hands to rub it in, but instead she lays down upon you, her heavy and large breasts mashing against your shoulder blades.  She shimmies across you, dragging herself downward, smearing the dark chocolate massage oil over your skin. 

You feel her breasts slide over your buttocks and then down your leg.  You glance back to see Avila arching her back, sliding her breasts along your leg, up and down.  It is perhaps the softest thing you have ever felt.  When she gets to your foot she squats down at the edge of the mattress, lifting you by the heel.  You feel the soft pressure of her breasts on each side, rubbing the arch and top of your foot simultaneously.  It is a delicate feeling and you sigh in pleasure.

Finally she moves back up, once more using her breasts as the predominate touch.  Once more her breasts glide across your ass, and you imagine that you can feel the delicate nubs of her nipples.  She repeats the process on the other leg, gliding up and down.  Your other foot is given the same treatment.  As she puts your foot down, she moves up, straddling your heel and you feel the soft wetness of her sex.  To your surprise, she grinds downward and you sense the folds of her flower parting. 

She slithers up your ankle and begins the most incredible movement, grinding her hips back and forth across your calf.  Oil lubricates your skin and she literally drags her sex along your leg, using the very folds and depths to massage you.  Her back and forth rocking motion increases as she slowly works her way up your leg and back down the other.  Finally she gets to your other heel and practically fucks herself on it.
Another splash of chocolate cinnamon oil and she moves up to your arms, first using her breasts to softly caress each length, then pressing her clit downward, rapidly thrusting her hips in a strangely entrancing dance.

She climbs atop you and moves between your legs, lying face up, grabbing your ankles as her legs splay across your back.  She begins to use your limbs as leverage, sliding up and down the mattress, her entire body becoming the tool of her massage.  She dips one foot between your legs, carefully digging in under you, away from your balls, and literally runs her entire leg under your body.  You feel her pass your hard cock, stroking it underneath you.  Back and forth she moves, each draw eliciting another groan from your throat as your shaft is stimulated in ways you couldn’t have dreamed of.

The massage is sensual and sexual and just a bit brutal in its carnal way.  Finally she slows her rhythmic hip pumping movement and sits quietly for a moment.  She withdraws her leg and asks you to roll over.

You immediately comply, your cock springing upward with obvious need.  Avila wastes no time straddling your thighs, grabbing hold of her oil bottle and pouring a generous amount over the tip.  It is a dark color, like maple syrup and the fresh application renews the scents of chocolate and cinnamon.  It dribbles down your shaft and then she touching you, her hands rubbing the oil into your full length. 

She works diligently and you moan as she concentrates on your shaft, her hands sliding up and down, cupping your testes before rising back up.  She moves one hand permanently to your balls, caressing, lightly squeezing, while her other hand begins an elaborate fast paced jacking motion.  You groan, fists clenching as she milks your cock, working it over and over as you feel yourself close to cumming.

You groan as she rubs faster and suddenly the purple turgid tip of your cock is trembling and you feel the pent up release.  Avila bends down, opening her mouth to catch her shooting ejaculate, only to have it spatter her breasts, cheeks and lips.  You gasp, eyes almost rolling into the back of your head as you explode, the overwhelming tension of sex pouring from your shaft in a geyser of release.  You take a shuddering breath and lie still, your cock quickly turning flaccid in Avila’s hands.

She says nothing, but takes hold of the bottle of oil and pours more on you, this time spilling some across your thighs, your abdomen and even your chest.  She slips along your body, arms moving up to your pectorals, her legs slipping against yours, her breasts pressing down until your soft cock is buried between her breasts.

She undulates against you, rocking back and forth and you sigh in satisfaction.  Her fingers twirl against your chest, the tips gliding back and forth across your nipples.  She moves again and begins thrusting her chest against your groin.  The soft bower of her breasts enfold your cock and you feel the first stirrings of need again.  It goes on and on, her gentle movements as she rebuilds the pressure.  When you are semi-hard she slides down even further, she begins the same sexual grind, pressing her sex into your legs, all along the thigh, knee, and calf.  With each movement she plants a soft kiss or lick on your cock.  You wonder about the oil and lift one finger to your lips.  A quick taste tells you that it is flavored; chocolate and cinnamon.  As she presses her pussy against the top of your foot she takes you into her mouth, sucking the tip as she swirls her tongue round your shaft.

You groan as she works you, letting go only to slide herself once more up your leg and down the other.  In the space of five minutes you realize that she has rejuvenated you, stimulated your body into needing another release.  She sits down at the very bottom edge of the mattress and leans back.  Her feet move up along the sides of your leg and then slide over your cock.  She scoots higher up, legs bending as she presses the soles of her feet together, your shaft trapped between the arches.  With seeming ease she begins rubbing her feet up and down your rod, the soft yet firm centers of each foot gliding along your cock.  She alternates, using her toes to tweak the tip and then goes back to the original foot rub.  It’s entrancing and you thrust your hips, wanting more.  She responds, turning and twisting around and then she is astride you.

You gasp at the suddenness of it, the dark warmth that surrounds you.  Your cock glides up into her body, impaling her perfectly as she begins to ride you.  Together you move, thrusting, pumping, rocking, dancing to the beat of a silent mariachi band.  The pent up needs of your cock trembling, shaking, and launching upward as your grunt and then explode, filling her crevasse with your seed.

She smiles above you and then lowers herself down, her breasts on your chest as you slow your breathing.  Your heart races and then she sighs softly.  You close your eyes and you sense her rising.  There is movement to your left and then a warm spray sluices down upon you, rinsing the oil and cream away.

You relax under the heat as Avila takes the sponge, lightly brushing away any last remnants of the oil, making sure your skin is clean and smooth and dry.  She forces you to sit up, pulling on your shoulders as her fingers caress your back, stripping it of chocolate scented oil and soap.

She pulls you to your feet, holding on to you, since you are a quivering bowl of jelly, suitable for nothing more than rest.  She pats you dry with a large fluffy towel all the while you hold on to her shoulder, trying to keep your balance.  You regain your strength bit by bit and by the time you are dry you find yourself able to actually put on your boxers, then your trousers, and even your shirt.  Avila moves up, buttoning your dress shirt for you before giving you one more sweet kiss.

She kneels down, slipping your socks on your feet and then your shoes.  Lastly, she ties them for you, a final service that doesn’t go unnoticed.  You run your fingers through her hair as she stands up and leads you back out to the waiting room.  As she disappears behind the curtain you grin, pleased you chose to experience her incredible services.

After a massage like that, you can’t imagine anything better, at least not this night.  Head for home, with every intention of coming back tomorrow!  (The Exit)

While your own needs have been met, the night is still young, and men your age want sex twenty minutes after they’ve had it.  You head back out to the VIP Balcony and find a seat.  You still haven’t perused the girls on the main stages yet! (1c)