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The Exit

You run your hand through your hair.  It’s been a wild night.  Of all the available indulgences you could have sampled, you know that you have only begun to taste the wide variety of sinful pleasures available.  Carefully you head downstairs.  For the first time you notice the pictures, sparsely illuminated and your recognize performers past and present.  There is Breanne, and Megan, and Rebecca, others you don’t recognize.  You realize that every girl that has ever worked at the Club is pictured and you see Amanda, still dressed in her little school girl outfit, positioned with the other waitresses.  Delicate Ahn, the masseuse, next to Avila, both pictured kneeling above their respective mats.  There are so many pictures of the most beautiful women!  You pause for a moment at her image, trying to lock it into your mind, not wanting the memories of tonight’s entertainment to fade.

You feel incredible, your body purged of the toxins, imaginary and real and you continue downstairs.  You feel sated.  As you enter the main foyer you are greeted once again by the beauty at the door and you turn back for a moment looking deep into the main room.  The music is louder, more visceral, with the thumping base making speech almost a chore.  Men crowd around the tables, moving up to the stages with dollar bills clutched in their grubby fists.  They partake, but only in the grossest sense: twenty dollar lap dances and the occasional grope; perhaps if they have a few hundred dollars a quick blowjob or masturbation session.  They have neither the wealth nor inclination to see what truly is available.

The Club is so much more than a brothel or a strip club.  It is a place to relax, eat, converse, and more importantly, live.  You smile, sighing.  Too bad there isn’t take out!  You turn to head back out into the parking lot.  The greeter bids you good evening.

Before you can leave a small door behind the greeter opens up.  To your surprise it’s her, dressed in tight fitting jeans, a thin white tee shirt with the Club’s logo emblazoned across the front.  You smile as she grins at you, stepping forward around the greeter’s counter, her hand coming up to touch your face.

Say hello to Amanda. (The End - Amanda)

Say hello to Ahn. (The End – Ahn)

Say ¡hola! to Avila (The End – Avila)

Say hello to Megan. (The End – Megan)

Say hello to Rebecca. (The End – Rebecca)

Say hello to your sex slave Breanne (The End – Breanne)