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9b – Private Platter

“You want to do what sir?”  The restaurant manager asks, his eyes wide in shock.  You sigh, repeating yourself.  It isn’t that difficult of a request.  The manager looks down at Amanda, noting the pink hue and bruised flesh of her groin.  He swallows.  Your request is an unexpected development, one that he isn’t sure he can grant.  Amanda quivers, her body reacting to the vibrator and he bites his lip for a moment.

“I’ll throw in the usual fee, plus a tip for Amanda.”  You say, hoping to sway him.

He looks at you, hands spread.  “That’s not the issue sir.  The problem is that Amanda is not a contracted performer.  She agreed to serve as your platter, knowing full well what might be done to her.  With out her permission I can hardly agree to move her to a private venue.  Our performers are all aware of the requirements of their position.  Amanda is not.  If you will permit me, I will remove her gag and we can inquire if she is interested in changing her employment status.”

You look down at the quivering girl.  You realize this will be up to Amanda.  You frown.  You don’t like gambles.  After what you have done to her she might beg for release, moving back into the safety of waitressing.  You want your cock in her though, so you nod, reaching out and taking hold of vibrator, slowly thrusting it in and out as the restaurant manager removes the ball gag.

Amanda works her jaw for a moment, relieved to have the thick rubber extracted.  The restaurant manager bends over, reiterating his question and you quicken the pace of your thrusts.  Amanda groans, nods, and then cries out as your scrape her clit with your thumb. 

“Please!  Just…anything!  I need to cum!”  She begs.  You smile.  Perhaps your touch was manipulation, but perhaps not.  You let go of the vibrator, leaving it in.

The restaurant manager straightens and nods.  “Do you want us to leave her on the platter sir?”

You grin.  “Of course.  But I will probably release her myself at some point.”  You reply.

The manager nods and quickly hurries off, another kitchen cart appearing shortly.  The waitress quickly removes the plate sitting on Amanda’s stomach, along with the used and unused dippers and utensils.  You almost object when she removes the sap, but then decide that Amanda has had enough.  She is getting verbose, constantly moaning and begging and you pat her gently right on the clit, flicking it softly. 

“Shortly my dear.  Shortly.”  You say softly.

She is picked up and deposited on the cart and you stand, following her as the restaurant manager and a kitchen aide quickly move Amanda to one of the private rooms.  They push aside a heavy curtain and wheel her in, leaving her gasping in your company.  With a nod, the kitchen manager and his assistant depart, leaving you in a small red lit room, occupied with only a small bed fitted with red sheets, a nightstand, and a heavy lounge chair, perfect for lap dances.  A red tinged lamp sits on the stand, matching the hue of the overhead light.

“Please…please…please?” She moans and you decide that an immediate response is needed.   You step up to the cart and quickly unbuckle your trousers.  In seconds they are draped on the chair behind you, along with your boxers.  You step up to the cart, noting that it seems to be the perfect height for what you are intending.  Your cock stands straight out, hard as a rock and you tug out the vibrator, tossing it aside.  You dip just the head of your shaft into the soft, warm, wet opening, reveling in the sensations of pleasure.  Leisurely you slip yourself deep, feeling the abused walls of Amanda’s sex close around your cock.  She lets out a sigh of satisfaction, tinged with need and you pull out only to thrust yourself in again.  You work slowly, knowing that every stroke of your cock will only inflame her more, while your own need builds gradually.  You keep up a rhythmic pattern, alternating between shallow and deep thrusts.

For Amanda, your unhurried lovemaking takes on a new urgency as she feels the budding blossom of orgasm build inside her.  She cries out, pleasurable moans escaping from her lips and you grin as she clenches around your cock.  Her fingers tighten into fists, still secure in their bindings and you pick up the pace and force, ramming yourself in like a jackhammer into concrete.

She screams this time, her eyes closed shut, her mouth stretched into a look that is indistinguishable between pain and pleasure.  You hold still, your cock trapped within her, enjoying the tremors that caress your length.  Finally her body relaxes and you begin pumping again, slowly.  Amanda’s breathing evens out and she opens her eyes and looks up at you, studying your face while you take your pleasure in her.

“Satisfied now?”  You ask her as your continue to slip your cock in and out of her sopping wet sex.  She takes a deep breath and nods.

“No comment?  I’ve made you a performer now.  No regrets?”

She frowns.  “I didn’t want to be one.”  She replies, a little sullen.  You grin and move one hand to her clit, working it with your thumb.  She groans, eyes closing again.

“It has its benefits you know.”  You reply. 

She tenses again as your left hand moves up to her breast, lightly pinching the nipple as your right hand continues to tease her clit.  You feel your own needs coming into play and know you need to move her to the bed.  Staying inside her, your hands move down to the knotted ropes tied to the multiple handles of the silver platter.  You release her knees first, then her ankles.  Freed from the restraint she stretches out, wrapping her legs around you.  You lean over her body and pull free the knots holding her wrists and she pulls free.

She swallows and then you extract yourself from her, scooping her up and carrying her to the bed.  You spend a minute to untie the silken ropes from her wrist and ankles, fingers caressing her skin.

“You don’t want to tie me up, sir” she asks softly as you put her down on the sheets.  She lifts her arms above her head and spreads her legs, opening her self up to you, clearly okay with being bound. 

You shake your head.  “That’s my prerogative and I will tie you up when I want.”  You reply.  You quickly get up on the bed, kneeling between her legs. 

The close up sight of her pussy fills you with desire and you feel the sudden urge.  You bend down, putting your mouth to her sex, detecting the scents of chocolate and her juice.  You run your tongue through the petals of her flower, sucking on the folds with abandon, making her arch her back, hips thrusting up to you.  Your tongue finds her clit, stabbing it wildly, rubbing it back and forth until she reaches down, her hands finding your head, pulling you upward. 

Her needs are clear and you slide up her body, tasting her breasts, her throat, and then her lips.  The tip of your cock presses against her well and she shifts beneath you, spreading her legs as you penetrate, driving yourself deeply into her body.  She gasps, crying out as you impale her, the thick heat of your cock spearing upward.  You feel her wetness surround you, leaking out of her sex to coat your thighs and balls and you begin thrusting against her. 

Her legs move and you straddle them, pressing her thighs together to ride her jockey style.  The soles of your feet trap her ankles together, binding her as tightly as ropes would have.  You press against her, trying to get every part of her in your mouth.  Her tongue, her nipples, you taste her skin over and over, hungrily devouring her.

She suddenly grabs hold of you, fingers clutching at your shoulders, her head tilted upward in sudden ecstasy.  Her eyes close and she lets out a keening moan as her body tightens underneath you, exploding in climax.  You feel her well clamp down upon your cock and all thoughts of her pleasure disappear as your surge forward, ramming yourself deeply into her body.  You feel your eruption mounting and then you drive yourself deep, the tip of your cock striking her cervix.  You groan, gritting your teeth as you begin to orgasm, sending ribbons of thick cream deep into Amanda’s body.

When the flow subsides you collapse on top of her, matching her own deep breaths as the two of you slowly recover.  Your mouth finds her breast, playfully nibbling on a delicate nub as your other hand traces circles on her skin.  She takes a deep breath, enjoying your warmth as you lay next to her.

After a few minutes you lift up, examining her.  Your hour has barely started and you smile.  She opens her eyes, looking at you with a mixture of pleasure and wariness.

“What?”  She asks.  You smile and laugh.  “You’re beautiful.  But we are no where close to being done.

Her eyes widen slightly and the expression on her face turns from surprise to contentment.  She stretches, lifting her arms above her head.

With that, you slide off her body and look at the night stand.  Past experience tells you that every private VIP room is stocked with the same things.  The top drawer contains a bottle of oil and a selection of sex toys, each wrapped individually in sealed plastic bags with fresh batteries.   It is a vanilla nirvana and can prolong Amanda’s torment from minutes into hours.

The other drawer holds a pair of small black rubber coated nipple clamps, connected with a chain, a small whip, a blindfold, and a handful of colorful plastic clothespins, soft silk rope, body oil, small taper candles, and a box of matches.  Like the refrigerator at expensive motels stocked with liquor, anything you use in the private VIP rooms has a price.  It’s not that expensive, especially when compared to what you’re paying for the girl, and you can take the vibrator home with you or give it to the girl.  That’s not a bad parting gift to either help you remember her, or think of you each time she uses it.

Which drawer should you open?  Your time with Amanda isn’t even close to being done.  While she may have lost her innocence with you, she still is unaware of the dark and more sinful depredations that come with performing at the Club.  Introduce her yourself.


Open the top drawer and select something that will send her into oblivion.  You love seeing a beautiful girl writhing beneath you, unable to control herself.  You know it will make you hard again, able to take her a second time. (8a)

Open the bottom drawer.  It’s time for a baptism in fire.  Show her the darkest sides of sex at the Club and change her understanding of sex forever. Clamps, hot wax, a gentle whipping…now that sounds like a lot of fun. (8b)