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8a – Top Drawer

With a mischievous smile you slide off Amanda, rolling to the edge of the bed.  Her head turns to follow as you open the top drawer, rummaging through the various items.  The quizzical look on her face tells you immediately that she has no idea what is usually stocked in the VIP rooms and it is only when you extract a huge vibrator with a branching arm that she realizes that you intend to keep going.  The small bottle of oil practically leaps into your hand as you turn to the supine girl and remove the vibrator from its packaging.

She lays patiently, legs still parted as you pour the oil over the tip of the bright purple sex toy, as well as the small branching arm that is designed to directly stimulate a woman’s clitoris.  Her fingers grasp the sheets and she tilts her head back as you turn it on and press the tip of the vibe against her clit, causing little trembles in her thighs.  For over five minutes you torment her, rubbing the end of the toy up and down in slit, over her clit, back and forth, never plunging deeper than the barest penetration possible.  It doesn’t take long for her breathing to quicken, her heart to race, and her eyes to plead with you for release.

Your own cock is throbbing, but not hard, so you look down at Amanda and order her to roll over.

Concerned, but wanting what you will give her, Amanda spins on the mattress.  You help her move her legs apart, taking hold of one ankle and tugging it out to the edge of bed.  With a gentle pat you reposition the vibrator at the entrance of her well and begin to push, spreading the various petals of her flower as the toy sinks into the wet depths.  She lets out a small cry as the branching arm strikes her clit, pressing tightly against the little nub.  She moans as your hands rub a liberal amount of oil into her butt cheeks, making sure the crack is well lubed, teasing the small button of her anus.

Then you straddle her, pressing your semi-rigid shaft into the small of her back.  You slide downward, enjoying the tight sensation of her buttocks on the sides of your cock.  Pumping, you press her down, making sure that the vibrations against her clit are the strongest possible.  Amanda squirms beneath you, unable to shift her position as you begin to rhythmically pump, sliding your cock through the crevasse of her ass.

You can sense the vibrations right through her and the combination of oil, sex juices, and stroking doesn’t take long to restore your shaft to full diamond level hardness.  As Amanda gasps beneath you, dealing with the building sensations of need coming from the vibrator, you carefully take aim and position your cock at the entrance of her ass.

She cries out when you enter, trying to buck you off, but you are stronger and your well lubed cock slides into her rear end like a hot knife through butter.  Her head lifts up and she shakes it, but then groans as you begin rapidly thrusting in and out of her ass, giving her the sensation of a double penetration and clit licking all at the same time.  Her objections become nothing more than more whimpering cries, filled with need.  You continue pumping, pushing your hand under her chest and squeezing tightly her left breast.

It’s too much for Amanda.  She gasps, her back arching, her rear end tightening around your cock like a closed fist.  Her body locks in place, muscles trembling as her toes curl and she burns through her orgasm like a fire in dry kindling.  It is easily the highlight of her evening, exploding outward through her body.

You find her physical reaction stimulating, her trembling arms and legs, the tightness of her ass, and you close your eyes, delighting in the feel of her as you work yourself deeper.  It doesn’t take long to build yourself to climax, feeling the somewhat pitiful spurt of wetness as well as the release of tension.  You sigh as waves of exhaustion rush through you and collapse on top of her, the scent and feel of her skin the only thing you notice as you try to catch you breath and regain some of your strength. 

At some point she twitches and you roll off her body.  She reaches down between her legs, twisting but you beat her to the vibrator and take hold of it.  You turn it off and lean toward her ear.

“I’ll turn it off but you need to leave it in until I leave.”  You whisper.  Her back is toward you and you see the pulse beating in her throat.  She nods, lifting one leg, allowing you to pat the vibrator in place.  The her thighs fold together, keeping the large sex toy buried in her snatch.

“I’ve never done anything like that before.”  She says, her voice sounding small and lost.

“And now that you have, do you feel different?”  You ask, a measure of your strength returning.  You drape one arm across her body, fingers lightly stroking her left nipple, toying with it.

Once more she nods.  “I feel…”  Her words trail off and she unable to articulate her emotions.  She trembles again under your touch and you pull her tightly against you.

“Amanda, you are a beautiful, exotic, incredible darling.  You are wasted serving drinks and clearing tables.  You belong on the stage, dancing and twirling away, satisfying men and earning every dollar that you deserve.  That is nothing to be ashamed of.”  You say.

She takes a deep breath and half turns toward you so that she can see your face.  “Do you really think so?”  She asks.

With a smile you nod.  “I know so.”  You pat her breast once and sit up. A handful of sheets cleans up the various juices still clinging to your skin and you get up, reaching for your clothing.  You quickly pull on your socks and shirt and begin buttoning up the front.

“Are you about to leave?”  She asks, still lying on the bed, limbs splayed in the exhaustive afterglow of sex.  The small plastic base of the vibrator peeks out from between her thighs.

You smile at her.  “Almost.  Are you completely satisfied?”  You ask.  It seems a pointless question considering her condition, but you are a gentleman.

She laughs softly, eyes closing.  “And if I say I’m not?  What does that mean?”

You move back over to her.  Your hand touches her side, stroking her body from hip to breast. “It means that the rest of your evening will be a horrible torment for you, with no chance of relief.”

“And if I am satisfied?  What happens then?”  She asks, looking up at you, blue eyes sparkling.

A shrug.  “I guess you go back to waiting on tables.  Maybe you go downstairs and dance.  I don’t know.  All I know is that you’ve given me everything I needed tonight.”

She looked concerned.  “Are you going to go home?”  She asks, her voice betraying her feelings.  You stroke her again, hands in her hair and you bend down for a sweet kiss. 

“Just answer the question.”  You say and she gives you a look of exasperation.

“Fine!  I’m not satisfied!”  She replies, a touch of anger and rebellion in her voice.

You finish buckling your trousers and look down on her.  Her long blond hair has spilled over the red pillows, her naked body almost luminescent in the soft red light of the tableside lamp.  You take a deep breath, knowing your time is practically up, even if you could manage to get it up again.  It only takes a moment of appreciating her incredible skin for you to roll her over on her stomach, your hands commanding her.

She acquiesces without comment, stretching her body along the length of the bed.  Her eyes close as you caress her, touching her back and shoulder, fingers stroking her spine.   As one hand rubs her, eliciting quiet murmurs of pleasure, your left hand opens the bottom drawer of the night stand and pulls out the length of soft white rope.  She doesn’t see it and you reach up and take hold of her right arm, pulling it down and back until her wrist is in the small of her back.  Her head pops up in alarm as she feels the rope being wrapped around her wrist, but she doesn’t object, looking up at you with confused eyes.  Suddenly her expression changes, realizing you must be doing something kinky, and she lets you bind her other wrist.  The rope is long enough for what you have in mind and you stretch it down to her ankles, bending her legs at the knee.  It seconds she is hogtied and she turns to look at you, trying to fathom your intensions.  It isn’t until you reach between her legs and once again turn the vibrator on, twisting the dial all the way up.

She groans.  “Wait!  W-w-what are you doing?”
You grin.  “My hour with you is just about up.  You sated me, but since you said you weren’t satisfied yet I thought I’d leave you with something to take your mind off of your sexual need.”  You pat her bottom gently.

“What?  You’re kidding me!”  She demands, twisting slightly to look up at you, her eyes already starting to glaze as the vibrator stimulates her clit for the umpteenth time.  “You can’t leave me like this!”  She says.  You smile again and finish wrapping the last bit of rope around her legs, lifting her up so that there is no way for her to wriggle out of her bondage or move the vibrator.  She struggles suddenly, only to find herself captive to your whims, knowing that only another set of hands can set her free.  She lets out a shudder as her body reacts to the vibrator churning inside her.

“Please?  Sir?  Please…I’ll do anything!” She begs. 

You grab hold of your coat and then bend down, kissing her gently on the brow.  “You already did anything.  I’ll let the restaurant manager know you’re back here and that you need a little privacy to collect yourself.”

“NO!” She yells, but the curtain of the small room is already closed and you walk away heading back into the VIP dining area.  When you take your seat at the table, the other waitress quickly arrives and you order a drink.  When is gets to the table you motion her close.

“Would you mind letting the restaurant manager know that Amanda was fantastic, but that she needs a little while to collect herself before she returns to her duties.”  You ask politely.

The waitress nods.  “I’ll tell him sir.  Is there anything you require?”  She asks.

You glance down at the stage, examining the girls parading across the various platforms.  You shake your head.  “I’m good.  I think I’ll finish my drink and head home.  It’s been a strenuous evening.”

The waitress nods her head, giving you a beaming smile.  “Have a good evening, sir.”

Twenty minutes later you finish and head to the bathroom on your way out the door.  As you head back downstairs you pause by the VIP rooms and listen.  You can’t hear anything.

What an incredible evening!  You are spent, emotionally and physically, and you head down to the exit. (The Exit)

You stretch, suddenly thinking that Amanda’s original suggestion of a massage sounds fantastic.  You head down the hall to the masseuse’s rooms. (1d)