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The End - Ahn

“Konbanwa, sir.”  Ahn greets you.  Her smile is large and she has a sparkle in her eye.  She looks very odd in her western clothing, especially compared to her kimono.  However, the stonewashed blue jeans and thin white tee shirt make her more approachable.  You admire the way her breasts stretch the white cotton fabric, which is almost too thin to be called cloth and should instead be referred to as “heavy gauze”.  You pull your attention away from the dark circles of her areola, totally visible through the tight white tee shirt.

“Hello, Ahn.  How are you?”  You ask politely.  The massage you received at this woman’s hands is still fresh in your memory.  It was an hour of bliss; an hour you would gladly repeat at any moment.  The things she could do with her hands…

“Very good, sir.  Thank you.”  She looks at you and the door.  “You are leaving the Club?”

You nod and sigh.  “I’m afraid so.  I’ve had a pretty wild evening and I’m pretty much partied out.”

“You sampled everything the Club has to offer then?”  She asks pointedly, her tone neutral.

You shake your head.  “Oh no, but I will be coming back.  That I can assure you.”

She grins knowingly.  “You will want another massage.”  She says it like a statement of fact, rather than a question.

“Undoubtedly,” you assure her.

She comes out from behind the greeter’s counter and approaches you closely.  “You know, the massages are limited by a time factor.”  She replies.

“Really?”  You weren’t aware of that factor.  “I didn’t even notice.”

She nods.  “It is a prescribed time period with certain requirements.”

You shrug.  “Well, I still thought it was fantastic.”

She comes a step closer, her body almost touching yours.  “If I had more time, I could make the massage I gave you look like a mere shadow.”

Her tone is low and hushed.  Her dark eyebrows are arched and her oriental cast gives her look of seductive ambrosia.  “I could bring you to heights you’ve never experienced before.”

You chuckle softly, shaking your head.  “I don’t know about that.  What you did to me tonight was about as high as I’ve ever dreamed possible.”

Ahn presses herself against you.  “Then let me show you what I can do.  Come with me to my place.  I have everything I need.  And after I am done you can do things to me.”

You gaze down at this tiny waif of a woman, this oriental beauty with almond shaped eyes.  Her hands move across your body and you feel a sudden surge through your loins.  How can that happen again so soon?  You take a deep breath and smile.

“How can I turn down an offer like that?”  You say, holding out your hand. You have no idea what’s in store for you in the coming hours, but you do not doubt her.  If she says it will make what has happened tonight a mere shadow, then it will be.

With a grin she takes your hand, giving you a squeeze and together you head out into the night, aiming for the heights of pleasure, the softness of a beautiful woman, and quiet solitude of Ahn’s place.

The End


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