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9a – Finishing

Slowly you reach across her body and deliver another series of slaps against her nipples, causing Amanda to squirm, twisting as the pain radiates out from her breasts.  You toss the sap aside and pick up the vibrator, turning it to its highest setting before pressing it deeply against her clit.  She screams, a sharp piercing wail that is blocked by the red ball gag, but tells you precisely how close to orgasm she is.  You rub the tip of the vibe back and forth across her nub watching the crimson and inflamed flesh yield to your touch.  Between the vibrating bullet and the direct clitoral stimulation, it takes only moments for Amanda to reach climax, exploding in a toe curling shudder that takes her breath away.

You pull out the vibrating bullet, giving her a chance to calm down, setting both sex toys aside for a moment.  You reach to your glass of water, extracting a partially melted ice cylinder and touch it lightly to her clit.  She jumps again, but the combination of light touch and cold actually seems to relieve her distress.  You rub her for only a moment before discarding the ice.

You sit back with a sigh.  Dinner was excellent and playing with Amanda was an entertaining diversion.  You know that she really can’t take much more, so you pick up the vibrator one last time and push it deeply into her well.  You twist the base so that it is buzzing merrily inside her, bringing her up to the brink of orgasm just one last time.  But rather than help her, you wait, enjoying the sight of her pulsing pussy wrapped tightly around the pink motorized dildo.

The waitress comes by and asks if you are finished, but you wave her off.  In honesty, you are done, but you don’t want them clearing the table just yet.  You want Amanda to be on the brink before you let them take her away.  You let her stew, occasionally touching one finger against her clit or anus, just to see her jump.

After five minutes she is moaning, her body tensing again and you finally wave the waitress back to your table.  You let her know that you’re finished and the restaurant manager and one of the kitchen aides are almost immediately there with the cart, lifting Amanda and the silver platter up and whisking her away.  You can’t help wondering if they will turn off the vibrator or let her masturbate.  You hope they leave it in her, buzzing away as long as possible. 

You ponder your next move and realize that the three girls dancing on the main stages are extraordinarily interesting. 

Turn your attention to the main stages and decide which girl you are going to have more fun with! (1c)

Maybe a massage IS the right thing to make your evening complete!  Head down the hall Amanda told you about and see how the kinks might get worked out. (1d)

You’re full, you’re tired.  It’s time to call it a night.  Finish your drink and head toward the exit. (The Exit)