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Corporal Punishment

Part One

Chapter One: The Assembly

The early morning chatter was at its usual roar as thirty high school sophomores crowded into the classroom. The hall was slowly emptying as hurried glances at wrist watches and the large generic clocks mounted in the corridors counted down the seconds. Tami Edwards pushed through a clump of boys gossiping about the upcoming football game and made her way to her desk, pausing to smile at her best friend, Heather.

"I thought you weren't going to make it." Heather said as her bright pink nails pushed her long blonde bangs out of her eyes.

Tami's mouth curled in a smiling pout. "I almost didn't. Brad stopped me in the hall and asked me out Saturday."

Heather's eyes widened. "Really? Did you say yes?"

Tami grinned wickedly. "Of course I did!" She slung her book bag under the desk, smoothing her skirt down as she slid into the seat. A loud crack came from Heather as she popped her gum, a mixture of jealousy and happiness spreading across her face.

"Attention ladies and gentlemen!" A voice called out from the front of the room. Tami looked up to see the balding head of Mr. Mason looking out over the class. His brown mustache seemed to make up for the lack of hair on his head, and behind his back Tami and her friends frequently referred to him as egghead. The week before Easter Tami had brought a colored egg with a mustache on it and left it on his desk. The class had laughed about it for a week, despite Mr. Mason's lack of amusement.

"The principal has called an assembly, to be held in the auditorium. It should only last thirty minutes. Leave your bags under your chairs, as you will be returning to this room at the conclusion of the assembly. Everyone head to the auditorium please."

Tami and Heather looked at each other curiously, and then smiled.

"Want to skip it?" asked Tami in a hushed whisper.

Heather shook her head. "Tami! You know what happened last time! You got me in trouble!"

Tami just laughed. "Oh come on, Heather. You are such a baby! We can sneak away in the rush and go out to the field house. Maybe Brad will be there!"

Heather just rolled her eyes. "You've got Brad on the brain!"

"And other places." Tami said wickedly.

"Whatever. All right. But we're only going to skip the assembly, okay?"

Tami smiled. "Fine."

Together they moved out the door into the crowded hallway. Evidentally the assembly was for the entire student body, not merely the sophomores. Tami and Heather edged away from the classmates and started down the hall away from the auditorium.

"Tami? Heather?" Mr. Mason's voice called out to them. They stopped and turned, Heather's face a mask of fright, Tami's smiling sweetly.

"Yes, Mr. Mason?" asked Tami.

"Where do you think you're going?" He asked, his voice cold.

"The ladies room, Mr. Mason. That isn't a problem is it?" Tami's voice was dripping with sarcasm.

Mr. Mason smiled suddenly. "Well fortunately there is one right in front of the auditorium. You can go there. Come on ladies. Everyone is going to this assembly."

Tami's smiled faded and was replaced with a look of chagrin. Old Egghead was smarter than he looked. She sighed.

"Come on, Heather. Mr. Mason is right. We can use the ones by the auditorium." Tami took Heather's arm and pulled her past the grinning teacher, who fell into step behind them.

"He's following us!" Heather whispered after glancing back.

"Oh hush. We'll just stay in the bathroom until he has to go into the assembly. Then we'll sneak out." Tami said, her voice cross.

The two girls followed the last flow of students toward the auditorium, angling into the restroom. Once inside Tami checked her makeup while Heather really did use the facilities, her nerves still a little shaky.

"Ladies? Mr. Mason told me you both were still in here." Tami jumped as Mrs. Rutger's head looked in.

Tami looked over at Mrs. Rutger, her face betraying her anger. "Yes ma'am. Heather is almost done."

Mrs. Rutger smiled. "I'll wait for you two outside."

"Oh that's okay Mrs. Rutger. We will be out in a moment. You can go into the auditorium." Tami replied, a soft almost babyish whine coming from her.

Mrs Rutger's smile faded and she shook her head. "I don't think so, Tami. I know you to well. And Heather is too firmly under your thumb to make the right decision on her own. Let's go."

Tami's fists clenched but she schooled her face into something resembling respect. Heather stumbled out of the stall quickly, her eyes wide with fright.

"Come on, Tami. Let's just go." Heather said, her voice pleading.

Tami looked at her and then Mrs. Rutger. "Sure. We were going to go to the assembly anyway."

Mrs. Rutger held the door open for them as they exited the bathroom and turned into the auditorium. It was a huge room, with rows of theater style seats. A large stage stretched across one end of the room and Tami saw that the lectern had been brought forward along with a large table.

The students were still talking in a loud roar, with the occasional paper ball being flung as the teachers tried to maintain order. Tami and Heather moved down the isle, Tami clearly looking for seats.

"Oh my god! There is a seat right there next to Brad!" Tami exclaimed. She grabbed Heather's hand and pulled her into the row.

"Hi Brad." Tami said, her face back into the sweet angelic countenance she wore when she was trying to charm someone.

"Hey, Tami. How's it going?" Brad asked, his face beaming up at the girl.

"Can Heather and I sit here?" Tami asked.

Brad looked at the single seat and shifted uncomfortably. "Uh, well there is only one seat…"

Tami grinned. "Can I sit on your lap?" she asked. "That way Heather can have the open seat."

Tami didn't see Heather roll her eyes as she plopped down in the sexy hunk's lap. Heather seated herself in the empty chair as Tami settled herself down.

"Comfortable?" Brad asked softly as the principal mounted the stage, moving toward the lecturn.

"Almost." Replied Tami. She reached down and took Brad's hand, sliding it over her skirt to her knee. Slowly she pulled his hand back up her thigh, moving it under the skirt higher and higher as the cloth rose almost to her hip. Brad stroked her skin and she spread her legs slightly. She leaned into his face.

"You should check to see if I'm wearing panties." She whispered.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for disrupting your classes this morning, but we have a situation that must be dealt with. As you all know, we have had trouble maintaining the correct level of discipline here at the school. As a result we will be enforcing a new disciplinary code." The principal said, his voice booming through the stage microphone.

"Now instead of providing you with a handout that will end up crumpled into spitwads or paper airplanes, we have decided instead to actively demonstrate the new punishment system instead." There was a murmur through the crowd of students and one boy in the act of throwing a paper airplane dropped it.

"As you all know, there is one particular student in our school that is our most difficult case. Multiple detentions, even suspension, have not rectified the problem, so we will begin with this student."

Heather's eyes were wide and she poked Tami in the side. "Oh my god, Tami! Who do you think it is?"

Tami's eyes were closed and she was leaning back as Brad's hand moved deeply under her skirt.

"Huh? What Heather?" Tami said, pleasure clearly passing through her features.

"Tami! Wake up!" Heather exclaimed.

"Tami Edwards, you need to come up to the stage please." The principal's voice announced loudly.

Tami's eyes snapped open and she bolted upright. "What?"

Heather's hands flew to her open mouth. "Oh god, Tami."

The principal looked slightly angry. "Ms. Edwards! Come to the stage. Now." Tami stood, looking at Brad with a frightened glance and moved down the row of students until she got to the aisle. Mrs. Rutger was waiting for her.

"Straighten your skirt girl! You look like a cheap two penny whore!" Rutger said with a snarl.

Tami hands fluttered around her skirt, pushing it back down to mid thigh. She tried to pull it lower, but the tight waistband kept it firmly above her hips.

Together, Mrs. Rutger and Tami approached the stage, moving to the left side to mount the stairs. A hush had fallen over the entire student body as they watched the pretty brunette in the short skirt step gingerly across the platform.

"Stand in front of the table, Ms. Edwards, facing the students." The principal said.

Tami moved in front of the table, her hands folded together in front of her. Her eyes betrayed her worry as she looked out over her peers. A couple of the boys in the front row we're ducking low, doing their best to peer up Tami's skirt. She squeezed her legs together.

"Ms. Edwards, since you joined us last year you have managed to disrupt classes forty three times. You have been suspended from school twice, served fifty seven detentions for various offenses, led a number of other classmates in breaking school rules, and shown irritating levels of disrespect for your teachers. As you know, this state allows us to use corporal punishment methods, which the faculty and school board have decided to inflict upon you in the most embarrassing manner possible." The principal stated, as if reading from a prewritten speech.

"What?" cried Tami. "You can't do that to me!"

"Oh yes we can." The principal said angrily. "I've had it with you, Ms. Edwards. And furthermore, after you are caned here in front of the students, you will be punished in every one of your classes for the rest of the day! You will be escorted from class to class, to prevent you from taking another one of your unauthorized departures, and you will suffer extreme humiliation for your actions. Perhaps this will rectify some of your more glaring personality faults." The principal snarled. "Now remove your clothing."

Tami's eyes widened, tears welling upward. Not a sound echoed through the entire auditorium as the entire student body stared. Tami stood there immobile, her brain shocked with the order.

"Ms. Edwards, I will not ask you again. Either disrobe, or Coach Hampton and Mrs. Rutger will do it for you." The principal said quietly.

Tami watched as Mrs. Rutger stepped forward, a cruel grin on her face.

"If I have to do it, Tami, you'll not have much to wear home today." Mrs. Rutger said softly but with steel in her voice.

"Please…Mrs. Rutger. I'm not wearing panties or a bra." Tami said softly, trying desperately to hide her embarrassment.

Mrs. Rutger looked at her in disgust. "Tami, you rarely wear panties or bras. Don't you think we're fully aware of that? Now take that halter top and that skirt off. NOW!"

The shout was plainly audible to everyone despite no microphones and Tami jumped, her fingers flying to the bottom of her halter top. In frightened obedience she lifted the white cotton upward exposing her pierced belly button. Tears filled her eyes, hiding the rapt faces of the other students as the shirt bared her breasts. Two creamy mounds topped with tiny pink buttons that tightened in the cool air graced the stage.

A tumultuous roar came from the crowd, jeers and catcalls interspaced with wolf whistles hit Tami almost physically. Her hands came up to cover her breasts, only to have Mrs. Rutger come up behind her, grasp the hem of her skirt and yank it downward.

Tami screamed in shock, one arm dropping to cover her exposed slit, a clean shaven delight of pink and cream. Rutger yanked on her arm, forcing her to step out of the fallen skirt and showing more than just the front row what they wanted to see. Tears flowed unabashed down Tami's cheeks as Mrs. Rutger pulled the girl in front of the large table, turning her around and showing her marble buttocks to the student body.

Facing away from the students was much better for Tami and her sobs started to abate. Tears still poured and she barely registered the principal beating on his lectern with a ruler, calling for quiet. Slowly the roar died, replaced by an excited hush.

"Ms. Edwards," The principal began, "you have earned so many lashes over the course of the last year and a half that your bottom couldn't begin to handle it. The faculty voted, with the approval of the school board, that since you seem to value your other assets so carefully, displaying them proudly, that those parts of you should share in the punishment." He paused, licking his lips. "So you will receive twenty lashes of the cane to your bottom, twenty lashes with a crop to your breasts, and twenty lashes with a cloth whip to your sex. Mrs. Rutger?"

Mrs. Rutger stepped up to Tami and suddenly pushed her over the table, the young girl's breasts mashing against the faux wood top. "Spread your legs, Tami. I want everyone to see what you've only been showing to a select few." Rutger kicked at Tami's heels until her legs were spread apart.

Rutger moved around to the other side of the table, grasping Tami's wrists in a tight clasp. Tami heard a swooshing sound and arched her neck to see the principal practice swinging a vicious looking stick. He quickly approached the table and without hesitation swung it sharply against Tami's bottom.

A thin crimson line immediately appeared across the white surface of her bottom, the flesh shaking delightedly as Tami's throat opened in a startled scream. She pulled desperately at Mrs. Rutger's grasp, only to find the woman holding on with inhuman strength.

"Damn, I've wanted to do that to you for a year now." The principal said under his breath. "I've had it with your antics." He swung the cane again.

The pain from the blow radiated outward, down her legs, and even up her body until it seemed like her whole being was suffused with it. Welt after welt appeared, some low down almost on her legs, while some were placed high. At the tenth strike several purple marks appeared and Tami bucked and screamed as the principal continued.

Finally her bottom was a mass of red lines interspaced with a few bruises between them. Her throat ached from the constant cries of agony, and Rutger let go of her wrists. Tami just lay on the table, her bottom a hot flaming pain that throbbed, her mind so totally overwhelmed she had failed to notice the students chanting the numbers of strokes.

A strong hand grasped her shoulder, whirling her around to face the students and she looked out through her tear-blurred eyes and saw the looks of fright, lust, cruelty, and even a little envy scattered amongst the faces of her fellow students. Her eyes found Heather, who sobbed quietly into her handkerchief, while next to Heather, the hungry look in Brad's eyes told her what he felt.

Mrs. Rutger moved behind her, sitting down upon the table and Tami felt the teacher's arms entrap her own limbs. Rutger pushed outward, forcing Tami's breasts forward, the young girl's arms locked in a restraint hold.

As the principal approached with the crop, a cruel leather tipped whip, Tami found the energy to once again struggle. Mrs. Rutger tightened her grip keeping Tami from escaping. Tami watched in horror as the crop swung at her unprotected breasts, the leather tip slamming into her left mound as the cane part itself landed across the nipple of her right.

Her bosom exploded in shooting pain and her legs gave out. Rutger held her up as the principal swung again, this time landing the tip on her right breast. With each blow Tami screamed, her body bucking to collapse back down in Rutger's arms. By the third stroke, both breasts were red, hot heavy mounds of beaten flesh. And yet the principal continued.

Tami's throat swelled shut around the fifteenth stroke, unable to any longer voice her agony. The last five were punctuated with moaning groans and high pitched squeals, her body covered in a glistening sheen as she endured.

Sobbing silently, Tami felt Rutger release her arms, pushing her down upon the table. Laying on her back, Tami cradled her breasts and flinched as her tender bottom touched the wood. Her cheeks and eyes were red, but not as much as her breasts, two harsh pink globes that now seemed swollen.

Once more Mrs. Rutger took hold of Tami's arms. The teen barely registered it, only feeling the pain from her abused bosom. Tami's hands were drawn above her head and the young girl saw the faces of Coach Hampton and Mr. Mason. Each man took hold of an ankle, the soft tender flesh yielding under their hands. Together, they spread her legs stretching her wider and wider, her bottom touching the table and eliciting agonizing squeals from their victim. The bare folds of her slit spread as the men pulled, allowing the gaping hold of her love to be easily seen.

The principal moved to her side with the cloth whip, intent on continuing. Standing at her breast so as not to obstruct the view of the students, he brought the whip downward, its multi-headed end knotted. It impacted with a loud crack, causing Tami to jerk wildly. Once more her throat opened in a scream and the crowd shouted out. The principal swung again, slamming the whip into the girl's crotch. Streaks of red inflamed skin radiated outward, but the soft tissue between Tami's legs absorbed most of the abuse.

Again and again the whip fell, turning the teen's flower into a reddish mass. The sound of the whip striking changed as Tami's sex soaked the cloth heads. No longer screaming, her body still shook as each blow fell. Finally it was over and the teachers released Tami, who lay exhausted and hurting on the table.

The principal returned to the lectern, rubbing his arm and holding on to the cloth whip. He could smell the scent of Tami's sex on it.

"Students, you have all witnessed this punishment and many of you will have the chance to witness the remaining trials Ms. Edwards will have inflicted upon her. Let this serve as a warning. Any further disobedience, disrespect, or policy violations will result in similar punishments for any and all, disregarding gender. Please return to your class rooms at this time."

Tami heard the sound of the students leaving, their voices subdued but excited about what they had observed at the assembly. Her body ached in places and ways she had never believed possible. She raised her head to look at the principal, who was in conversation with Mr. Mason.

"I'm sorry that took so long, William. I hope it won't ruin what you have in mind." The principal said.

Mr. Mason shook his head. "No, we still have thirty minutes of class left."

Mrs. Rutger filled Tami's sight. "All right, girl. Get up. You have to return to class." The woman said, taking Tami's wrists and pulling her up off the table.

Tami stood, her body still aching and she stared at Mrs. Rutger.

"Well, come on, Tami. Back to the class room." Said Mr. Mason.

Tami looked at him in shock. "I need my clothes first."

"No you don't. We want the whole school to see the effects of your punishment. It's a deterrent. Besides, you're punishment is far from over." Mr. Mason responded.

"Don't worry, Tami. I'll hold on to your clothes until after school. I know you ride the bus home, so maybe I will give them to your driver to give to you after you get off the bus" Mrs. Rutger said.

Mr. Mason placed a hand on Tami's shoulder, pushing her toward the side of the stage and down the stairs. The auditorium had cleared out, leaving only a scattering of trash. They walked up the aisle and out into the empty hallways.

Chapter Two: Historical Torture

Tami's classmates were seated quietly when she was led into the room. Clearly they were shocked at seeing her unclothed body, her breasts and sex still bright red from their beating. Mr. Mason moved her next to his desk at the front of the room and told her to sit down on the edge of the desk. Tami tried, but the excruciating pain of her bottom forced her back up and Mr. Mason laughed.

"Okay, fine, Tami. Stand next to the blackboard please, facing the class." He ordered.

Tami moved to the wall as Mr. Mason rummaged around in his desk, finally removing two thin pieces of string.

"As you all know, Ms. Edwards will be receiving different punishments from her other teachers for the remainder of the day. Ms. Edwards? If you resist or refuse to cooperate, I can promise you that there will be another assembly called. Now place your hands behind your head." Mr. Mason ordered.

Tears once more welled in her eyes, but she followed his order, knowing she could never survive a second assembly. Mr. Mason held up the first string and Tami saw that one end of the short, six inch, string was tied in a loop.

Mr. Mason's fingers reached out and very softly began stroking Tami's left breast, concentrating on the nipple. Tami groaned, sucking in her breath, but the soft touch contrasted with the still painful heat and she felt her nipple puckering, each tiny nub of flesh contracting and then popping out.

Mr. Mason smiled and slipped the loop of the string over her nipple, pulling it snuggly, but not tight. The other breast needed no caress but he repeated the process anyway, enjoying the feel of her nipple, then looping the string around the delicate nub. He took both strings in his hands and then gave a sharp pull, tightening the loops and eliciting a sharp squeal of protest from Tami.

"Give me your hands." He ordered. Tami dropped her arms and held out her wrists.

Mr. Mason crossed her hands below her breasts, taking the string from her left nipple, and tying it tightly to the thumb of her right hand. The right breast was tied to her left thumb. Each string was then only three inches long and Tami suddenly found that she couldn't rest her arms on her abdomen without tugging on her breasts.

"You will remain like that until your next class, presuming Dr. Cook wants to remove them." Mr. Mason said, turning back to the class.

Tami held her arms up as Mr. Mason began a brief over view of the test scheduled for the following day. As he went over the answers, Tami felt her arms tiring and she tried to prop them up. No matter what position she tried though, the string wasn't long enough and tugged painful on her nipples. Soon her breasts were stretched out, a grimace of pain etched on her face as her tired arms were held up by her breasts.

The bell rang and Mr. Mason told her to stay put as her classmates left. Heather stayed the longest, looking at Tami with pity and sorrow in her eyes. Soon Mr. Mason took Tami's hand, tugging it softly to pull at her breast.

"Let's go, Ms. Edwards. Dr. Cook is looking forward to you participating in his lecture." Mr. Mason led her out of the classroom and into the hall. The crowd of students loitering outside was twice the normal amount and a clear path formed to allow Mr. Mason to escort her across the campus. A few whistles and cheers came as she stumbled once, yanking painfully on her breasts. The made it without further incident and Mr. Mason turned her over to Dr. Cook.

Chapter Three: Painful Angles

Dr. Cook was a well dressed man with a full head of hair. At six feet tall he towered over most of the students. Dressed immaculately in his pressed oxford shirt and gray slacks, he exuded confidence. He also was inordinately kind, and despite Tami's attitude, she doubted whether Dr. Cook would punish her.

"Well well, Tami. It looks like you finally got some of what you deserved." Dr. Cook said, looking her over with an appreciative eye. "I like what you did with the string, Will. Something historical?"

Mr. Mason chuckled. "Actually, yes. It's a variation from the old witch drownings in Europe. They would tie a woman's thumb to her big toe, crossing the legs. Made swimming impossible. If the woman survived, she was a witch."

Dr. Cook laughed. "I like it. Well, come on, Tami. You're part of my lecture today." Dr Cook led her into the classroom.

"Bye Ms. Edwards. I hope you suffer immensely for the rest of the day." Mr. Mason said with relish.

Tami stumbled forward, following Dr. Cook with trepidation. Already there was a quiet hum amongst the other students as Dr. Cook pulled her to the front of the class. Tami couldn't face the stares and lewd comments and stared resolutely at the floor, wishing the whole morning was nothing but a bad nightmare she could wake up from.

Usually, Dr. Cook preferred to sit at the head of the class, sitting behind an overhead projector. But this morning his high stool and the projector had been moved off to the side which made room for another folding table just like the one Tami had been on at the Assembly. Laid out on one side was a number of large geometric shape models, including cylinders, spheres, and even three different types of pyramids.

"All right everyone, settle down now." Dr. Cook said loudly, trying to re-impose a semblance of order over the class. "Come here, Tami. You get to kneel on the table." Dr. Cook put his hands under her arms and lifted her up onto the table. Her arms could only move so far and the movement tugged harshly on her breasts, bringing tears to her eyes. Her head hung, her eyes dripping and cheeks tear streaked as Dr. Cook pushed her legs apart, forcing her to kneel with her body wide spread.

"Oh please, no, Dr. Cook! That hurts!" Tami cried out as she felt her thighs begin to ache.

"Nonsense, Tami. It's supposed to hurt. But don't worry; I'll be giving you some support in just a moment." He turned and faced the class.

"I realize that you are all advanced mathematicians, but I wanted to go over the some geometrical shapes along with some formulas on how to figure angle degree, hypotenuse, area, and even volume." He picked up on of the pyramids, a tall four sided steep sloped object that was almost seven inches tall and six wide. It was made of wood, but coated with some rubber type latex.

Tami couldn't concentrate as he began to tell the class about ratios and isosceles triangles, the ache in her legs taking far more of her attention. Her breasts still ached, but it was the constant weight of her arms on her nipples that hurt the most. Her bottom was nothing but a warm throb that was bearable unless it touched something.

"And perhaps Tami can tell us what the slope of this pyramid is then." Announced Dr. Cook who held up the pyramid in front of her face, forcing her to look at it.

"Well Tami? What's the slope degree? Or were you not paying attention as usual?" demanded Dr. Cook.

Tami opened her mouth unable to respond as the doctor waved the object in front of her face. Finally she stammered her ignorance.

"I-I-I don't know."

Dr Cook frowned, but with a sparkle in his eye. "I figured as much. Well, I'll just make sure you study this one. Maybe by the end of class you can tell me what I want to know." He placed the pyramid on the table in front of her and between her legs and pushed it back toward her until she felt the side of it against her sex. She jumped, her still pink flower tender to the slightest touch.

"Lift up, little Tami. You get to do a touch and feel session." Dr. Cook said.

Tami rose up, feeling the pain in her thighs relax for just a moment. She cried out and cringed away from Dr. Cook as the fingers of his left hand found her wet slit, spreading the beaten petals of her flower open. She felt the hard sharp point of the pyramid, first against her skin, and then pushed into her ever so slightly.

"Okay, down you go again, Tami." Dr. Cook said, his hands on her hips. Tami gasped as he pushed downward. She felt the tip of the pyramid begin to drive upward into her body. Tami had been deflowered two years before, followed by a succession of boys and even Heather's fingers, but nothing prepared her for the angular intruder penetrating her now. With even the little pressure applied by Dr. Cook, the tall pyramid spread her sex wide, stretching the tender bruised skin apart. As she sunk down, the tip drove inward until she could feel the sides of the pyramid pressing hard against the bones of her pelvis. She burst into tears as the pain lashed upward into her.

"Oh hush." Said Dr. Cook. He pulled two long wide leather straps from a desk drawer and placed one over each out spread bent leg.

"Jeremy? Can you come and help me secure these?" He motioned to one of the boys sitting at the front. The boy rose and helped the doctor run the straps under the table, and then one above each outstretched leg. Dr. Cook buckled the first one, yanking it hard and taut, eliciting another outcry from Tami. The second strap being tightened didn't provoke more than a groan, but the class could see that Tami's sex had been spread and stretched so wide that the previously red flesh had turned white. Tami sobbed, her hands tugging at her nipples as her strength failed her and she was split up the middle.

Dr. Cook continued his lecture while the class watched Tami writhe and moan, sometimes shaking, punctuating the lesson with whines and squeals. Frequently she strained, trying to rise up, but the straps held her down. Finally the period bell rang and Dr. Cook loosed the straps, pulling her upward. The pyramid was coated with clear juice, but Dr. Cook knew it had not been a pleasant sexual experience. He massaged Tami's legs quickly when it became apparent she wouldn't be able to stand.

"Come on, Tami. You've got science next., don't you?" Asked Dr. Cook as he helped her to her feet. Trembling and shaking, she could barely walk. He kept one arm around her, supporting her as they made their way from his classroom and down the hall.

Once more she was object of scrutiny, but Dr. Cook's presence kept the remarks too a minimum. Tami could barely comprehend what was happening, her body a riot of pain and discomfort.


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