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8b – Bottom Drawer

“If you want it so bad I’ll give it to you.”  The whisper comes from your lips and she nods, her eyes filled with lust.  You quickly reach for the bottom drawer and pull it out, opening it.  It takes only seconds to find the rope and Amanda looks at the hemp line in shock.  She recovers quickly, understanding that the only way release will come is if she allows herself to be bound.  She lifts her wrists, holding them out to you.  Not a second of time is wasted as you wrap the cord around her arms, binding her hands together.  You quickly tie it to the metal frame of the headboard, securing her wrists above her head and then run your fingers down her body.

Two more pieces of rope come out of the drawer and it doesn’t take long to bind each ankle and stretch them apart.  She helps, willingly, spreading her legs to the maximum, delicate toes pointing as you pull her tight.  You smile, knowing that she has no idea what is coming.

You wonder what she expects; your mouth on her hot pussy perhaps, or maybe something more exotic, like some odd position.  Of course with the interesting items you know are in the drawer, her experience might be a little more than she expected.  Reaching down into the drawer, you grab the blindfold, holding it up so she can see it.  For a second you see a flash of fear, then acceptance, in her eyes and you gently slip it over her head, your hand brushing through her shoulder length blond hair.  It settles in place nicely and you wave your hand in front of her nose.  There is no reaction.

You reach for the side table again but this time open the top drawer.  It takes only a moment to select a suitable battery driven sex toy and you quickly unwrap it from its cellophane container.  Amanda cocks her head, trying to identify the sound.  She starts to open her mouth to ask, but you lay one finger on her lips.

“Hush now.  No words from you.”  The vibrator you’ve selected is a monster, one of the most expensive and largest of the collection.  Not only did it come with variable speed, but it had a series of ridges molded into its length, making it look like some knobby alien cock.  You are pretty sure that an innocent creature like Amanda has never had anything like it rammed up her pretty little pussy before.  Your finger slides into the folds of her sex, checking to make sure she is still wet and finds that she is ripe beyond belief.  With a grin, you move the tip of the vibrator against her clit and turn it on its lowest setting.  She gasps as it activates, stretching against her bonds, and then settles down with a low moan of pleasure.  The grin on your face stretches wide as her hips begin rocking, an almost involuntary response to the direct stimulation.

After a minute you begin sliding the tip of the vibrator up and down her slit, always returning to her clit.  Patience is a key ingredient to sexual torture, and knowing when to do it is the most important thing.  With every stroke downward Amanda arches her back, wanting you to push the vibrator in.  She isn’t aware of how big it is, or how oddly shaped, or how powerful.  She only knows the tip, buzz softly away against her body, stroking her toward climax.
On the eighth downward slide she moans in frustration, her hips thrusting upward, trying to make you push the sex toy inside her.  You bring it back up to her clit and adjust the intensity level of the vibrator, causing it to buzz just a little stronger.  She gasps and tenses, letting you actually see her sex try to close despite the open and bound state of her body.  Her thighs glisten with moisture and her hips pump in a rhythm only Amanda can hear, but that you are playing.  Just to rub it in you lift the vibe and then tap it against her clit a few times.  A crash of cymbals couldn’t have surprised her more and she lets out a tiny lust filled cry, arching her back and pulling hard against the rope holding her hands.  You have no doubt that had she been loose she would have ripped the vibrator from your hands and plunged it deeply within herself.

You drag the tip downward against, touching the folds of her sex and she shakes her head in frustration.  You start to bring it back up to her clit and she lets out a half choked sob.  That was the sound you had been waiting for and you change the vibe’s direction.  With force and speed you push it in to her body, the tapered tip disappearing into the darkness.  Amanda’s body reacts to the intrusion, tensing, toes curling, letting out a cry of both satisfaction and shock.

But as the rest of the vibrator drives into her she grunts, clearly at odds with the unusual shape.  Shaped like bulbous corkscrew you twist it in, reveling in the sweet penetration.  You keep pushing until only an inch of the vibe is left exposed, sticking out from between swollen petals.  The strange contour keeps it buried nicely, leaving you free to work on other parts of her body.  For kicks, you twist the dial on the base to maximum.

The effect is immediate.  A high pitched wailing keen fills the little room and once again she tenses, arching her back.  You chuckle.  After this session it will be Amanda who will need a massage.  The fingers of your right hand find her clit and pinch it softly while your left begins digging in the drawer again.  She gasps while her loins do a cheery little dance, dealing with the mountains of sensation exploding up from between her legs.

A clothespin is extracted from the drawer and you examine it for a moment.  It is light plastic and you suspect not the strongest of available clamps.  It doesn’t really matter and you quickly snag two more from the depths of the drawer.  You let go of her clit, taking up a clothespin peg in each hand.  She can’t see what you are doing as you squeeze them open, holding both clamps directly above her nipples.  You lower your hands and she jumps, feeling you touch her breasts.  When she settles back down you release the pressure, allowing both clamps to instantly bite into her delicate flesh.

This time she gasps, twisting her torso, setting the two colored clamps wiggling.  For a moment you sit back, watching.  The incredible tableau before you has caused your cock to spring back to life, bobbing slightly as you watch Amanda deal with the sexual deprivations of your desire.  You toy with a third clamp and then idly attach it to her clit, eliciting the first real cry of the night.  You grin.  Now this is torture you muse.

You let her stew, running your fingertips up and down her body occasionally as you get out the rest of your equipment.  She detects the acrid scent of the lit match, flinching away.  But when nothing happens she returns her attention to the sexual agony being inflicted upon her.  Finally you reach up and remove the two nipple clamps from her breasts.  She gasps, her chest heaving as you toss them aside.  The bottle of oil spills over her breasts as you pour the clear fluid onto her.  You put the container aside and with both hands begin to massage her, spreading the mineral oil across both breasts and into the hollow of her throat.  Then you move downward, smearing oil across her belly and toward her clit.  You don’t remove the clit clamp, but lightly pinch it between your thumb and finger, pulling it out.  She gasps, sharp little cries of pain coming from her lips as you carefully pour a bit more oil into the petals of her flower.  When you let go, the clamp and clit snaps back into place, slightly red.

You grasp the narrow taper and hold it up over her breast.  The blindfold keeps her from seeing the flame or the first drop of hot wax.  But when the white paraffin strikes her directly on the nipple and explodes outward in a splatter of hot droplets she cries out, her body trying desperately to escape.  The next droplet elicits another cry from her and she twists against the ropes.  To your surprise she almost manages to rotate away from you, allowing hot wax to spill on the tender sides of her body, the slopes of her breasts, and even the tender spot right under her arms.  You reach out and drop one arm across her chest, just above her breasts, holding her down.

She whimpers, her chest heaving in short little bursts as you concentrate on coating each breast.  It doesn’t take long and she lets out tiny sobs of anguish as the heat soaks into her skin.  For five minutes you coat her tits.  As the wax cools new drops do not burn as much and she begins to calm down.  Just as she starts to relax you move the candle downward.

You leave a spattered white trail across her belly as you move downward, but this is not your target.  Amanda realizes your intentions and opens her mouth.  You are prepared for this and wad a corner of the sheet into her open mouth just as the first few drops of hot wax strike her clit. 

The effect is immediate, like pouring gasoline on a fire.  She shakes, her body erupting into spasms as her clit is coated lightly.  The hot wax pools and the begins dribbling down the various petals of her sex, coating her cunt with white paraffin. The wax congeals around the vibrator and small rivulets continue downward, pooling in the crack of her ass.  You splatter her thighs, working back and forth as she cries, chest heaving with wracking sobs.

When her entire crotch is covered in white wax you blow out the candle.  You reach down and grasp the end of the vibrator and begin to extract it slowly.  She lets out another moan, hips rolling.  She thinks you’re pulling it out, but just as you feel it about to clear its hot wet scabbard, you plunge it back in hard.  You begin to thrust it furiously in and out of her body as she makes muffled noises.  Her hips match your movements, wildly fucking the plastic cock.  Your own manhood is growling, wanting to plunge into her body and you take a deep breath, calming yourself.

Just as it appears Amanda is going to come you stop, pulling the vibrator out, leaving her a whimpering desperate slut of a girl who can only think of need.  Her thighs tremble as her head thrashes back and forth.

You turn the vibe off and toss it to the floor.  There is no time to waste and you quickly grab your leather belt, not wanting to bother with the thin little whip provided in the drawer.  You double the leather and hold it near the top, so that only eight or so inches are showing, effectively making it into a leather sap.

Your first stroke takes her directly on the clit, white wax chips shattering and exploding off her body.  She screams out loud, the sensations exploding through her as you free her toasted and cooked clit and pussy, exposing it to the air.  It takes maybe a dozen strokes to clear away the wax, aided in part by the heavy layer of oil you worked into her skin first.  Your belt moves up to her breasts and begins thrashing away at the curved dome of wax.  It is even quicker to remove here, paraffin flying as the belt turns heated and pink skin red.  Amanda stops thrashing even as you move to the other breast, targeting the wax coated nipple.  She can only hold still, her breath caught tightly between her lips, waiting for the end.

And then it is over.  Both breasts crusted in little flakes of wax, but with oil coated nipples exposed to your eyes.  You waste not a moment, kneeling between her outstretched thighs.  Your cock plunges into her hot well and you begin pumping, hands moving to grope her breasts, flicking at the tenderized nipples.

Your own need is at the forefront of your mind, but you can’t help noticing how close Amanda is.  Her body is pliant underneath you, reacting to your long strokes after so much torment.  You reach up and pull the makeshift gag from her mouth and toss it aside.  Your fingers find the blindfold and yank it off, wanting to see her eyes.

They are glazed; the blue sapphires dazed with sex.  You thrust deeply and her mouth opens in a soundless moan.  Her fingers are clenched into fists and you feel her tightening beneath you.  She arches her back just as you feel your own climax coming, hips rolling forward in orgasmic delight.

Again you explode, sending ribbons of fluid deep into her well, letting loose a torrent of sensation as she matches your intensity.  For one long moment you are locked together, bodies hardened in release.  Then, slowly, you begin relaxing, sinking in to the softness of her warmth.  Your head falls to pillow on her breasts, one hand idly caressing the other curved mound.  You stay inside her, letting your cock shrink, enjoying the sensation of heat and wetness.

Amanda is silent as it takes several minutes for her to catch her breath.  She lays limply, not reacting to your idle touch, much less your weight or flaccid cock.  Her eyes are closed and the expression on her face is peaceful.  Finally you roll off her.  A corner of the bed sheet wipes away the excess fluids on your thighs and you step over to your clothes and begin pulling on your boxers and socks.

“Are you going to untie me?”  Amanda asks, her voice sounding tired.

You look back over at her.  Even ravished, she is beautiful.  Several strands of her hair have fallen over her face, her breasts are a brilliant shade of red, as is her loin.  You give her a grin.

“Not yet at least.  You look to pretty lying there like that.”

She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes again.  “I can’t believe you did that to me.”  She says softly.

You shrug as you put on your trousers.  “My prerogative.  If you think that was tough never go down stairs to the basement.”  You snag your shirt and begin pushing your arms through the sleeves.

“Well I hope you’re satisfied.”  She says, the tone of her voice hard.

You look over at her and move toward the bed.  Looking down at her you see her expression, a touch of anger flickering across her face.

“Very much so.  I hope you are satisfied as well.”  You ask.

“My satisfaction matters?”  She gives you a disbelieving look.  You chuckle softly and lay one hand on her breasts, lightly brushing your fingers across her nipple.  She stiffens.

“Of course it does.  At least to me.  I like the girls I am with to be sexually satisfied.” You sniff.  “It’s the gentlemanly thing to do.”

“And what if I say I’m not satisfied?”  She asks, a sarcastic tone filling the entire question.

You get closer, looking her right in the eye, your face only inches away.  Your voice is strong, commanding, and she seems to shrink away for a moment.  “Are you satisfied?”  You inquire.

She swallows but then a look of rebellion crosses her visage and she gives you a wicked naughty smile.


You smile and stand up straight.  With a spring in your step you snatch up the large vibrator from the floor and quickly twist the base to its maximum setting.  As the sound of its buzzing fills the room Amanda looks up at you in alarm, shaking her head. 

“Wait!  I didn’t mean that…” her objection is cut off as you plunge the vibe back into her over stimulated well.  She gasps, her hips once more rolling and you pat her clit softly as you step back.  She lets out little cries as you finish buttoning your shirt, watching with detached interest.

As you put your coat back on you move over to her, once again pushing the large wad of sheet into her mouth.  Her eyes widen as she realizes you intend to leave her like this, tied up spread eagled, covered in wax chips, with a monster vibrator stuffed into her, buzzing away on high.  You kiss her forehead and smile, patting her breast softly, then flicking the nipple, causing her to jump.

“You did really good, Amanda.  I’ll let the restaurant manager know that you’d like a little time to collect yourself in private and that he should check on you in about half an hour.”  Her eyes widen in shock and she shakes her head back and forth.  You give her a pat and turn to leave, but then spot the clothespins.  You can’t help it.  You scoop them up and quickly attach them to her nipples, and finally her clit, leaving her right back where she had been not thirty minutes before.  She screams into her gag, hips grinding up and down, clit clamped tightly.  Her eyes roll into the back of her head as you give her a little wave and leave.

As the curtain closes you realize that very little sound escapes the tiny rooms.  With a grin and a sigh you head back out into the VIP Lounge, heading back to your table.  The other waitress immediately approaches you and you order a new drink.  Just before she leaves you wave her closer.

“Would you please let the restaurant manager know that Amanda was exquisite, but that she needs a little time to recuperate?  I left her in the last cubicle.  She said something about half an hour and then asked if you or the restaurant manager could check on her.”  The waitress nods with a smile and tells you she will pass on the message.

Your drink arrives and you enjoy the various performers dancing beneath the balcony, semi-naked bodies swaying.  Just before the half hour is up you down your drink and head off to the restroom.  It doesn’t take long to use the facilities and clean up and fifteen minutes later you stand in the VIP lounge, deciding what to do next.

After what you did to Amanda, your poor body is pretty much done for the night.  It’s time to head downstairs and make for the exit.  Hopefully you can get out of here before Amanda is released and finds you.  No doubt she will want to dump a pitcher of ice water on your head.  Ah…cruelty can be so much fun!  (The Exit)

You stretch slightly.  At this point maybe a massage is just the thing.  Head down the hallway to the masseuse’s parlor. (1d)