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6a – Stewed in her own juices

With a grin you pick up the bullet vibrator, examining the small orb.  It is made of purple plastic, and the size and shape of an egg.  A long wire runs from one end toward a control unit and you notice with pleasure the various intensity controls.  You look down at Amanda’s sex, noticing that she is very wet.

It doesn’t really matter of course.  You hold the bullet in your hand and turn it on its lowest setting.  You feel the vibrations and press the egg to Amanda’s clit, eliciting a tiny squeal from the bound and gagged waitress.  You begin to rub the vibrating bullet up and down her petals, letting the copious amounts of cunt juice coat the egg shaped vibrator.  Every touch to Amanda’s clit brings another moan and you continue until she finally thrusts her hips upward, wanting the bullet.

You push it in, watching as it disappears into her well.  She groans softly through the gag, the petals of her sex pulsing as her hips bounce.  Her head rocks back and forth as you twist the intensity dial on the control and you can see the tremors shaking the folds of her womanhood.

Satisfied with her torment below the waist, your quickly pick up two of the heavy metal clamps.  Each is tipped with rubber, guarding against injury, and you notice that the intensity of the pinch can be controlled with the twist of a screw.  You test it on your own hand, adjusting the pressure before reaching up and positioning the clamp directly above Amanda’s left nipple.  Her eyes widen and she shakes her head, practically begging you not to clamp her.  For a moment you consider her request, but then shrug your shoulders and let the clamp close.  A sharp cry is muted by the gag, but she shudders, her chest heaving.  You grab the other clamp and let it bite down upon her right breast, setting the matching pair dancing as Amanda deals with the painful sensations.

Pleased with your preparations, you pick up your fork and dig into your dinner.  You can’t help loving the spasm wracked girl beneath your plate and between every bite you shamelessly stroke and prod her clit with your fork.  As you eat, you notice that the juices have flowed even farther down and you reach up to your dipper tray and grab one of the thin carrots.  Setting down your fork, you smack the pointed end of the carrot against Amanda’s clit, and then move it through the wet petals, even pushing it in slightly to press against the vibrating egg.

Finally you move it even farther downward, to the small button of her bottom.  Slowly you begin to push it in, watching in pleasure as Amanda goes crazy, pulling against the rope tying her to the platter.  After an inch you pull it back out, then push it back in even further.  Her body convulses around the carrot, her chest heaving, making the clamps dance above your plate.  You leave the carrot, once more picking up your fork, alternating between delectable bites and scrumptious torment.

By the time you are finished eating, her clit is swollen and red, tiny marks from the tines of your fork clearly marking her skin.  You also suspect that she has orgasmed, at least once, possibly more.  Her eyes are closed, her face flushed and you sit back with a sigh.

Carefully, you reach up, removing the clamps from her nipples, bringing forth another cry as the blood rushes back into the crushed nubs.  Amanda moans, her head going back and forth, her long blond hair spilling across her face.  You reach down to the control wand and dial back the vibrator bullet and then slowly draw it out of her.  She groans as it leaves her body and you hear the desperate and wanton abandon in her voice. Lastly, you tug the carrot from her bottom, tossing it away.


Dinner was excellent, but now it’s time to see just how diabolical you can be with the provided toys and dippers. (6b)

 Dinner was excellent, but your cock needs a little attention, and poor Amanda won’t be providing relief.  She was a nice toy, but it’s time to check out the main stages!  You wave the other waitress over and they immediately remove Amanda, leaving your table clear of everything but your drink. (1c)

 Now that you’ve eaten, you’ve reconsidered Amanda’s suggestion of going for a massage.  You allow the waitress and Manager to clear away the platter, taking Amanda away for a no doubt necessary break.  Slowly, you stand and move down the hallway toward the massage parlor.  (1d)