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The End – Breanne

Her long red hair falls in a cascade down around her shoulders and her white creamy skin is slightly flushed at the cheeks.  Her stunning eyes seem to penetrate you and you feel a sudden surge of guilt as you remember the state you left her in.  Clearly she remembers it too.  She takes a step forward, arms crossing over her chest, hiding those magnificent breasts you tormented not so long ago.  For a girl who has been tormented as much as she has, she’s moving very well.

“So you’re leaving, sir?” she asks, her voice demure, but with just a tinge of sarcasm in it.  Had she been your personal sex slave she would already have earned herself and additional punishment for THAT tone.  You take a deep breath and give her a warm smile.

“As a matter of fact, Breanne, I am.  You were exquisite tonight and my needs have been satisfied tonight.”  You give her a little nod.

One eyebrow quirks up.  “That’s it? Your needs?  What about mine?” she demands.  Now it’s your turn to give her an inquisitive look.

“I thought I met your needs,” you reply.  Certainly the cost of the night’s entertainment would…

“I mean my physical needs,” she clarifies.

You take a step closer.  “I’m sure there are other men here who can whip you into submission.”  Her perfume is intoxicating and you shake your head slightly to clear your thoughts.

Her voice lowers.  “What if I don’t want one of them to whip me into submission?”

The two of you stare into the other’s eyes, both trying to discern what the other wants.  Finally it is she who moves, her hands going behind her back.  A heavy set of steel handcuffs appear and she hold them out to you.

“Put them on me and take me with you tonight,” she whisperes.

You take hold of the manacles.  “If you come with me tonight there will be no safe words, no attendant to make me stop.”

Her eyes flash again. “I can take anything you give me. I’m a nympho humiliation pain slut.”

You grin.  “Of course you are.”  You open the cuffs and gently put them on her wrists.  Then you yank up her thin white tee shirt, exposing her luscious and marked breasts.  “Let’s go fuck doll.  I’m going to whip your pussy until you cum.”

She follows along obediently, but you pull on her arm anyway, almost tossing her into your car.  She falls into the seat, breasts still exposed and she turns and gives you the most incredible look.

You can’t help smiling back.  You know what she needs.  She needs it to hurt.

Tonight is going to be fun.


The End


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