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The End – Amanda

Amanda steps up to you, her face a complex mixture of mischief, lust and just a touch of anger.  You become lost in the depths of her deep blue eyes as she steps up to you, lightly touching your arm.  Her hair is still damp, as if she just stepped out of the shower.

“I can not believe you did that too me!  You left me with a vibrator rammed up my pussy,”  she says, her voice hard.  The flare of anger in her eyes sparks and you can’t help admiring her spunk.  She folds her arms across her tee shirt clad chest.

You shrug.  “So what if I did?  You deserved it.” The reply sounds light, but you wonder whether the bouncer is about to come over and toss you out on your kiester.  Her eyes narrow and she purses her lips.  With deliberate movements she comes closer, so close you can detect the scent of soap and vanilla on her skin.  She reaches out and puts her hand on the front of your trousers.

“And what if I say I’m not satisfied?”  She asks, her tone as hard as your stiffening cock.

You blink, a little surprised.  Generally when you leave a girl tied up with a vibrator buried between their legs they don’t ask that question.

“Well, what are you going to do about it?” she asks again.

“I uh…uh…well, I was planning on going home. You kind of tired me out.”  You give her a big grin.

She gets even closer, her hand moving to your waistband as she digs into your trousers.  You feel her grasp your cock as she leans in.

“That’s too bad.  You left a fucking vibrator in me.  Now you are going to take me home, tie me to the bed, and spend the rest of the night fucking me silly.” 

Your eyes widen in surprise.  “I am?  That sounds awful risky on your part.  What if I tie you to the bed and leave a vibrator in your pussy for hours?”

She rises up on tip toe and plants a soft wet kiss on your lips.  When she breaks it you hear her whisper.  “I’ll take that chance, and if that’s what you want, then bring it on.”

It’s an offer you can’t refuse.  You slowly tug her hand out from your pants and wrap your fingers around it.  Together you stroll out of the Club, heading out to your car.  The beautiful blond girl keeps in perfect step with you, her body pressed close.  Your mind reels as you ponder the events of the night and you open her door, gentlemanly assisting her in.  As she sits she pulls an object out of her back pocket and holds it up.  It is the vibrator you left in her pussy.

“And what should I do with this?”  She asks, handing it to you as she gets in the car.

With a grin you lean over and kiss her, hands roaming down her body to the small brass button of her jeans.  With a pop it opens and you tug the fly apart, exposing purple panties.  One finger slips downward as you kiss her, pressing against her clit.  You pull back, seeing her chest rise and fall, her mouth open, eyes sparkling.  You give her back the vibrator with a smile.

“You know where this needs to go.”  She takes it back from you with a laugh and as you start the car you hear a gasp and then the powerful but muted buzz of a vibrator, buried to the hilt, on maximum power. 


The End


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