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The End – Avila

“¡hola! Señor!  Are you leaving so soon?”  Avila asks, coming around the small greeter’s counter and stepping close to you. 

The scent of cinnamon and chocolate hits you, bringing the memories of this woman gliding up and down your body straight to the forefront of your mind.  You can’t help admiring her physique, especially now that she is dressed in something more concealing.  Even though you’ve seen her naked, you can’t help wondering what is barely concealed by the thin, practically see through tee shirt and the tight fitting jeans.  You notice she is wearing red high heels, strapped delicately around her sculpted feet.

You nod at her question.  “!” You reply, eliciting a smile from her at your use of Spanish.  “Actually, it’s been a long satisfying evening and I’m heading for home.”  A deep breath follows and you give her a warm smile.  After what this woman did to your body you have nothing but appreciation for her every curve.

“So no more fiesta for you?”  She asks playfully, grinning.  To your dismay she pushes her right arm through your left, moving you toward the door, walking in step as you exit the building and enter the parking lot.

You chuckle, not sure where this is heading.  “Fiesta?  Unless something dramatic happens in the next few minutes I think it’s more likely I will be doing some siesta.”  You reply, your voice light.  She stops momentarily, bringing you to a halt.  You turn and look at her and her mouth is suddenly pressed to yours, hungrily devouring you.  You reel in surprise.  Her demeanor during the entire massage was relaxed, subservient, and very professional.  This kiss is filled with Latina fire, spiced with habaneras, cocoa, cinnamon, and sexual need.  You return the kiss, putting a great deal of energy into the touch.  Fingers brush back her hair and you break the embrace only to see her looking up at you with heat.

She is slightly breathless, but she grins and her eyes narrow conspiratorially.  “Do you like chocolate and cinnamon?”  She asks. 

You laugh.  “After being with you?  How can I NOT like chocolate and cinnamon?” 

She nods with satisfaction. “Bueno.  I will make up a spicy chocolate sauce and you can lick it off my body.”  Your eyes pop slightly at the detail but go with the flow.  You wrap one arm around her shoulder and guide her to your car.  As you help her into the seat you take a deep breath and grin.

“It’s party time…”


The End


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