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The End – Rebecca

Her long curly blond hair frames her face and you see the dark coloring still flushing her cheeks.  The white tee shirt is practically painted on her large breasts and the tips of her nipples are clearly visible, not only as bumps, but the pink areola as well, right through the shirt.  To be honest, your surprised she is even ambulatory, especially since you left her riding one of the sybian machines upstairs.  The torment she endured for you, at your order, was quite severe and for a moment you feel bad about leaving her there while you went off and got cleaned up.

“I see you’re leaving the scene of the crime,” she says, her voice dark and thick with emotion.

“Crime?” you ask.

“What you did to me.” Her eyes are hard as agates.  She crosses her arms across her chest, which does very little to conceal the massive breasts straining against her white tee shirt.  The thin cotton seems stretched, or deliberately woven too thin, and you can actually see individual freckles on her torso through the material. 

You nod.  “It was my prerogative as the client tonight.”

Her mouth twisted in a sort of half smile half frown.  “So you like the idea of me riding something hard all night long?”

Your laughter fills the foyer.  “Of course, but only if I get to appreciate it.  That’s why I paid for you to stay on the sybian for only another thirty minutes and not all night.”

She takes another step forward, dropping her arms.  Once again her luscious breasts come into view and you can’t help staring at them.

“I like riding hard things all night long.”  Her voice is suddenly thick with seductive tones.  You cock one eyebrow up giving her a long look, waiting.  Suddenly she reaches into her pocket and pulls out two small pills.  You give her a wary look.

“What’s that?” you ask, taking a hesitant step backward.

She smiles.  “Viagra.  This does would keep any guy on the planet hard for a good six hours.”

You glance at the pills.  She holds them out to you, clearly offering.   “I thought you liked the idea of me riding something hard all night, but that you wanted to enjoy it too?”

The frown you give her is full of disapproval, but not of her actions, but of her manipulative tone.  Finally you reach out and take the two pills.  You down them dry, getting an impressed look from Rebecca.

“I do.  Let’s go.”  You take her hand and she accompanies you out of the Club.  Together you head toward you car and you open the car door for her.  Just before she turns to sit down though, she reaches into her pocket and pulls out one more item: the clamps.  She hands them to you.

“I thought you might want these,” she comments.  Her arms are down by her sides, but you can’t help noticing that she is arching her back just a bit, clearly presenting.  You lift up the little black duck bill clamps and then grin.  It takes only a moment to tug up her shirt, letting both massive globes escape from the constraints of the cotton trap.  You position the clamps, letting them bite down on her exposed nipples perfectly and she lets out a soft moan.

“Oh God yes…” she whispers.  Her hands go between her legs, pressing down on her crotch through the denim.  She sits down as you move around to the other side of the car.  Already you can feel your cock hardening.

She turns and looks at you, then bends over in the seat, her fingers fumbling at your trousers.  In seconds you are free, cock sticking straight up.  She lowers her head and you feel the warm wetness of her mouth sucking on your shaft.  You moan as she slurps and then you start the car.

She lifts up long enough to whisper words into the darkness, around your cock.  “Go quickly. I want to ride…”

You nod.

Let’s ride.


The End


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