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7a – The Sap

You pick up the small leather paddle and examine it.  Saps, also known as blackjacks, were a type of police weapon used to maintain order prior to the wonderful introduction of chemical deterrents like Mace, cs tear gas, and pepper spray.  They used to be made of a leather encased rod with a springy handle and could be used with devastating effect.  This one wasn’t nearly so cruel, leaving out the heavy metal.  This modern version is almost seven inches long, over half of it handle, with a large four by two inch square of flexible leather at the end.  You have no doubt that the sensation of the supple but firm leather will create the most intense sensation.

You give your palm an experimental swat with the tool, gauging the strength you will need.  Amanda’s sex, already swollen from the barrage of torments inflicted upon it, is much more sensitive that your palm, but you figure that going light on her will only cause problems later.

You grab hold of the vibrating bullet again.  As much as you would like to use the large vibrator, you need something inside her that leaves the petals of her sex unprotected. The bullet slips in nicely, the scent of chocolate still wafting up from her spread and open hole.  You turn the dial on the control device to maximum and grin as Amanda starts to moan again.

The first stroke you give her is actually on her bottom, kissing the tender spot where the back of her thigh meets her buttocks.  She squeals, but only from surprise and you realize that the flick of your wrist was too light.  The next smack matches the first, but on the other thigh and you use a bit more arm movement, eliciting another pig noise from your bound beauty.  You can see her pussy pulsing and you aim right for her clit, bringing the leather sap down.  It lands squarely on her nub, slapping down with a wet smack, flattening the folds of her sex and causing Amanda to go into spasms of shock.

You don’t give her time to recover, striking her again.  A two by four inch pink square appears directly over her pussy as you spank her.  Her voice, even muffled by the gag, becomes a high pitched wail that seems to go on; music to your ears.  You move your wrist, bringing a flurry of sharp wallops to her clit, over and over, watching in amusement as she bucks, pulling against her bonds, her hips thumping and rolling as she tries desperately to escape the punishing blows being inflicted on her groin.

You move the sap downward, making sure that the entire length of her pussy is subjected to the stinging burn of your strokes and in minutes you make sure that any portion of her sex that hadn’t yet been tormented by your earlier kindhearted ministrations is now just as swollen, red, and tender.  

Her chest is heaving as she cries, breasts heaving up and down delectably.  You wish that you could stand up, pull out your cock, and plunge it deep into the hot snatch in front of you.  She is truly well done, basted and cooked to perfection.  You sigh in desire.  It’s too bad the meal didn’t include a private room and a serious fucking.

You look down at your dinner platter and realize that she is in a state of extreme arousal, combined with the discomfort of her bonds, and the heat of her whipping.  Use the vibrator to finish her off, and then move on to the other activities provided by the Club to meet your OWN needs. (9a)

Motion the restaurant manager over and inquire about the possibilities of moving your dinner platter to one of the private rooms. (9b)