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Corporal Punishment

Part Three

Chapter Seven: A New Use For A Crockpot

Finally they arrived at Mrs. Rutger's classroom, entering to find several students rearranging the desks at Mrs. Rutger's direction.

"Oh. You're here already." Mrs. Rutger said, a frown upon her face.

"Want her to wait in the hall, Beth?" Coach Hampton asked.

Mrs. Rutger shook her head. "No. It won't matter if she sees our preparations." She turned back toward the boys moving desks. "Against the walls, gentlemen. Leave the center space open."

Tami looked around as her schoolmates pushed the normally even spaced desks into two inward facing halves, opening the center of the room up. Tami noticed that there was a crock pot sitting on Mrs. Rutger's desk, the tops of three glass jars plainly in view. There was a warm delicious smell, and Tami wondered what was cooking.

Finally the boys were finished and Mrs. Rutger handed them a blue plastic tarp, ordering them to spread it out in the middle of the room, and to tape down the edges. Coach Hampton watched for a few minutes and then turned toward the English teacher.

"Beth? I…uh…had Tami wear a certain…device…during her punishment with me. Want to leave it in? Or do you want me to take it with me?"

Mrs. Rutger turned with a raised eyebrow. "A device? What kind?" she asked.

Coach Hampton waved his hand. "Oh just a vibration device. Porn shop toy really, but with a remote." He held up the small control box. "Flick of the switch." He moved his thumb and Tami gasped, her legs closing as a loud buzzing sound filled the room, obviously coming from Tami's crotch.

Mrs. Rutger watched as Tami fidgeted, the severe buzzing exciting her again. The girl's belly was rippling as she fought the waves of pleasure and Mrs. Rutger shook her head in disgust as it became apparent that Tami was trying desperately to keep from touching herself.

"No thanks, Mark. I'd rather her not be able to orgasm like that. Remember this is supposed to be punishment, not a poorly written porn story. Take it out of her." Mrs. Rutger said to Coach Hampton.

The coach frowned, obviously angered by Beth Rutger's comments, and he ordered Tami to spread her legs. His hands reached up, his finger's sliding through the girl's pink folds until they found the small black wire. He twined it twice around a finger, and then with a hard tug, yanked it painfully out of Tami's body.

Tami winced as the large vibrator exited, pushing against the bruised lips of her sex. It buzzed madly in Hampton's hand, as if some evil insect had gone insane. The coach held up the control box and thumbed the vibrator off, leaving the purple monstrosity dormant.

"Enjoy your class, Tami. I'm sure Mrs. Rutger will make it memorable." Coach Hampton said as he left the room.

Mrs. Rutger rolled her eyes. "Men." She sighed. "Well, lets get you prepped, Ms. Edwards. Please sit cross legged on the tarp." The teacher pointed to the center of the mat.

Tami stepped onto the blue plastic, listening to the heavy rustle it made as she walked across it. More and more of her classmates entered, everyone quickly taking a seat and watching as the nude girl displayed herself, sitting down with her legs crossed in the center of the tarp.

Mrs. Rutger had gone to her desk, but came back holding two small strands of twine, similar to the ones Mr. Mason had used on her after the assembly, and Tami shrunk away, fearful of another hour spent with her thumbs tied to her nipples. But Mrs. Rutger bent down and tied her right thumb to her left toe, and vice versa, until she sat immobilized, unable to move her limbs freely.

Tami realized she was tied just as Mr. Mason had described the Witch's Test; where each girl suspected of witchcraft had been bound just as she was, and then tossed into the pond or lake. Tami was glad no such body of water could be found on school property.

The bell rang again, signaling the beginning of class and Tami looked up to see the close faces of her classmates. She wasn't really friends with anyone in this class, much less her math or gym classes. Both Heather and Brad would be in her Economics class though, and she began to dread the final class of the day, knowing Brad would get to see more of her humiliation.

"Good afternoon, everyone. I'm sure you have all been looking forward to this class with great interest, with the possible exception of Ms. Edwards. As you have noticed, Ms. Edwards will be punished during this period for her conduct. I would like to remind all of you that her situation, while extreme, is purely appropriate for her actions and I would like you all to remember that the actions taken to discipline her can easily be inflicted on any of you."

Mrs. Rutger stepped forward, eyeing the class. "The faculty will no longer tolerate disobedience, rudeness, and outright disorderly conduct. Let Ms. Edwards serve as a reminder: follow the rules." The teacher stepped on to the mat, approaching the bound teen.

"Roll on to your back Ms. Edwards." Mrs. Rutger ordered, her arms crossed behind her back.

Tami looked up and saw the look on her teacher's face and decided that prompt obedience to any commands from Mrs. Rutger would be the wisest choice. She swallowed her embarrassment and rolled backward, raising her legs and displaying her swollen sex and the tiny button of her bottom to half the class.

Mrs. Rutger quickly grabbed an ankle with her left hand and brought her right hand forward. Tami heard an excited murmur from the class and tilted her body to see what Mrs. Rutger was holding.

A cone shaped black plug with a flat base extended from her hand. It was easily four inches tall, tapered at one end, looking for all intents and purposes like a smooth plastic Christmas tree. Tami's eyes widened as Mrs. Rutger placed the narrow top against the petals of her flower, gasping as the cruel teacher pushed the plug inward.

The plastic plug felt huge, much larger than the vibrating egg of Coach Hampton's, and Tami couldn't help trying to close her legs. Mrs. Rutger forced the plug inward, ramming it deep and twisting it round, until Tami felt stuffed. Then Rutger yanked it out with a loud sucking sound, eliciting a feeble cry from the bound girl.

Mrs. Rutger positioned the juice coated plug at the entrance of Tami's bottom. She began to push it in, slowly, as Tami cried out, tightening herself up.

"You better open up, girl. Or I'm going to use a hammer to get this thing in." Rutger said nastily. Tami whimpered, but forced herself to relax. Rutger pushed the plug in another inch or so and Tami felt as if her bottom was being ripped open. Another pause, then another inch and Tami cried out, her voice opening up like her bottom. There was a sharp ripping pain, and then a sudden rush as the plug seated itself.

"There we go. Up you go, Ms. Edwards." Mrs. Rutger said, pulling on Tami's foot, helping the girl to right herself.

Tami sat up, feeling the plug shift inside her as she reapplied pressure to her bottom. The plug was uncomfortable and large, pressing against Tami's body in ways she had never before experienced. It would obviously be in her for the entire period, so she tried to shift her weight from one buttock to the other, alleviating the direct pressure on the plug.

Mrs. Rutger stepped back of the mat surveying her handiwork as Tami rolled, trying to keep the plug from directly pressing into her bottom. It was an enjoyable sight, the fidgeting, shifting girl. Mrs. Rutger smiled and went to her desk, reaching into the crock pot and pulling out a large cylindrical jar filled with a red fluid.

The class watched as Mrs. Rutger approached Tami again, this time standing a bit away from the girl and raised the jar high. Mrs. Rutger tipped the jar just as Tami looked up and a smooth flow of crimson poured from the glass. Tami cried out as it hit her shoulder, flowing over her arm and chest, even down her back. She squirmed out of the way, falling over, but the flow continued, this time hitting her left breast and stomach directly, coating the pale skin with scarlet.

The delicious smell of roses filled the room and the class watched as the fluid began to harden. Tami's small whimpers followed the scent of roses and they watched as the liquid paraffin congealed, smoothly coating Tami's body in red wax. Tami lay on her side, gasping, obviously suffering from the hot bathing she had just received. Mrs. Rutger smiled, then tipped the jar again, pouring a red hot path over Tami's hip, down her leg, and directly on to the wide spread flower of the girl's sex.

Tami jerked away, but it was too late, crimson streams coating each individual petal. Her voice bleated pain and discomfort as the obvious heat of the melted paraffin suffused her skin, penetrating deep. Mrs. Rutger watched as the still hot trickles flowed off the girl's body and on to the plastic tarp, dripping a nonsense pattern.

Mrs. Rutger moved around to Tami's other side as the girl cried, her hot tears streaming down her cheek. Mrs. Rutger raised the jar again, letting Tami see it. Tami rolled back to the left, trying to get out from under the hot wax, but only exposing the still bare breast and right side of her body to the plunging fluid. Tami screamed, a full throated cry that filled the room as Mrs. Rutger poured copious amounts onto her alabaster skin.

Mrs. Rutger raised the almost empty jar, smiling cruelly as Tami cried, her torso almost completely covered. Hot wax had run down the folds of the girl's sex and even covered the flat black plastic base of the plug. Wherever one could still see bare skin, it bore a harsh pink color, heated from the wax.

Mrs. Rutger quickly upended the glass jar a third time, letting the remnants of the paraffin fall upon Tami's unsuspecting feet. Tami's toes curled tightly as the heat scorched her soles, then traveled upward over her calves. Tami's heels thumped the floor and she rolled upward and backward, once more exposing her bottom as she tried to get away from the wax. Mrs. Rutger quickly shifted the jar and let the last few drops splatter on the upturned bottom.

Tami rolled back forward as Mrs. Rutger stepped off the mat, walking back to her desk. She placed the jar on the desk and leaned against the solid wood, crossing her arms as she watched Tami. The whole class stared as Tami moaned, twisting on the mat, trying some way to relieve her body's pains.

After a few minutes, the wax had cooled to the point that it began flaking, cracks running through the hardened paraffin. Mrs. Rutger approached again and then chose two boys from the class at random.

"All right you two. I want you to scrape that crap off her body. Get as much as you can. Just make sure her breasts and sex are bare again." Ordered Mrs. Rutger.

Tami opened her eyes and watched as the two boys approached her. She felt their hands grasp and begin peeling her second skin with pleasure. She gasped as their fingers scraped along the sides of her breasts, pulling the paraffin off with great sweeps. She felt an odd tingling and tug as one of the boys managed to remove the wax over her sex in a single piece, holding out the mold of her petals to Mrs. Rutger like some sort of trophy.

Mrs. Rutger laughed as she took the mold. "Perhaps we should place this on a cool shelf! It would be a nice reminder. We can even label it: Tami Edward's Vagina. How appropriate. Maybe it should go in the school's trophy case." She bent forward and looked into Tami's eyes. "Would you like that, Ms. Edwards?"

Tami shook her head, her eyes half closing. All she could think of was how embarrassing such a trophy would be.

Mrs. Rutger laughed again and set the wax mold on her desk next to the empty jar. Once more she reached into the crock pot, this time pulling a dark blue colored wax from its depths.

Tami tried to scoot away as Rutger approached, but the bindings on her toes and thumbs held her on the mat and Mrs. Rutger correctly anticipated the girl's twist, spilling the hot azure liquid directly on the recently pink and exposed nipples. It almost appeared as if Tami had donned a blue bra, stretching tightly across her chest, but completely covering her breasts. Tami cried out again, curling up as tight as possible and Mrs. Rutger began pouring the wax on her back, covering the previously bare skin with a blue sheen.

Tami twisted, rolling over and over trying to get away. Blue paraffin splattered and pooled on the mat, smearing over the girl's body in odd ways as she coiled. An odd rainbow swirl appeared and Tami eventually stopped moving, her breaths coming in exhausted gasps.

Mrs. Rutger had been waiting for that and with no hesitation, upended the entire jar right onto Tami's still pink sex. Tami yanked hard on her legs, trying to pull them into her body to protect herself, but the hot wax coated and singed her sore bruised petals in waves of crushing heat. It was worse than the hot water. It was worse than the ice.

Tami lay in a quivering heap, her body twitching. Her forehead was covered in perspiration, her hair matted with bits of wax. Her entire body was covered, from the neck down, almost completely, and her cries waned until they were nothing more than pitiful little mewls coming from a tortured kitten.

Mrs. Rutger returned to her desk, depositing the jar and opening a drawer. From its depths she removed two table knives, silvery cutlery that could cut butter, but little else. She took the two knives and gave them to two separate girls, ordering them to clean the wax off Tami, paying special attention to the bound girl's private parts.

Mrs. Rutger returned to her chair as the two girls move in on Tami. Carefully they began to cut and peel the hardened wax from Tami. The underlying skin seemed hot and dry, bright red to the eye, and everyone in the room began to wonder just how bad the wax had been. Tami didn't react as the girls peeled the wax from her breasts, or even her sex, laying on the tarp like a zombie.

The knives flashed, but still bits and pieces remained caked to her skin. Mrs. Rutger got up and came over, examining Tami closely.

"We might have overdone her a bit." Rutger announced grumpily. She stood up.

"Michael and John, please pick her up and carry her outside. There is a hose just to the right of the emergency exit door at the end of the hall. Once you get her out there, leave her tied up, but hose her down until her skin isn't pink. Understand?" Mrs. Rutger ordered.

"Yes ma'am." Michael replied, standing up. He and John walked onto the mat, bending at the knees to pick up the bound girl. John wrapped his arms under Tami's, running his fingers across the teen girl's breasts. Michael picked her up by the legs and together they carried her out of the room. Mrs. Rutger watched them from the door until they opened the emergency exit and moved through it, letting the heavy door close behind them.

The boys gently set Tami down in the grass by the sidewalk and stepped back. Her skin was still flushed and John took the hose and turned the spigot, rewarding himself with a spray of water which he quickly directed at Tami. The cold stream struck her and for a second, both boys could swear that steam rose from her skin. But then she shivered, trembled, and roused.

Tami squealed and tried to curl up, finding it difficult. John moved closer with the hose, spraying her directly on the breasts, pushing his thumb into the stream to direct a sharp stinging spray at her.

"Oh please! Please! Stop it! No more! Please! I'll do anything!" Tami begged.

Michael laughed. "Anything?"

"Oh yes anything, just no more water please!" Tami begged, her voice full of desperation.

Michael smiled. "Turn the water off, John."

John frowned. "Dude, you know what Rut face said."

"Ah the hell with her. She can't leave her room. You know that. This won't take thing but a minute. After that performance I'm hard as a stone!"

John thought it over for just a second before shrugging. "Me too."

Michael reached out Tami and rolled her on her back. "You just stay quiet little Tami. This won't hurt a bit."

Tami watched as Michael unbuttoned his pants, flinging down his zipper and pulling his thick rod out of a pair of army camouflage boxers. It was hard and slightly red, but no bigger than any other that Tami had seen. He moved up close to her and she felt the tip at the swollen portal of her body.

She felt a new burst of fluid between her legs and she knew that he would have no trouble penetrating her as she felt the first few inches sink in. The solid mass slipped deeper and she moaned with the first real pleasure of the day. Michael pulled out a bit, but then thrust forward, driving his shaft upward into her well. When his loins connected hers, Tami felt an odd pain, her bruised loins echoing their earlier abuse. The pain coupled with the pleasure and she felt a sudden rush, a wave of intense bliss, which streamed upward through her body, filling her breasts and then head with a giddy rush.

Michael grunted and she felt his rod harden, stiffen, and the go immobile. A sudden trembling inside her announced his orgasm and she felt a sudden burst of wetness as he flooded her with his cream. He panted for a moment, lying across her still bound legs, letting strength return to his arms, then pulled his limp member from her body, stood up and rezipped his jeans.

John had already moved forward though, his hard cock already in his hand. He dropped to his knees, assuming the same position Michael had taken, pushing his cock into the sodden hole between Tami's legs. He slid in quickly and Tami winced slightly, once more feeling the bruises on the lips of her sex. John wasn't quite as long as Michael, but his cock had a pronounced curve and she felt the tip impacting in a different spot. Once more the pain from her body mingled with the pleasure and it acted like an enhancer, bringing her forward into a gasping, sighing, tensing mass of flesh that clenched tightly around John's rod in frenzy.

John gritted his teeth, plunging over and over in to the wet flesh in front of him and he smiled as Tami opened her mouth, a wavering cry blossoming as the incredible orgasm hit her. He gritted his teeth, determined to hold off just a little longer, but suddenly the walls of her flower trembled, squeezing and fluttering along his length and he knew he could no longer contain his need. All time seemed to stop as he thrust in deeply, holding himself there, his cock throbbing as it ejaculated its contents deep with in her.

They lay unmoving, a delicious laziness that comes after orgasm, and enjoyed the slow relaxation of John's pole. Michael tapped him on the shoulder, a serious look in his eye and John pulled himself out, shaking the excess fluids of his member before tucking it back into his pants.

"Damn. We should have worn condoms, John." Michael said, a sudden worried look on his face.

John's eyes widened. "You think she might…" he left the question hanging.

Michael bit his lip, and then smiled. "I got an idea. We could wash her out. You know, clean all our stuff out of her. That way she can't get pregnant."

John's eyebrow rose. "You think that would work?" he asked, a little unsure of the idea.

"Hell yeah!" Michael said, bending down and picking up the hose. He stooped between her legs and began pushing the hose into her sex.

Tami squealed, the cold metal tip hurting a bit as it wound into her. She wiggled her hips, trying to keep it from scraping along her insides, but Michael kept pushing it deeper until it hit the very pits of her well.

"Turn it on, John, full blast, okay?"

John nodded and cranked the spigot sharply. Tami screamed with a sudden fury and Michael looked at her quizzically. Suddenly a spray of water spurted out of her, catching Michael directly in the face and soaking his clothes. He held his hands out falling backward as he tried to get away from the fountaining burst. John started laughing, but Tami started yelling.

"Turn it off! Turn it off!" she screamed. Flooding water poured out of her body and John began turning the water off. Just as it ebbed, the emergency door slammed open and Mrs. Rutger glared down at the two boys.

"What the hell are you doing?" She demanded.

Michael turned toward her, his face and shirt still dripping. "Uh, we just were cooling her down like you said, Mrs. Rutger." He wiped one hand down his cheek, wiping the water away.

"I said her skin! Not her guts! You can't do that to a girl! Get that thing out of her!" Mrs. Rutger said, her voice dangerously angry.

Michael stepped forward and removed the hose. Mrs. Rutger's face turned red as she saw the amount that had been pushed into Tami. "Idiots." She pulled a pair of scissors from her pocket and threw them down by the hose. "Cut those strings and help her back to the classroom. Now."

Michael picked up the cutting tool and quickly snipped the strings holding Tami's thumbs to her toes. Carefully, he helped her stretch out her limbs, then picked her up, setting her upright. She leaned on him, letting him take a good portion of her weight as she gingerly tested her tired and sore muscles.

John wrapped up the hose as Michael and Tami reentered the building, following Mrs. Rutger back to the classroom. Mrs. Rutger pointed toward an empty student desk and seat and Michael gently lowered Tami down, flinching ever so slightly when she winced, her bottom still filled.

"Oh damn. I forgot. She still has that plug in. Oh well. We'll get it before she goes to Economics." Mrs. Rutger said outloud.

The last fifteen minutes of the class involved various students rolling up the tarp and throwing it away, as well as the rearrangement of the desks. Through it all Tami sat in her chair, her body recovering.

When the bell rang both Michael and John gave her a little wave as they left. Tami ignored the rest of the students, until only Mrs. Rutger was left.

"All right, Ms. Edwards. We'll stop by the ladies restroom to get that thing out. Then I will take you to Economics."

Tami slowly rose from her desk and followed Mrs. Rutger into the hall. A group had gathered outside the classroom, watching with rapt attention as Tami slowly moved down the hall. At one point Mrs. Rutger pushed her into the ladies restroom, stopping her in front of the sinks and mirrors and told her bend over.

"Hold on to the sink, Ms. Edwards." Mrs. Rutger said, moving toward Tami's ass.

Tami looked up in the mirror and watched as Mrs. Rutger began peeling the base of the plug away from her skin. It hurt as the widest part of the plug tried to clear the tight hole and Tami grimaced. She looked across at the other girls and her heart stopped in a sudden panic as she saw Heather, leaning against one of the stall doors, her hand to her mouth, her eyes filled with pity.

The plug popped out and Tami gasped, feeling suddenly empty. Mrs. Rutger reached forward and dropped it in the sink.

"Wash it, please, Ms. Edwards."

Tami looked down at the black plastic and immediately turned the tap on. A spurt of warm soapy water filled the sink and Tami ran her hands over the plug, cleaning it thoroughly. Finally it glistened and she turned the water off, handing it to Ms. Edwards.

"Let's go, Ms. Edwards. One more class to endure."

Chapter Eight: The Economics of Pain

They arrived at Tami's economics class with no further incidents right as the bell rang. Mrs. Rutger didn't even speak to Mr. Styne as she pushed Tami into the room, instead hurrying back to her own classroom. Tami looked at Mr. Styne submissively, wondering just what her economics teacher had in store for her.

"Well now. It's finally my turn to demonstrate the physical punishments for disobedience. I had wondered if there would be anything left. Obviously my fellow educators are more lenient than I thought." His gray wavy hair wiggled obscenely as he grinned.

Mr. Styne opened his desk drawer as Tami stood at the front of the classroom, her eyes quickly seeking out Heather and Brad, both who kept staring at her from the back row. Together, all three watched as Mr. Styne pulled out two sets of leather cuffs, thick ones, with silver loops embedded in the leather. He picked them up and looked out at the class.

"Ms. Rowe! I know you are close friends with Ms. Edwards. Please come to the front of the class and place these on your friend, tightly." He held up the cuffs. Heather's eyes widened and she shook her head.

"Oh please, Mr. Styne, I don't want to be involved." Heather said quickly, glancing at Tami.

Styne smiled. "Ms. Rowe, I'm not going to ask you again." Mr. Styne said, his voice taking a hard edge.

"I-I-I just can't!" Heather gasped, her face going bright red.

Styne frowned, but then smiled again, holding the cuffs out to one of the boys on the front row. "Mr. Parish, please put these on Ms. Edwards."

Chet Parish quickly got up, a grin across his face. He took the leather cuffs and went to Tami's side. Tami helped by raising her arms and Chet took only a moment to buckle the thick padded leather around each wrist. He knelt at her feet as he buckled the ankle cuffs on, taking the liberty of running his hand up and down her leg.

"Thank you Mr. Parish." Mr. Styne said. He stood up and took hold of Tami's arm, pulling her in front of his unusually empty desk. He reached back into the drawer and pulled out a thick leather collar, studded and ringed. With a few deft movements he placed it around Tami's neck. Another length of leather appeared and the class watched as he placed it around her waist, its ringed and studded length matching the other accessories she wore.

"Nice belt, Tam…" someone muttered, causing Mr. Styne to raise his head and glare out at the class. "None of that!" He said loudly. There was a responding titter of laughter and he yanked the belt tight, buckling it behind Tami at the base of her spine.

"Mr. Parish? I have another job for you." Styne said, pulling three long pieces of rope from his bag. "The two red ones should be hung from the hooks in the corners of the room, and this yellow one should go to the hook right there under the clock. Do you understand? Bring the loose ends back to the desk." He handed all three lines to Chet, who quickly moved to the back corner of the room, stood on a chair, and hung the rope from the newly installed hook.

As the class watched Chet Parish follow his instructions, Mr. Styne removed a fourth rope from his drawer. One end had been knotted into a small loop, and Mr. Styne bent down behind the desk, snagging it on the fourth hook he had installed that morning. When he stood upright, Chet Parish stood in front of Tami holding all three ropes. It was fairly apparent that Styne had cut and measured them exactly, as all three, even the ones radiating from the back corners of the room, all met almost exactly at the desk.

"Excellent, Mr. Parish. Please just hold them for me for a moment." Styne leaned forward and grinned at Tami. "Up on the desk, facing the class, Ms. Edwards."

Tami swallowed hard and lifted herself up onto the huge desk. Its smooth surface felt just the same as the tables she had found herself upon during the day, but sturdier, and she felt a sense of relief that the desk was so solid. Mr. Styne nodded and held out a hand to Chet Parish.

"The yellow one, Mr. Parish." Styne said.

Chet Parish handed the yellow line that stretched from the center of the back wall to Mr. Styne. The economics teacher ran it through the large D shaped ring on the front of Tami's collar, pulling the cord through it. With an odd dexterity, he quickly tied a taut line knot in the rope, leaving it slack.

Tami wondered what the sick old bastard had in mind as she watched herself being tethered to the back wall. Her bottom ached, and the desk was cool to the touch. Mr Styne raised his hands to her hips and pushed her backward, drawing in a lot of the loose rope.

"In the center of the desk, Ms. Edwards." He said as he pushed.

Tami scooted back, drawing her legs up as the backs of her knees came up over the edge. Her legs stuck out like sticks and she bent in half as the yellow rope kept her upright. Mr. Styne placed his hand on her shoulder and ran it downward over her arm to the cuffed wrist. He fished in his pocket for a moment and pulled out a key ring that had two metal spring clips similar to the kind found on queue ropes. With a quick snap, he clipped her wrist to her ankle, bending her sharply forward. He ducked under the yellow line and removed another clip set from his pocket, latching her right ankle and wrist together. Tami was immobile, her legs bent at the knees, her wrists connected to her ankles. She sat almost cross legged as Mr. Styne finished binding her wrists to ankles.

Mr. Styne reached out to Chet Parish again. "The back right corner rope, Mr. Parish." Mr. Styne said. Parish selected the correct rope and handed the loose end to Mr. Styne. The teacher ran it through the silver ring between the two clips, tying it in another taut line knot like the yellow rope. He left it loose, obviously wanting to get Tami completely secured before tightening the lines.

Parish didn't need to be told, handing the last rope to Styne as he moved to Tami's left side. It took only a moment to tie the knot and Styne moved behind Tami, tying the final rope to a ring on the back of the leather belt.

"Mr. Parish, I will need your assistance one more time. The knot on the right side is called taut line hitch. It's used to tighten tent lines around stakes. Merely place your fingers on this section of the rope, and then push the knot toward the back wall please. Go slowly." Styne picked up the left side rope and began to take up the slack in the line.

Tami watched as the ropes shortened and she tried to spread her legs before the lines forced her apart. She cried out as she felt her balance begin to fail, tilting backward as her legs were spread wide apart and drawn upwards, but the yellow rope at her throat suddenly caught her, keeping her upright. She tried to scoot forward, to relieve the tension, but the rope connected to her belt kept her from moving. Tears flooded to her eyes as her sex gaped wide for the class.

Both Styne and Parish continued to tighten the lines until Tami was forced to point her toes to relieve the pressure. Her thighs ached more than even the remembered kneeling torture Dr. Cook had inflicted on her. She began to wonder which would rip first, her legs, or the ropes?

"Uncomfortable, Ms. Edwards?" Mr. Styne asked, stepping back to admire his handiwork.

Tami nodded, her voice soft and pliant. "Yes Mr. Styne." She said.

Styne smiled, an evil delight crossing his face. He nodded and walked around to the back of the desk, reaching into the drawer one more time. Tami tried to see what he had removed, but couldn't see that far back. Instead she looked at the faces of the students in front of her. She could see Brad, sitting far forward in his seat, a look of excitement and delight at her suffering all over his face. Heather had buried her face in her hands, peeking out between fingers, her eyes red from crying.

"Ms. Edwards, I hope you appreciate my hard work." Styne said, coming out from behind the desk, his hands full. "When the principal discussed with me your punishments, I decided that some true humiliating agony would be perfect for your last class period." He held up the object for Tami to see in detail.

"This cute little thing is nothing more than a thick stick of wood which I have wrapped in a very special piece of leather. This leather is exactly six tenths of a centimeter in width." He smiled. "I had to have the leather place scrape it four times to get it that thickness." He chuckled and then continued, bringing it closer to her face so she could see it in detail.

"After I got the leather, I spent a considerable amount of time drawing a tiny grid on the underside. After my artistic endeavors, I spent almost four hours pounding tacks into each square of the grid." He held up the stick.

"As you can see, each tack sticks out of the leather by one tenth of a centimeter." He wrapped his hand around the stick, suddenly squeezing it until his fingers turned white. He held it there for a moment, then released it, holding up his hand.

The skin was red and inflamed, with little tiny indentations evenly spaced, but there was no blood. No where had the tiny spikes penetrated his skin. Tami's eyes widened as she realized where the stick would so be placed and she began to stammer, begging him to leave her alone.

Styne frowned and pulled returned to the desk drawer. "I had hoped this would not be necessary, but obviously it is." He reached up to her face and forced a red rubber ball gag into her mouth, buckling it tightly behind her head. She tried to dislodge it, screaming into the gag, but the only sound that came out was a muted whine.

Styne wrapped his right arm around her waist, still standing behind her, and picked her up off the desk. Her body shook, but she was unable to move more than an inch as the teacher took the stick and placed its foot long length along the crevasse of her loins. The stick ran from her bottom to well beyond her sex, and he twisted it once right and left, to make sure it peeled back the petals of her flower, seating deeply into the pink and swollen gash that was so prominently displayed.

Tami's eyes widened in shock as he lowered her back down to the desk. The tiny pricks she felt between her legs centered almost completely on the sensitive pad of skin between her sex and anus, digging in to her with terrible ferocity. To make matters worse, the stick wasn't any thicker than a few inches, causing all of her weight to be taken between her legs, rather than the fleshy pads of her bottom.

Her body was tilted in a rather odd curve; her legs held straight out, her back curved forward as her neck was pulled toward her knees. He pelvis was tilted backward, placing more of the pin pricks torturing Tami in the crack of her ass, rather than the moist and delicate petals of her slit. To Tami, it didn't matter, since the stick still managed to penetrate the very lower parts of her sex, sharply pricking the skin around her dark opening.

Tami groaned, her body trembling from the severe strains placed upon it. She felt cramps beginning in her legs and arms, but it was the painful stick she was sitting on that caused the worst agony. Tears poured down her face, her mouth aching from the ball gag, and she looked up at the clock, almost breaking down as she realized that class wouldn't end for another forty minutes.

Mr. Styne watched with his arms crossed for a few minutes as the tight bondage began to hurt. The look of cruel enchantment on his face would have brought Tami to tears, if she hadn't already been there. He grinned, his eyes flashing, and then turned toward the class.

"Ms. Rowe. Come here now!" He said, his voice hard.

Heather glanced up in shock and surprise, her mouth forming a soundless exclamation.

"I said now Ms. Rowe. Not when you feel it is convenient." Styne said crossly, tapping his foot.

Heather stood up, the unhappy look plainly written on her face. Her tan colored shorts seemed so much darker than her pale face, and the light blue tank top she wore seemed so incongruous. She stumbled her way forward until she was standing near Tami's right foot, hesitant to move any father, her eyes constantly taking in Tami's suffering.

"Duck under that rope and stand in front of Ms. Edwards immediately." He ordered, moving around behind the desk.

Heather hesitantly ducked under the first rope, seeing the white insoles of Tami's feet trembling. Heather wished there was some way to help her friend, but she could think of nothing to do, short of offering to replace her, something Heather knew she could never endure.

"I think, Ms. Rowe, that Ms. Edwards is in some discomfort. Why don't you wrap your arms around her and give her a quick hug?" Styne said, looking over Tami shoulders into Heather's eyes.

"I-I-I don't want to, sir." Heather stuttered, her breaths coming in quick intakes.

Styne face curled inward. "I don't care if you want to or not. Wrap your arms around her waist and give her a hug!" He snarled.

Heather began crying, large watery drops streaming down her cheeks. Tami seemed not to notice, still too intent on the pain between her legs as well as the stretching tension elsewhere.

Heather bent over, moving her arms around Tami, trying to keep any amount of pressure off the bound girls body. Tami wiggled as Heather's arms touched her. Heather's hands closed tightly together behind Tami and she gave the bound teen a quick squeeze.

Styne was ready, his hand holding the metal cuffs at the small of Tami's back. With a quick snap he locked the first one on Heather's right wrist, and even managed to hold on and snag the left as she tried to pull back. Styne tugged as Heather screamed and pulled back, but this only pushed against Tami, driving her forward and down, ramming her body even deeper on the stick. Tami began squealing, her voice sounding warped and far away through the gag.

Styne stood up, breathing a deep sigh of satisfaction. Heather's sobbing tears filled the room, as Tami's closest friend dealt with the handcuffs binding her between Tami's outstretched legs. Heather slumped, but still aware enough to try to keep the weight of her arms off Tami.

Styne reached into the drawer again. "I didn't think I would have a chance to use this, but I'm so glad I brought it anyway." He lifted up an odd gag. One side was an oblong plate that fit in the mouth, the other a huge ten inch dildo, ribbed, and hard. He took hold of Heather's hair and tilted her face upward. "Open up, Ms. Rowe." He ordered.

Heather resisted and Mr. Styne raised his hand, bringing it down hard on Heather's bottom. Despite the shorts and panties she wore, it stung, bringing a sharp gasp to her face. Her mouth opened involuntarily and Styne pushed the gag in, forcing the plate to hold down her tongue. A few quick snaps and the straps were in place.

Tami watched through a pain filled haze as Mr. Styne adjusted the dildo gag. It was obvious what would happen next as he pushed Heather's head forward, planting the tip of huge dildo into Tami's gaping sex. Heather resisted, pulling back, but Tami groaned loudly as the stick was pressed deeper into her.

Styne again returned behind the desk and Tami felt his fingers at her belt. Suddenly she felt the rope holding her belt release and she tried to lift herself off the stick. Tami felt the biting pressure ease as she rocked to the side.

Suddenly Heather squealed through the gag and Tami felt the tip of the dildo push against her sex. It bounced against one of the bruised petals until Heather moved her head. Tami gasped as the ten inch cock buried itself almost to Heather's nose and then the weight of Heather's arms and upper body bore down on Tami's thighs.

Styne chuckled as he finished tying the rope to Heather's handcuffs, using the girl as the necessary restraint to keep Tami in place. He walked around the desk, enjoying the sight. He glanced at his other students, shocked and stunned looks on their faces. A few of the boys had even exposed their own sex organs, and were quietly rubbing themselves under their desks. Styne decided to ignore their activities, still intent on punishing Ms. Rowe for her disobedience earlier.

He reached under her waist and began plucking at her belt. Heather wailed, moving her body back and forth until she realized that she was hurting Tami badly. Tami began grunting as Heather's head moved back and forth, driving the dildo like a piston. Styne finished unbuckling the belt and began yanking it out of Heather's shorts.

The thick pink belt had grommets at even intervals across the entire length and Styne dropped it down on the desk. His fingers once more returned to Heather's waist and he quickly undid her button, pulling the zipper downward. With a sharp tug, he pulled the waistband of the shorts downward, pushing the cotton cloth to Heather's ankles. Her cotton panties clung to her bottom like a second skin, waving in front of the class like a white flag of surrender.

Styne lost no time pushing his fingers under the elastic and dropping the panties to Heather's ankles. Her buttocks were firm, with tan lines running across each cheek in a delicate pattern. The small puckered opening of her bottom winked at the class as she tensed and tightened her muscles, trying desperately not to tug at Tami's waist.

Styne smiled and picked up Heather's belt, folding it once. He examined it for a moment before he swung it sharply down toward Heather's seat, a loud crack filling the room followed by the dual muted cries of both girls. Fresh tears burst from Heather as she recoiled from the blow. The strike had driven her forward, ramming the ten inch dildo into Tami with a sudden and cruel force, compacted with the intensified pressure of Heather's weight. Wracking sobs tried to escape from Tami's gag, but only created spasms that forced her body to shudder in its captivity.

Heather pulled back immediately, bringing the penetration depth of the gag dildo to a few inches, but she knew that another blow could very well drive her forward again. She heard a swish and she tensed, trying frantically to hold still.

The impact still moved her forward into Tami, but this time Heather was able to hold back slightly. Tami bucked forward as the dildo drove deep and Heather pulled back quickly, trying to save Tami from more pain.

Another swish came and Heather bit down on the gag, this time keeping herself immobile. Fiery heat flared upward from her bottom, spreading outward and up her torso. Another sharp sting eclipsed the heat and Heather couldn't help jerking, rewarding Tami with another deep drive of the plastic cock.

Styne's blows began to quicken as the class watched Heather's ass go from a light brown to dark red. The belt, with its evenly spaced holes seemed to whistle and smack more cruelly than the principals cane that morning, bring dark red stripes to Heather's posterior. With each successive blow, it became harder to hold back and Heather finally succumbed, her body lunging forward as each painful strapping came thudding hard into her bottom.

Tami began convulsing with each blow as the dildo gag rammed her repeatedly. A puddle of juices had poured out of her, soaking one end of the stick and flowing down the desk to soak up in Heather's shirt. Again and again the belt struck, impacting harshly on Heather's flesh.

Mr. Styne stopped. His face was spotted with sweat and he felt odd stirrings inside his body. He dropped the belt on the desk, his fingers straying to his cock, adjusting it inside his slacks. He removed the keys to the handcuffs from the drawer and with deliberate movements, unlocked Heather's wrists.

"Take off the gag and get dressed, Ms. Rowe. When you are finished you can untie Ms. Edwards here. It's about ten minutes till final bell. I'll return in a moment." Styne smiled and quickly left the room. Heather straightened up and reached to the back of her head. Her fingers fumbled on the buckles, frustrating her as her bottom continued to throb. Tami's held lolled, her body slumped in its bindings. Heather's fingers slipped again and she hit the desk hard with her fist in frustration.

"Whoa…hold on, Heather, I'll get it." Brad's strong voice came from her left ear. Heather felt fingers at the back of her head and suddenly the gag came loose.

"Oh thank you, Brad! Please let's get Tami loose!" Heather cried, reaching for her panties and shorts, pulling them up and ignoring the sore sting from her posterior.

Brad nodded, wrapping his arms around Tami and lifting her entire body up. The stick remained stuck to her skin and Heather reached forward, yanking it straight down. Tami moaned slightly and Heather caught a glimpse of tenderized skin, marked with deep indentations and dark purple bruises.

Brad lowered her back down and immediately unsnapped the clips, letting the ropes drop to the floor like fallen streamers. Tami's legs merely fell and her body relaxed as Heather took care of the other leg. Heather began unsnapping the ball gag as Brad released the yellow line at Tami's neck, catching her as she fell backward, no strength left to maintain her balance.

"Oh god! Oh Tami!" Heather said, cupping Tami face, tears splashing downward. Tami opened her eyes, looking up into Heather's face. "Is it over?" she asked, her voice a frightened whisper.

"Oh Tami, I think so. Styne is in the bathroom jerking off. Can you move?" Heather asked.

Tami started to sit up and Brad and Heather helped her rise to a sitting position. Slowly she began testing her limbs, working out the kinks and cramps that had developed during her bondage. She tried to stand, but found her legs no longer had the strength. She clung to Brad as he eased her upward.

"What the devil?" a voice said from the doorway. Heather and Brad turned to see the principal looking in, seeing Tami's naked body clinging to the two students.

"Where is Mr. Styne? What happened? Why is Tami in this condition?" The principal demanded.

No one spoke as Tami leaned into Brad, wrapping her arms around him, sobbing into his shoulder. Heather kept a comforting hand on the girl's back, glaring at the principal.

There was a commotion in the hall and the principal turned as Mr. Styne moved back into the room. A large wet spot on the front of his trousers betrayed his activities.

"Mr. Styne, when we discussed Ms. Edward's punishment, I did not think you had intended a session of this severity." The principal's voice was cold.

"He whipped me!" Heather said suddenly, glowering at the economics teacher with loathing.

The principal turned toward Mr. Styne with surprise. "Is this true?"

Styne nodded, a serious look on his face. "Ms. Rowe deliberately disobeyed a direct order. I felt that a whipping on her bottom an adequate punishment for that infraction."

"And what about Ms. Edwards? You said you were going to tie her in an uncomfortable position." The principal said, gesturing toward Tami.

Mr Styne smiled. "I did. Her arms and legs were tied outward and she was forced to sit upon this." He strode to the desk and picked up spiked leather clad stick and handed it to the principal who took it, studying it deeply.

"You didn't bring blood did you?" The principal asked sharply.

Styne shook his head. "Examine her if you want. There was no bleeding. Just discomfort."

The principal looked at Tami, trying to see her loins, but her body clung to Brad tightly.

"Turn around Ms. Edwards and spread your legs. I want to verify that you weren't pierced."

Tami turned, a look of hatred in her eyes, as she exposed herself to the principal. Her sex was a vast reddish mess, bruised and crumpled flesh that bore the dark markings of the deep indentations, but there was no blood. The principal gazed on for a few moments then nodded.

"Well Mr. Styne, it would appear that no damage was done, so I commend you on your creativity. Hold on to that stick. No doubt we will have need of it again sometime." The principal turned toward Tami and smiled.

"I hope you have learned your lesson, young lady. I would hate to have to repeat this day again. Please remember that any further problems or issues from you will result in worse punishments than you've experienced. Let me assure you that we will not hesitate to inflict those punishments on you." He paused. "Now, if you will follow me, I believe Mrs. Rutger will be bringing your clothes to my office at the end of the period. Let's go."

Tami let go of Brad, her hands clutching her breasts as she stumbled forward. Her hand reached out to the wall, supporting herself as the principal stepped aside and let her exit. She turned to look sorrowfully at Heather and Brad, who stood stoically, wishing they could help her.

"So Tami, what was the worst punishment you endured today?" asked the principal as they slowly moved down the corridor. Tami looked up at him.

"Mr. Styne's sir." Tami said quietly, her voice soft.

"I have no doubt. And did you like any of them?" he asked, his voice tinged with curiosity.

Tami's face narrowed angrily. "No!"

The principal nodded, his smile stretching across his face. "Just wondering. They say many girls become sexually excited when whipped or waxed."

"It was all horrible." Tami repeated.

The principal stopped at the outside door to his office, taking his key and unlocking it. He held his arm out, motioning Tami into the room. She moved forward into the room, starting to make her way to one of the chairs when she felt the hand of the principal take her arm.

"Just one more thing, Ms. Edwards, to remind you to behave." The principal said. He pushed her forward against the desk, her thighs striking the side hard as her breasts dangled over the blotter. The principal placed his hand on her neck, forcing her down as his legs trapped her own, spreading them wide.

There was a zinging sound and she felt a rustle behind her. Then there was the hard cock of the principal resting in the crevasse of her ass. He pulled back as she squealed; crying, and then he forced the long adult cock deep into her sex. Tami screamed once, her sex a fiery burning as the principal rammed his rod deep, pounding her with fierce thrusts. Tami felt nothing but pain, despite the over lubrication of her well, and she gritted her teeth as the principal gasped.

He pulled out right before coming, pulling his member slightly higher and pushing against the tiny button of her bottom. Tami groaned, then loosened up as the huge living phallus entered her, driving deeply into her ass. She felt him stiffen and then begin shooting his cream into her, filling her to the brim with his seed.

He left her there on the desk, standing up, wiping his cock off with a handkerchief, her tears wetting the leather blotter. The stripes he had delivered to her that morning were almost completely gone, replaced by a healthy red glow from lower thigh to her waist. Streams of fluid poured down her thighs as she lay panting on the desk.

"I think that will be all, Ms. Edwards. Hopefully you have learned something valuable today." He bent down low to her hear, his voice soft and menacing. "But somehow, I think you will be back in this office before long…for something." He rose back up, buttoning his slacks.

"Mrs. Rutger will be here in a few minutes with your clothing and she will escort you to the bus." She heard his strong footsteps going to the office door, opening it with a loud click and then he was gone, leaving Tami alone, her face streaked with tears, in silence.

Another ten minutes passed before the office door clicked open. Tami had moved to one of the chairs, her body aching and sore. Her eyes flit quickly to the opening portal, some part of her frightened it might be the principal again. She relaxed slightly when she saw the grim countenance of Mrs. Rutger. In the teacher's arms was a solid paper bag, closed and stapled shut.

"All right Ms. Edwards, lets go. I've already spoken with your driver and he agreed that your humiliation will continue right up until the moment you exit the bus." Mrs. Rutger said, her voice filled with satisfaction.

"B-b-but Mrs. Rutger! Please no! I can't!" Tami said, her eyes flooding with renewed tears as she rose from the chair.

"No buts about it young lady. Let's go." Mrs. Rutger said, motioning to the door.

Tami slowly plodded over to the door, exiting the principal's office ahead of Mrs. Rutger. She turned into the main hall where the usual stampede of students was already streaming through the corridor. As they caught sight of her there was the usual ruckus, a great cheer rose through the students and they all pushed their way forward trying desperately to catch a glimpse of the naked sophomore.

Chapter Nine: The Bus Ride

It took a few minutes to get to the bus circle, a large loading area at the back side of the school just off the lunch room building. Her bus was third in line and she ignored the great many cat calls and whistles and even a snide remark or two as she slowly moved across the sidewalk to her bus.

The steps of her bus were lined with a thick material meant to prevent slipping, but it felt uncomfortable on Tami's bare feet as she mounted the transport. The driver looked at her, a hungry look in his eye, and he grinned, his unshaven face bulging in rolls of fat. He wore a blue uniform shirt with a name patch that said "Bob". Tami grimaced and turned away.

"Well girl, take a seat right there in the first seat, so I can keep an eye on ya'." Bob grinned, his yellow teeth showing.

Tami nodded and sat down, feeling the green vinyl sticking against the skin of her bottom and back.

"Now, Mr. Davies, I appreciate you assisting us in dealing with this recalcitrant child. The rules we discussed earlier are very important. Please make sure she follows them." Mrs. Rutger turned toward Tami.

"Ms. Edwards, you will follow every direction Mr. Davies gives you, without hesitation. I assure you, that if we hear of your disobedience or disrespect, you will endure another day like this one, except with twice the amount of corporal punishment. Do I make myself clear?" Mrs. Rutger asked, her eyes blazing.

Tami nodded. "Yes Mrs. Rutger. I understand." Her voice was subdued and quiet.

Mrs. Rutger nodded satisfactorily. "I leave her in your hands, Mr. Davies. Have a safe drive." She waved slightly and exited the bus, moving aside as the last of the other passengers boarded.

Bob Davies turned in his seat to look at the naked teenager cowering in the front seat on the right side of the bus. Small blue bruises covered a good deal of her body. She saw his gaze and curled up, trying to cover herself as best she could. She turned around and saw the other students looking at her and she suddenly was glad that she rode one of the least filled busses. She closed her eyes. She could endure she told herself. Her stop was the third stop on the route.

Bob stood up and looked down at her, then called out to the kids. "We're going to do this a little different today. We're going to do the route backwards, so those of you who are used to getting off last will finally have a chance to get off first." He raised his hand and began pointing, one by one at the boys on the bus, counting off. He had to start over twice before he finished, muttering the word seven.

He turned to Tami and smiled, his grin nasty. "All right you little slut, since we have you available to the end of the route, you're going to provide a little entertainment." He pointed at one of the boys who was sitting midway down the aisle.

"That guy is normally the last one off, so I want you to go down, give him a bit of a lap dance, and rub those tits of yours all over his face. If he wants to touch you, you better let him."

Tami's eyes widened in shock. Her mouth gaped open and a look of anger and humiliation flashed over her. "Fuck you!" She said, without even thinking.

Bob's eyes flashed in anger and he reached down, grabbing her hair and yanking her forward. Her hands grabbed his wrists, trying to keep him from ripping her head off.

"Now listen here you little bitch. You will do what I say or I tell Rutger that you disobeyed and were disrespectful. Now get over there and rub that pussy over that kid's lap!" He picked her up and shoved her down the aisle.

The whole scene had caused the bus to go quiet. Tami stumbled down the aisle, her breasts swaying as she crossed her arms under them. As she passed some of her fellow students, she saw the girls turning away to look out the windows, while most of the boys all stared, varying looks of shock or excitement on their faces.

The boy who had been singled out was a freshman and the look of barely controlled fright was clear on his face. For a moment, Tami forgot her own humiliation and felt sorry for the kid, who was clearly unprepared for the turn of events. She gave him a little smile and his eyes widened even more.

"Um…you don't have to do this. I mean, I'm sorry…" the boy stammered.

"DO IT, BITCH." She heard Bob say, his eyes glued to her back.

Tami swallowed. Hesitantly, but then with conviction she put her left knee on the seat next to the boy and swung her leg over his lap. His eyes became glued to her breasts, flashing off them to the bright pink lips of her abused flower. Slowly, she lowered herself, rubbing her body on his crotch, feeling the obvious swell of his shaft rising. She leaned forward, cupping her breasts, pushing them around the boy's face, mashing them into his cheeks.

Then the bus started to move and Tami realized that Bob had returned to his seat. His eyes continuously glanced in the mirror, but Tami concentrated on the freshman beneath her. He was frozen, scared to move, scared it would end. Tami felt a little thrill and a sudden wetness and she realized that despite the humiliation, she was getting turned on.

She pushed her body downward and felt the denim covered bump grind into her wetness. She gritted her teeth as she felt it rub a few sore spots along her slit, but the freshman didn't notice, all his attention on the two full mounds of flesh that hugged his face. She pulled back a bit and pushed her left nipple into his mouth. For a moment he didn't know what to do, merely kissing the tiny nub over and over, and Tami bent her head down and whispered the word "suck" into his ear.

He drew her in, suckling her breasts like a baby, licking her nipple over and over as she rocked back and forth and Tami felt the first waves of ecstasy wash over her. She felt his hands begin to rub her sides, sliding up and down with the hesitant touch of a new lover, exploring her curves.

She felt the bus slowing down, and then the sudden lurch forward as the brakes engaged.

"Hey! Edwards! We're at that kid's stop! Get off him!" Bob shouted, looking up into the giant rearview mirror above his seat.

Tami looked down at the boy in front of her. Slowly, she rose, pulling her right nipple out of the boy's mouth. The front of his jeans was soaked in her juices, but he didn't notice, his mind still dazed by the experience.

"That kid two seats further back will be next!" Bob shouted. Tami raised her eyes and looked two seats down and saw the smiling face of another boy. She moved out of the seat as the first boy quickly gathered his belongings and hurried off the bus, looking at her in embarrassment. Tami tried smiling at him as he left, but he kept his eyes downcast.

Tami moved on to the next boy, straddling him as she had done the first, cupping her breasts and letting them slip into the boys mouth. His mouth became another's as the bus slowly emptied, hands running over her body, hard swells rubbing against her sex. Tami felt she was going insane, her body thrumming with need.

"All right, babe. Come on back here and let me have some of that." The only junior on the bus said loudly. Tami looked around, realizing that all the other students had gotten off, leaving only the bus driver, the junior, and her. She also realized that the driver had driven right past her stop. She leapt up and started up the aisle toward the door in a panic, babbling about her "stop".

"Now don't get your panties in a wad there, Edwards." Bob replied with a smile. "I promise you that I will drive you right up to your front door. You just get on and give that last kid his nooky before he gets off." Bob said, still concentrating on not wrecking the bus.

"Let's go, sweety. I enjoyed watching you get your ass caned this morning." The junior said, his smile malicious. Tami frowned, but plodded back down the bus aisle.

The junior had his hands in his lap as Tami straddled him, and he brought them up to her bottom, squeezing the cheeks painfully. Tami gasped, her teeth gritting as her bruises and welts were touch and squeezed and she tried to move off him. He held her in place, his hands moving to her hips.

Then she felt something different from all the other boys she had sat upon. Instead of the denim covered swell, she felt something hard and yet soft, warm and penetrating. It slipped quickly among the folds of her sex and her eyes widened and she gasped as the junior's cock quickly impaled her, thrusting deeply into the sodden swamp between her legs.

Her hands clenched on the boy's shirt as he began thrusting his hips forward, creating shock waves of pleasure inside her. Her eyes rolled and she pushed her breasts forward into the boy's mouth. With a sigh, she let the tension and strength of her legs drain, dropping herself firmly onto the thick and rigid pipe rammed into her well. She rose again, then dropped, bouncing up and down.

Suddenly the driver started to sing, startling Tami, who tried to listen despite the wonderful feelings inside her.

"The girl on the bus goes up and down, up and down, up and down, the girl on the bus fucks up and down, allllllll through the town." Bob sang heartily.

Tami's eyes narrowed and she made to rise up but then the junior gasped, catching hold of her shoulders and pulling her down so hard that she squealed as his loins pressed against the bruises on her sex. She felt his rod harden, that final swelling that comes before eruption and then the tiny tremors that felt as if an earthquake had been bottled and let loose inside her. She gasped as she felt the first geyser of fluid and she shook as her own body responded, bringing her upward in a spiral of bliss as she answered with her own climax.

She sagged in the junior's arms, her breathing sharp, her body exhausted. He had a dreamy look of contentment and she laid her head on his shoulder. He wasn't Brad, but she was satisfied.

She felt a sudden shove and she toppled over, gooey fluids coating her thighs. Her head hit the side of the bus and she grunted with the sharp pain. The junior stood, buckling his pants, smiling a satisfied grin.

"You sophomore girls are good for nothing but fucking. Anytime you want a second round, let me know." He picked up his bag and moved toward the front of the bus.

Tami burst into tears, her body aching and ravished. She heard the bus slow and stop, its brakes squealing in high pitched warbles like a screaming girl. The sounds of the folding doors seemed to echo in the empty bus and she raised her head. The junior had gotten off, leaving her alone with Bob. She felt a sudden chill.

"All right, Edwards. Come forward just a bit up the aisle." Bob ordered. Tami stood and started to move toward the front of the bus. Her thighs glistened and she could feel fluids still dripping out of her.

"Okay, stop right there." Bob ordered, still looking up into his mirror. "Put your left foot in the seat next to you. That's right. Now the right foot goes in the seat opposite. Good. Now make your legs straight so you're doing the splits."

Tami gritted her teeth, letting herself down slowly. Both her legs lay stretched outward to her sides, her thighs a rippling mass of pain as she lowered herself downward. Her arms were on the backs of the seats, trying to take some of the weight off her thigh muscles as her body trembled with the strain. After the stretching Mr. Styne had given her, this shot waves of pain up through her legs.

The bus began to move again and Tami's tears again flooded downward. She knew why Bob had wanted her in this position, as his eyes continually flicked to the mirror, drinking in the site of her spread and opened pussy, its bright pink petals wet and sore. She could feel drops of juice slipping down to her peritoneum, then falling with a wet thump onto the floor of the buss.

Several turns later the bus entered a cul-de-sac in a quiet construction area. Tami held her position until it came to a stop, the heavy parking brake engaging. She looked around wildly and then stared at Bob as he rose from his seat.

"You said you would take me home!" Tami cried.

Bob nodded as he approached her. "And I will, in just a bit. I just wanted to get a little of what you gave to that last kid and God knows how many more today." He reached into his back pocket and removed his wallet, taking out a much abraded package. Bob laughed. "Didn't think I'd ever get a chance to use it. But it's good to be prepared!"

He unbuttoned his jeans, pulling them down along with a nasty set of yellow boxers. Tami could smell him, a thick unclean scent that made her turn away. She rose up, placing her legs under herself as he began to roll the condom onto his meaty tube.

She raced to the back door and began to yank on the emergency exit handle. She no longer cared she was naked, wanting only to escape the oncoming rape. Her tears blurred her vision as her hands slipped, her body no longer possessing the strength needed to pull the lever upward.

She felt Bob's hands on her, pushing her up against a seat, her back to him. He pushed her forward and up, so that her breasts lay on the top of the seatback. He moved in behind her and she felt the rubber coated tip touch the base of her slit. She squirmed, trying desperately to get away, but his arms held her in an iron grip. She screamed as he rammed himself into her, bouncing quickly into her body in rapid thrusts.

Tami began sobbing as Bob repeatedly drove himself home. The pleasure she had felt with the junior was gone, replaced by nothing more than disgust and humiliation. Her tears flooded downward over her breasts as the monster impaled her over and over, finally shaking and quivering inside her.

He pulled out, a smile on his face, and he yanked off the condom. With a grin he tossed it out one of the half opened windows while he straightened his boxers and then pulled up his jeans.

"Well Edwards, you're one good little fuck. But I bet you hear that all the time, don't you. Hell, I've even heard it before. Glad I had a chance to test ya' out." He grabbed her arm, pulling her out of the seat. "Let's go. I gotta get this heap back to the bus barn by six."

Bob dragged Tami to the front of the bus, pushing her down into the seat behind the driver's chair. He reached down under his seat and removed a heavy paper sack with black lettering spelling Edwards on it. He tossed it to Tami.

Tami tore it open, popping the staples quickly. She pulled out the black mini skirt and halter top she had worn that morning, on this very bus, and she quickly put them both on, not even bothering to see if they were right side out. Her fingers found her flip flops, dropping them onto the floor of the bus and then sliding her delicate feet into each foam shoe with a sigh.

She recognized the scenery and realized that Bob had told the truth. He was going to drop her off at her house. She was still crying as the bus slowed. The heavy folding doors opened with a hiss and Tami stood up, moving past Bob with a leery wariness. She made it down the steps before his voice stopped her.

"Edwards. Let me tell you something. You say a word about what happened on this bus today and it will be the word of a little disobedient slut like you against a respectable driver like me. Not only that, but I'll make sure Rutger knows you were rude and …how did she put it? Oh yes. Uncooperative." He nodded. "Remember that."

Tami's face flushed red. Her eyes flared in anger and she quickly brought up her right hand as she jumped off the bus onto her own driveway. Her middle finger rose in a time honored signal that she was sure Bob would understand.

She fled then, turning and running down the driveway toward the safety of home.


"Now that we've concluded the regular school agenda, I'd like to discuss Ms. Edwards. I think that the methods used today were of a sufficient unpleasantness that Ms. Edwards will seriously think about her behavior. But do you think the change will be permanent?" asked the principal.

Sherl Temis frowned. "I think she is a difficult child, and frankly, I don't think anything we do to her will really change her. She needs constant reminders on how to behave."

Coach Hampton sighed and leaned forward. "I think deep down, Tami is a good kid, just a little loose. I'm wondering if a parent teacher conference, maybe even with all her teachers at the same time might be a good idea. I think a lot of her behavior stems from an unhappy home life."

Mrs. Rutger nodded. "I suppose that is possible. It's obvious that girl needs regular spankings." She paused a moment to collect her thoughts, then continued. "I think we need to watch her like hawks, ready to respond with corporal punishment for the first offense, no matter how small. To reinforce our position"

"I think Tami needs some special tutoring; someone who could give her one on one attention to teach her manners and obedience." Mr. Styne said.

"You mean make her your personal slave." Mr. Mason said, his eyes narrow.

"Would you prefer two on one then, Mr. Mason?" Styne replied with a sneer.

"Now look here, Styne, I think William has a good point. He and I both know about your…proclivities. I question your motives." Doctor Cook announced.

Suddenly the phone rang and Mrs. Rutger moved to the wall, picking it up. She listened for a few moments, spoke a few soft words, then replaced the receiver on the wall.

"That was Bob Davies, Ms. Edwards' bus driver. It seems that Ms. Edwards flipped him off as she got off the bus at her stop."

The principal took a deep breath. "It seems that Ms. Edwards hasn't learned her lesson yet. I would like all of you to prepare another round for Tami, scheduled for tomorrow." The principal stood up. "And let's make sure that she learns her lesson this time."


The End

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