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The End – Megan

She leans back against the door frame and gives you a winsome smile.  Her eyes flash in the soft light and can’t help admiring how her lithe frame seems to fill out the thin white tee shirt and jeans.  The shirt itself is almost too thin and the pointed tips of her breasts are easily visible.  She would garner looks wherever she went.  Her long legs fill out the denim nicely and the curve of her buttocks fills the jeans as if they were painted on.  You can’t help admiring her.

“Leaving so soon?” she asks as she straightens, seems to stretch, and then crosses the foyer with a dancer’s grace.  She wraps her arms around you neck and lifts up on tip toe to kiss you.  The sudden wash of her perfume, her soft kiss, and the pressure of her small breasts against your chest drives all coherent thought from your mind.  When she finally lifts her mouth from yours you just stand there blinking.

“Have you ever done the pretzel?” she asks politely.

It takes a few moments for you to realize that she is talking about a sex position and not a bar snack.  You shake your head.  You’ve never even heard of it.

She holds out a hand.  “Come on.”  You take her hand, leading her out into the parking lot.  You are  a perfect gentleman as you open the door of your car for her and she sits down with a grin.  She almost has to fold her long legs in half to fit inside the sports car.

“There’s a playground about ten minutes down the street to the south,” she suddenly says.  Your eyebrow goes up in an inquisitive manner. 

“A playground?” you ask in confusion.

She nods with a grin.  “Absolutely. At this time of night there aren’t any children there, and you’d be amazed at what I can do to you on a jungle gym.”

You laugh and then walk around to the driver’s side, getting in.  She smiles, her eyes playful.

Finally you shrug. “All right then. Let’s go play.”


The End


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